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4th September 1941

I am a Hungarian on pension for years, although I remained active as before. Originally I was interested in some humane occupation, such as arts or commander on a seagoing ship, but for some reasons I applied for entry at the Technical University, where I did get access. My luck backed me up and my affinity for ships could be satisfied: I got entry to the Shipbuilding Branch of Vehicle Engineering Department and even in my diploma it is entered. That five years within the rooms of BME (Budapest Technical University) helped me to acquire a little technical sense, today I consider myself a technical man with a lot of other fields of interest. I have been working on Danube ships as a machinist, then became a
designing engineer in the Obuda shipyard. I later worked as a technical salesperson in the machine tool industry. You will be convinced that the chief attraction for me is ships as before.

I like history, as well as natural sciences. I am a great hiker, but always stay on the safe side, no mountaineering, cave exploration and the like. My family takes the first place in my thoughts, and I can appreciate true friendship as well. I like photography, both on film and digital. In my life I made about four thousand photographs. Some litarary activity I also have, both professional and public, it can be viwed on my website

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  • Canned Roaddust
    Canned Roaddust Travel by Jozsef Komaromi
    Canned Roaddust
    Canned Roaddust



    Jan 2014

    A recollection of trips made by the author to various parts of the world during his whole lifetime (alas, too long)

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