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Book Description

TAFSIIRKA QURAANKA KARIIMKA AH, Jiska 30aad. 1: Al-Faatixah. 114: An-Naas. 113: Al-Falaq. 112: Al-Ikhlaas. 111: Al-Masad. 110: An-Nasr. 109: Al-Kaafiruun. 108: Al-Kawthar. 107: Al-Maacuun. 106: Quraysh. 105: Al-Fiil. 104: Al-Humazah. 103: Al-Casr. 102: At-Takaathur. 101: Al-Qaaricah. 100: Al-Caadiyaat. 99: Az-Zalzalah 98: Al-Bayyinah. 97: Al-Qadr. 96: Al-Calaq. 95: At-Tiin. 94: Ash-Sharx. 93: Ad-Duxaa. 92: Al-Layl. 91: Ash-Shams. 90: Al-Balad. 89: Al-Fajr. 88: Al-Qaashiyah. 87: Al-Aclaa. 86: Adh-Dhaariq. 85: Al-Buruuj. 84: Al-Inshiqaaq. 83: Al-Muddaffifiin. 82: Al-Infidhaar. 81. At-Takwiir. 70: Cabasa. 70: An-Naazicaat. 78: An-Nabaa'. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrProfessor1993, https://www.dailymotion.com/dhabarlow, https://www.flickr.com/people/duas-from-quran/

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Eng S Jama

Eng S Jama is an experienced electronics engineer turned educational tutor and author of Visual Maths Fractions for Folks Who Find Text-based Fractions No Fun (TM). The author has observed how children and even some adults struggle with basic maths fractions. Worked in education (schools and colleges) from 2009 to 2020 and in electronic engineering (semiconductor industry) from 2000 to 2008. FRACTIONS VISUALLY is for 'children who think fractions are no fun' and 'grown-ups who have never found the best visual resources to master basic maths fractions'. Ages 5-11, Grades Kindergarten-5th grader or Year group 1-6 in primary education (infants, elementary and junior schools). ADDING FRACTIONS STEP-BY-STEP is for students and older learners struggling with adding fractions. Ages 11-16, Grades 6th-10th grade or Year group 7-11 in secondary education (middle, senior and high schools). author.to/FractionsVisually amazon.co.uk/FractionsVisually https://books2read.com/eB1