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By the means of writing my experiences in short poetical form and then sharing my poetry has become truly a remarkable journey. The responses that I have had with people of all ages has been deeply rewarding.

At the age of 24 Ryan started writing words of inspiration and rhymes, he says; "which became a significant outlet for me to express my spiritual side of my character". In that same year his first eight poems were published on Poetic Portal by invitation with a group of respected poets - one of the eight COME TOGETHER which was then also published in a book of collective poetry called "Surrender To The Moon" available in libraries throughout the United States.

With the love and encouragement he received from his friends, family and Baha'i Community he published his selected works. Working along side him as a duo, his mother, who is the artist behind the poetry display in his first book "Treasured Portraits.." which started out as a family project to contain Ryan's uplifting poems and Janet's artistry working together celebrating the arts. From there he has continued to write spiritual inspirational poems and has published another soul stirring book, with gentle words and heartfelt emotion, sharing with us God's message of love, joy and lightness "Hallow Reed The Master Within".

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  • Hallow Reed the Master Within
    Hallow Reed the Master Within Poetry by Ryan Daniels
    Hallow Reed the Master Within
    Hallow Reed the Master Within



    Jan 2013

    A Free introduction eBook of selected poems and a word about spiritual concepts from the Author. "Like a candle in the darkness, Ryan's poetry book "Hallo...

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