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Blueprint: The fast and easy way to better health without

drugs or diets.

This is a no frills, no filler, quick read if you’re serious and willing to follow directions. I

wrote this as if you’re my friend. You come over to my house on a Sunday morning (not

during football season) and ask, “can you sit down with me and map out a plan to be the

healthiest I can be?” This is an 8 page (plus pictures) guarantee how you can be just


I hope at the end you’ll be glad you found The Body Blog and downloaded this book.

See, most websites operate just like commercial television. They sell ads to the highest

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bidder. I started The Body Blog with the mission to expose people to REAL information

about bettering their health and their lives without “selling out” to corporate interests for

ad revenue.

I give advice on how to be healthy because when you take the steps, you naturally lose

weight, don’t get sick, sleep better and just feel amazing. I read, watch, listen and soak

up as much information from scientists and advocates on the cutting edge of health as I

can. I consider it a privilege to translate that into easily understandable blog posts and

videos for the site. I’m just a regular guy who is a crazy health nut and want all my

friends to experience this feeling too.

While I’d love you to visit the World Health Club and buy the discounted products there, feel free to do your own research and buy products from whomever. Any products advertised on The Body Blog or recommended in this book are brands that I have experi-

mented with personally and use everyday. So in essence, all I do is recommend

products that I know for a fact work and are worth my money. In addition, I have negoti-

ated discounts for these products from the companies that sell them with hope that you

can experience the benefits for yourself without breaking the bank.

Since I am not rich, or even well to do, I have figured out how to maximize my modest

budget for the best results possible. I don’t get sick, I don’t get sunburned, I sleep

great, have tons of energy and set my goal to live until 150 years old. I don’t need a

pharmaceutical pill to do this. I just need some good food! True health is better assur-

ance than the best insurance plan can provide me. Join me, as a new friend and make

some simple changes to feel the best you’ve ever felt.

*If you want more in depth nutrition information, check out my book, The Winter

Wellness Diet. In it you will find the importance of nutrients in your diet, the incredible amount of nutrients that science doesn’t even understand and more. I created a diet

plan that is more than just a diet, it’s a health revolution. It can and will change your life

to understand the information and philosophies you’ll read about. Whether you want to

lose weight, get healthy, live a long time or any of the above, The Winter Wellness Diet

can give you the foundation to do so.

Here in The Blueprint, I just want to jump right into the how to’s. If you find yourself ask-

ing, “Why? How come? or Does it really work?” then consider browsing around The

Body Blog and checking out some articles. The most in-depth information all in one

place can be found in The Winter Wellness Diet.

Maximizing your budget: You’ll need a few basic pieces of machinery for your kitchen.

A blender and juicer surely. My third necessity is a “Magic Bullet” type blender. I use an

imitation one that works great. It’s 2013 and there is a new one called the “NutriBullet”

which is basically the “magic bullet” on steroids. The blender and bullet (imitation) run

about $20 each and the juicer is probably going to cost you between $50-$80. The low-

est price I’ve found on the NutriBullet is $100. Marshall’s, Kohl’s and Big Lots type


stores are constantly having great sales so you might do even better than I have in my

purchases. Why are these machines essential?

*Food absorbs in your body better the more liquid it is. That’s why stomach acids break

down food. Nutrients are absorbed into your blood through your small intestine. It im-

mediately follows the stomach as shown below. The more liquid it is going in, the easier

for your body to work with. In addition, when you juice and blend, it cuts down mass of

the food. Basically, you can drink more nutrients than you can eat.


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What are you going to juice and blend? Fresh fruits and veggies along with super food

supplements. I’ll make a plug for organic produce but if you’re on a budget and the

small extra cost of getting the organic stuff is a deal breaker, don’t worry about it. Or-

ganic produce however, is important for what it doesn’t have. No chemical fertilizers,

pesticides or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are allowed in foods advertising

the organic seal. If you can’t do organic, wash your fruits and veggies VERY WELL.

The best place I have found for getting good quality organic foods at the lowest prices is

at Trader Joe’s. They have locations all over the country so there is likely one close to

you. Whole Foods of course has a great selection, but you will inevitably pay more


Fresh produce, foods that are available to us everyday, are what will change your life

around right now! You will feel better almost instantly, but for monumental results to

start appearing on your radar, a couple weeks of committing to these basic nutrients in

your diet is what it takes.

Before we get into specific foods and nutrients that can change your health, please take

a moment to understand the concept. If you’re overweight, unhealthy, or both, it is likely

due to a deficiency of nutrients and over-abundance of calories. Simply, we’re just re-

versing that process and you don’t need a diet plan or magic caffeine pill to do that.

These recommendations are basically concentrating nutrients with less calories than

normal food and diet.

In other words, this “Blueprint” I am laying out for you is something that can last the rest

of your life. Eat. Eat a lot. However, eat foods that are high in nutrition relative to their

calories. This will inevitably lead you to better health and a more ideal weight.



Vitamin C powder. I get a bulk canister at the Vitamin Shoppe. It’s $20 and has the equivalent of almost 500 Emergen-C’s without the sugar. Vitamin C is one of the most

important vitamins that you aren’t getting enough of. I’ve researched and I haven’t

found any known toxicities. To optimize your health quickly, I recommend you take

between 5-10 grams of vitamin C. for a few weeks and then tone it back some No point

in spending the extra money on those expensive packets to get the same amount. Get

the bulk and it comes down to 4 cents per 1000 mg. Vitamin C is a very powerful an-

ti-inflammatory agent, great for energy and lubricating your joints. I advise you take the

powder with plenty of fruits and veggies that contain vitamin C naturally. Too much vit-

amin C without the nutrients that normally accompany it can affect your mineral balance

and we don’t want that.

Oxylent Effervescent Multivitamin. It is a daily multivitamin, but so much more. Min-

erals don’t get the same press as vitamins, but they are even more important for your

health. Effervescent, it mixes in water and will absorb better than a pill that may cause

stomach discomfort. A lot of vitamin pills are such low quality minerals your body

doesn’t even break down the pill. Oxylent has been formulated for optimum absorption with uniquely formed minerals.


More info at

Since you will also get nutrients from your smoothies and shakes, I’ll highlight a few of

the important ones in this fizzy drink: Chromium can help to lower your blood sugar

levels which helps you lose weight or just help you stay healthy, especially if you’re dia-

betic or pre-diabetic. Elevated blood sugar can increase your risk for diabetes or just

being sick in general. Coenzyme Q10 aka CoQ10 is an important (and by itself expens-

ive) nutrient. It’s critical to overall energy for the important organs like heart, liver and

kidneys to muscles. Vitamin D is actually a hormone synthesized by your body when

your skin is exposed to sun light. To make healthy amounts, depending on your skin

color, the average person needs between 10-90 minutes per day. If you don’t get that

much sun OR if you live in a cold-winter climate, I can almost guarantee you aren’t get-

ting enough vitamin D. This important nutrient is fast becoming one of the most import-

ant cancer preventatives. Better get some extra just in case :)

Super Foods:

Super foods are critically important. The main reason is that you’re giving your body

more nutrients in less calories. The foods we buy and eat from the store have less nu-

trition now than they did just 50 years ago. Conventional farming and the food it brings

to market is literally killing us, slowly but surely. Our bodies need nutrient-dense foods

to stay healthy and happy. That’s why organic foods are important and that’s why eat-


ing the healthiest foods from around the world can be a huge boost to your energy and

your health.

*I get all my super foods from Navitas Naturals for important reasons. They only source organic foods and buy them “fair trade” which ensures the farmers provide the highest

quality product. They process them using methods to preserve their nutrients and keep

the “raw” meaning the enzymes haven’t been killed. In addition, they use recyclable

packaging and sell for the most reasonable prices I’ve found with organic.

Twister Powder Antioxidant Blend:

-Acai is a popular berry for good reason. It has a ton of nutrients in it, most importantly

the phyto-chemicals many of which we have no idea what they do. This berry has an

amazing amount of anti-oxidants which is why I don’t want to go without it. It’s a natural

source of resveratrol which is a powerful anti-oxidant linked to longevity. Yep, I want to

be healthy AND live a long time.

-Pomegranates have been associated with heart health for a long time. Good for redu-

cing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, it may also inhibit cancer cell growth and

help balance hormones. With a ton of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phyto-chem-

icals this fruit is high on my list.

-Goji berries are simply amazing. One of the highest energy foods on the planet, they

have highly absorbable amino acids and vitamins. They also contain over 20 trace min-

erals and quality iron. You’ll be hard pressed to find a food with more anti-oxidants.

Twister Powder Sprouted Omega Blend:


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-Brown rice is an excellent source of high quality carbs and protein.

-Chia seeds are high in fiber, amino acids and beneficial Omega 3s

-Flax seeds have Omega 3s and great insoluble fiber.

Because they’re sprouted these grains increase their nutrient profile and digestibility.

Camu berry. This berry has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any food in the world. I love using it in my fruit smoothie. It also contains amino acids and bio-flavanoids which are anti-inflammatory agents. If you’re on a tight budget, skip this one,

but if you can afford it, I highly recommend using this as your daily dose of vitamin C.

Cacao is arguably one of the top super foods in the world. It’s raw chocolate. This bean has beneficial fats along with one of the best plant food sources of magnesium

which is one of the most important minerals to get healthy, stay healthy and live a long

time. Do I need to mention that cacao tastes amazing too?

Maca is arguably one of the top super foods in the world. Yep, I copied that from cacao because maca is too. A root vegetable from high in the Andes, this food has so much

power to heal you from the inside out. Known as an adaptogen, maca can help your

body to function normally despite all the external stresses that are placed on it. It’s also

a natural aphrodisiac. I’m not talking in a spiritual way, it helps to balance your hor-

mones which give you a “younger” feeling of sexual vitality. I’m just saying... :)

Coconut oil is a small luxury. I love it because it provides some of the highest quality

Omega 6 saturated fats in the world to my diet. When consumed in raw and healthy

forms these kind of fats help to build strong cells, healthy hormones and good cholester-

ol. You really don’t need much so a jar can last you a long time. Don’t listen to those

people who say coconut oil is bad. They’re wrong.


A good source of protein is essential to getting healthy and staying healthy. You won’t

get the highest quality, most absorbable, health promoting protein from anything other

than plants. If you’re craving a little more detail about why I feel so strongly about that,

check out this book report on “The China Study.”

There are a lot of good plant proteins out there from companies like Growing Naturals,

Vibrant Health, Boku, Vega and The Ultimate Meal. My favorite happens to be Growing

Naturals because they source organic, Non-GMO rice and pea for what I feel is the be-st-tasting protein available anywhere.

With a high quality, sprouted protein supplement you get superior absorption from plants

containing the essential amino acids. Your body can feel the difference and will thank

you for feeding it plant protein instead of milk, whey or (dear God) beef protein. Re-

member, this is a book recommending health “promoting” foods and supplements, not

how to get ripped in the gym with unhealthy supplements.

Just do a google search of vegan body builders to see that you don’t need dairy-based

supplements to get ripped. FYI, humans aren’t meant to be 300 lbs of pure muscle. If

the body builder at your local gym looks too big to be natural, chances are he’s using


Honestly, you can put on just as much muscle using plant proteins as you can with

whey. All proteins are just amino acids bonded together. Repairing muscles and build-

ing proteins, your body uses the amino acids in the same way. The only difference is

that science has observed that animal based proteins age our body quicker and have

unhealthy side effects over time.

I’m not here to convince you that cutting out all meat is the right thing for you to do.

However, cutting down your meat intake can have a positive impact on your daily en-

ergy. Spend some time thinking about how you get your meat and try to make it as

healthy as possible. Limit red meat and pork. Check out the National Resources

Defense Council website to see which are the safer fish to eat.

You’ll probably save money too. Cut your dairy and meat consumption in 1/2 and re-

place with fruits and veggies. You’ll sleep better, feel lighter, improve your skin health

and have less joint pain.

Don’t fry your meat. Yea, it’s a popular cooking method, BUT getting oil that hot creates

trans fats which you have probably heard are very bad for your health. Baking, steam-

ing, and grilling (without burning) meat are healthier options than pan-frying or deep-fry-

ing. Trans fats literally rip apart your cells, opening the door for sickness and disease to

take hold while your immune system is compromised trying to repair this senseless



Super Greens are essential in my book, not optional. World renowned nutritionists advise we eat a minimum of 20 different foods each day for nutrient diversity and optimal

health. Super greens are the easiest way to accomplish that in one serving. There are

More info at

high quality formulas out there from Vibrant Health, pHresh Greens, Amazing Grass,

Greens+ and Navitas Naturals even has a nice concentrated wheatgrass powder.

If you’re truly looking to be healthy or lose weight, super greens give you minerals, vit-

amins, amino acids, chlorophyll and much much more. You know deep down inside that

green foods are the way to go. With super greens you can add them to a smoothie or

shake without feeling like it’s a chore to consume them.

Fruit tends to cover up that “greens taste” very well. Frozen fruit, water and greens in

the blender and you’re good to go. Add some of that healthy protein we talked about for

a healthy boost that will keep you full longer.

Spinach is amazing. Everything you want and nothing you don’t. It has more nutrients

than most other salad greens.

Kale rivals spinach and beats it in many comparison tests, BUT I am not a huge fan of

the taste. Blending it into smoothies helps or soaking it in citrus juice overnight in the

fridge. Different strokes for different folks, so try it yourself before you form an opinion.

My tastes don’t have to be yours.

Cabbage, either red or green is a VERY good food. I have been watching videos lately

about cruciferous vegetables and their benefits for longevity. They contain nutrients that

help us methylate effectively. Google search that if you want, but it’s just an important

process that our body goes through and the more effectively we do it, the healthier we

are and longer we live. Chop cabbage up and add it to salads, or juice it and live

forever. Just kidding, but seriously it’s good for you.


Yerba Mate is an optional element to a health plan, BUT it’s highly beneficial. If you’re a coffee or energy drink consumer then you need to consider this “super food of teas”

as a substitute. I get it from Guayaki because they are one of the best companies I’ve ever had the privilege to know. They have created an economy in the Brazilian rain

forest, encouraging farmers to grow organic mate, pay fair trade wages for it, put profits

back into restoring damaged rainforest from clear-cut farming and using recyclable and

bio-degradable packaging.

Yerba Mate tea contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and a plethora of

other anti-oxidants. The natural caffeine will give you a sustained boost and avoid that

energy drink/coffee crash. Energy that is healthy for you, encourages weight loss and

focus throughout the day can save you money over coffee and energy shots. It’s a

win/win. Help yourself be healthier and the planet be healthier at the same time.

Guayaki also makes a coffee substitute called Java Mate that is a pleasant alternative

to the unhealthy coffee. With a similar texture and roasted ramon nut flavors, you may

actually enjoy the taste more and feel good about the fact it’s much healthier for you.

Omega 3 fatty acids:

You can search The Body Blog and find out the differences between flax oil, hemp oil, krill oil and fish oil. Scientific opinion is that hands down, fish oil is the best source of

DHA and EPA essential fatty acids. You’ll get the ALA fatty acids (that are in the flax

and hemp) from your super foods and regular diet. The krill oil has its own limitations

when it comes to being eco-friendly and cost-effective. Generally krill oil is much lower

in the DHA and EPA than fish oil, just read the label to see I’m right.

Fish oil is the best way, BUT it needs to be a good fish oil. If you buy an un-purified fish

oil or one that’s been processed improperly then you end up with a mostly ineffective

product or something that’s hard on your body. The last thing you want is to buy a fish

oil, hoping for great results and end up burping up rancid fish oil for hours after.

Health professionals advise a dose of 500mg of EPA and DHA each day. However, the

level of vitamin C they advise is only enough to prevent scurvy. Health officials recom-

mendations aren’t always for optimal health, just avoiding deficiency disease. I person-

ally think the minimum is 500mg of DHA each day for a better chance of avoiding those

mental disorders as you age.

Through my research and having access to independent studies and the latest re-

search, I recommend between 2-4 grams of fish oil each day for optimal healing and

health. I wish I had more space in this book to tell you about fish oil. As I mentioned,

I’m a vegan, so I consume a new high-omega 3 vegetarian oil in my smoothies at home

called NutraVege. When I travel, I take fish oil with me because it’s the only thing in capsules at the moment.

Ascenta wins worldwide supplement awards for manufacturing, purity and product formulation each year for a reason. There are 2 or 3 other companies out there with good

quality fish oils as well. I can say with confidence that Ascenta puts more into charitable

programs and going green than most others though.

Whether you buy liquid or capsules the only difference is the price. Liquid can be a little

cheaper if you’re fine with swallowing oil. There are concentrated fish oils as well (the

DHA and EPA are concentrated) which comparatively may give you more bang for your



More info at

The important thing are getting the Omega 3 DHA and EPA fatty acids and in high con-

centrations (over 500mg per serving). After that, spend money on the different formula-

tions in accordance with your budget if you feel like it.


Fiber, in addition to keeping you regular, has some important functions. Avoiding an en-

ergy crash, it helps to stabilize the rate that sugars are absorbed into your blood. In ad-

dition it scrubs out your intestines where toxins can get stuck and leech into your sys-

tem over time.

Most of our diets are fiber deficient because we tend to eat more meat, higher fat foods

and processed foods that are low in fiber. Therefore supplementing is an important first

step to rebalancing our digestive systems.

I don’t have any specific fibers that I confidently recommend over others. I personally

have used Yerba Prima products over the years for fibers and cleanses. I constantly

browse around my local Vitamin Shoppe and it seems like there are many good fibers

out there.

Fiber is inexpensive. Plan around $10-$15 a month if you want to supplement with it. I

generally advise people to supplement with a fiber for the first month they are eating

healthier and then see after that how they feel and if they feel the need to continue it. A

healthy fiber alternative are