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I keep myself busy – during the day I am a Marketing Consultant and during the night, I write about Mayans! Go figure! If you like what you read of DREAMCATCHERS, then read the note at the end if you like, about how you can help with its publishing.....




6th November 1976


I live in Canterbury in the UK with my artist wife, Anisa Mandahiling. The town itself is very old with cobblestone streets and buskers playing their melodies come rain or shine. It’s basically a boho version of Covent Garden.

I keep myself busy – during the day I am a Marketing Manager for a technology firm and during the night, I write; it’s something I want to do more of.

I spent most of my teenage years staying up until three in the morning watching series like Tales from the Crypt, which probably explains the darker elements of my young adult stories. The authors I admire most are Stephen King, Peter Straub and Philip Pullman.

reading, writing, stories, myths, legends, ancient civilizations, chocolate and hot java lava coffee.

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