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Written By: Esther Smith
Published By: The Permanent Venture


Table of Contents

Title Page
Table of Contents
Copyright / Disclaimer About the Author
Chapter One
Chapter Two
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The Mindset of the Velveteen Rabbit 6 Defining the Difference Between Linear and Leveraged Income 9

Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six
Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Entrepreneurship Catches Fire 12 Examining Your Online Choices 15 Making the Decision 19 Joining and Setting Up Your First Money Stream 26 Credibility and Building Trust 30 Learning About LTCV (LifeTime Customer Value) 33 Now Diversify 36 The Risk of Using Other Peoples Assets 39

Published By:
The Permanent Venture
106 Woodvine Way
Mauldin, SC 29662

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We won‘t bore you with a whole lot of Esther Smith‘s life-history here, so briefly it goes like this:

Born and raised in New England, she realized even before her teens that her passion was in Art. She began painting with watercolors, and by high school, worked a part time job and spent her earnings on oils and canvas. Neither she nor her parents could afford Art school, but over the next 20 years she was driven time and again to her studio. Never having any lessons, her work now sells in the thousands of dollars.

While at home raising children, she took up Creative Writing, and graduated from The Institute For Children‘s Literature in Redding, Ct.

With the advantage of electronics and the Internet – she set up an Art Gallery and then began to use her writing abilities in Articles for publication. She also publishes a syndicated weekly Newsletter.

During her research for article material on compensation plans, she stumbled upon the 2up plan and as many experience, it was a jaw-dropping discovery. Putting it to practice proved its value, and she began to put her findings in her Articles. It was not difficult after some time to take snippets from each of those articles and put together this eBook.

More than giving an exciting way for her readers to leave the time-for-money-trap, she takes them by the hand and leads them all the way to success. Most other eBooks give you a path and set you loose with the information. These publications have been a disappointment to her and she meant to improve on these gurus who seemed better at talking rather than doing.

Today, Smith lives in South Carolina with her husband, a retired Navy Commander. They enjoy their laid-back lifestyle and traveling. Their children‘s lives are busy with their own goals and are often the reason to take a week and visit one or two of them.

They both share the educating of would be entrepreneurs, exposing them to Leveraged Income for life as an entirely new way of thinking.