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Poetry to make you feel good

When I am feeling down or even when I am feeling happy, I write a poem to make me feel good. I hope that there is a poem here that makes you feel good, too.



And So I Run At Last


And so I run at last with the wind at my back

I shall falter and fall- I’m sure of that.

I’ve needed to jog and walk at times

To get over the wire and round the mines.

I’ve needed friends along the way

To give me fuel to see out the day

And I’ve stopped to collect and admire my prize

Only for it to cause my demise.

But now I run at last with the wind at my back.


Yes I run at last with hope in my heart

Yet humble, I had an unsteady start.

I’ve needed my peers to point the course

Being fair and considerate with appropriate force

I’ve needed novices to motivate me

When the terrain is scarce and my legs are shaky.

And I’ve stopped when my soul has shouted, “Enough!”

And plunged to the ground so rigid and rough.

But now I run at last with hope in my heart.


I run at last- a man at one with himself

Though I may return to the back of the shelf

I’ve needed Samaritans to heal my ails.

I’ve needed foes hounding my tail.

Those things that keep me sharp and strong

Stop me going too far wrong

And I’ve stopped after I’ve raced on ahead

To realise another needs me instead.

Now I run, yes I run

Believing that all our times will come.


Matt Phillips

Go Down to the River


Immaculate creature natural and strong

Ever present and never wrong.

Cascading river waning his fear

Relaxing emotion planted here,

Of souls transfixed on the river’s flow

‘Pray thee river, end my woes.’

Reflected back is reasons why

The world will suffer should they die.

Heroes and heroines who struggled so

Reaping freely what they sowed.

His face is radiant now and glistening.

Finally, a creature is listening.

Concerns are like old waters past.

This poignant day shall not be his last.


Matt Phillips



























Into The Canyon


Into the canyon I slipped and fell

Unable to move as my bruises swell

Too far away for help to come

But until I shut down I’m not done


Climbing is a feeble venture

Hiding is an impossible feat

Waiting ‘til I serve my tenure

Is all I can do but I’m not beat


This canyon holds no fear for me

My thoughts are clean and filter free

Though no way out I presently see

I’ll fight the battle to simply be


So visit me the cruellest of scourges

Whip me ‘til I can stand no more

Survival is the greatest of urges

My will is ripping me off the floor


Matt Phillips














A Life of Regret


A life of regret churns my insides.

A consistent fret educates my mind.

Imagination lost in choices.

Stubbornness silenced the wisest voices.

Hope pinned on destiny’s will.

Losing my way whilst learning new skills.

Awoken from my semi slumber.

Free again yet slightly humbler.

Smile because it is right to do

Then friends and colleagues do so too.

Finally, I realise that I am breathing.

The air is fresh now that I am leaving.


Matt Phillips































And so I return like it was a dream

Better for what I have done and seen

Closer to the person I wish to be

Lost a few things I hoped I’d keep

Humbled, I sit here writing this

Being unsure though unsure is bliss

For so many options pound my mind

Until the safest path I find.


Matt Phillips

































Hang On a Minute, Get In


Hang on a minute, get in

The team are prepared and poised to win

I’ve heard the shouts of dwindling trust

I’ve logged the doubts and so I must

But wait until I’ve performed again


Hang on a minute, get in

I’m not the greatest there’s ever been

I know my limits and I know my style

I know every minute that I’m on trial

But judge me when I perform again


Hang on a minute, get in

I’ll take every knock back on the chin

Embarrassed, I’ve cracked under pressure so real

At times I’ve lacked when I’ve needed zeal

But watch as I perform again


Hang on a minute, get in

Along my face works a satisfied grin

What claims and pressure I’ve been subjected to

Are internally bred and not a reflective view

I know I will perform again


Matt Phillips




















I could be blown away by a hurricane

I could be forced to the ground by unbearable pain