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Super Size Me Please ~ Obesity What's Making America FAT?



"Discover the Causes and Preventive Measures You Can Take to Slow Down This Disease"...




by Terry Clark




Table of Content


1. Why Women Are Most Affected by Obesity

2. Why Diets often do not Work

3. When to See the Doctor about Weight Gain

4. What Causes Obesity

5. Understanding Obesity and Weight Loss

6. The Surgical Solution to Obesity

7. Technology and Weight Loss Management

8. Taking the Doctor’s Advice on Obesity and Weight Loss

9. Regain Your Life in Spite of Obesity

10. Preventing Obesity in Children

11. One Solution to Obesity

12. Obesity Dos and Don’ts

13. Obesity and Pregnancy

14. Obesity and Osteoarthritis

15. Natural Ways to Lose Weight

16. Medical Conditions that can Cause Obesity

17. Meal Planning for Obese Persons

18. Lose Weight with Home Exercises

19. Lose Weight with Herbal Products

20.  Lose Weight the Therapeutic Way

21. Lose Weight by Eating the Right Way

22. Liposuction to Treat Obesity

23. Is There Effective Obesity Treatment

24. How to Keep that Weight Off

25. Gastric Banding - Does it Work

26. Dangers of Obesity in Seniors

27. Comparing Obesity in Developed and Undeveloped Countries

28. Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity

29. Benefits of Weight Loss

30. Are You Obese

31. All about Stomach Stapling

32. Apple peel – A possible treatment for obesity

33. Is It My Fault That My Child Is Obese

34. New Study Links Obesity to Periodontitis

35. Capsiplex Plus - The Answer To The Growing Obesity Crisis

36. 7 strategies to stop eating junk food

37. Presidential Fitness Challenge: A Right Step To Curb Obesity

38. Drugs Which Work For Obese Adults May Not Work For Obese Teens

39. How Stress Can Cause Obesity

40. Are Wii Kidding Ourselves


Resources for Treating Obesity (recommendation)






2008 was at 34% -- It's now 2014, what do you think the hamburgers would look like now? Yeah! Enough said.



#1. Why Women Are Most Affected by Obesity


What is the percentage of obese women compared to the percentage of obese men? Generally, this percentage is slightly higher. This is because the body of a woman is different compared to the body of a man. Under normal circumstances, women have 25% more fat compared to men. On the other hand, the fact is that women do most of the household chores from washing clothes to cooking and shopping. This helps them remain more active. Their fat breaks down faster than the fat in men and this contributes toward a leaner body.


However, women still remain at the same level of risk, when it comes to obesity. After childbirth women tend to gain more fat and become fatter than men. This is quite natural because even after the baby is born, a woman’s food intake is not reduced immediately. Still, with the baby being born, the woman is once again on her feet attending to the daily chores, like before.


Despite this, with no further medical attention being given to the woman in the prime of her life, she slowly starts accumulating fat all over her body. However, unless there is a serious problem, women do not tend to become naturally obese with the passing of time. Female hormones from time to time tend to play a role in weight gain, but it is insignificant, unless the hormonal imbalance is serious.


Distorted estrogen levels and the regulation of other hormones may be significant contributors to obesity too. Other important weight gain contributors are the consumption of alcohol and smoking of cigarette. These are significant obesity contributors and can have a serious negative effect on the overall health of women.


Given their specific anatomy, there has to be a specific comprehensive weight loss program for women. Yoga provides an excellent method for preventing the fat accumulation in the body. Aerobic exercises and swimming are also considered equally good fat busters. As long as working out is done at regular time intervals it will have a superb effect on the overall health of the woman.


What is needed to prevent obesity is a massive campaign that can spread the word around effectively. One must understand that consuming plenty of fried foods at one point in time can have disastrous results in the future. Oil, irrespective of the state and the form it comes in, is still oil. If such facts can be kept in mind, a significant step can be taken in eradicating obesity.



#2. Why Diets often do not Work


Obesity is the leading health concern in the world. Regrettably, people are trying in vain to lay their hands on a perfect diet plan that will work in helping them shed the extra body weight. Each day a new diet plan emerges on the market, but it doesn't end up working for all.


Each individual is different and has different requirements, so it is best that we follow a customized diet plan that is designed based on our age, gender and health problems. This is the only way in which we can adopt a perfect diet plan that matches our individual needs.

The real problem is that all diet plans do not work for all. Usually diet plans fail because when people follow a diet plan, they actually eat in way that is not natural for them in general. This creates physiological and psychological problems.


Research shows that when people diet, they end up gaining more weight. Diets usually fail because they make the obese person feel hungry and depressed. When your calorie count is cut, you are sure to feel hungry. This results in hunger pangs and cravings. You may be trying to avoid foods that are high in sugar and fat, but you feel like you cannot resist these. The human mind reacts badly to restricted food intake and to forbidden foods and so you end up eating more and unhealthier foods. Your metabolism also gets damaged due to continuous dieting. The slowing of metabolism may result in weight gain and even in more serious health issues.


At times the diets don’t work because obesity may be a result from the intake of certain medications that you may be using for treatment pattern. Some people suffer from obesity due to a medical problem. That is why it’s best for you to get a medical examination that can show what the actual cause of your obesity is. Finding the causes is the best way to deal with the problem. You will be able to follow a specifically designed healthy diet plan, only after understanding the root cause of your obesity.


Some people turn obese because they are emotional eaters. Once they feel depressed, they end up overeating and thus gain weight. As diets don’t address the emotional factors that lead to overeating, they fail to produce results. Another reason why diets often fail is because they are standardized. They do not meet the individual's nutritional needs that can help for the balancing of their emotional state.


In general, diets fail because they are not designed to suit the specific individual. This is in fact the issue that affects dieters all over the globe. Their diet plans don’t work for reducing their body weight. Even though they think they are losing weight by eating less and following strenuous exercises, all is in vain.


All diets are standardized and they don’t consider your individual physiology and metabolism. They actually adopt a cookie cutter approach, which may not be suitable for you. If this is the case, the diet plan fails to help you lose weight.


The dieters never stop dieting and this helps the dieting industry make huge profits. They try to make people believe that being thin is equal to success, but this is definitely not the case. At times, the average dieter is not overweight, but still needs to reduce a little weight, so he/she always keep dieting.


If you really want to lose weight, it is essential that you follow the experts' advice. These professionals are educated enough to guide you to a perfect diet plan that will work for your particular body physiology and will help you maintain your body weight all the time.


It is important for you to choose a specific diet plan that is right for you. Research all your options and compare them to one another. In this way, you can get the best diet plan that will work for reducing your obesity, as you get the chance to compare the different features of the different options. You can readily look at the foods that you should eat and how often you should eat to make up your mind. In this way, you will end up with a perfect diet plan that suits your individual needs and works in your favor to help you lose weight.



#3. When to See the Doctor about Weight Gain


It is not typical for doctors to suggest contacting them in case a weight problem arises. If it were, this would have caused a general sense of fear among the population since the majority of people do not have the perfect body weight, to say the least. Of course it takes a pinch of common sense to decide if you need to see your GP. Still, just in case, here are some of the cases when it is necessary to visit your doctor:


• The first reason for seeing your doctor is when you mysteriously gain weight, given that your eating habits or routine training have not changed drastically. There may be other symptoms including exhaustion and weakness. If this is the case, you should probably arrange to visit your GP.


• In case you are quite above the average body weight (over 30 BMI, for example) it is a must for you to visit your doctor. He will most likely prescribe you a change of lifestyle, usually a special eating regime and exercise. You may also be referred to a weight control specialist or a local fitness club. It is a common practice for obese patients to be prescribed a daily sports agenda at some of the local swimming pools or sport halls.


• Obese people are more prone to health problems. This is the main reason why they should consider visiting their GP. Many of us have tried to solve the problem by ourselves, but this usually leads nowhere or backfires. So, visiting your general practitioner may assist you in coping with this issue.


• It is also possible for you to have an eating disorder. In this case, it is mandatory that you visit your doctor.


• If you are planning to become a mom in near future, visiting you doctor is a must, if you are prone to weight gain.


Many general practitioners are not as compassionate as they should be with obese people. Yet a few minutes of informative consultation with an overweight patient may produce amazing results. At the same time, this short lecture can provide people with motivation to have a healthier lifestyle. There is also a possibility that you need no physician at all and that your problem might get fixed with a few visits to a weight loss club to shed a few pounds or so.  Give it a try you have to lose but weight!







#4. What Causes Obesity


Obesity is a condition in which the body weight exceeds the maximum normal weight for a given age and height. It is associated with other challenges, such as social stigma and weight related illnesses, such as hypertension, heart disease or gout.


Here are some causes of obesity and information to aid in preventing it. There are strategies for achieving weight loss in a relatively short period of time. First and foremost, we need to understand that obesity can either develop because of lifestyle factors or hereditary factors. In the case of the latter cause, the ability to control the condition may be limited. This is often the case where you find a family of overweight individuals.


There could be a gene that makes them able to efficiently convert food substrate into glucose, but makes their metabolism poor. This leads to excess glucose storage and, therefore, an increase in body fat. The good thing about having knowledge of such family factors is that you can do something to control them. It is often said we only need to fear that which we do not know. Once you know that your family is exposed to the risk of obesity then you need to choose a lifestyle that will minimize weight gain.


Lifestyle factors that cause obesity are largely related to food or eating habits. Food nutrients are categorized as carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals and vitamins. Carbohydrates and fats are important sources of energy. However, if they are taken in excess to what the body needs, this will result in excessive storage of the extra glucose in the adipose tissues.


These tissues are the linings that surround body organs such as the skin, heart, liver, kidneys and so forth. Foods that are rich in processed fats, such as French fries and foods rich in simple sugars (presented in already digestible forms) such as chocolate are even worse. These are foods that you must avoid.


Therefore, strategies for weight loss should be based on the factors discussed above. Find out if you are predisposed to obesity because of genetic composition. Next is to avoid foods that are likely to give you more calories than you are able to burn. It is important that you avoid a sedentary lifestyle.


Take the stairs instead of the lift. Spare some time to jog at least twice a week. Also, avoid stress by taking breaks from work and taking only tasks that you can manage.




#5. Understanding Obesity and Weight Loss


A clear study of statistics from The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the US shows that out of the total population in the country today close to 73% of people fall under the category "obese" in one way or the other. Obesity is defined as being grossly overweight with a body mass index greater than the overall mass.


That said, it is now necessary to understand the causes of the massive obesity that the US is burdened with. What is actually happening is this - with more and more machines and electronics coming in to rule the lives of human beings, there is less need to be physically active and to do the manual work on your own. For instance, a person living on the 64th floor of an apartment building would never even think of using the stairs, since there are speedy plush elevators to do the job effortlessly for him. Machines are making people lazier and lethargic by the day and the end result is devastating.


If these figures are to be further examined, you will get some of the most startling facts found so far. It cannot be easily believed that one out of every three children in the US is overweight. The reduction in the outdoor games and the welcoming of the internet, the video games and the high tech gadgets are all factors responsible for the urge to stay on the sofa and be a couch potato right from the early years of one’s life. This coupled with unhealthy eating habits and the consumption of junk foods and soft drinks has been taking a massive toll in health. Children are no longer attracted to running outdoors. Still, a ninety-minute game of soccer once a week would help set everything right and the children would be able to see for themselves the beneficial change in their bodies.


While obesity is being currently measured through the BMI (Body Mass Index), it is now an accepted fact that the BMI calculator is not wholly accurate. The BMI of a person with height more than 6’ may not give the true percentile, unless you try to measure him physically. Honestly, that would be quite unnecessary. With BMI or without BMI, the fact remains that the country is in danger of an obesity epidemic. This is a serious condition and unless immediately treated, it would have widespread ramifications on the entire population and the economy of the country.



#6. The Surgical Solution to Obesity


For those who are looking for a way out of the pot belly situation, there is a ray of hope from the medical field. There is one surgery that can be performed now and that can actually help you in reducing your food intake. In this way, your unhealthy eating habits can be immediately curtailed. What the surgeon does while you are under complete body anesthesia, is to open the stomach, snip the end off and tie it up, so that the stomach size is reduced. In turn, the craving for food will be less.


This has proved to work for many obese people around the world. That is why this surgery is being highly sought after. Various hospitals are specializing in this sort of surgery and are admitting patients by the numbers, so that each of them can have a better chance to live longer without health complications related to obesity.


While this is all right from the weight loss standpoint, it must be clearly understood that surgery is in no way the ultimate solution. You will have to stick to a regular routine of exercise as well. If early morning exercise is impossible for you due to your hours of work, you can always plan your workouts in the evening and at the weekend. The fact is that you will have to exercise a lot to stay fit after the surgery.


Human body muscles are designed in such a specific manner. If they remain idle for a certain amount of time, they are likely to get lethargic and create a number of problems for you. Obesity is one of them. Obesity is nothing that comes from the outside. It is very much created by the person who has it.


Food intake is also to blame for obesity. The faster you swallow your food without chewing it, the bigger the risk of getting obese is. This is because the food will undergo only a small breaking up in the stomach. This is the beginning of weight gain and obesity.


If you have obesity, you will find numerous shops selling you weigh loss pills as well. Similarly, there are a lot of weight loss centers. You may find one of those facilities that will actually guide you to get leaner, but again, do not go in for any program that promises you weight loss in no time. Surgery combined with the age old custom of exercising is just about enough to keep obesity at bay and weight under control.



#7. Technology and Weight Loss Management


Obesity and weight loss are the main topics on many of the most visited websites. This is because these are problems not only in developed countries, but in the quickly developing countries as well. Given that obesity is a problem that is not easy to fix, it has stretched the imagination of scientists to try and find more advanced solutions. These are solutions that are designed to reduce obesity and to produce success in weight loss. However, technological advances have played a double edged sword role in both advancing and limiting obesity and weight loss programs.


There are instances when technology has increased the probability of becoming obese due to promotion of lifestyle that is sedentary and associated with poor eating habits. Take the cell phone, for example. While it is a technology that is revolutionizing communication, it has improved efficiency in communication to the extent of reducing the need to travel. One can now order goods and foods, perform banking transactions, send letters and have a video conferencing without leaving the room or even the desk. All these encourage sedentary lifestyle, which promotes being weight gain and obesity.


The same internet-based technology that enables all of the above functions to occur has worked in favor of management of obesity and weight loss. A good example is the Childhood Overweight Bio-Repository Center in Australia. It has begun collecting data on children, both anthropometric and clinical.


This information is used to predict the probability of a child developing obesity allowing early prevention or adequate management measures to be taken. Parents post the data online using internet technology. Epigenetic information, posted on internet after blood tests are done, also helps in predicting the probability of a child developing obesity. It also gives an ideal about the nutritional management required.


Internet technology has also been used by the emerging ‘behavioral economics’ to leverage consumer psychology and make it easier to eat less. For example, major restaurants can place a discussion on healthy foods at forum on Facebook or Twitter. In this way, they are encouraging people to order certain foods. Healthier food items placed on feature pages of major newspapers almost immediately increase the chances of such foods being ordered in restaurants.


If it were not for the internet, it would have been impossible for such information to reach huge audiences and change perceptions on good eating habits in a short period of time.


Generally, the fact that it is easier to get information on better obesity management and weight loss is one great benefit of advancing technology. This should be embraced and made more easily available to those seeking to manage obesity.



##8. Taking the Doctor’s Advice on Obesity and Weight Loss


As the malady and the remedy for the malady, obesity and weight loss are related. Obesity means excessive weight gain. Thankfully, there are innumerable ways to lose weight through various weight loss programs. These days there are several weight loss professional services available from diet centers and cosmetic cure centers that are advertised to be effective. These centers go the extra mile in showingcasing their clients who have begun to fight obesity and have accomplished positive results. The effectiveness and the length of time the effects of these remedies last for are things that still remain a matter of debate. But at least someone somewhere has taken note of the burning issue of the day and has decided to make some money out of it.


A structured weight loss program under a doctor’s care would include several stages and factors. It starts with taking the measurement of the individual’s weight. His or her history of diseases suffered, if any, is taken into account as well. The food habits of the individual are also noted in detail. The foods the person eats are also examined to estimate the amount of calories he is consuming every day. The excessive intake of calories is the single most important contributor to weight gain and obesity.


These factors are discussed at length by the individual and his dietician and doctor. The emphasis is on how to cut down the calorie intake as much as possible. Dieticians and doctors do not generally allow the individual suffering from obesity to put his or her food priorities first. They have their own tailored solutions that they willingly present to their patients. There are subtle changes made here or there to accommodate some of the individual needs of the patient. The patient is put on a regular exercise program, which has shown to be highly effective when done religiously on a daily basis.


Still, the doctor knows how to influence and motivate the patient to move forward. Having put the alarms and the threats in place, the doctor asks the patient to report back in a month’s time so that he knows the patient’s progress. The patient has the motivation now to prove that he has been following the doctor’s advice to the T.


Unfortunately, not all patients actually take their doctor’s advice seriously enough to see the results in a few months. However, exercising and dieting are the best methods for weight loss, so it is essential for them to be taken seriously.



#9. Regain Your Life in Spite of Obesity


In today’s world, looks are everything. In fact, it is said that we often see ourselves through the eyes of others. The good news is that this is not always factual; it is usually just a perception. Therefore even when you are struggling with obesity, or being overweight, that need not take away all your joy. Obesity is not the end of the world. It is, in fact, a source of motivation to learn to be yourself and to be happy with your life. In the process, you can learn some good tricks for weight loss that can help you shed pounds effectively and quickly.


There are many articles on the internet and in magazines telling you how to cut down your weight in a few days, but many of them make you feel totally miserable. You need not feel guilty about being obese. This article will focus on how to retain or regain self-esteem when faced with obesity. This is often the most important element that is required to manage obesity and achieve weight loss.


The rationale behind self-esteem as an essential element for weight loss and is based on psychological studies. These prove a relationship between the brain and muscle development. What you think of yourself or of a situation will trigger the production of specific hormones and enzymes. These either increase the conversion of glucose into glycogen (fat) under the adipose tissues (the skin) or break down the fats under the skin and around other tissues and convert it into glucose for production of energy. Therefore it is important for you to think of yourself positively when you are obese. Do not think it’s the end of the world.


Therefore a precursor to having effective weight loss to manage obesity is to feel good about yourself. Dress up in clothes that fit you and make your weight look appealing. This will give you the confidence to walk in the streets and go to the gym and experience weight loss fast!


Make jokes about your weight. Do not sit there and wait for others to make fun of your weight. This is the only way you avoid sulking and getting into a bad mood. After all, anyone can become obese. In some instances, it is genetic as it runs in your family and you are not to blame, period!


Cheer up. It is the first medication for dealing with obesity and having successful weight loss.



#10. Preventing Obesity in Children


Obesity has become a worldwide problem, especially in children. Pediatricians and researchers have identified various obesity related diseases in children, like diabetes and high blood pressure, which were once considered adult diseases. We need to understand the basic causes of this problem and adopt preventive measures that can help eradicate it from our children’s life.


It is known that obesity can be a result from different factors, ranging from lifestyle to genetics. Still, it usually occurs when children start to consume more calories than required by their body. The extra calories are accumulated as fat in the body, increasing the body weight and causing harmful health effects in the affected individual’s life.


It looks as if obesity has spread like an epidemic among children. The main problem seems to be that youngsters are indulging in unhealthy eating habits and leading a sedentary lifestyle, which makes them inactive. Children become obese with no physical activity in their life that can help them burn the extra calories.


Something effective needs to be done to prevent obesity in children. Steps should be taken to reverse this trend and prevent it from becoming an even more widespread problem. We are shortening the life span of our children by just sitting back and allowing them to become obese. Recognition of the factors that lead to obesity in children will help you prevent or eradicate it from the lives of your children forever. We should learn to draw the line between what is healthy and what is obese as this is the only way we can maintain a healthy balance in the life of our kids.


At times, it is parents who stuff their children with excess food thinking that they are in a growing stage and need more food. However, the real fact is that the energy expenditure that is needed for a healthy growth is only about 2 % of the daily energy expenditure. So, keeping this in mind we should try to determine the exact amount of food that children require, so that they can be healthy and active and not obese. Forcing your children to eat beyond their natural needs will teach them to overeat from a very young age. This will certainly have disastrous complications.


At times parents also try to force diets on their children that are too lo

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