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My first passion is trading...the second is sharing...
This is the reason why i'm here, as a Trader...
I'm the founder and the master trainer of a Trading School Company, called Investing People.
I love trading, but first, I love people, i' m a trustful person and get involved for regards and challenge, but, above all, to share.
With no formality nor limits, here i am....
My door is open to exchange and grow....

Maxx Mereghetti

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  • Forex Scalping
    Forex Scalping Free Previews by Maxx Mereghetti
    Forex Scalping
    Forex Scalping



    Aug 2010

    Is the market random or not? Simple answer.No! Does the money move the price or does the price move the money? The money moves the price! Order or Conspiracy?...

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