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The home based business industry in NOT what it used to fact it has become a down right dog fight...and unless you are willing to throw out old habits, position yourself in front of new trends and align yourself with the power players of the industry who can walk you through building a successful business....

You are not going to WIN!

Long gone are the days of getting away with being average.

Hi My name is Andrea Bolder, and in this special report I am going to share with you 5 of the most powerful steps you need to take to build a high profit, high traffic, and high impact business in todays day and age.

These steps will not only help you take your current business to new heights...they will also help you to achieve a fail proof, results driven business no matter what stage you are at in this industry.

You may just be getting started in the home based industry, or already be a powerhouse income earner, but what I am about to lay out for you is going to be one of the most enlightening, if not controversial reports you’ve ever read about what it really takes to create long term wealth in this industry.


Well, as you already know, my name is Andrea Bolder, better known to many in the network marketing community as The Gold Medal Marketer. No, I do not market gold coins or sell jewelry, but I am an ex-professional athlete and Olympic gold medalist that went from dead broke to building a powerful online brand and training blog that has helped thousands of people become better entrepreneurs and make more money in their business...all under 9 months.

But my business does not define who I am. I’m also a 33 year old wife and mother of one...I live in Los Angeles California, have a very supportive and loving husband who has been by my side as I embarked through the jungle of building my business from home...With his help I have been able to go from ZERO to upwards of $500 days on the internet.

Sounds like an incredible story doesn’t it. Well it is...and it’s my story! And it’s my journey of never quitting, of never giving up, because failure was just not an option for me, that I share with you what is inside this report today.

Everyone is capable of achieving success, of being extraordinary and I believe that you are completely capable of having everything you want in life if that is what you desire.

You see, one of the reasons I’ve been able to create success in my life is because I know that if it is possible then it can be done. Now I’m not saying it will be easy, but if there is a way to get it done, I can take care of the rest.

I know that we are all equipped with the same tools for accomplishing any task. The power of a willing mind is amazing and anything you set your mind to can be achieved and this burning power is inside of every entrepreneur who wants to create freedom for themselves in this industry.

This game is yours to play and if you don’t set LIMITS on yourself you can achieve in the next 12-24

months what takes a lifetime for most.

Once you have the knowledge, the skill sets, have the true mentorship you need, and the willingness to commit yourself to your dreams...the process becomes simple and there is no limit to what you can create.

That is why I am so passionate about what I do. Because anyone can WIN, any one can achieve GREATNESS if they know the steps they must take to get there and I am committed to helping you

‘SHOW UP’ so that you can have the freedom that you deserve.


No one gets in this industry as a hobby. Make no mistakes, what you are doing right now is to have the prosperity and abundance that unlocks the door to total freedom.

Financial freedom, time freedom, 9-5 rat race freedom, freedom from being told what to do, when to do it, and how much you should be getting paid to do it. Freedom to live a life on your own terms and freedom to fulfill your potential and purpose in life.

Nothing irks me more than watching people work themselves to the bone, year after year after year to be left with little to nothing to show for it. I’ve watched people drown their dreams, goals, wishes, and aspirations...and be defeated by the rigors of life. And enough is enough.

The contents of this special report is your gateway to changing it all around. I am going to share with you 5 key steps, as well as strategies that have transformed my life and business.

Regardless of the company that you are with, if you are an entrepreneur in the home based industry, all you need to do is apply the right action. There are solutions out there to every problem, but it’s up to you to seek out those solutions and implement them into your business.

So pay attention to the steps because if you can harness the inner champion within, you can play this game and WIN!

2 Introduction

7 Chapter 1: Why You Are Killing Your Business

11 Chapter 2: How To Create A Leads Frenzy Online

21 Chapter 3: Your Power Asset

24 Chapter 4: You Are Your Business

28 Chapter 5: Strategic Partnerships...Million Dollar




Chapter 1: Why You Are Killing Your Business

There is no secret that the home based business industry is becoming a very crowded place.

Everyone knows someone who at one time or another ventured in to the world of building a business from home. And in the recent economic crisis we are in, more and more people are flocking to network marketing to supplement their income or make it a full-blown career.

The problem with this resurgence in to the home based business arena, is that many wanna be entrepreneurs are not equipped with the tools they need to survive and “make it”. They don’t know when they sign up with their new company, filled with excitement and unbridled enthusiasm, that the challenges that lay ahead can literally kill their business.

Objections, rejections, limited networks and the inability to posture themselves as leaders worth following just to name a few.

It’s not good enough to have a great company with a great product, with great leadership and a great compensation plan.

The bottom-line is this. If you are not able to tap in to a continuous flow of traffic, expose your products and services to the masses and convert high quality leads into reps your business will eventually shrivel up and die and it won’t matter how great any of those things are because you will not make any money.

Your ability to adapt and implement what’s working now will determine how much success you are able to achieve and this applies not only to your business but to your life as well. Sometimes you just got to pick up your saddle and get off the dead horse. There is no use in pushing, dragging or pulling it. A dead horse is still a dead horse at the end of the day and if you want to move forward you need to change what is no longer working.

And no one can deny that what’s working right now, what’s creating the most successful companies and the largest amount of millionaires is the Internet.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing are just a few of the companies absolutely killing it online today.

When people want to find information, connect with friends or just be entertained they head to the Internet.

The Internet is a POWERFUL and it is overflowing with endless ways to promote your business and attract an endless amount of prospects. There is no better place to build your business once you learn the skills and understand the techniques to finding the cheapest high quality leads possible.



Let me explain...

The spectators sit around and wait for people to fall into their business. After they are done chasing all of their friends and family they wait. They sit around on the sideline confused not knowing what to do to get their business going....and when they do get a taste of “the game” they are so desperate that many times they actually end up pushing people away.

They have no confidence or real strategy when it comes to winning in their business.

What is your strategy? Do you even have one or are you just waiting to see what happens in the hopes you’ll win at the end of the day?

If you think you are going to build your business without a solid plan, without a system and without a practiced and proven plan of implementation you are in for a RUDE AWAKENING! And if you don’t wake up you are going to be forced in to an early retirement.


Struggling is a direct result of being ill-equipped, using outdated or faulty methods and not aligning yourself with the proper systems for success. Smart and savvy entrepreneurs know that they must operate like a well oiled machine to finish first. This means using proven tools, tactics and systems that are effective, dependable and get results.

This is the bottom can’t build a million dollar business recruiting from the parking lot of Walmart. You can’t pass out fliers to random, unqualified people who are not even looking to build a business. Do you really think you can bank your 6-figure income on that?

Chasing untargeted prospects trying to convince them to join me in business is a total waste to time.

If you want a million dollar business you must recruit like a million dollar business...and no I am not saying that you have to spend tons of money on a marketing budget. What I am saying is that the foundation of your business must be built on leads and prospects who actually want the opportunity to make more money!

If you have to convince someone into your business, you’ll have to convince them to recruit, you’ll have to convince them to show up on conference calls and presentations, to events and corporate functions. Think about it...why would you ever want to beg someone to change their OWN situation.

Yet that is what the majority of people do in our industry each and every day.

Why wouldn’t you want to put your business in the fast lane? Why would you want to get people who are already have their hands raised, waiting for someone to essentially show them exactly HOW to make the money?

If you are not willing to go where the leads are your business is destined to fail. If you are not willing to grow you will get left behind. If you are not ready to adapt you will soon become irrelevant. And if you are not willing to compete you are going to always be in the losers circle.

It’s time you become a factor in this industry and you do this by unleashing the power of the Internet on your brand and business!

Chapter 2: How To Create A Leads Frenzy Online

In today’s modern economy, there is absolutely no way that you can ‘NOT’ utilize social media and other online platforms to build an internet presence and expose your business. The Internet is becoming “the place to be” to grow your business fast and on a massive scale. From facebook to youtube, blogs and forums, to email and mobile marketing messages, everyone is trying to get your attention to pitch you their product or partner with them.

Smart advertisers know how to stand above the crowd to attract not only tons of leads but the highest quality leads as well. But before I get in to any formulas or cutting-edge techniques I want to address the ignorance that seems to be running rampant amongst network marketers that no one seems to want to talk about but that can cripple your business and sabotage any efforts you put into your online marketing.

First off, what most people don’t realize is that despite the millions of people flooding the internet very few (and I mean very few) are consistently offering value and providing solutions to their target market to make them want to come back for more, and ultimately do business with you.

The Internet is very crowded with the noise from people who want to constantly share their business opportunity but do not provide any compelling reason why someone should actually join them in business.

The key to building a powerful brand and to create a leads frenzy online is to 1. Be consistent in your marketing efforts

2. Know where to find the best high quality leads

3. Provide overwhelming value to your target market

4. Keep your content relevant

5. Be active and accessible to others in the online community Just as chasing your friends and family, passing out fliers in the mall and buying crappy leads is not a strategy to get reps in to your business...jumping online and promoting junk, being a taker and not a contributor and spamming your affiliate links are not effective strategies either. These actions are ineffective and are not focused enough to make an immediate impact and you’ll find that you’ll be hard-pressed to make money quickly by employing these routes. That is why you MUST have a comprehensive strategy to get fresh prospects in your network marketing business.

I don’t know a SINGLE successful business that doesn’t have a strategy for how they are going to drive traffic, generate leads and acquire customers.

You must have a clearly defined game plan for how you are going to GAIN EXPOSURE and get people in front of your business.


A steady stream of massive leads come when you are able to diversify. Now I am not telling you to learn 20 different marketing strategies all at once. But what you do need to do is focus on 2-3

marketing strategies that can infuse an immediate flow of prospects and money into your business, master those and then move on to additional or more advanced strategies.

Diversification creates for you a “Fail Proof” business...where if one source of leads or money ever dries up, because you have multiple sources that you can continuously pull from, you’ll never find your business being devastated.

The worst thing that can happen to your business is to wake up one day and find that what you once did was not working any more and that your one source for all your traffic, prospects and leads dried up along with that source.

The more sources the more CONTROL you’ll have in your business and you’ll never find yourself worrying about how you are going to make money.


There are an infinite number of ways to generate leads on the internet for your business. The key is to keep your ear to the pulse of what is going on in your industry, position yourself in front of the trends and be ready to pounce on the newest strategies before every else gets wind!

Those who are the FORERUNNERS of trends, will always make the most money. That is no secret. So if you want to capitalize on opportunities you must dedicate yourself to learning the most cutting-edge skills and tactics.

There is money all over the place on the Internet, but if you don’t know how to tap in to those money sources, it can literally be the difference between success and failure. But you have to be willing to take ACTION to go after that money. If you don’t it will always be just outside your reach.


With so many different pools of leads, traffic and prospects to dip in to, I’m only going to share with you what I deem to be the most powerful lead strategies available to us today.

There is an Infinite number of people on the internet and the possibilities that exist are probably greater than the average person can comprehend but it’s my goal to help you to understand the GOLDMINE that you have right in front of you.

It’s time to start BEING a champion, to start BEING a true entrepreneur, to start BEING a visionary and capitalizing on the vast amounts of opportunities before you.

When it comes to generating traffic and leads from the Internet there are 4 MAJOR sources that I use that you can start digging in to TODAY!






Facebook is hands down the easiest, quickest way to target qualified leads on the planet. With over 750 Million active users this is the best place to build a following, cultivate new relationships and get massive exposure for your business.

Facebook has already overtaken Google once as the #1 most trafficked website in the world and with the ability to instantly connect with thousands of people and have an infinite amount of followers and fans, that are getting access to every single status update, comment, video, and photo you put out there, you can generate tons of unique visitors to every single day to whatever it is that you want to promote.

And the best part of Facebook is that it is FREE!! It does not cost you a cent to become friends, to build connections, to cultivate relationships and to uncover the opportunities where opportunities exist. In fact you can connect with me and see how easy it is done.

Connect With Me Here:

If you do not have a Facebook account: sign up for one now and get connected: Sign Up Here:

If you are not building your business on Facebook you are doing yourself and your business a great disservice. It’s easy to get started using Facebook, sign up for an account and start building your network by connecting with people who share similar interests as you.

Target friends in groups and on Fan pages that are related to entrepreneurship, personal development, internet marketing, network marketing, social media, etc. Take the time to add 10-15

new connections a day (anymore than this and you can run the risk of getting your account flagged) and be consistent in your friend building and interactions with them. How simple is it to send an instant message just saying “Hi, I see you are interested in ‘such and such’. I am too! Let’s connect.”

Before you know if you’ll have a list of friends in the thousands.

Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories:

These modes of advertising are PAID options but POWERFUL!! We’ll dive into these marketing methods in future trainings but you can explode your exposure on FACEBOOK with as little as a few cents a click.


The rate at which you get found of the Internet by others lies in your ability to rank on the first page of the search engines, more specifically GOOGLE. Billions of people are constantly using Google to search for information and answers to their problems.

In fact about 70% of people who turn to the Internet to find information are searching GOOGLE first, so you better believe that if you can lockdown a top spot on Google for specific keywords and keyword phrases, you can make a KILLING!!

There are a number of ways you can get content ranked on the search engines with the most powerful way being a “BLOG”. I’m sure you are familiar with these interactive websites...Well blogs are being used all over the web because they are EXTRAORDINARY tools to use to grow your business.

Your blog is the best way to showcase who you are and the value you bring to your community or niche. There are a number of different ways to use a blog. Here is an example of one of my blogs that continuously pulls in thousands of visitors a week and has generated me up to 25 leads in one day.

Check out my Blog Here:

Blogs are easy to set up, inexpensive but POWERFUL! Once you have your blog set up you can talk about anything. By using simple SEO techniques, like using specific targeted keywords in your post title, body and tags, you can drive massive traffic to your brand when people type in those keywords on the search engines. While we’ll get in to some additional tips on effective keyword research and SEO, what I want you to take away from this is that how you SEO your content can be the difference between the top spot on Google and never getting found.


Actively participating in forums within your niche are a great way to target thousands of other network marketers and business oriented entrepreneurs who have the same goals as you. Forums are a great way to build your presence, reputation and credibility among your peers.

What better targets to attract to you and your business than ones that are already interested in making money from home.

Using sites such as Betternetworker and WarriorForum allows you to showcase you expertise, help others by actively contributing solutions to common challenges and problems other marketers are facing and commune with other marketers which can ultimately lead to increased leads, prospects and power alliances.

Sign Up For Your Free Accounts Here: and


Video marketing can be an EXTREMELY powerful way to build your online presence. This medium is arguably one of the most powerful ways to create loyal followers and fans of your brand.

When done right, video allows you to convey credibility as a legitimate expert in your niche online and invoke curiosity leaving your viewer wanting to learn more. This is so that you can generate more highly qualified leads for your email list, attract more traffic and ultimately make more sales in your online business.

The simple techniques I will share with you will keep you from leaving money on the table. Effective video marketing is about providing powerful solutions to your viewers while inspiring them to take action on whatever it is that you are selling.


Twitter is a really simple and cool way to build a network of “Followers” that you can use to communicate with in one single “tweet”.

A tweet is a short, 140 character message that anyone who is following you will see in real time. Now one of the top most trafficked websites in the world you can get an incredible amount of prospects by sharing your valuable content, photos and even videos in one click.

And since Twitter updates in real time you can search for conversations that are happening RIGHT

NOW on any given keyword or subject. Twitter is still in its infancy in terms of how POWERFUL it can be and I highly recommend you learn about the basic features Twitter has to offer as those who position themselves can really capitalize as this micro-platform starts to really come in to its own.

Follow me on Twitter to learn more...

Setting up an account is easy and you can be up and sending tweets within minutes. If you want to grow your own Twitter following, it is very simple. By targeting the followers of major influencers in our industry you can build a solid list of targeted followers that can become great prospects.

You can use automated tools such as TweetAdder to increase your followers. A general rule of thumb is that only about 30% of people YOU follow will return the favor so if you find that someone has not followed you back within a few days simply schedule those people to be UNFOLLOWED. This will allow you to continue growing your network, building relationships, showcasing your value and driving traffic to your websites.

So hopefully you got a glimpse of just how many ways you can diversify your marketing sources to generate more leads and make more money. And while these are a few of many, I use each and every one of these mediums to collectively generate DOZENS of leads on a daily basis.

It’s about positioning your business for success, not relying on traffic to come to you, but actively going out there and getting it! The old methods of business building can not hold a candle to the POWER of the Internet and once you decide you are going to build a FAIL PROOF business, you’ll understand why you have no other choice but to harness what is working now...the Internet!