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A registered nurse 22 years, in 1991, after entering recovery two years earlier, I became a counselor and in 1993 completed a master of education in guidance and counseling, then in 2001 I was licensed as a mental health counselor in Washington state, and in 2009 completed a doctor of religious studies in biblical counseling. I have counseled from the scriptures since 1991. A volunteer counselir with GSM for ten years, I also worked for a couple of agencies. However, my greatest joy is offering counseling in myhome office where I write and paint and enjoy my cat, dog and five cockatiels.

An atheist from age 15, after 22 years in nursing with no one to turn to but myself, eventually, I turned to sex and drugs. When that didn't work, I turned to insanity and suicide. After ending up in jail, I finally returned to the God of the Bible and in its pages, I met Jesus and made him Lord of my life. GPS for Life was written to share the path I took in following Jesus on my journey to healing and wholeness.

I enjoy writing, painting symbolic art and landscapes, and counsel from my home as an ordained minister. My other interests include gardening, roses, grape vines, and sweet potatoes plus a few others, occassionally.. Talking is a favorite activity, and so, in the future, I will be talking about my books and ministry on my website in videos, which will be uploaded to Youtube.

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  • Tears of the Dragon
    Tears of the Dragon Poetry by Brandy A Coffee Marks
    Tears of the Dragon
    Tears of the Dragon



    Sep 2013

    Poetry and prose that takes the reader on a journey from despair to hope and renewal and finally transformation through the love and forgiveness

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT