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“Facebook Marketing $ecrets Exposed” A Complete Guide to 20-30 Free Leads Daily written by:
Jordan Schultz Http://JordanSchultz.com
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Welcome to Facebook Marketing $ecrets Exposed. Throughout this book I'm going to take you on the journey of turning Facebook into a money-making machine. Before We get into the actual training section of this book, we'll have to learn some basic principles for social-media marketing in general. I'm also going to let you know exactly why I wrote this book.

The main reason I wrote this book was to give YOU a fighting chance to achieve success in the world of social media, particularly on Facebook. I chose Facebook because it is the #2 trafficked site on the entire internet, and as far as social media is concerned, it is #1. As you'll also come to find out in this course, Facebook has multiple ways to create exposure for your brand and your business.

In the 1st half of the course, we are going to focus on the most important part of Facebook… Setting everything up so that you have a well-oiled machine by the time you're ready to start marketing yourself. Before we get into all o f the components of your machine, we're going to cover some basic principles of marketing on social media and marketing in general.

In the 2nd half I'm going to take you through the daily action steps for building relationships with the right kind of people, turning those relationships into friendships, and ultimately turning those friendships into PROFIT. The biggest thing you need to know before getting into the actual marketing techniques that you're going to use to generate up to 27 leads in a single day is...