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NYT Bestsellers: Fiction

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Year One

Nora Roberts | Fiction

When a pandemic strikes and the world spins into chaos, several travelers head west to find a new life.

Past Perfect

Danielle Steel | Fiction

A Manhattan family moves into a mansion in San Francisco and encounters the ghosts of its original inhabitants.

Tom Clancy Power And Empire

Marc Cameron | Fiction

President Jack Ryan seeks to identify the hidden forces escalating the tensions between China and the United States.

The Whispering Room

Dean Koontz | Fiction

Former F.B.I. agent and wanted fugitive Jane Hawk tracks down a group that is brainwashing people into committing suicide.

The People Vs. Alex Cross

James Patterson | Fiction

Detective Cross takes on a case even though he has been suspended from the department and taken to federal court to stand trial on murder charges.


Brandon Sanderson | Fiction

The third volume of the Stormlight Archive. The War of Reckoning ends and the Voidbringers return.

Hardcore Twenty-four

Janet Evanovich | Fiction

When a homeless man is murdered, the bounty hunter Stephanie Plum searches for the killer.

End Game

David Baldacci | Fiction

Jessica Reel and Will Robie fight a dangerous adversary in Colorado.


Andy Weir | Fiction

A small-time smuggler living in a lunar colony schemes to pay off an old debt by pulling off a challenging heist.

Future Home Of The Living God

Louise Erdrich | Fiction

As giving birth becomes a matter of state security, a pregnant woman travels to find her Ojibwe family.

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