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Saint Johns, Arizona




Destined to be a cowboy, GARY HEINS had his dilapidated hat confiscated by age 4, which diverted him to be a skier meantime instead. As a skier, he realized he had a knack for teaching skiing. During the off-seasons from skiing, he got his hat back and started wrangling and cowboying like he'd been destined, using his skiing and teaching skills to help himself learn horsemanship. Pretty soon, with his ski-teaching and horsemanship skills, he found he had a knack for not getting kicked or bitten by all the strange dangerous women he met on the barroom dance floors. Ultimately, he's the best darn ski instructor and dance teacher you'll ever encounter--but, oh, do status-quo politics try to block him! So Gary's main books deal with Downhill Skiing and Western Swing dancing: he shows you how absolutely easy these fun activities can be, while spilling the beans on the Status-Quo that's hell-bent on dumbing down the masses and not letting the average Joes and Josephines survive and thrive. Gary's been criticized for being an egotistical arrogant guy that doesn't know a darn thing about anything, but the criticism comes only from other ski teachers or dance teachers or power-freaks who are jealous of his skills and talents and lifelong hard-works. --Gary wishes nothing but the best for umpteen-millions of ski students and dance students--his horses know this, and so do dogs and cats, and you may be one of the few discerning humans as well.

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