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New idea – work in a GDI team!

This page has been added in addition to the original document as I had a new idea to take advantage of a loophole or clever way to make GDI even simpler! You can do this by working as a team.

All you need to do is find 4 friends who will work with you. You sign up to GDI and friend 1 signs up under you, friend 2 under friend 1, friend 3 under friend 2 and finally friend 4 under friend 3.

YOU > Friend #1 > Friend #2 > Friend #3 > Friend #4

Now all 5 of you focus 100% of your efforts on friend #4. Promote his or her account only; forget about your own account. It sounds crazy but as you all get paid $1 for each sign up all the way up the line it works!

You now only need to get 2 people each and friend 4 has 10 members. This means you all cover your costs very quickly. Of course the higher friends make a little more but friend 4 will make this back when their downline grows, as it will be out of range of the others.

So grab 4 friends, make a team and make some cash.


Still use all of the methods in this book, tell people about the automatic sites and tell them about the friend’s team concept.

5 people working on a single account is much better than just 1!