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Jordan Schultz has been a student of internet marketing for over 15 months now. His journey began out of sheer desperation to get away from the family business. At the young age of 19 Jordan was thrust into owning a restaurant with his mother and step-father in Wisconsin. He has a very strong passion for cooking which was his catalyst for joining his family in the business. However after 6 long years with no social life, he decided that no amount of money would make him stick around in a business. Especially when it was only a promise of money that wasn't really there yet.

He quickly walked away and started his own internet marketing business. Jordan built up around $13,000 of credit card debt all for his business which was from office supplies, advertising, education, and a whole slew of products and services that never seemed to work. At which point he decided to look into FREE marketing strategies that involved Facebook.

Before this point in his life Jordan had absolutely NO CLUE what the heck a “Facebook” even was. However, through sheer determination, he pushed forward and one day achieved his goal of generating 27 Leads in a day and making $2000 a month from Facebook Marketing Strategies.

His goal is to share his techniques with as many people as possible. Are you Going to Be one of them?

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