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If you have a website your basic aim blueprint for achieving your SEO goals efore I start, I would just like should be to have maximum number of in a very systematic manner. After to say that the term SEO is the most visitors visiting your site everyday and reading this document you will not have misunderstood term in the internet buying whatever you are offering.

to look anywhere else to achieve a world. Different people either make Currently there are around 64 billion constant page one position on any assumptions on partial knowledge or on websites and increasing. The chances of search engine.

the basis of unfounded information that you offering a unique service are they gather from people discussion practically not possible. This makes you What Is SEO






part of a competition in which you have When someone types a phrase or a someone new in this field.

to compete with those who are offering similar information or service.

word that best describes what he or she The fact is that everyone is selling on is searching through a search engine, the internet. It may be products, But wait! How do you compete with the result appears in form of links to information or service. The aim of most those you do not see to get visitors you websites or WebPages. This result is websites is to make money. If you feel do not see and you don’t even know based upon what goes behind the scene that this is not what you want from how they will find your website! This is in the system of that search engine your website then you are reading the where SEO comes in.






wrong document. And if that is really algorithms that define the search Team Quantum SEO Labs have put not what you want, then you shouldn’t criteria for it.

together something very exclusive for have a website in the first place.

you, which you can consider as a http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 8



There are many definitions that you will How Search Engines Work pages are indexed in a database for use find on the internet which try to help in providing quick search results. A P

people understand the real meaning of redominantly, all search engine search query can be a single word or a this acronym. According to Wikipedia, operate in a similar fashion. Each search phrase depending on the requirements

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is the engine has robots that keep visiting the of the person using the search engine.

process of improving the visibility of web pages and keep indexing what they The function of this index is to quickly a website or

a web

page in search

find there. The process takes place in enable a searcher to find the relevant engines via the "natural" or un-paid the following order:


("organic" or "algorithmic") search results”.

• Web crawling

Differences between Major

• Indexing

Search Engines

In simplest terms, SEO is something you

• Searching

do to get good ranking in search All search engines basically perform engines organic results. This means that This is done by automated web the same task of providing relevant you do not pay the search engines for browsing script known as web crawlers links to information being searched by getting your site in the top results.

or popularly known as spiders. They the users. The only difference is how retrieve information from the html they index the information. Such But before we talk about what is done coding of a web page and they keep as Google, store all or part of the source to achieve a top ranking on the search visiting the links present on that site as well as information about the web engine results, we have to see how the and also find one way links leading to pages which is present as the page search engines function to get their this web page or website and continue source. On the other hand, some search results.

indexing this data. Data about web http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 9



engines store every word they find on a relevance of terms by conducting Market share of different search web page.

proximity searches.

engines (2011)



The main feature that creates a Presently Google has the largest share Yahoo!


difference in search engines is its of the search engine market just Baidu


indexing methods and search criteria.

because of its popularity and the set of Bing


Some search engines index all the algorithms that they keep updating to Ask


words and make that the basis of their make the user experience more AOL


search results, while others establish relevant.

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Keyword Research

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promote websites by increasing their keyword tools like Google AdWord to or any website owner, the most visibility in search engine result pages determine the search trend. What you important factor for being found on the through the use of, paid placement, have to understand is that you can’t internet is the keyword. Everyone contextual




target the most common word or should first see what they are offering inclusion. But the fact is that a meager phrase to get traffic to your site mainly to their visitors and on basis of that 2% SEM links ever get traffic. This because there is going to be a huge they will be able to establish what makes the organic results the main competition for you. There are probably people would be typically typing to get beneficiary for any keyword.

leading companies who have already their results in a search engine.

been around for a long time and This is what makes keyword selection achieved a firm standing there. The Typically, around 92% people reach a the most important step in improving right keywords for you to target will website through a search engine while the visibility of a website.

probably be a phrase or phrases, which the remaining 8% find their way have a few thousand searches in the through referrals, link sharing and Choosing the Right Keywords last thirty days or so. Such phrases can advert. This is what makes search Depending on your niche, you will be found through keyword analysis engines the most potent way to get services and you can easily establish traffic. There are ways to getting on top have to establish which search terms your site around them.

of the search results quickly, which people are using to get to sites offering includes Search Engine Marketing or similar services or products as you are.

popularly known as SEM. This is a form There are many ways to do that. You of Internet marketing that seeks to can get help from a professional or use http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 12




that in your page header and in the web page will clutter it and may lead to I

robot.txt as well as in the text of that rejection of one or more keywords or nstead of using all your selected page. This will make each page well rejection of the entire website.

keywords on every page; try using a recognized by the search engines.

different keyword for each page. Have Having more than one keyword for a The best density to have for a keyword Tips

Keyword Density

is 3% to 4%. What most people do It is always good to use a keyword T

wrong when adding content to their he biggest mistake that anyone can websites is that they exceed the density checker for confirming the make is over stuffing the keywords on specified density of keywords which keyword density. You can find many the site. Google being the leader search results in rejection of their website. In such tools online which can help you engine rejects sites which have a higher most cases of rejection, the reason is establish the exact keyword density of keyword density in the site’s text and simply repetitive usage of terms and your web page. Besides that, you can considers it as spam. This is something words.




use Microsoft word to determine how that should be kept in mind when unknowingly. People tend to use certain often you have repeated a particular adding content to your web pages.

terms, phrases and words other than word. Sometimes when you are writing Keyword density simply means that you the keywords and key phrases which web content you forget to keep an eye put in your keyword for a specified the search engine robots pick up as the for usage of certain words while number of times so that they get picked web page’s keyword. This is also focusing on a particular term. This up by the search engine spiders.

harmful for your website as the increases the density of a particular required keyword or phrase is omitted word. For example, if you are trying to by the spider.

target a key phrase “Credit Card Debt http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 13



Settlement” you do not realize that you You should use the keyword in the title and index them if found relevant to the might have excessively used the word tag at least once and for each page you text. Besides this, you should try to Credit Card or Debt Settlement in other can have maximum two variations. You have the keyword at least three times context. This overall increases the should place the keyword as close in the content of your web page if your density of these words and without to the beginning of the title tag as content is of average length. You can your knowing you get rejected for possible. This counts more that if you add it for a few more times if there's a spamming.

have many keywords at the bottom of lot of text on your web pages, but keep the page. The reason is that the URL

the density in mind. You may find

(and especially the domain name), file additional value in adding the keyword names and directory names, the page more than 3 times, but the best Keywords in Special Places title, the headings for the separate practice and common experience shows To achieve your goal of getting sections are more important than that






ordinary text on the page and repetitively tends to have little to no indexed quickly and reaching the top of therefore,





positive impact on rankings.

the search engines result page (SERP) same keyword




there are a few things that you will have You should at least have your keyword competitors but you have keywords in to do with regards to your keywords.

once in bold. You should use the HTML

the URL, this will boost your ranking You will have to find a special place to

<strong> or <b> tags to do that, as incredibly.

locate them so that they are easily search




identified and quickly grabbed by the If you place your keyword once in the equivalent and easily recognize them.

search engine crawlers.

H1 header tag of the page it will be great as the spiders recognize <h1> tags http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 14



Besides text, the search engine spiders automatically as a snippet or a help determine what the content of also index images, so it would be summary in blog search. This improves your page really is. This is why having beneficial for you to have an image with the chances of your text becoming your keyword in your URLs and file your keyword or phrase on the page.

more relevant to the human readers names is very important. Many web This will not just help with web search, who are your ultimate goal to attract to designers commit this mistake when but also improve your image search, your site.

adding page names which are generic which is known to bring valuable traffic and have no real link with the page Tips

to your site.

content. This practically wards off the Try to avoid putting your keyword as spider from looking for content related When you have your page’s Meta to your keyword. The best practice description written add your keyword link anchor text on the page itself those would be to tell your web designer to twice in the Meta description tag. The points to other pages on your site or to give keyword based names to your web fact is that the Meta description tag has different domains or you will be driving pages.

nothing to do with the search engines the spiders in another direction for for rankings, but rather appears as a relevance.

Another factor that affects the search snippet or summary of the content on results with regards to your URL is that page to attract click by searchers Keywords in URLs and File having too many dashes in your URL.

from the result page. Besides the Meta Names

One or two dashes separating the tags you should also try to include your B

words are not a big issue, but having ecause the words found in your URL

keyword twice in the first five hundred three, four or five can badly affect your characters of your text in case of a blog are a contributing factor used by search search results.






engine spiders and their algorithms to http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 15




Keywords in Page Titles

• These are stored in browser history A

lists which give a clue to the user nother big way to get on top of If you look at the top of your browser about the page for future reference advance search results is to have a window, above the address bar and the





downloadable document or a file on menus, you will see your page title.

management systems use page your page with your keyword in its file Your page title is your best asset with titles to create headlines, which name. This gets special hits whenever obtaining




makes having a relevant page title someone in search of downloads uses Search engines rank pages with relevant all the more indispensable.






titles higher than web pages without automatically appear in the SERP. This is Tips

relevant titles. The basic concept is that a great idea, because the term you are helping the search engine

To avoid having your page titles

“DOWNLOAD” is among the top understand your web page through the searched words on the internet and if cut off by the search engine, make page title.

you are able to add the word “FREE”, your title not longer than 64

which is also one of the most frequently Important Factors Linked With characters

used terms as it’s per month searches is Page Titles

• Try and give a clear description of in billions. With your specified keyword your web page in the shortest and

Remember, your page title is used and “download Free” will get you better simplest way without making it visibility.

as the heading for your site listing in hard to guess what your web page search engines.

is about.

• These are the default label for

• Always make different titles for browser bookmarks.

different pages so that the visitors http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 16



can distinguish between them and you need to embark on a ride to the top the PageRank has not much to do with may conveniently bookmark each if of the SERP.

the search results.

needed without having to rename The heading on a web page are <h1> to it.

<h6> which all search engines recognize

• Search




and quickly assess them for relevance Metatags

proximity, so always place the with the site content. If the headings keywords that matter at the These are the HTML tags in the are over stuffed with the keywords, the beginning




site will be rejected. On the other hand, website source page which basically Keywords phrases that are split up if the site has related terms or content tells a search engine what they have to and too far apart won’t be then the site will rank higher.

do or not to do on that site. The fact is considered as related.

that Google doesn’t index these but A Misconception

Keywords in Headings

other search engines like Yahoo does for page ranking. The other fact is that T

There is general misconception that his is yet another place that should over 85% websites do not have correct higher




metatags and that hardly affects their not be ignored at any cost when placing placement of the site in SERP. This is ranking. There are a few tags that can your keywords on a web page. All totally incorrect. When it comes to be used give the bots a clear picture if search engines gives important to search results, the only base is the the site is no-follow or do-follow, the heading tags and crawl them first keyword and not the ranking of the keywords for the page and the before the content and if you have website. You will many a times find description.

good keywords in your heading, it’s all unranked or lower PangeRanking sites higher on SERP which clearly shows that http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 17



You should keep the number of keywords. This makes each page unique make all the outbound links no-follow; keywords under 3 for a page and ideally and easily indexed and cached by so that if you have several links you do each page should have different search engines. The best practice is to not get marked as a link farm.

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Off Site SEO

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particular web page link placed on search results or in page ranking you Link Building

other websites so that anyone can find will get great results, because that site T

it who visits that site. This way your link would be pointing to your site. This he term link building means exactly becomes visible without being an could bring in the much needed traffic what it states. This process involves advertisement. But your link prompts which will become your clients.

building links with other websites. This visitors of it being of value to them. At is good for improving ranking and also Importance of Diversity in Links the same time the search engines also good for SEO. There are several What everyone should understand is acknowledge the presence of your link different ways through which links can that all search engines are trying to and index it which increases your page be built. Each has its own advantages achieve is to establish organic ranking.

ranking. In order to put all the required and significance. What is common in all Even the smell of a deliberate and elbow grease you have to fully methods is that it takes a lot of time planned effort to rank higher makes the understand the importance of links so and effort to do it right. If you try to search engine side step. This is why that you don’t slack when it comes to rush things you might probably miss out when anyone tries to place a large link building.

the most important factors and end up number of links at one particular site at the wrong end of the search results.

Importance of Links

results in low ranking. If the links come As I have already mentioned, links place from different sites they are considered When we talk about link building we on other sites that take the visitors to of greater value. So having fewer links first have to see what this is all about.

your site are also indexed by the search from different sites is better than Basically, link building revolves around engines. If you have placed your link on having large quantity from one site.

the concept of having your website or a a site which is either higher up on http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 20



Besides diversity in sites, the other posting your sports website links on a not post large quantity of similar links in diversity that is advocated is in the type formal dress website both sites will be a short period.

of sites. Some people concentrate on marked for nepotism. Besides if you Make a concise plan and include every link building of just one kind which is have two way links then your site will type of link in the plan and alternate not very effective. You should consider end up having useless links which will types of links that you create so that placing your links on different types of again be bad for you. The best is to the search engine keeps coming across sites. You should place your links on have links coming from and going to your link in different forms and at articles directories, on blog posts as sites relevant to your niche. It is better different locations.

guest blogger, place your link via not to have your link at all, than to have comments and even on social media it on an unrelated site.

Continuous activity even at a small scale sites like twitter, Face-Book and even brings positive results. Make sure all Tips

YouTube. This way you will have a large your posted links are permanent The best way to develop your links is to variety of links coming from different make your link building a gradual because if you links doesn’t stay for a directions

process so that it appears very natural.

long time you are wasting your effort.

Importance of Relevance Those who simply hit the content farms Inbound and Outbound Links When it comes to deciding where you and publish hundreds of links on one Basically, link to your site placed on should place your links the most site on the day their site is launched are other sites are the back-links or the suitable places are the ones that are at risk of being banned by search inbound links, while any link of another relevant to your niche. You should keep engines. Do the link building gradually site on your website is an out bound this in mind that search engines are and make it as natural as possible. Do link. There is a misconception that only looking for relevance. If you start having outbound links is bad for your http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 21



site and good for the other, but the new and old sites, on directories Tips for Outbound Links truth is different. There is nothing and blogs and social media sites Having outbound links is not a very bad inherently wrong with having outbound evenly.

thing. In fact it helps you being relevant links on your site. But you should keep

• Look for sites with different to your niche. But make sure that the it down to a reasonable number so that domains and IPs or the search links you place on your web pages are your pages do not look like spam pages engines will note that and you relevant to your site and are no-follow.

but having a few is not going to do you might get flagged.

You should make sure that the number any harm, rather links of some good

• Make sure that the site where you is no to high because, having too many sites makes your site more naturally place your link is related to your of these links will make your site appear linked to high quality sites in your niche.

niche so that you get the right as a link farm which is again not good traffic from there and the spiders for your SEO efforts.

Placing an Inbound Link find your links valid.

It is very important that when you place Anchor text

• Do not only link your home page.

your inbound link you look for a few One of the most important things in link You should also attempt to link your things so that link doesn’t go waste: building after the URL is the anchor deeper and more relevant pages so text. When link building you never

• It should be a do-follow site so that that each and every page gets simply put in your URL, rather you mask your link gets indexed, otherwise linked. If you have links pointing to it with some text which can be your there is no use adding content to different pages you will have better keyword or your site’s name. This benefit that site.

chances of ranking higher.

hyperlinked text is known as the anchor

• Don’t place your links on a single text. What makes this so important is site. Distribute your link on both that it stands out in the entire content http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 22



and the bots also index it. If you intend always keep clear of link farms. Because run. Most link exchange companies do placing your link for several times on a links are a way to manipulate search not keep their promise and you will end single site, then it is essential that you results, search engines very quickly spot up with their links on your site and they change your anchor text frequently. The such rapid increase in links and mark will not for long enough.

reason is that search engine bots index them as unnatural. So avoid dealing Avoid placing links of unrelated sites.

both the keywords and their anchor with link farms because it can cause Even if it’s your best friend’s request text. Besides that, posting same or more harm than do good.

who has a site dealing with something similar content on the same site with Link exchange initially seems a nice idea other than your niche. Similarly don’t the same text and anchor text in the but having too many outbound links ask for this favor in return as having resource box leads to spamming.

from your site should also be avoided.

unrelated site linking to you would Link Practices to Be Avoided Link exchange is not a clean deal. Even mean death for your website.

Link farms are the sites which offer if it boosts your ranking, it can have posting of your links in bulk. You should many other negative aspects in the long

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Content Development

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Frequent Adding of Content frequent addition of content without website is as good or bad as its making many changes to your site.


content. The only way you can tell the ccording to a recent study, even as visitors what your site is all about is Duplicate Content

few as five updates per month could through your content. Your site content increase Web traffic by 300 percent.

The term Duplicate Content describes is not just the written articles or your This is enough proof that content has sales pitch, but everything that a visitor the situation where multiple URLs have and will continue to be the most vital can see or hear on your site. This means the same or almost the same content. If part of a website's quality and will that the content covers your written your website has several pages and all directly affect its ranking and visibility.

content, images, any video or audio on of them have similar content then this All search engines gauge a website with your site.

can become a big issue with the search the activity. If a website has frequent engines.

and relevant content added, the Many people do not consider images as chances of being picked up multiply a source of SEO, but the fact is that The other situation can be that rapidly. Forums and question answer many people use image search to find different websites have similar content.

sites where content keeps adding on relevant sites. That is why search This happens when you post the same daily basis are quickly picked up by the engines have an image and video search article on different websites or article search engines and rank high in their option. If you correctly optimize the directories. Usually the crawlers find category. That is why it is always images on your site; they too can bring out the repetitive and duplicate content advisable to have a blog or a forum in useful traffic to your site.

and although this may not have a associated to your site where there is http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 25



negative effect on SEO but will on your link and make them stay on The human traffic is oblivious of the definitely affect a website’s ranking.

your site. The most important step in requirements of algorithm patterns and optimizing a site for reaching the top of is not concerned how well your site is If you want to avoid duplication, you search engine result page is to content optimized for search engines. What will have to avoid submitting the exact development. Those who do not pay they look for is quality of information same content to multiple sources and attention eventually fall back on the and better deals to save on their always make sure you use white-search results and eventually vanish purchase. The forms of content other hat SEO techniques. Make sure you from the scene.

than text have now been recognized prepare different versions for the same and human traffic prefers to go for article or press release so that search When we talk about the content and these instead of text only.

engines will not consider it as duplicate.

call the content the king of all methods This will help you build better links and for improving traffic, we should not Improves Authenticity generate more traffic for your website.

forget that what traffic we are talking What people look for on the internet about. It is the human traffic which is are authentic sellers who will provide New Approach to Content most beneficial for any website. Bots quality and back their product and Development

and crawlers may come and go through services. Video and audio testimonials There is no doubt that content is the your website as many times in a day have proved to increase product sales king. This is because relevant and they feel like, but that will not cause and that is what matters.

unique content is what every search any sale or for that matter even engine indexes. All search engine Brings Back Visitors

generate AdSense money for you. The If the content you are presenting is algorithms revolve around content and most important and useful traffic is the interesting, the chances are that you this is also what forces people to click human traffic.

will have returning traffic which might http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 26








position then you will have to do the

• Generate discussions and activity community to your site. This increases following:

on your site.

traffic related to your niche.

• Keep adding articles on your site Remember, content is not just what Tips for Developing Content

• Post on other blogs

text you add but also what your visitors If you want to stay on top of the search

• Comment on related sites and blogs add to your site as well. If you have results you have to stay focused on this.

• Post videos on sites like YouTube noticed, many times visitor’s comments You will have to come up with a and link them to your site also appear in search result. This is strategy and follow the process through

• Share your content on social sites because those are also being indexed out. Adding content both on site and so that more people from your by the search engines.

back links is important. If you want your community get to know about it site to rank high and maintain that

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Visual Extras and SEO

http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 28



play if the image is related to the text. An I

indexed by the search engine which can t is important to understand that irrelevant image may lead to a disaster.

appear in a separate search category.

every search engine has more than one It is an accepted fact that most search algorithm working at discovering and Images

engines not only looks at the text on a indexing websites. The best practice T

site in order to measure its worth but here are actually several dimensions that anyone can adopt is to be uniquely they also take a look at the code you linked with all media and appear in all to image optimization that involves use in your image files. When you add aspects of search results in your niche.

better placement in search results, an image to your blog or site, you To understand this concept clearly, just optimization for user experience and in should add a file name of the picture see the basic search options which any some cases, optimization for easier which should includes the keyword or search engine provides. You will see sharing of images on the social web.

the key phrase with-hyphens-between-that besides Web Search; there are words. Adding tags and hyper linking You should concentrate on getting the options for directory, videos, images, the anchor text in the image’s title or right kind of images because this is documents, groups and blog search.

description is a great way to achieve incredibly important. Perfect images Considering




better optimization of your image.

can add another dimension to a importance of each, the best thing is to website, blog or a page, which can rank in each category which will Animations and Movie

encourage people to share the page automatically bring you to the top. Each and automatically create back links for Animations and interactive features media has its own place and can be you. There is no denying the fact that make a website truly amazing and fun images are the first thing that gets a visitor’s attention. But that comes only in to visit. Most young people like visiting http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 29








every one of the HTML pages. When a and changing content; for example, a interactivity.




visitor requests the page, they'll see static frame can be used as a table of provided by flash. To be honest, it is Flash if they can handle it. Otherwise, a contents while another frame presents rather difficult for the search engine non-Flash visitor, such as a search the different areas of a web site. Very spiders to read the coding of a flash engine, will be able to spider the site. If old browsers or those with fewer animation on a web page in order to a user follows a search result onto one features do not support frames.

index it. However, these animations of the inner pages, they'll get the same Frames became very popular quite a have a great impact on human visitors Flash experience because the movie is few years ago now, and have somewhat and are fun to have on a webpage. This available on every page. Another gone out of fashion. Although web makes animations an essential feature approach is to divide the Flash into designers have definitely gone off on a website. But on the other hand, pieces and put the relevant piece on frames, you will still come across the having your flash animation being each page.

odd site on the net that makes use of ignored by the search engines is again them. This is because frames, which bad and undesirable.


essentially split your page into separate F

A site built entirely with Flash suffers a rames are an extension to HTML that sections that act as pages on their own, great disadvantage because it lacks allows several pages to appear in a are useful for some kinds of sites. It’s page structure to organize the content, single web browser window. Each page possible that you might find yourself in internal linking, and unique page titles.

can have its own scroll bar, and be a position where you need to use a One remedy is to create distinct HTML

resized independently of the main frame, but there are better and far pages to represent each Flash "page,"

browser window. With frames, a more advanced options available to you and install the Flash movie on each and browser window can include both static http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 30



to get same or even better results, such sense to put the actual content there was added to the document object as SSI, CGI, PHP, ASP.

and forget about the frames entirely.

model by the JavaScript, some search engine bots might not be able to “see”

The only way to fulfill your SEO


the menu. But adding an invisible HTML

requirements with a site having frames C

list on the source page will resolve this is by creating a HTML doorway page full ontrary to the common belief, search issue.

of your keywords, and then redirecting engines can read and understand some to the frameset. In this scenario, javascript, flash files and PDF files. This Keeping great user experience in mind the visitor is expected to manually surf is a logical and natural progression for while developing a site will definitely through the frameset further browsing search engine spider technology to have its benefits when there are for what they were supposed to directly meet the growing requirements of web options available to improve SEO

reach from the search engine. This queries. It is true that JavaScript can be without losing great functionality and turns a visitor’s experience in to a written in a way that hides anchor tags look of your website.

nightmare. If you are going to create from





doorway pages, then it makes a lot of example, if we built a mega menu that

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Static versus Dynamic URLs

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Search engines do index dynamic pages the visitors, especially when the URL is asically there are two types of URLs, but generally slower than they index of a download page or a page meant for dynamic and static. A dynamic URL is a static pages and that is why static URLs the members but not protected with a page address that results from the score better than dynamic URLs in password.

search of a database driven web site or SERP. The idea is not to revert to static If you have to choose between a static the URL of a web site that runs a script HTML only. Database-driven sites are or a dynamic URL and SEO is your the contents of the web page stays the great but it will be much better if you priority then you should definitely opt same unless the changes are hard serve your pages to the search engines for a static URL till the time the search coded into the HTML. On the other and users in a format they can easily engines






hand, dynamic URLs are generated from handle. One of the solutions of the effectively index dynamic URLs. So the specific queries to a site's database. The dynamic URLs problem is called URL

bottom line is that a site with a search dynamic page is basically a template to rewriting. There are special tools engine friendly URL will outscore a site display the results of the database available that can help you rewrite URLs with a dynamic and search engine query. Instead of changing information in a friendlier format, so they appear in unfriendly URL for a competitive in the HTML code, the data is changed the browser like normal HTML pages.

keyword group every time. The reality is in the database. Such URLs do not tell This will help in making search engine that search engine rank is a reward for much about the contents of the page friendly URLs for your site. The Dynamic doing the many things with your and even make visitors keep guessing URLs are not bad either and in some websites that are reflective of the what they will find when they visit the cases great to protect pages which you needs and desires of your site visitors.


don’t want to disclose your content to The more you do that aligns with user http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 33



expectations, the more relevant your site will be


http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 34



Website’s Promotion to Increase Traffic http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 35




Submitting Sites to

memberships but once registered they t’s important to know that there’s a Directories and Forums offer tons of visitors who will do difference between website traffic and One of the most authentic ways to get business with you.

targeted website traffic. Website traffic traffic is through niche and articles is that which comprises of web surfers Paid Ads and Submissions directory submissions and posting on who most probably will not become Another option that is available is to go forums. These are great places to your client, on the other hand, targeted for paid ads and submissions. Search repeatedly place your links and provide website traffic comprises of visitors engines like Google have their sponsor visitors looking for specific information who if impressed by your services and links on top of each search result. You a lead to your website. This draws products might eventually become your can have one or more keywords targeted traffic and also helps in clients. Everyone is trying to attract targeted and get great results from improving your page ranking as by dong such visitors who most likely would such campaigns. But the down side is this you will be developing one way become their clients. There are several that most people don’t click on the links to your site.

ways to promote your website so that sponsor links. According to a Google you get targeted traffic. This requires Specialized Search Engines survey sponsored ads get less than 20%

dedicated effort and a comprehensive There are a few specialized search clicks. This is best for a newly launched plan so that you directly approach your engines around which can always bring website as that 20% is worth getting targeted audience and lead them to in great targeted traffic as these are when you have zero traffic and hardy your website.

used by those who are seriously looking any inbound links, after a while you get for business. Such sites usually have a steady flow of clients and generate your organic traffic.

http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 36



Formulas for Getting Your Traffic http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 37




he will open Google and type in have understood the importance of fter explaining all the methods for

“Plumbers in Las Vegas”. Within few keywords in search engine marketing, bringing in traffic here is final extract seconds, he will get thousands of the next focus area is to select the right summarized for bringing in traffic to websites showing results of “Plumbers set of keywords for your website. You your site.

in Las Vegas”. This is the keyword. With must identify the right set of keywords the help of this keyword, he will reach a that will bring traffic and business website to get the service. If you are in prospects to your website. If you select Formula #1

this business and have worked out your the wrong ones, they may bring traffic targeted then probably you will appear that has no real intention of buying or Choose



in this search result. Remember; when doing any business on your website.

Keyword Phrase

it comes to choosing a keyword or a key S

Now, how to get the right set of phrase always think what people will be electing right keywords for your keywords for your website? You can get searching for.

website is the preliminary step towards the right kind of keywords with the help achieving high search engine ranking.

When as an online business owner, you of keyword tools. There are several free Try to target your buyers not just in have the right set of keywords; you can or paid keyword tools that can help you niche but also geographically. People give a good result to your Search Engine select the right kind of keywords for usually prefer to look for products and Optimization efforts. Selecting the best your website. However, the most services closer to their homes. Suppose keywords is the basic strategy to efficient tool for do keyword research is someone who lives in Las Vegas and is implement search engine optimization the Google’s AdWords keyword tool.

looking for a plumber to fix his tap. So, techniques to your website. Once you This amazing tool from Google is free to http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 38



use. With the help of this tool, you can were to pay Google per Click (that is your web browser, but in social select the keywords most relevant to Cost per Click)

bookmarking you save websites on the your website. This keyword tool web itself. And, you can easily share So, optimizing your website on these provides you with a list of keywords or these online bookmarks with a number keywords will always have fair chances phrases for your website and provides of friends and other members of your of getting more and more traffic.

you with data that helps you to decide online social circle. That’s the benefit of which keyword you would like to focus social bookmarking you enjoy that helps on.

Formula #2

you to spread your website to countless people and make it popular among For example, if you want to know how Submit Website to Social them.

many people are looking for Cheap SEO

Bookmarking Websites

Service Company to help them optimize Social bookmarking is almost viral and their sites or business for first page A

lot of people share content with their fter you have chosen your buyers’

ranking, you would go to Google friends that they find useful or Adwords Keyword Tool or other search targeted keyword and your site is up interesting. Social bookmarking allows engine and type the keyword “cheap and running, you will then need to you to specifically aim at things you seo services” or cheap seo services. So social bookmark your site. Social want to see. Making a search through a you will find some of the hot keywords bookmarking is a great tool that helps search engine, takes you to a plethora in the descending order as per their to promote a website in a tremendous of options and it’s almost difficult to monthly results, local searches and manner. Social bookmarking is basically ascertain what exactly you are looking even how much it will cost you if you tagging a particular website and saving for. On the other hand social it for future visits. You usually do this on bookmarking allows you to quickly http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 39



narrow down the things you are looking site. By submitting your URL to social bookmarking site. You need to simply for. This is what has made it so popular bookmarking websites, you not only type in your URL and page title and click and you should benefit from it too.

increase your website traffic, but you on “Bookmark This”. This way you will also improve your site ranking. If you submit your website link to more than Sending bookmarks to a social network scatter your website link across the 130 social bookmarking websites.

has tremendous potentials of making social bookmarking websites, you get your website popular and increasing higher search engine ranking.

your viewer’s base. This trend has given Formula #3

way to social search engines. Now Instead of submitting to hundreds of people don’t have to totally rely on a social bookmarking sites one by one, Ping Your Website

search engine to get to a specific search you can. To make more your social Pinging is one of the most efficient, result. They can go to a social bookmarking more efficient and fast, bookmarking website, select the tag you can take help of these two great quickest and easiest ways to promote that matches their search criteria, and websites




your articles and content on your locate the popular websites in that Socialmarking.com. With the help of website. This helps you pretty much to particular niche.

these two sites, you can submit your propagate the content that you put up website





on your website. This is also one of the The process of making a site more bookmarking sites in one click. You can best methods to inform the search visible on a social search engine is called easily submit your URL to more than engines that your blog or website is Social Media Optimization or SMO.

hundred social bookmarking sites with a updated with fresh content. You can do Through SMO, it has become relatively single bookmark link. There is no need this by pinging your website using easier to increase traffic on a particular to create a link to each social Pingomatic.com.

http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 40



Basically this tool notifies search Formula #4

comments. You too can follow the engines that you have added fresh process. Go to any blog, read the posts contents on your website or blog. This Blog Posting and Commenting and post your comments along with a helps you to get your pages indexed on I

link to your blog or site. You stand fair those search engines and it helps nterestingly, blogs are nonintrusive chances to be clicked by other readers increase your traffic. The best part is but are greatly effective in improving on the blog. In this manner, traffic is that this service is absolutely free. You search engine ranking of your website.

diverted to your blog or website. If you don’t require to Sign Up for using this You need to look at the blog from a start cross-linking your blog with other service. All you need to do is log on to different perspective. For many people, blogs, you start getting lots of keyword the website and fill up a simple form.

a blog is just a tool of self-expression, rich content posted by other bloggers.

The form has various fields and asks for while some see it as a platform for This again stand fair chances to figure your website information. Enter you carrying out discussions on important out in the search engine results.

Website Title in the first column and issues. However, an internet marketing A blog promotes your site on search URL of your website in the second specialist sees a blog as an SEO tool.

engines in the most natural way and column. In the last column, it asks for Blogs indeed help you to derive great you get a readymade user base in terms your feed URL. However, it is Optional business value.

of a large number of vivid bloggers. But but it’s recommended to enter this In most of the Blogs, you will find a before trying to build your own blog, information. Once you have filled all large number of posts by a number of you need to decide on the niche you are required information; check all the people around a specific topic or issue.

looking for. You need to focus on the Directories and click on “Send Pings”

Readers come to the blog, read the quality of your blog as well. This means your work is done.

posts, and leave feedback, opinion and that great quality of content should get http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 41



space on your blog and also more and Formula #5

inform their visitors of any fresh more readers should find something to updates in their content. The most read about and comment on. You need Submit to RSS

important part of RSS feeds is that to have worth reading posts on your R

these feeds are not restricted to any blog. Once you have created your blog eally Simple Syndication or most one media. Besides text, audio and to facilitate interaction with others commonly known as RSS is a system video can also be added to the feeds.

which your website can’t do. Try to that




So, add any media to your RSS feeds involve your audience. Ask for their changing web content. RSS Feed is and give an attractive title and comments. You can leave your contact mainly used by news sites, blogs and description. If the title is catchy and the e-mail as well, as some of them would other online publishers to syndicate description is presented interestingly, like to interact privately but not openly.

their content as an RSS Feed to the targeted users will crowd your Do everything to ensure that the someone who wants it.

website automatically.

feedback is addressed and appreciated.

RSS feed is perhaps the best way to stay In order to get benefit from RSS services And finally, don’t forget to insert your informed about latest content posting you need to submit the RSS feeds of website link at the most appropriate in any website you are interested in. For your blog, you need to syndicate the place in your blog post. Only then your people who regularly fetch content content and spread it across the blog viewers will land on your website from the web, it’s the best available internet. There are many RSS feed that you want desperately.

solution. One doesn’t need to visit each directories and you need to get your site individually to find out fresh website content syndicated quickly and content. A large number of websites easily to these top RSS feed directories.

have started offering RSS feeds to keep The best method to get your RSS feed http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 42



submitted to many RSS feed directories communication deliberately sent to a Besides news sites, there are countless at once is using feedagg.com and media house with an intention to get reliable wire services such as Business feedbase.net. The RSS Feed Submission published for broader awareness is Wire, PR Newswire, and Market Wire.

service of these two sites will enable considered a press release.

These wire services carry out the you to submit your feeds to up to 20-30

procedure of delivering news content to However, online Press Releases are RSS Feed directories in a single click. All these news search engines.

somewhat different in its format, you have to do is register and submit writing




There are numerous Press Release your latest blog updates.






templates available online for free. You attained its prominence in spreading can take help of these templates to Formula #6

communication at a faster rate, the write an intriguing Press Release. These style of online press release writing has templates help you to instantly create Press Release

evolved significantly. Online press press releases.


releases are often written as a finished raditionally, a press release is a Besides increasing your search engine article which delivers more than just written communication directed at the ranking, a press release serves as a facts and fulfill more objectives than media for the purpose of announcing promotional tool for your business. It just communicating a message. Online something having a news value.

increases your credibility and takes your press releases are efficient tool for Typically, a Press Release is faxed or e-message to your target audience distributing content across the internet.

mailed to the editors at newspapers or quickly.

They create an excellent prospect of magazines,









Once you finish writing an interesting networks.



specialized directory.

and attention grabbing Press Release on http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 43



your business, you need to submit it to Formula #7






free distribution PR sites. Your algorithms has drastically affected the submission should be fast and effective.

Article Marketing

articles directories as many have been Some of the important free PR


marked as link and duplicate content distribution










farms with no real values. But this Release, ForPressRelease, ClickPress marketing tool for your business if done doesn’t reduce the value of informative and PR-Inside. Besides these there are appropriately. It’s another great way to and well written content. Although you some PR distribution sites such as establish a powerful online presence.

can write your own articles for PRWeb, PRNewsWire and MarketWire But it’s extremely important that you submissions to article directories, but which spread your press release write a good piece of article to promote best would be to get the services of a instantly to many PR sites resulting in your




writing service or find a freelance writer both creating inbound links and your marketing is a technique to cleverly do that for you so that all articles follow text appearing on many RSS feeds.

advertise your business using online the editor’s submission guidelines.

Remember, posting a single Press article




You should avoid submitting your Release will not be sufficient. Press directories get a high volume of web articles




Release submission should be made at traffic and are considered highly directories and concentrate on sites like least twice a month so that it reaches to reputable websites by the search Zimbio.com,


your target customers and search engines. This ensures substantial free Goarticles.com



engines regularly.

traffic through submitted articles on Before submitting your article to these websites. These directories pass multiple high-ranking article directories, on traffic to the author's website.

you should rewrite your article and try http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 44



to make it 30% to 50% unique. By like



video on your blog or social networking making your article unique and posting revver.com and realpeoplerealstuff.com video sites. You can make an elaborate different versions of your articles will have millions of visitors each day and if presentation and make a video of it appear on the top results pages of you are able to create a great video and using Camtesia or CamStudio and add different search engines.

post it on these sites you can easily link many animations and sound effects this video to your site by adding your with ease. This doesn’t even require a sites link in its description and further camera as everything gets done on the Formula #8

sharing it with the members of your computer.

social media network.

Video Marketing

Make sure that your video doesn’t Y

You will only have to make and upload exceed 100 MB size or 15 minutes ou’ll be surprised to know that videos your video once and after that you can duration or you will not be allowed to may not be readable by search engine repeatedly have it embedded in your upload it on YouTube.

bots but they can tremendously work to blog or your site or tweet about it so improve your ranking and visibility.

that you keep sending visitors to your YouTube has virtually become a video video.

Formula #9

search engine with its own criteria and Submit classified ads ranking system. On YouTube a video is Creating a short video introduction of not ranked because of the number of your business using a webcam and In today’s sophisticated and fast life, links but its ranking is based on number microphone is a fun and very useful at people have less time to glimpse of views, comments, likes and how the same time. It may take not more through




many times a video got shared. Sites than few minutes, and you can post this classified ads have lost their shine.

http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 45



Online classified ads have become more service without any restrictions in a engine positioning and hence gives you relevant due to ever-growing base of direct advertisement. This is the easiest different results. However, the best internet users and the simplicity and way as very few Internet marketers are result oriented classified ad websites affordability




aware of the fact that classified ad sites are



classifieds. Online classifieds are often can drive traffic to their websites.

Craigslist.com and db88.com.

very informative due to not having a Search engines might not always bring You can put as many classified ads on space constraint as in the case of the traffic and using classified ad sites is these websites as you wish. But you newspaper classifieds. Due to growing a wonderful way to bring traffic to your should not spam these sites. You should popularity of online classified ads, website. Classified ad sites are capable avoid promoting the same item on the websites hosting these ads have of bringing traffic because they get pages of each of the classified websites.

occupied position of top ranking crawled continuously by search engines If you place the same ad everywhere, websites on the internet.

like Google and Yahoo. The main Google will consider your ads as advantage of using classified sites to Today, there are countless classifieds duplicate content. By doing so, you will drive traffic is that these sites are websites on the web. These websites make your ad indexed and showing up indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN for are very useful and a user can place ads in the search for just few days and then new content every few seconds. Thus, arranged under different categories they will vanish from the search results.

your classified ad stands a great chance such. Unlike newspaper ads, online of appearing on the Google search.

Also don't forget to submit your classifieds have tremendous potentials classified ads to the social bookmarking and can reach millions of people There are a number of classified ad websites. But again avoid spamming.

instantaneously. You can use several ad websites on the web today. Each of sites to promote your product or these websites has different search http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 46



Submit quality ads to quality websites doing in real time but at the same time Even the cave man is on Facebook so it like digg or mixx.

it is a great tool for driving traffic and improving your visibility.

will so disastrous if your business is not on Facebook. There are so many Formula #10

Twitter has another benefit that it resources on how to market on offers to online businesses and that is a facebook but I will like to briefly make it Create a twitter account for chance to establish your credibility with clear right here that when it comes to your website

your clients. Many businesses use traffic source unique visitors, Google T

twitter just to make a sales pitch, but still leads Facebook but people stay witter is a popular social networking for a social media expert tweets can more on Facebook than Google. There site where you can update your help develop a business to client is no doubt Facebook Pages rank fast on personal blog and communicate with relation and in the process add to its list search




your friends via messages of maximum of clients by having more people Therefore, create an account for 140 characters, which are popularly following you and visiting your website.

yourself and create a Page for your known as "tweets." Tweets update on business.

your current status. Twitter is an Formula #11

awesome way to communicate with your friends, no matter whether you Create A Facebook Account, are in office or traveling.

Group and Page For Your Although people tweet to keep friends Business

and followers aware of what you are http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 47



Can You Really Handle All That?

http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 48




like you and I believe it can help you if You can either hire a SEO firm with guess in order to get any worthwhile only you take action.

proven results to do your SEO for you, results you’ll have to read through this or you can even outsource it to I have said it before that SEO can be so book and then go back again and read it Freelancers.

daunting, time consuming and life for the second time by the time you wasting and at the same time it can be There are best resources online that begin to follow each step and execute so much fun and interesting if you know can educate you more on these areas.

them for your business, you can do that what you are doing. But the truth is that You will find reference to some of these your site is optimized forever for the 1st you cannot do all these by yourself all sites in the resources at the end of this page ranking. But if you just read this the time, you have other things to blueprint.

like any other book and put it aside or attend to, you have marketing to do, just look at it that I think that you have Without any iota of doubt in my mind, I you have customers orders to ship out, known these things before and you take believe that you have just acquired the emails to reply and so on, so what is the no action, then I am afraid you will most authentic technique to rank your best way to do your SEO?

continue to look for answers where business on the 1st page of SERP. If you there are none besides these.

You can do all these by yourself if you use this knowledge appropriately, you are just starting out but if you have will be amazed at your own success.

Just remember, complexity does not extra resource or budget for the fetch results. The simplest procedures To your massive traffic

marketing of your business then the are the ones that fetch incredible best alternative is to automate your results. These are the time tested

The Quantum SEO Labs team

SEO. How do you automate this?

formulas which have helped so many http://www.quantumseolabs.com Page 49

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