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This book is being made available free of charge, so that those who have little or no money can still hear my message and make a choice regarding their spiritual freedom. I will do my best to provide enough information here, to enable most people to escape this hell we call God‘s creation, without the need for a workshop. However, unless the individual is already quite adept with energetic forces and the astral plane, contacting the Mani-Om-Sah Institute at is recommended.

This book has not been in the hands of a publisher, nor has it been edited by anyone other than me. I did not major in English literature, nor have I studied creative writing or English composition beyond one basic class in 1973; therefore, please ignore any grammatical and/or structural errors that you may come across in your reading. I appreciate your patience in this regard.

This book represents twenty-four years of personal study and research into the esoteric aspects of the world‘s spiritual and religious traditions, as well as the histories relevant to both the development and demise of such traditions.

It would be impossible to include all of my discoveries in just one book, especially in one as small as this one. However, I think you‘ll find that I have consolidated my notes sufficiently for the purpose of describing our situation on Earth, and explaining how we can make our escape.

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Many of you will be angry with me; some to the point of wanting to kill me (a religious classic). Keep in mind though, that I am not a satanist, nor do I claim to be a prophet, a savior, or even a guru. I have formed no church, and I will never attempt to convert anyone to any philosophy. I do, however, have some very important information for those who are interested, and I am making it available to all. If you don‘t like it, simply ignore it, and ignore me as well. I won‘t even threaten you with God‘s wrath if you do.

Others will read this book and feel that it makes sense out of incongruities they have noticed in both life and religion. These are those who are ready to make their escape from hell. Although we of like-mind do not constitute a church, some have asked about what we are called in a philosophical sense. I say to them that we are ascensionists. Please do not confuse us with the ―mass ascensionists‖ of either the New Age Movement, or the many Christian sects preaching the great rapture. We are ―Internal Ascensionists‖

It will probably be said of me that I am a dangerous man; that if everyone believed as I did, the foundations upon which this entire world rests would crumble. But what could be meant by that? Is it that the gates of hell would be opened and everyone could escape?

The only danger I bring is to those who stand to lose their power over others, as well as the money they fleece their sheep for. Before we go into the first chapter, I would like for the reader to carefully consider what I have to say next. Read the thirteenth chapter of Romans. What I have to say is stated very profoundly in the Gideon‘s Bible, and also in the New World Escaping Hell©

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Translation. The King James version is a little more conservative, but it tells the same story. Basically, the message is this: ―There is no authority but God‘s authority‖. ―…and that is why we pay taxes…‖ ―…to give tribute to God‘s servants‖.

The Bible tells us that government agents are the servants of God, so let‘s consider just who they are. In America, we know them all to be liars, cheats, thieves, and murderers. Anyone who disagrees with this assessment has spent his or her entire life in front of a television set watching cartoons. If our government agents and politicians are servants of the Biblical God, then he must be the God of this world, who is Lucifer.

Beyond the concept of escaping hell, this book will provide the reader with a wealth of esoteric knowledge in brief form. Those of you who are able to grasp the concepts and their application to life in this world may feel a desire to share it all with friends and loved ones. For this reason, I feel that I should allude to the universal law of attraction.

Most people are distracted and led by sources of entertainment. Being lazy-minded, they prefer to sit passively and have their heads filled from the television, or to be told what to believe by religious authority. Such as these will not be attracted to the notion of transcendence because of the personal responsibility involved – it becomes a task too monumental for them even to begin. Therefore, don‘t be disappointed if you have difficulty in tearing someone away from his or her routine long enough to download and read the book. They are simply being pulled elsewhere by the universal law of attraction. Jon Stauffer

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Most people will not entertain the thought that they can be spiritual without attending church. They have been taught by parents, society and religious authority that church is where God requires us to learn spiritual principles, to show our devotion, to receive sacrament, or otherwise to worship him. To them, the church is the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Someone who does not attend church is viewed as lacking in faith, possessing spiritual weakness, and therefore existing outside God‘s kingdom. For this reason, those who believe in Christ, Jehovah, or Allah do not recognize the validity of a spiritual path that stands aside from their understanding of religion.

All who know me know that I have studied the world‘s religious and spiritual traditions aside from having been raised a Mormon and serving a full time mission for the LDS Church. It cannot be said, therefore, that I lack knowledge of either scripture or religious practice. Even so, the fact that I claim to walk a spiritual path which comes from within, has not been given much consideration by those who think I should attend church and go to the Temple.

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In order for the nature of my path to be most easily understood by Christian readers, allow me to explain it in Christian terms. To begin with, Christ said: ―The Kingdom of God is within‖. In other words, Christ was telling his students to look within themselves rather than outside for the Kingdom of God. Christians at this point, are thinking that even so, Christ established a church. We make a mistake however, if we assume the church or churches actually, to have been an organized structure as we see in organized religion today.

A church literally refers to a group of people who come together. People came together as Christ traveled around teaching groups in such places as Corinth and elsewhere. The only organized religion with established dogmas and associated laws at that time was Judaism which was established by the priest class of Pharisees known as the Levites. Islam and Christianity emerged later as offshoots of Judaism.

To know what Christ was teaching about the Kingdom of God being within, we have to understand that he was an Essene. Although the Bible tells us this, few people consider the importance of the fact. Some people even say: ―No, he was a Nazarene‖. This is a reference to one who is from Nazareth. The Essenes were an esoteric group that taught spiritual principles not given to the masses. All esoteric groups in every culture around the world turn their students inward to find the Kingdom of God through a practice and discipline of meditation. None of them ever established a hierarchical structure with a book of laws teaching that spiritual development and salvation depended on both, obedience to those laws, and the forgiveness of transgressions by someone outside our selves.

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The Gnostics of Christ‘s time referred to the process of turning within as

―Gnosis‖, meaning knowledge, or the way of knowledge. The Vitkar of Northern Europe referred to the God within as the ―Hamingja‖, while the Hindus refer to it as the ―Atman‖, and the Essenes referred to it as the

―Father‖. Christ, then, had not only found, but had become one with the God within, which some people refer to as the Higher Self. Is God truly within? Are not our bodies the Temples of God?

When we meditate, we should not blank the mind. True meditation allows us to perceive a beautiful place of peace, or the Inner Sanctuary, wherein dwells the God within us. This is what Christ was referring to. This is where we receive guidance; and through this guidance, we receive knowledge and wisdom to accompany our spiritual development. This is the path of enlightenment; the path that Christ placed before his disciples.

Many will contend that they do turn within, and that they receive inspiration on all sorts of issues. Unfortunately, their idea of turning within involves kneeling in prayer before a God and/or Jesus residing outside them selves, and praying for guidance to be given them from outside.

Some of them are able to receive a certain amount of inspiration from the Higher Self on occasion, which confirms in their minds, the erroneous notion that their church is the one sanctioned by God. They don‘t realize that they are employing in their own fashion, a universal law which can achieve results. In accordance with spiritual law, however, the inspiration received must be limited by the individual‘s level of spiritual knowledge, and therefore, will remain within the parameters established by the one seeking such inspiration according to his or her religious beliefs. This is not at all like turning within to find the ―Father‖. Neither is this becoming spiritually Escaping Hell©

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liberated through inner guidance which provides knowledge and wisdom beyond that which is doled out by men with ambition for power and authority.

When we approach God within ourselves, we must do so pure in heart, and pure in spirit. This means that we must leave behind, all that we have been taught by the Priests, the Ministers, Pastors and Bishops, and be ready to listen and to learn. Our inner guidance will take us down a path regardless of our preconceived notions of the truth. It evolves into an inner dialogue with the Higher Self, or God within, rather than some vague feeling we call the Holy Spirit bearing witness to our hearts. The emotion we call a testimony is not the same as receiving inner guidance from the God within for every aspect of our lives.

In reference to turning within to find the Kingdom of God, Christ told his disciples that they would do even greater things than what they had seen him do. Would this be possible if they listened to religious authorities who cautioned them against turning within as Christ taught, out of fear that they might be led astray by the devil? Of course not; what‘s the Temple of God anyway, the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of the Devil?

We should be careful of following shepherds, because they herd sheep for only two reasons:

1. For fleecing, and…

2. For ultimate butchering


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Whether we are Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, or even Muslim, it is not expected that we should have to give up being faithful members of our respective religions while turning within to receive inner guidance. You can receive advice from your religious leaders, and then turn within for guidance in applying that advice. You may also use your inner guidance to determine whether or not the advice is proper for you. As long as you belong to a particular religion, your inner guidance will assist you in living your religion most effectively.

The logical question then, is: ―If my inner guidance assists me in my religion, and someone else‘s assists him in his, then how can we tell which religion is right? How can God be contradictory?

The issue is not about who‘s religion is correct. There are no absolutes in this universe, and that applies to truth as well. We all like to believe that there can only be one ―true‖ church, and that ours is it, but such a belief involves a belief system with absolutes. Our universe is based on the ―Law of Paradox‖, which states: ―There is no greater truth than a lie, when any individual or group either needs or otherwise demands the lie at any given time.‖ In other words, we receive truth in increments as we become ready Escaping Hell©

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to receive it. If our religion is what we need at this time, then our inner guidance will keep us there, and even assist us in being faithful and loyal members. We shouldn‘t make the mistake, however, of assuming our truth to be universal and absolute. It may not be right for everyone.

If your religious leaders are cautioning you against turning within, however, be advised that they are leading you away from what Christ taught. There is nothing about remaining faithful to your religion that suggests you should become a mindless dupe. In fact, you can use your inner guidance to learn how to deal with leaders who contradict that which you know to be true, and to deal with them in the most harmonious way possible.

When religious leaders caution you against turning within, most are fearful of losing you as a supporter. The concern of some, however, may be legitimate. There are circumstances which lend themselves to astral influences that could lead you astray. As we continue, however, I will explain those circumstances, and exactly what we can do to assure a pure and clean inner communication process, free of all outside influences.

As we begin to turn within, the act of prayer becomes exposed as the act of turning outward that it is. Beseeching a God outside ourselves for favors begins to take on a whole new reality. As this occurs, it is not necessary for us to cause anxiety for others who are not capable of understanding our perspective; we can simply go through the motions as they do, while keeping focused on the Higher Self, or Father within. In fact, this can become a good practice for establishing the fact in our minds that the Kingdom of God is indeed, within us.

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We should be able to remain faithful to our respective religions, while at the same time remaining faithful to the one our religions claim to be following. If our religious leaders force us to make a choice, however, then we have a serious decision to make.

Whether we choose to believe in the reality of reincarnation, or whether we choose to believe in our ability to tap into the collective unconscious for information, there is a wellspring of knowledge which can be accessed only by turning within. In actuality, knowledge is available to us from both sources.

Beyond either the Mental and Causal Bodies where our past life knowledge is stored, and the collective unconscious, the Higher Self is capable of supplying knowledge and wisdom derived from the true spiritual realms to which he or she is indigenous. Sometimes the Higher Self retrieves information from the Mental and Causal Bodies for us, and sometimes from the collective unconscious. On rare occasions, information may be retrieved for us from the spiritual realms if the Higher Self has a link to he Silent Ones, to Odin or Omin, or to the ―All‖ Itself. Some of the foregoing terms with which you may not be familiar, will be explained as we proceed through the book.

Any way we look at it, truth must be derived from turning deep within ourselves. To assume that others have already done so for us, and that we, therefore, have no need to do it in our own behalf, is to suggest that Christ was being frivolous when he told us that the Kingdom of God is within. It makes no sense at all to be paying ten percent of our gross income, or Escaping Hell©

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otherwise donating huge sums of money to others who claim to be doing for us, that which we should be doing for ourselves.

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Some of you may not be ready for some of the truths expressed in this chapter, but all you have to do is turn within to the Higher Self, and let him or her sort through the material and guide you as regards that which you are to embrace at this time. As you evolve, your understanding of truth will also evolve.

We have not yet come to the chapter where I explain how to communicate with your Higher Self, and if you have not already taken a workshop, then turning within will not be as productive as it could be. For some it‘ll be no problem in any case, but those for whom it is, I recommend that you accept that which is easy for you to accept, and hold the rest in reserve to decide on at a later time. Now, let‘s discuss hell.

Since man first organized social and religious structures, creating and maintaining public fear of a place called hell has been big business.

Certainly, money and power constitute motivating factors for keeping people fearful in this way, but I‘d like to examine an even more sinister motivation for keeping people focused on a place so terrible that the thought of going there makes them pray for salvation.

Imagine that you were the master of an entire world of people so naive and superstitious, that your advanced technologies had them worshiping Escaping Hell©

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you. Of course any personality flaws you had would certainly manifest in that world, since your devotees would endeavor to be like you. Jealousy for instance, stemming from narcissism, coupled with bipolarism would make for a quite terrible world to live in. To keep people worshiping you, they would have to believe that by doing so, they would receive a great reward in a place called heaven at the end of their suffering here.

Now consider the implications of their coming to understand your technologies. Without fear of you, they would no longer worship you, and they would undoubtedly cut the apron string, and you‘d no longer be in control. As bad as their existence had been under your rule, the promise of great rewards to come in exchange for their patience now, would go a long way in securing their loyalty, but it gets even better if you can create fear in their minds of a place of punishment for those who refuse to worship you.

The idea is to make them pray to you for their salvation.

Consider the foregoing in light of what we are taught in our religious institutions, and then consider the nature of the world in which we live. We have rules to obey that we must pretend to like, or at least convince ourselves that we like while envying those who enjoy their Sundays. Life is a struggle for survival while our emotional passions keep us on a rollercoaster ride, and religious leaders promise a better life after death if we give our time and money, while they threaten us with eternal sorrow if we don‘t.

Most of us tend to dismiss the principle of reincarnation offhandedly, because we fear that to give it any serious consideration whatsoever, would be the same as losing our faithfulness in the religious beliefs we Escaping Hell©

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have been taught from birth. You know, of course, that I‘m going to tell you that this is part of a series of traps designed to keep us from figuring out the illusion and escaping hell. It‘s a very effective one too, because if we fail to come to terms with the reality of reincarnation, we will never stop the cycles of karma.

Karma is the result of not only our deeds, but also our reactions to environmental stimuli both in the past of this life, and in past lifetimes. In other words, we reap what we sow. We don‘t need a vengeful god to make this a reality for us, because it is a major facet of natural law.

Often times, our process of transcending karma and this worldly existence depends on our understanding of why we are experiencing certain things in life. To say that it‘s God‘s will, or that God is testing us, is not sufficient. It fails to provide us with the required understanding. For example, I lived most of my life unable to have a massage, because I couldn‘t have anyone touching my back from behind. When I learned of a past life in which I was stabbed in the back and killed, however, I understood. The associated energies were purified, and I can now receive massages.

Had I not undergone that experience, the natural cycles of karma would have necessitated, eventually, either my killing the one who had killed me, or having to be killed in the same way, over again. Now, that cyclic pattern of karma has been stopped dead in its tracks.

Prior to 558 A.D., every culture and spiritual tradition in the world understood the principle of reincarnation, and this includes the early Christians. There are Biblical references indicating the reality of Escaping Hell©

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reincarnation, but it was essentially written out of the equation when the records were compiled by the Catholic Church. Because the people believed in reincarnation, the Nicaea Council stopped them from teaching or discussing it. Then in 558 A.D., the Second Council of Constantinople declared the belief to be heresy. After all, how can people be threatened with a fiery, burning hell for eternity if they know that they will be born again in the future? How can they be enticed into accepting punishment now, with the promise of a better life in the hereafter, if they are to return to this world anyway?

Not every religion threatens its members with a fiery, burning hell, but those that don‘t, play on the emotional nature of their members, threatening them with eternal alienation from their family members, and an eternity without sex. Although no scriptural reference exists anywhere, denouncing the concept of reincarnation, the people are kept obedient with the promise of a better life after this one, if they but remain faithful.

In analyzing the nature of this world, we find its very foundation to be rooted in violence. Many of us are idealistically naive, feeling that nature is peaceful. However, birds that we think are singing to us are either claiming their territory, warning others of imminent danger, or trying to mate. Single cell organisms devour one another, and insects either suck the blood of animals and humans, or devour one another also. In addition, they serve as food for larger species. Mosquitoes, for instance, serve as food for fish, frogs, dragon flies and bats, and with such short life spans, why would a loving God give them the capacity to torture us by sucking our blood, and transmitting disease?

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The so-called harmony of nature demands that for one living being to live, another must perish. This even applies to vegans who must consume the lives of plants that possess consciousness, and experience trauma upon being killed. Nature is extremely violent, with the carnivores constantly hunting their prey, and the herbivores constantly on watch, or running for their lives.

Look at the condition of this world on a global scale, with world powers throwing the innocent out like rag dolls to be tortured, maimed and killed for profit. More of this has been done in the name of God, than for any other reason, and all warring factions claim that God is on their side. He sanctions what everyone does to each other. Even the Old Testament has God telling the Jews to slaughter all Non-Jews without mercy, and not even to leave a dog alive. The Feast of Purim is a celebration of the slaughter of about 35,000 innocent Gentiles.

We can enjoy peace and happiness only in small increments, but we must struggle and plan for these, and they last only until another calamity arrives. In the meantime, we satisfy ourselves with a few friendships, some nice beaches, pretty flowers, and some great sunsets, compliments of chemical trails and radioactive fallout.

Even rich people aren‘t happy. They have enjoyment, but they aren‘t happy, overall; yet the rest of us spend our lives in pursuit of money, thinking that when we finally have enough, we‘ll be happy. In the meantime, we find that in business, no one really likes us; they only want our money.

Government wants licensing fees, fees to operate machinery, fees for regulatory agencies, insurance fees, workman‘s compensation fees, social Escaping Hell©

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security fees, and taxes. The FDA wants under-the-table fees to have certain products approved for distribution to the public, parasites called brokers must receive their share for doing little or nothing, and banks require fees for allowing us to do business with them, whether it be through checking accounts or credit card accounts; and it matters not, whether you are using a credit card, or simply honoring a bank‘s card used by a customer – you pay a fee for the privilege of doing business. Even your employees will cheat you out of hours worked if they can, and one business is constantly trying to devour another, while attorneys operate like sharks behind the scene. We are no better off than the animals in nature. Even those selling us on a better life after death want our money, some requiring 10% of our gross income.

Could any sane person place responsibility for this mess on a benevolent and loving Heavenly Father? He‘s just testing us? That‘s stupid!

We‘re so used to this mess, and in such a state of denial, that our minds are cauterized. If we aren‘t too miserable at any given time, we think we‘re happy. Of course, there is a certain bliss associated with ignorance. If someone excites our lower emotional passions, we‘re either happy or angry. While we await a better life in heaven, we either drown ourselves in T.V., movies, video games, computers, drugs and alcohol, or we scramble furiously for other distractions such as vacations, restaurants and shopping; anything to avoid reality. Let‘s face it; we live in a hell world with some pretty flowers.

Many people try to vindicate the God of this world by saying that he gave us our free agency. In a way he did, but if we don‘t do what he says, and in the way he says to do it, while pretending to like it, we get punished Escaping Hell©

Page 20

without mercy. In the old days punishment was swift, so as bad as things are, I‘d say that they are going pretty much the way he wants them.

Please don‘t misunderstand me. I actually enjoy life, and I laugh every day. Even if we‘re in hell, we have to have fun, and it‘s possible to find enjoyment - even periods of bliss while we‘re here. It‘s no different than it is for convicts in prison. Do you think they spend all their years suffering?

They create their own society with rules, recreation, and both physical and spiritual development. They tell jokes, establish friendships, and do a lot of laughing. It‘s in our nature as human beings, to make the best of our circumstances.

If a person was born in prison, his life would be so natural that there would be no basis upon which to believe that there was anything at all wrong. The child wouldn‘t like his circumstances, but he would feel happy most of the time. Whether or not a prisoner experiences relative happiness, he or she is still in prison, and the same applies to all of us regarding the hell world we live in.

Mormons are taught, and m