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Chapter 3: Your Power Asset

If you’ve been in network marketing for longer than a day, I’m sure you’ve already been told by your upline to make a list of your friends and family. While that is a good place to start with, that list will quickly because null and void as you run through it within the first couple of days of starting your business.

So what do you do when that list has been used up?

You have to start tapping into some alternative sources for “list building”. Your list is your most valuable asset. If you don’t have a list of people to continuously promote and market to you will find yourself struggling to grow your income and your organization.

On the Internet there are a number of tools designed to make list building easy and it gives you the ability to build an asset that you can tap in to time and time again for years to come.

A tool that any serious marketer has in their marketing tool box is an “Autoresponder”. An autoresponder is your central “storage unit” for leads and the place where you FOLLOW UP with your leads and prospects.

Your primary goal is to capture leads and build your list. That is why we have effective capture pages and irresistible offers to encourage people to opt-in. The more value you can offer the more people you can convert to leads.

Once you have people on your list you can follow up with these leads til the END OF TIME or at least until they opt out of your list. Now isn’t that powerful! You can send EMAILS as often as you want, any time you want.

Building your OWN email marketing list of prospects is your biggest asset, what I like to call your POWER ASSET. It gives you the ability to build relationships with hundreds, even thousands, all at once with one click of the Send Button.

Not only that, once you build your list you can work on monetizing it in a variety of ways. You can promote and market a number of difference products, services or opportunities that they will want and that will pay you an income. This is one of the most powerful concepts that all big time players understand.


If you don’t get anything else you must GET THIS! Your money is in your list. Imagine all of the possibilities you have to make money when you can send out a simple email to hundreds of people at once, inviting them to a webinar or telling them to show up on a call to so you can share with them what you have to offer.

The real value is in your ability to establish long lasting relationships. Everyone knows that your network marketing business is built on the relationships and those connections are where you make your money. The larger your network, the more relationships you can cultivate and the easier it will be to make money. It is really that simple.

The Internet allows you to build your list on STEROIDS and the scale of people you can interact with on a daily basis increases exponentially.

There are a number of autoresponder services available to you. My favorite autoresponder service is from Aweber. They are reliable, have kick-butt customer support and I’ve used them to build my list and make money in my business.

You can get more information on Aweber here:

So stop chasing the same short list of friends and family and build a REAL LIST, one that will pay you for the rest of TIME.