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The Fallen

David Baldacci | Fiction

Amos Decker, known as the Memory Man, puts his talents toward solving a string of murders in a Rust Belt town.


Christopher Moore | Fiction

In the summer of 1947, a woman and an Air Force general attract the attention of a San Francisco bartender while a suspicious flying object is spotted near the coast.

Then She Was Gone

Lisa Jewell | Fiction

Ten years after her daughter disappears, a woman tries to get her life in order but remains haunted by unanswered questions.

Star Wars: Last Shot

Daniel José Older | Fiction

Lando Calrissian seeks help from Han Solo to elude Fyzen Gor’s assassins.


Madeline Miller | Fiction

Zeus banishes Helios' daughter to an island, where she must choose between living with gods or mortals.

After Anna

Lisa Scottoline | Fiction

A woman marries a widower and reunites with her teenage daughter who is murdered soon after, and the husband is put on trial for it.

The Thief

JR Ward | Fiction

The 16th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Sola Morte falls for a man who sells weapons to a group of vampire warriors.

Shoot First

Stuart Woods | Fiction

Stone Barrington searches for the person who plotted to kill the woman behind a cutting-edge software startup.

The Sixth Day

Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison | Fiction

The fifth book in the A Brit in the F.B.I. series. After the German vice chancellor dies, special agents investigate one of Dracula’s descendants.


Jo Nesbo | Fiction

In this adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy, police in a 1970s industrial town take on a pair of drug lords.

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