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Part 1
The 23 Golden rules of running.

Normally there is just one golden rule,
but runners need a whole lot to get faster, fitter and stronger. So here they are, stick to these and you can't go wrong.
1. The most effective training mimics the event you are training for. If you want to run a 10k in 50minutes, you need to train at 5min per kay, you get the picture.


2. Increase mileage by no more than 10% a week. Absolutely vital, increase your mileage to quick and run the risk of injury.


3. Consume a carbohydrate-protein beverage within 60 minutes after any workout. You will bounce back a lot quicker and be ready for the next session.


4. Wait for 2 hours after eating before running. You don’t want to get cramps or start to vomit.


5. Build up and run at least one 32k before attempting a marathon. Completing a 32 will help you wrap your head around a marathon.


6. If something hurts for 2 consecutive days, take 2 days off. Recover faster and you won't make the injury worse.


7. Start every run with 10 minutes walking and jogging and do the same when you are finished.

8. Don't eat or drink anything new before a race. Stick to what works, your body gets used to what you put into it.
9. A headwind always slows you down more than a tailwind speeds you up. You will run slower on windy days, it's just a fact you need to deal with.
10. For about 3 days before a race carbo load. Turbo charge your system for races longer than 2 hours.
11. Runners improve for about seven years. You can expect to improve on your performance for about 7 years after you start running.
12. Running uphill slows you down more than running downhill speeds you up. Fact.
13. Be able to talk sentences while running. If you can hold a conversation while running, you are the right pace.
14. Runners who only run are prone to injury. Cross training is a must.
15. Sleep half a minute per night for each kilometer per week that you train. _____________________________________________________________________

16. The best way to a personal best is to run at an even pace from start to finish.
17. Replace your running shoes once you have done between 600 and 800 kilometers in them. Don't and you are going to injure yourself.
18. Take an easy day after a hard day. Running hard all the time is no fun anyway.
19. Dress for runs as if it's 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. You are going to warm up after a few kays anyway.
20. The most effective pace for V02 max interval training is about 15 seconds faster per kilometer than your 5k race pace.
21. Tempo-run pace is the pace you can maintain when running all out for an hour.
22. Do your longest training runs at least two minutes per kilometer slower than your 5k race pace.
23. The longer the race, the slower the pace. 00005.jpg

Part 2