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I am a professional exposed to a wide variety of people who respond in very different ways to often random and rather harsh events. This book is an attempt to pin down concrete answers to some of the more thorny and frustrating issues that cause much unease and heartache, but in an entertaining and easy to read format. If anyone also gains insight, finds solace or otherwise benefits from any of the concepts I present, all the better!

(The unabridged printed version is available for anyone interested in reading about several side ventures into situations that help broaden Ian's understanding of the world. An unabridged e book will soon be available, also, by Infinity Publishing.)

Books I've written

  • The Leaching of Ian Burns (Abridged)
    The Leaching of Ian Burns (Abridged) Fiction by Audrey K. Agnothedy
    The Leaching of Ian Burns (Abridged)
    The Leaching of Ian Burns (Abridged)



    Jul 2010

    Follow cantankerous old Ian as he adjusts rather humorously to an afterlife filled with unconventional concepts. This lighthearted, somewhat sacrilegious ver...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT