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Updated: august, 2022

Rediscovering Transcendence

De-hypnotizing the human psyche


Harmonizing relationships

Handbook for connecting with the spirit within

and bringing some empathy to this world

By Martin Euser, July 2022

Know your Self

and be whole


Note: this is an expanded edition of my previous e-book:

“Resonance with the Self”.

A new chapter has been added on seven key principles for an integral kind of science, as well as a new appendix on the symbolism of the seven Sacraments. Chapter five has been rewritten and chapter four has been expanded with some new items.

Goals of this book:

Understanding the crisis of civilization: lack of vision, materialistic values, the long descent downwards

Regaining purpose of life: the position of the human being in the world Finding meaning in a fragmented world

Developing a solid understanding of life

Forming a sound vision of one's role in society

Developing a philosophy of life

Working together to make a transition to a wholesome world: from ego-centric to ecocentric

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