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Chapter Two

Wholesale Prices

If there was only one thing that makes or breaks a vendor, it would be how much that vendor pays for his or her merchandise.

Just this morning (6-20-03), a vendor friend dropped by our local coffee shop.

While we were shooting the breeze, he mentioned that some vendors at the market he worked went to K-Mart to buy their stuff. Then they were taking it to the flea market and trying to resell it at a profit.

I said, “You’ve got to be kidding?”

“No, I am serious”

I said, “ How can they make any money?”

“They’re not!” he replied. “They’re old retirees who don’t know anything about making money.”

You must always be looking for a better price for your merchandise.

Your wholesale price is all you have to work from.

The lower it is the more room you have to deal with the customer.

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