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This Dilapidated Place


This dilapidated place is not my abode.

The shifting sky is seen wherever I go.

The rat-riddled river is not from Venice.

The eroding steps are not the Spanish.

The picturesque walk is not too pleasant

And the town always seems to have a strange scent.

All this has been taken into consideration

Yet I have not left for a different station

Because although I know all of this is true,

This is the place where I met you

And whilst you reside in this meagre area,

This is my world and it will be forever.


Matt Phillips


























Only You


Success no longer matters to me,

In life it’s only yours I see.

Such confusion- I’ll let it be.

Hand in hand for eternity.


Rattling over battling waves.

Facing foes and appearing brave.

Too far out to attempt to save.

With all my strength a path I’ll pave.


Understanding this peculiar earth.

Outsiders view with insider’s birth.

Unwanted, chasen from this turf,

Yet needed, fear now has no worth.


Matt Phillips



























The Perosive Form


The perosive form

Delectable in its ignorance

Forbidden for xylorous feel

Incantating arrobiance and

Fawcalling shublayous.

Whallack down me, whallack.

Phissle my senses until Li.

Crazzle all my minds.

I must go for I have

No worth in your presence.


Matt Phillips































A Perfect Farewell


My friend, I may never see you again,

Too overwhelmed for standard emotions.

We may meet when finally The Earth does end.

That hope is all I pray on.


But as I sit and think: only memories should make me sad,

As I’m stunned and I block out all life.

A true and confident smile I have-

How we struggled through the strife.


I cannot cry- nay not because I’m numb

‘Tis a happier reason by far.

For your love and thoughts of me, strong one,

Overcome me, as we see the same star.


Matt Phillips



























You, Who Once Lightened My Day


You, who once lightened my day

Now wish to throw me away

Into the pit of forget

Left with such powerful regrets.


You, with excited eyes

Are in darkness now you cry.

No more will you see a whole me.

Recent times create transparency.


You, who words cannot impress

Have allowed no chance to regress.

Now, when we meet, there is pain.

Are our meetings all in vain?


You, my saviour, are gone.

You helped me to live on.

Survival creates amazing will.

I’ll climb that impossible hill.


Matt Phillips





















The Moment


Why when I wake

With a thousand worries to rectify,

Do I only think of you

And your loving, honest eyes?


My mind erodes each second,

As insignificant memories go.

I see a vivid look, a smile

Remembering warmth, though recalling snow.


I watch the living day

Though only my eyes record the light.

A standing sleep sullens my face

Of me saving you from plight.


Matt Phillips



























Do You Think of Me?


Just as dusk begins to brush away

The energetic hustle of an uncharismatic day.

My unexpected constant invigorates my mind

And appears to ease my sorrow with a deed sincerely kind.


My ideas are retched from my pondering soul
As, on the breeze, many others begin to roll.

I listen, with all my senses bated,

In hope my thoughts are reciprocated. 


Matt Phillips
































You Saw Me As Your Hero


You saw me as your hero once

I could see it in your eyes.

I lay down the path you walked

And spoke eternally wise.

I was the candle in the dark

And the reason The Sun would rise.

I could duck down to the direst depths

And leap beyond the skies.


Now I am merely a chipped off rock

In a volcano’s violent eruption

I am simmering on the periphery of you

With a gentle, soft reduction.

The tears I cried were genuine

And the steps with you were sure.

How can you see me as inconsequential-

A moment and nothing more?


With ease, you have changed and waved goodbye

I guess I must do the same.

Another’s eyes are questioning me

So I should reignite the flame.

I mount my horse and ride to battle-

I can’t just take the acclaim.

You saw me as your hero once

I still want to be near you again.











Why The Hell Are You Staring


Why the hell are you staring? Do I have something on my face?

Has my hair gone messy? Am I standing in the wrong place?

Why the hell are you staring? Do you think that I look cute?

Are you trying to remember me? Or is it my broken tooth?


Why the hell are you staring? Is it my uncool bag?

Did I spill something on my trousers? Can you see a stray clothes tag?

Why the hell are you staring? Are you looking at someone behind?

Has your neck muscle seized up? Do you God damn mind?!


Why the hell are you staring? I’ve run out of suggestions.

Oh you want an answer. Could you repeat the question?


Matt Phillips
























I H8 U


I’d just like to say that I hate you, sir,

You’re the worst thing mother nature’s produced.

You’re toilet waste, you’re a parasite, you’re litter in the street

You should be locked up and never let loose.


You smell like you’ve been bathed in urine

Since the day you came out of the womb.

You look like you were made for a laugh

Or a gargoyle or a mummy in a tomb.


You’re about as useful as a mouldy old sock-

You make me feel sick- I should throw you away.

You know as much as a piece of dirt

You’d let yourself be kicked around all day.


I think of all the things you do

And I much rather rot in hell.

I should really stop looking in this mirror

And stop being so hard on myself.


Matt Phillips























The Referee’s Backlash


I thought the pundit was poor today

He moved around a lot.

He claimed it was a one-sided game

When it clearly was not.


The home side were unlucky

I didn’t think they were sluggish

He wouldn’t make a very good bookie

And his assistant was rubbish.


A controversial question-

The audience disapproved.

A quiet word to ease the tension

Would have been a better move.


Were shades of inaccuracies

On the final analysis.

I hope he views this on the T.V.

To see the points he missed.


From this I can conclude

He didn’t earn his money.

How can he say that’s a decent suit

And his jokes are never funny.


Matt Phillips