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Invitation to Internet Success

Wear Your Party Pants!

This invitation is extended to the 95% who have failed to find any real wealth on the Internet. All of your efforts have been a long line of dream stealers and the road has been tough, I know. Solo all the way and more often than not, the training you were promised was in poverty and patience.

But bless you – you‘re one of the few people who is willing to do more, be more and get more out of life. You hang on to the belief that it can‘t be all Internet lies because you‘ve seen too many success stories. Like me, you get A+ for persistence! If you‘ve been caught in mere existence and true wealth has existed only in your imagination, everything is about to change. We will use a sort of Velveteen Rabbit principal; a guide to becoming real. To do this you must break out of the time-formoney trap because linear money (pay earned for hours worked) will never make you wealthy.

Stay close beside me as we do some me-and-you marketing and make yourself some really, really awesome income. We‘ll do all the hard work upfront, and then as we move into leveraged income I‘ll teach you how to coast.

Leveraged income is like remote control and you will clearly see how easy it is to make money work for you. This knowledge is no different than learning to ride a bike, or use a keyboard – once learned it is yours. You own the knowledge. No one can take it from you. Period.

This time you will do everything right. This time you will have a plan, a clear view of success and how to get there. This time you will join the 5% all wearing party pants!

Esther Smith
Author/Publisher Entrepreneur