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The GDI starter kit V2.0


Hi, I’m David and I’m from the United Kingdom from a town called Royal Leamington Spa. I have over 10 years of website experience and many of these have been selling products online. In-fact I have made most of my money online by selling nothing! I have sold over 50,000 magic tricks that were just video clips. I understand what makes people buy and I understand how to pass knowledge on to others. Enjoy this guide, as it will help you master GDI.


You are now a sales representative. Selling people a website business of their own. People often feel uncomfortable with being called a sales person. This is something you need to get over right away. So before we go any further read the following out loud right now.

“I sell websites!” “I sell websites!”

“I sell websites!”

You have this ebook, as you want to earn an income. You make an income from getting customers. This means you are in sales. It’s a great job and you should be proud to be a sales person.

The only other thing you need before we start is a positive attitude. If you know are you are going to blow everyone else out of the water and rise to the top of the leader boards then you are in the right frame of mind.

So go for and show the world how good you are at selling!

What is GDI?

GDI [Global Domains International] is a company that sell domain names and website hosting. As you know the Internet is one of the fastest growing entities of all time. There are billions of websites online today.

However have you ever tried to buy a .com address? Give it a go. Go to a company who sells domain names and search for a .com. All the good names have gone.

GDI sell the .WS domain name, which means Web Site. It’s not as old as .com, which means great names are out there. The .WS extension is neat and tidy and much simpler to remember then .net / .biz etc. Everyone knows the term Website so .website makes a lot of sense.

Why is a good domain name important?

It all comes down to search engines. A domain name that matches the search term 100% is very easy to get to the top. I own 100s of domain names, try some of these searches:

Search “pub tricks” on and my site is #1
Search “londons solicitors” on and my site is #1
Search “pseudo tube” on and my site is #1

Proof they are mine:
As we have only just met you may doubt my claims. All of these sites have DM³ in the footer. This is my company DM Cubed LTD.

If you buy a domain name that matches a search term you are much more likely to be number #1.

GDI sells domain names and offers you $1 sales commission for each person you get to buy and domain from them, this repeats for 5 levels and can make some really exciting numbers!

A search term domain name is a good investment and easy to sell the idea to others!


Legal notices
What you can do with this document

Print it and give it to people Email it to others
Add it to your website

What you cannot do with this document

Sell it
Modify the links Modify the text Copy the text

If DM CUBED LTD find any part of this document in something you have produced or you have modified this document with your own web links you will be prosecuted for breach of copyright.

If you have seen any of this document elsewhere then inform DM CUBED LTD and you will be rewarded with $1000 after a prosecution has been performed.


Below are the actual laws you will be breaking. They can result in large fines or imprisonment.

Section 506. Criminal offences
(a) Criminal Infringement. - Any person who infringes a copyright willfully either
(1) for purposes of commercial advantage or private financial gain, or (2) by the reproduction or distribution, including by electronic means, of 1 or more copies of copyrighted works, shall be punished as provided under section 2319 of title 18, United States Code.

(b) Forfeiture and Destruction. - When any person is convicted of any violation of subsection (a), the court in its judgment of conviction shall, in addition to the penalty therein prescribed, order the forfeiture and destruction or other disposition of all infringing copies and all implements, devices, or equipment used in the manufacture of such infringing copies.
(c) Fraudulent Removal of Copyright Notice. - Any person who, with fraudulent intent, removes or alters any notice of copyright appearing on a copy of a copyrighted work shall be fined.

What motivates you?

Why did you join? Everyone has different reasons. I work for a software company as my day job and I’m paid very well. My motivation is to generate websites and tools that are used by millions of people. Also a Lamborghini Murcielago would be nice:


What ever your motivation is you need a reminder. If you like the idea of super car then visit your local dealer and go and look at one. Sit in it and get a taste of what you want. This will keep you focused and make you strive for results. Maybe you want to escape a normal office job. Then book yourself a few days off and do exactly what you will do when you achieve your goal.

This is really important as sometimes you may feel like giving up if you have a set back. If this happens just think of what your goal is. It will only make you fight harder for it.

If you never give up it is impossible to fail!


Don’t get distracted

As soon as you start with GDI you will find other people try to sell you stuff. They want you to join more and more systems. Don’t do it. Just focus on one system. When GDI is making you $1000s per month then you can look at a new system. Just stay focused.

Getting a good sponsor


Having a sponsor that supports you is very important.


I can offer you the following:


A free video website

PseudoTUBE is a video system I wrote that will
provide you with advert space and GDI sales
tools for free.

You add videos from Youtube / Revver /
Metacafe to make a site on any topic you wish.
The site is return great Google search results.


00003.jpgA free design for your GDI domain name lets you make a site that works well in selling GDI to other people and it takes less than 10 seconds!


The theory of selling

You can sell anything! Good products sell with less effort; poor products sell with more effort. You need show your product to as many people as possible. Many will not be interested, some may be interested and a few will be very interested. This is known as the sales conversion rate. I can tell you from years of experience selling online that a rate of 0.1% to 1% is normal. These numbers apply only to online selling. Other methods such as seminars or meetings will have much higher conversion rates.

So if you show your product online to 1000 people, expect to sell to between 1 and 10 people. If you want to know the calculation then:


0.1% conversion rate: 1000 x 0.1/100 = 1 customer


1% conversion rate: 1000 x 1/100 = 10 customers


00004.jpgMultiple visitors are needed to make 1 customer.


You can see that getting 1% is much better then 0.1%. You can achieve a higher conversion rate with 2 factors:


1. Increase the quality of your sales message on your website. 2. Increase the quality of the people visiting your website.


The quality of the sale message is easy to control. I have done this for you. The templates I offer all work well and provide a clear and powerful sales message.

You want to generate targeted traffic to your website. Having 1000s of people visit who are not old enough to own a credit card will not help you. You want to be targeting people who are looking for an investment. I will cover this in detail later.

The magic of GDI


Multi level marketing is very powerful. Here is an example if you get 10 people in level 1 and everyone else copies you and gets 10.

Level 1: 10 x 1 = $10
Level 2: 10 x 10 = $100
Level 3: 100 x 10 = $1000 Level 4: 1000 x 10 = $10000 Level 5: 10000 x 10 = $100000

TOTAL INCOME = $111110 per month

This is a HUGE number but it is totally realistic. I had 10 level 1 members within 5 weeks of joining GDI. I joined to prove it to myself that it worked. Once I had proof I made it my main focus of website development.

If I can pass my knowledge on to my 10 level 1 members there is no reason why they cannot do the same. The magic secret is keeping the transfer of knowledge going. And what is this magic secret? You are reading it! This document has every thing you need to know to get 10 people.

Too many people fail at GDI has they have no way of teaching others how to win.

If you look at the totals per level you can see that level 1,2 and 3 are not very exciting. It’s all income, but at level 4 and 5 it gets really exciting. So don’t focus too much on level 1. Follow this pattern of 10 teaches 10.

Your aim is to get 10 people as quickly as you can. Then ease off getting new people and spend the time helping those 10 to get started. Give them this guide and they will have the power to continue to work for you.

It really is that simple, you only need 10 people. I have given you 10 people here. You can cross them off as you sign up new members. It doesn’t look that hard, does it! You might have 2 friends who would like to join you. Then you are down to 8!

00005.jpgWebsite design


On the next few pages I will show you some good and bad examples of websites that people are using to promote the GDI system.


Most of the sites that people are producing are bad. This is great news for you. It means you have less competition!


Your site is going to be amazing.


Your site is going to get people excited.


Your site is going to look stunning.


Your site is going to make you a lot of money.


How can I be so confident? Well that’s easy, I have already written it for you!


A GDI website builder site (a very bad site)


The layout of the site is okay, this bit is provided by GDI. The sales message from the user (personal details removed) is shockingly bad.

Why would you bother clicking through to the GDI site? There are no benefits listed. I just don’t know what it is all about. The overall impression is this looks some scam site that was made in 5 minutes by someone who doesn’t care.

00006.jpgA users own design (a bad site)



This type of site you see a lot. May be it’s a standard template for the top and bottom as the graphics are done well.

But you can tell someone else has designed the content in the middle.


Again what do you think when you look at this site? I think:


It looks like 1 person at home made it.


May be it was made a few years ago and then don’t look after it.


Why are there so many banners?


What do the programs do?

I just don’t have the confidence that this is a serious business person and I also don’t think they are successful.

One of my templates


If you want to see this full size then visit

Visually it looks very sharp and modern. Your eyes are drawn to the 7 days free trail, that gives people some confidence and the $2,420 in the calculator looks interesting. It makes you think how can I earn that?

The site then answers doubts the visitor will have. How much can I make? Do I need to be an expert? How does it all work?

The front page gets the interest and the other pages build confidence that people could make it a success. The income calculator is great to see how much you can earn but it also makes people think the site is professional as you can interact with it.

00008.jpgWhich one would you pick to win?


If you had 100 people who wanted to invest in a website business today which one are they going to pick?


00009.jpgI don’t think I need to answer that question for you!


You have to have a powerful and clear sales message and it has to be on a site that looks professional. Ask your self these questions:

“Would you eat in a restaurant that looked a mess?”
“Would you buy a car from a tatty car yard with a poor sales man?” “Would you spend money on a website that looks like it was made by a child?”

I think you see what I’m getting at. These people with bad sites will close sales but it may take 10000 people before they get 1 sale. I want you to get 1 sale for every 100 people, or may be even better.

However I don’t expect you to go away for five years and learn web design. Life is too short for that. That is why I have made a template site that does it for you. Visit the template site below:

My template site -

I have created many great looking sites with powerful sales messages. They all have an uploader, which means you don’t have to do any web development. You simply enter your GDI details and an email address and the site is made for you in seconds. Your GDI username is added to the link pages and your email address is added to the contact pages.

You should browse the selection of sites and pick one that you like the most. It is important that the site is interesting to you as this gives you more passion to sell it to people. Remember people who join via you could choose one of the other designs. It is all personal choice.

I will explain how the uploader works. Each example site as a section that looks similar to the following:



Using this uploader is very easy. The first step is to activate basic hosting in your GDI account.

Log in to the GDI back office and follow the picture shown.

GDI will then email you some information.


Enter this information in the form and press upload.

In a few seconds you site is live on your own domain name!

This process is quick and is the key to success with GDI. This means anyone you sign up can have a site that works right away and they will not fall into the trap of making their own weak sales site.

Website marketing

So your site is up and running. But no body knows about it. You need a stream of people looking at it every minute. If you opened a store in a high street you don’t have this problem. The people (traffic) are all ready there. They walk past and if they like what’s in the window they come in and you may make a sale.

A website is like owning a brand new store but it is in a desert. There is nobody there to see it. For some reason people think that if they have a website people will find it. This is not the case; you need to work very hard to get traffic.

I have a friend (Richard) who makes some really interesting sites. He had a site running for a year and I asked him to put a traffic counter on the site. He was shocked to see that he had on average 1 visitor per day and most of the time that was actually him looking at his own site!

So this part is the hard work of running your own website. The hard work is marketing.


You could take a risk and spend $5,000 to $10,000 on adverts but I don’t recommend this, as it is possible to do this for free.


So the next few pages will tell you how to market your site without spending anything but time.


Youtube and other videos sites

Online video is huge. I know all about this as I founded a site called, which lets people make their own video websites. It had over 1000 websites built using this system within a few months of starting. It grew so quickly that I had to buy a new web server to cope with the traffic.

You should make yourself several videos and upload them to video sites. Explain the GDI system and remember to included your website address in the video. You could even make a series of videos that blog your progress with GDI.

Below is an example of I video I made to promote PseudoTUBE. It is viewed 50 times per day on Youtube. Notice how the web address is clearly shown at the top of the video. It took me a day to make but now it works hard for me every day whilst I work on other things.

00011.jpgMost computers come with free software to make and edit videos. On a PC the most common tool is called Windows Movie Maker.


Upload your videos to as many sites as you can. Here are some you can try:


Youtube / Revver / Metacafe / Dailymotion / Google Video / MSN Video / Veoh



Discussion forums can be a great supply of free traffic. Some will allow you post links to your site, others will not. Most will allow you a single link in your signature file. The example below shows one of my signatures in a forum that I use.

If you pick some of the big forums you can generate a lot of free traffic to your site. But don’t over to do, push them too far and you will get banned and your work will be lost.

Perform a Google search for a list of the biggest forums online and start to join in with the messages.


00012.jpgEmail signatures

Ensure you list your website in your signature file. This way every email you send will have your information. If your friends send you joke emails make sure you forward them to everyone you know with your signature included. You will be amazed how far some of these emails spread. Here is my current signature.


Make it interesting; add a sentence that intrigues people. I know that people want to click my signature just to find out what it is all about. If you cannot think of one yourself them just copy mine.

Email auto reply

If you have the ability to provide an auto reply to your email then use this as a mini advert. This means every time you get an incoming message the sender will have a reminder about your site. I have had people email me right away asking for more information.

Try this right now. Send an email to:

You will get a reply right back. This is a very easy way to spread your message. Please don’t ask my any questions at this address, as I don’t actually use it! I made it just as an example (see the last page for my contact address).

Having your website address and a small message in every outgoing email and every incoming email is very powerful. You will just want to find excuses to email people. Every time you contact some one you are advertising, every time some one replies they get a reminder.

Some of the biggest companies use this method. I’m sure you will have seen the following signatures thousands of times.


00014.jpg00015.jpgFriends and friends of friends


You may have like-minded friends who are interested in investments and business. So let them know about your site and GDI.


Show them your site and show them this document.

Social network sites are ideal for this. I’m sure you use Facebook and if not then you need to right now. Facebook has status / wall updates so change your status to:

00016.jpgOther sites that you could use to spread the message about your site are Myspace and Linkedin.


You should be able to recruit two friends to join you and you can work as a team.


Business cards

You should have some of these made right away. You have a professional website so tell people about it. If you talk to someone about the GDI business model and they are interested it looks very unprofessional they have to write your web address on some paper. Have some cards printed and then you can say, “Here’s my card, the website has more information and email me personally if you have any questions.”

Online printers are really great value and you can use their designs. GDI also have their business card designs in the back office, which you can use. Or you can design your own card that matches your site.

00017.jpg00018.jpgThe GDI standard card

This is good if you talk to people and you want to give them a card to remind them to look at the system and join up.

The custom card

If you design your own card you can get a better sales message. This card could be given to people but it is also perfect for leaving in busy places, as people will pick it up.


00019.jpgEVERYONE ELSE ON GDI 00020.jpg


Direct Webmaster contact

Once you have all the automated processes in place such as Youtube videos, email signature etc then this are what you should spend you time on. This should become your main job.

Almost all webmasters have Google Adverts or adverts from other providers on their site. You will have seen these all over the place. Below is an example:



5 years ago these were great. I used to make a lot of money from these. I might have got $1 to $2 per click. Now every site has them, which means the ad revenue is shared between more webmasters, which in turn results in very low payouts per click. I now get payments as low as $0.01 per click.

Webmasters are desperate to find something that pays well for their traffic. So you should contact them and sell the idea of GDI as a replacement to their adverts. The process will be a little different so I have written a sales letter for you that you can send to webmasters. Search for sites, find the contact page and send them this message.

First email



I noticed you are using adverts on your site as a source of income, I assume just like me you have seen a decline in the payment per click? I have been focusing on affiliate marketing instead which pays me up to $5.00 per click. I don’t know if the same would work for you but would you be interested to find out more?

I’m looking for like-minded Webmasters who are interested in boosting their sites income to work with me.
I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together.
Warmest regards,


Some will ignore you but don’t feel rejected. I know this works, as this is exactly how I go to know about GDI.


When you get a reply you can follow up with a message similar to this:


Follow up email


Thanks for getting back to me.

This is what I’m doing as a replacement to adverts. I joined an affiliate marketing network run by a company called Global Domains International (GDI), you may have already heard of them. They are listed as one of the top companies in the United States and sell the .WS (Web Site) domain extension.

I use my advert space to promote this system to my visitors. My visitors can then buy a domain name and hosting for $10 per month. They can make their own web business by using a professionally designed template. Each person who makes his or her own site generates me $1. But the most powerful part is the whole affiliate system is based on 5 levels. As some one else joins from their account I get paid $1 again. This snowballs into some very large payments. Far more than website adverts. It’s very easy to earn $1000 to $2000 per month.

All you would have to do is link banners directly from your site to Global Domains International and they will do all the selling for you. I will then help these users generate their own websites.
For you it would just be like running normal adverts. I would ensure the sign ups work for you as we would both get paid from them making a site.
There is an earnings calculator on the Global Domains International home page to give you an idea of income. I’m sure you will be impressed.
Thanks again for your time and I’m sure together we can make much more than pay per click adverts!


Make sure you swap this to your GDI username!


Again all you have to do is pass this document on to new members in your downline.

You will only need a handful of Webmasters to be very successful. Remember the person who signed me did very well. A