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Chapter One

Secrets The Flea-market Dealers Don’t Want You to Know!

Flea markets are not unlike large successful businesses. Each has its own special closely guarded secret. The main difference between flea markets and other large businesses is that a flea market is made up of many small individual businesses, each with its closely guarded secrets, most of which consist of where they got their merchandise and how much they paid for it.



If you ask they will do one of several things…

× get mad

× lie to you

× get mad and lie

× teach you a few new vocabulary words

Rule # 1A If someone asks you the same question….

Be calm, cool and collected (this is a hard row to hoe) just smile at them and say,

“I’m sorry, that’s confidential information!”

Once in a while you will get a person who will not take “NO” for an answer. They beg you for a source of supply (so they can go into competition against you).

Copyright © 2004 Larry L. Austin

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I n s i d e r S e c r e t s T o F l e a M a r k e t P r o f i t s - L a r r y L . A u s t i n P a g e 1 3 o f 1 0 1

Here’s what I do. If they keep on with me I’ll say, OK I’ll tell you on two conditions.

First, I need you to agree that you will not set up at this market for (xxx number of weeks, months…never) Of course they will agree and think they have just about ripped you off.

Second, I will give you my source of supply, but first you must pay me for

it.…(Remember the dog eat dog reality of business.) Figure out how much of a threat the person appears to be and then come up with a LARGE amount of

upfront, cash only money. Say.. $ 500 to $2,000 dollars. That usually shuts them up. If they agree, go for it, take the money and give them your second best source of supply.

Never your First! Never!

Copyright © 2004 Larry L. Austin

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I n s i d e r S e c r e t s T o F l e a M a r k e t P r o f i t s - L a r r y L . A u s t i n P a g e 1 4 o f 1 0 1