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1st January 1984


You are in the right place if you like multi-functional books for a quick read, an analysis study or self-reflection. This author always thinks about the readers' experiences and aims to create mystery, adventure and enchantment in every book and genre.

The silent generation, their grandparents, inspired them to compose books. The author's grandma was a language teacher, and their grandpa was an engineer; they taught the author how to read books and let me recite poems on their birthdays. From then, the author read many books of all genres. For example, did you know that Mozart had an older sister?

Aside, the author has degrees in language and mind studies. It was surprising how the author used psychology to better their life all the decades. They shared some of the steps in 5 Steps to Happiness - all backed up by scientific studies. A Very Berry Adventure was written years before its publication in 2012, and a decade later, a professional artist added their artistry for a better story interpretation; hence, the new look.

Currently, the author is working on a science fiction book, which they started composing over three decades ago.

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Reading, writing, coffee, art, animals, music, sightseeing

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  • mPaka Mysteries
    mPaka Mysteries Poetry by Sparrow
    mPaka Mysteries
    mPaka Mysteries



    Apr 2023

    mPaka Mysteries by Sparrow is a rhyming story about this whimsical creature called mPaka. Suzie has a regular life, and nothing ever happens to her until mPak...

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT