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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Chapter 3 -

The Silver Lining: Putting it all into perspective


Silver is getting a reputation for being the silver lining in the cloud for its impressive track record. It is the guardian angel of the so-called "heavy metals"

keeping company with lead, mercury, cadmium, and gold.

Unlike its heavy metal cousins, you’ll be relieved to know, silver is surprisingly non-toxic to people and animals. And unlike the other heavy metals, silver has been around as a successful medical and public health prescription of treatment dating back 6000 years!

We live in an age of miracle drugs that have replaced the prevalent awareness and endorsement of colloidal silver.

It’s time to get closely reacquainted with this guardian angel.

The first known silver colloidal suspension used as a medication dates as far back as 1896.

The germicidal properties of silver, although not

recognized as such, have been utilized since the

times of the ancient Mediterranean and Asiatic

cultures in surgical treatment of wounds and

broken bones. N.R. Thompson

The FDA has stated that because Colloidal silver is (by fifty years) a

pre-1938 drug, it may continue to be marketed. (Sept. 13, 1991, letter

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

received from consumer safety officer Harold Davis, U.S., Food and Drug


Moreover, the FDA has no jurisdiction regarding a pure, mineral


This is important documentation, in light of any other agency jurisdiction of regulation they might claim to have.

Listed below are the organisms as documented pre-1938 uses of silver particularly in a colloidal form:

1. Anthrax Bacilli

2. Appendicitis (post-op)

3. Axillae and blind boils of the neck

4. B. Coli

5. B. Coli Communis

6. B. Dysenteria

7. B. Tuberculosis

8. Bacillary Dysentery

9. Bladder Irritation

10. Blepharitis

11. Boils

12. Bromidrosis in axillae

13. Bromidrosis in Feet

14. Burns and Wounds of the Cornea

15. Cerebro-spinal Meningitis

16. Chronic Cystitis

17. Chronic Eczema of anterior nares

18. Chronic Eczema of metus of ear

19. Colitis

20. Cystitis

21. Dacryocystitis

22. Dermatitis suggestive of Toxemia

23. Diarrhea and Diptheria, Diplococcus

24. Dysentery

25. Ear infections

26. Enlarged prostate

27. Epiditymitis

28. Erysipelas

29. Eustachian tubes (potency restored)

30. Follicular Tonsillitis

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

31. Furunculosis

32. Gonococcus

33. Gonorrhea

34. Gonorrheal Conjunctivitis

35. Gonorrheal Ophthalmia

36. Gonorrheal Prostatic Gleet

37. Hemorrhoids

38. Hypopyon Ulcer

39. Impetigo

40. Infantile Disease

41. Infected ulcers of the cornea

42. Inflammatory Rheumatism

43. Influenza

44. Interstitial Keratitis

45. Intestinal troubles

46. Lesion Healing

47. Leucorrhea

48. Meniere’s Symptoms

49. Nasal Catarrh

50. Nasopharyngeal Catarrh (reduced)

51. Edematous enlargement of turbinates without true hyperplasia

52. Offensive discharge of chronic suppuration in Otitis Media

53. Ophthalmology

54. Opthalmic practices

55. Para-Typhoid

56. Paramecium

57. Perineal Eczema

58. Phlegmons

59. Phlyctenular conjunctivitis

60. Pneumococci

61. Pruritis Ani

62. Puerperal Septicaemia

63. Purulent Ophthalmia of infants

64. Pustular Eczema of scalp

65. Pyorrhea Alveolaris (Riggs Disease)

66. Quinsies

67. Rhinitis

68. Ringworm of the body

69. Scarlatina

70. Sepsis

71. Septic Tonsilitis

72. Septic Ulcers of the legs

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

73. Septicemia

74. Shingles

75. Soft sores

76. Spring Catarrh

77. Staphyloclysin (inhibits)

78. Staphylococcus Pyogenea

79. Staphylococcus Pyogens Albus

80. Staphylococcus Pyogens Aureus

81. Streptococci

82. Subdues inflammation

83. Suppurative Appendicitis (post-op)

84. Tinea Versicolor

85. Tonsilitis

86. Typhoid

87. Typhoid Bacillus

88. Ulcerative Urticaria

89. Urticaria suggestive of toxaemia

90. Valsava’s inflammation

91. Vincent’s Angina

92. Vorticella

93. Warts

94. Whooping Cough

95. More recent articles have described silver being used to treat: 96. Adenovirus 5

97. Aspergillus Niger

98. Bacillius Typhosus

99. Bovine Rotovirus


Candida Albicans


Endamoeba Histolytica


Escherichia Coli


Legionella Pneumophila


Poliovirus 1 (Sabin strain)


pseudomonas Aeruginosa




Spore-forming Bacteria


Staphylococcus Aureus


Streptococcus Faecalis


Vegetative B. Cereus cells

Keep in mind that this list is representative of documented disease conditions and pathogenic agents against which colloidal silver was shown to be effective prior to 1938. This is a partial list of the 650 different disease-causing

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

pathogenic microorganisms against which colloidal silver has demonstrated success.


1. Colloidal Silver is classified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Pre-1938 Drug as long as it is manufactured in the original manner, advertised, and labeled for the same use as in Pre-1938. We represent no other claims for colloidal silver.

2. Pre-1938 uses may not be represented, except as anecdotal events by persons intimately familiar with the claim, and may not represent us, our officers or associates in any post 1938 claims.

3. This informational article has been included to provide a documented overview of the known pre-1938 uses, advertisements, and manufacturing methods of a colloid of silver. The value, benefits, and results of colloidal silver are dependent on the age, general health, weight and the specific metabolism of the user. The responsibility for recommending specific dosage lies with the user.

BIOPROTECT TIP: As in the pre-1938 period, various applications continue to include oral, topical, injection, nasal, ear or eye drops and it

can be used on other sensitive tissues. Applications of Colloidal Silver are as varied as the injuries themselves because they are so friendly to soft tissues, the eyes and skin.

Though colloidal silver is inorganic and vitamin C is organic, there are similarities between them. True colloids of silver contain an electrically charged trace element of silver particles that remain suspended in a solution indefinitely.

Like vitamin C, if a person ingests more than is necessary, the excess silver is shunted out of the body through the mechanism of metal enzymes. You cannot overdose on true colloidal silver.

Colloids of silver that require a "stabilizer" indicate that the particles are too big and the charge cannot maintain the silver in a dispersed state.

In true colloids the charge keeps the particles evenly distributed and they do not settle out. Why? Because the particles of a true colloid of silver (1-100 billionth of a meter in size) are small enough not to be affected by gravity.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

Pre-1938 Silver potency for colloidal silver was as high as 500 parts per million, and that was in a laboratory environment. However, scientists of that period still diluted the product 10, 20 even 50 times in order to gain the optimum level.

Today, through modern technology colloidal silver particles can be produced so small they can be suspended in a clear water solution almost non-detectable to the human eye. A laser beam will show no deflection when passed through a pure suspended solution of Colloidal Silver in a dark room test.

The modern era of Silver usage began in 1893, when C. Von Nageli reported the first systematic investigation into the lethal effects of metals [especially silver]

towards bacteria and lower life forms.

The dichotomy is that only primitive life forms perish in the presence of oligodynamic silver. This silver is as toxic as the most powerful chemical disinfectants and amazingly with relative harmlessness to animal life and is therefore greatly respected as a powerful antibacterial drug.

The term "oligodynamic" means a solution in which the metal ion density is many grades of size below that which would be lethal to higher life forms.

From 1900 to the beginning of the modern antibiotic era - circa 1940 with the introduction of sulfa drugs - silver was one of the mainstays of medical practice in Europe and America.

The catalog of illnesses treated with antibiotics does not even begin to exhaust the published medical uses for Silver in Europe and America between the years 1900 and 1940. In 1939 Hill and Pillsbury listed 94 different exclusive silver preparations in use up to that time.

Unlike antibiotics, Silver is an "equal opportunity destroyer" because it doesn't discriminate -- it effectively kills germs of all major types: gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoal parasites.

Then came along a new era. Silver rapidly fell into neglect and the medical

'recall abyss', as it was replaced first by sulfa drugs, then penicillin (post WWII), and since then by hundreds of specialized antibiotics.

By the second half of the 20th century we seemed to gain ground on most of the ancient afflictions. By the late 1980's, antibiotics were so successful research slowed in the R & D department. We were lulled to sleep thinking that

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

there was no longer any need for progressive development to keep up with the ages. By the 1990's the picture began to shift once more.

Due to an antibiotic-accelerated evolution of microbes, more and more germ species previously controlled by antibiotics began to develop ways to resist antibiotics. This in turn gave rise to so-called 'super-germs'.

The popularity of antibiotics lent itself to overuse by doctors due to patient demand, so much so that they were used for sickness where it was not prudent to do so and where they had no effect, that is, common viral diseases such as cold and flu.

Often patients failed to complete the full course of their prescribed antibiotics, which led to mutated strains of germs, germs that could recover and develop resistance to antibiotics. How well we know this vicious cycle. It has been witnessed over and over again in our lifetime with a cycle of infections that persist and only seem to come back more virulent than the first go round. To complicate matters, consider how the widespread use of low-level antibiotics in animal feed to increase farmer's profits (40% of U.S. antibiotics go into animal feed) have contributed to the development of increased antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. Some common (and dangerous) germs such as Staph aureus (found especially in hospitals) are now known to be resistant to all but one antibiotic-vancomycin - and soon are expected to be vancomycin-resistant as well.

Documented CDC research shows evidence that "in 1992, 13,300 hospital patients died [in the U.S.] of bacterial infections that resisted the antibiotics fired at them."

Thanks to NAFTA, widespread international air travel, eco-tourism to exotic third-world forests and islands, and massive migration of third-world immigrants to Europe and America, hosts of exotic diseases once isolated to small areas of the planet are now showing up all over the world. Malaria and the Ebola viruses as well as Shigella are surfacing once again in the U.S.

The most alarming synopsis that may present a need for a powerful, broad-spectrum anti-microbial such as silver is the late 1990's threat of bio-terrorism.

There is a good possibility, in light of the latest technology, that those supergerms, when released, have been produced in sophisticated bio-warfare labs, most likely genetically altered to make them resistant to the antibiotics normally used to treat that species of germ.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

The most popular antibiotics used to treat Anthrax are tetracycline, doxycycline and ciprofloxacin. Anthrax is the number one favorite pathogen of terrorists worldwide.

BIOPROTECT TIP: It is interesting to note that silver, both in liquid solution and as an airborne-aerosol, has been known since 1887 to be extremely toxic to Anthrax spores.

Medical literature reports various forms of silver, at surprisingly low concentrations, routinely kills germs that are known to be antibiotic-resistant.

Most antibiotics have an optimal effectiveness against only a few different disease germs; even broad-spectrum antibiotics may kill only 10-20 different types of bacteria.

Most antibiotics that kill bacteria will not kill fungus, yeasts, protozoal parasites or viruses; antifungal antibiotics will not kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.

Virtually all known viruses are immune to virtually all known antibiotics.

We have come full circle from pre 1938 to 2001 with respect to health and medicine regarding infectious organisms, with full knowledge of how they can disrupt our way of life. And yet, there is always a silver lining in every cloud. For thousands of years, silver was the hidden ingredient utilized by knowledgeable healers such as Pliny the Elder and Paraselsus to fight infection.

BIO-PROTECT TIP: Hundreds of documented laboratory studies have confirmed that colloidal silver can resolve or mitigate more than 650

types of infections, often with greater effectiveness than drugs, and without the side effects or the exorbitant cost of drugs.

Silver Solution PLUS!

Find out more about this NEW SUPER 22 ppm Silver Solution! This is the only

commercially prepared colloidal silver product shown to kill the up to 99% of anthrax spores!! Click here to find out more and take advantage of the pre-order special ---

No home should be without it!

Don’t confuse the use of a prescription drug, a protein compound that contained silver and colloidal silver itself. They are two entirely different things.

Hydrochloric acid, for example, is something entirely different than water and table salt, yet hydrochloric acid is composed of the elements found in water and

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

table salt. Pure colloidal silver is simply a superfine suspension of submicroscopic silver particles in water.

Considering the origins of Western medicine it is easy to see how confusion and panic abound as we face the threat of bio-terrorism, cancer, mysterious energy disturbance illnesses, growing numbers of chronic degenerative diseases and increasing childhood mortality. As a nation we are illness and symptom oriented, not prevention oriented.

It is prevention that makes it possible for you to fight something you

cannot see before you even know it’s there.

Once you regain nuggets of wisdom that were lost, everything makes sense and it all falls into place. We see that centuries of hidden jewels of wisdom that had gone by the wayside are now coming back to us full circle in a very timely fashion.


Silver is the guardian angel of all heavy metals and its use dates back 6,000 years.

• The FDA states that colloidal silver, a pre-1938 drug, may continue to be marketed and has no jurisdiction regarding a pure mineral element.

• Anthrax bacilli is first in the list of 650 organisms consisting of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc. that were documented as being treatable with silver.

• Colloidal silver has many applications; oral, topical, injection, nasal, ear and eye drops. It is the equal opportunity destroyer, with many

similarities to Vitamin C. You cannot overdose.

• Silver was replaced by sulfa drugs, then penicillin.

• The 1990’s became the era of "super germs" due to an antibiotic evolution of microbes.

• In 1992 13,300 hospital patients died of bacterial infections that resisted antibiotics. Most antibiotics are effective against only 10-20 different types of bacteria and they do not kill fungus, yeast, protozoal parasites or viruses. Antifungal antibiotics will not kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and so forth.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• Medical literature reports that silver routinely kills germs that are known to be antibiotic resistant.

• From pre-1938 to 2001 we have come full circle with health and medicine.

There is a silver lining regarding infectious organisms and how they can disrupt our lives. Silver provides us with a powerful, broad-spectrum antimicrobial solution whose resurgence is timely, considering the bio-terrorism threats we now face.

Prevention is how you can fight something you cannot see before you know it’s there.

End Note: Colloidal Silver and Argyria

Additional Information In reference to a Journal of the American Medical Association article, October 18 1995, volume 274 # 15, where cases of Argyria were cited to have been caused by silver compounds (not colloidal silver) we are including below some excerpts from the book The Micro Silver bullet? by Dr. M.

Paul Farber 1996 page XII (ISBN 1-887742-00-X) as well as links for additional reading on Argyria.

"These case history presentations represent biased and unprofessional writing.

The author's apparent inability to understand the difference between a silver nitrate, sulfide, or other silver compound demonstrates their lack of understanding basic chemical properties. The matrix, substrate, and particle size are all critical to the varied functions and reactions with use of these products."

"That is why there has not been a single case of Argyria from a properly manufactured modern day colloidal sliver product. The cases of Argyria reported in the 1920's and 1930's resulted because the technology of the day was unable to produce a colloidal silver product with a small enough particle size."

"The diameter of the capillary lumen is 4-9 microns. Therefore the body has no problem in excreting the silver particles."

For further reading on the subject of Argyria:

Colloidal Silver Toxicology

The Natural Connection, Pauline Bellecci, MD


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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

N.R. Thompson, Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 5, ch.28, Elmsford, N.Y.: Pergamon Press, 1973.

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T. Berger et al (1976) "Antifungal Properties of Electrically Generated Silver Ions" Antimicrob Agents Chemother 10, 856-60.

Keep reading, listening and learning…

It is part of the cure to want to be cured. Seneca

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Chapter 4 -

How Toxic Are You?

Note: All information posted in this chapter is the opinion of the author

and is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed

as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer

medical advice in the United States. Consult the health practitioner of

your choice for medical care and advice.

Over the past 30 years, while applying my nursing and alternative health knowledge and continuing my education, I have had the privilege of touching many lives. I have learned from my clients as well. Hundreds of friends, family members, business associates and clients have, over time, helped me to see a pattern of the fabric of daily life defined by the 21st century and how it makes us sick or well.

I marvel that it is the little things that make a difference. The smallest habits, choices and lifestyle preferences can make or break our health, our psyche, our attitude, our future, our life.

It is going back to the basics and the very simple components of life that, when powerfully pure and real, bring life and health to us. Our quandary lies in the extent to which these things are taken for granted in our daily lives, so much so that as they erode we do not see the negative impact on our health of mind, body and spirit, until it is too late.

I am amazed at how we accept a "new normal" as needed; a "new normal" that makes below average health, attitudes, emotional, mental and spiritual health

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

okay, a "new normal" that we use as our measuring stick for establishing acceptable standards. These "new normals" impact our capacity to live life to it’s fullest, never seeing that we left those high standards that allow us to live optimally in the first place.

On more than one occasion I have heard a client exclaim, "I’m healthy!" By the time we finished the evaluations it wasn’t usually the case. One client told me "I hadn’t realized that I had become accustomed to so many aches and pains as allowable every day well being. I’m dumbfounded to find out I don’t have to put up with this miserable dilemma!"

The accepted "health norm" these days includes aches and pains, migraine headaches, recurrent sinus and allergy problems, depression, hip and knee problems, asthma, upper respiratory infections, colds, flu, high or low blood pressure or blood sugar, fibromyalgia, degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, constipation, chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate, poor memory, constant pain in back and neck, hip problems, severe indigestion and insomnia.



Our bodies are wonderfully made. We have the amazing capacity to acclimate, adapt, find a middle course, and use our intellect to handle all encumbrances that come into our life. Stress can be good or bad, fire can be beneficial or destructive. Too much cold or too little makes all the difference. They can be advantageous or harmful in kind.

By experience I more often than not see a treadmill of busyness in daily living -

the danger lies in the development of a dullness in our perception to the deeper needs of the mind, body and spirit. The first thing I do is to bring my clients back to the basics. The real basics, like pure air and water, live food, a healthy colon, detoxification, antioxidant protection, mental and emotional well-being practices, and exercise.

Below you will find a measuring stick that is appropriate for our concern of present day BioLiving and the need to know if our immune system is strong with every potential ability to fight disease pathogens.

Remember, you can’t pour dirty water into a clean vessel and get clean water.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

HOW TOXIC ARE YOU? (take this test and find out.)

Yes No

____ ____ 1. Have you felt fatigued now and then for no apparent reason?

____ ____ 2. Do you sometimes feel "wooden" and lifeless?

____ ____ 3. Do you feel less alert than you used to?

____ ____ 4. Do you sometimes get a feeling of lightheadedness or a feeling of being "spaced out"?

____ ____ 5. Do you feel irritable without reason or cause?

____ ____ 6. Do you have less energy/vitality than you used to?

____ ____ 7. Do you find it difficult to get excited about people or things?

____ ____ 8. Do you find you feel anxious but don’t know why?

____ ____ 9. Do you have trouble learning new things even when you are interested in them?

____ ____ 10. Tea, coffee, pop, sugar, smoking or alcohol in your diet?

Any addictions??

____ ____ 11. Convenience or processed meals or foods?

____ ____ 12. White bread (flour), white lard (saturated oils), dairy, extra salt?

____ ____ 13. Do you live in or close to a major city or highway?

____ ____ 14. Do you live under a busy flight path?

____ ____ 15. Do you live near fields that are regularly sprayed?

____ ____ 16. Do you often swim in a pool containing chlorinated water?

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

____ ____ 17. Do you use a mobile phone, palm device or laptop?

____ ____ 18. Have you recently had your house treated?

____ ____ 19. Do you have central heating or air conditioning?

____ ____ 20. Have you recently bought soft furnishings, especially those with ‘stain resistant’ finishes?

____ ____ 21. Do you have your clothes dry-cleaned regularly?

____ ____ 22. Is the paintwork in your house very old or have you recently repainted?

____ ____ 23. Do you use synthetic air fresheners?

____ ____ 24. Do you use pesticides in your house or garden?

____ ____ 25. Do you use large amounts of bleach, detergent,

household cleaners or disinfectants?

____ ____ 26. Do you live near a power station or within half a mile of high-voltage overhead power cables?

____ ____ 27. Do you work with a computer?

____ ____ 28. Do you live in an area where the underlying rock is granite, shale or sedimentary rock?

____ ____ 29. Do you cook or heat your house with gas-powered

appliances or use a microwave or electric heating pads or blankets?

____ ____ 30. How many hours per day do you spend driving, flying, or watching TV?

____ ____ 31. Do you work under florescent bulbs?

____ ____ 32. Do you drink tap water?

If you answered "yes" to 8 or more of these questions, you could be experiencing a case of severe body pollution due to food, drink, environmental and/or chemical exposure or ingestion. If you answered "yes" to 4-7 of the

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

above questions, you could have considerable accumulated toxins, making you feel dull, lifeless and "wooden." If you answered "yes" to 3 or less questions you could have a level of accumulated toxins in your body affecting your ability to think clearly.

If indeed you find yourself in an unacceptable condition of toxicity then get more specific in your awareness:

1. Have you been running a low-grade fever?

2. Are you experiencing general malaise with any of the following—a vague feeling of discomfort, weakness, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, chills, or generalized aches and pains in arms, legs, head or back?

3. Is your body having inflammatory reactions of the skin, mucous membranes or glands of localized pain, heat, redness, swelling, or irritation?

It’s a good thing to strive for the reachable goal of day to day living with a 100% abundance of physical energy, to be mentally calm and in control and to have the freedom of choice that comes from feeling really good.

If your health is compromised and you answered "yes" to 8 or more questions then changes should be made so that you can better withstand exposure to toxic elements. When the body is toxic it has no ability to fight off disease. By detoxing, which means using methods that eliminate many stored toxins from your body, you also enhance the factors that allow your system to deal with toxins that cannot be eliminated, thus maintaining your health and well being.

The reasoning behind a practitioner’s assessment of all these variables in their client's life demonstrates a lesson I learned from Dr. Huggins, a very respected and renowned author and doctor from Colorado. He said "If someone is sick, their immune system will be weak. Do all you can, together, to bolster and reinforce them because they are sinking. They just don't know it yet. Your body, to compensate for this weakened immune system, is simply bailing water out of a boat to keep going, attempting to stay afloat. You get to the point where you accept the water in the boat or, with each wave you either decide to stop the bucket brigade and give up, or you try to go faster and stay ahead of the water.

Without lifestyle changes, in either case, you’re fighting a losing battle."

Based on the accepted norms of what we have come to accept as "health" we, as a species are sicker than we realize. Our fast pace of life has reduced our health to the point where we are simply masking symptoms and bailing water out of the boat, faster and faster.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

We need to control every variable in our lives that we can so that we have every advantage in getting well. A drowning man will suddenly place increased value on the "variable" of air. Even more specifically, a person trapped in a burning house will experience an increased appreciation for pure air.

Detoxify and you help your body to cope with the build up of harmful toxins in the body caused by air pollution, pesticides, chemicals, fungicides. Your immune system will become strong again.

Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine

less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less,

love more, and all good things will be yours.

Swedish Proverb


The smallest of particles of colloid of silver has been shown to knock out hundreds of pathogens.

Going back to the basics is the powerful return to life and health.

Pure air and water, live food, a healthy colon, detoxification, antioxidant protection, mental and emotional well-being practices, and exercise comprise the basic essentials for good health.

We readily accept the 'new normal' and the resulting below

average standards. This is detrimental to our quality of life but we become so accustomed to the lower standards that we are

unaware of this unhealthy predicament.

Health is more than the absence of disease. You need to feel well.

Without detoxification practices your body will not have the ability to fight off disease.

Detoxify and you help your body to cope with the build up of harmful toxins in the body caused by air pollution, pesticides, chemicals and fungicides. In doing so, you also strengthen your resistance should you be exposed to agents of bio-warfare.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Chapter 5 -


Laura Feeley had been suffering from the effects of a slipped disc in the back.

She had been prescribed 'pain killers' by an M.D. in spite of the fact that back problems are not caused by a deficiency of painkillers and in spite of the fact that painkillers are not the cure for a slipped disc. Knowing this, Laura decided to use the less powerful and less dangerous over the counter drug, Tylenol.

Laura took six (6) Tylenol in one day: two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two in the evening. For her body, in its existing condition at that time, this was enough to kill her.

Tylenol is one of the most dangerous of all over the counter (OTC) drugs because it requires that the body have a sufficient supply of a detoxifying factor called glutathione.

Glutathione is used to detoxify numerous chemicals from the body. One molecule of glutathione will bind one molecule of a pesticide (for example) and carry it out of the body in the feces.

The supply of glutathione in the body at any given moment is determined by how much the body produces versus how much of it is being used in the process of eliminating drugs and other poisons from the body.

If a body does not have enough glutathione to handle the Tylenol, one of its metabolites (a chemical produced as the Tylenol breaks down in the body) destroys the liver and this results in body death within a matter of hours after symptoms appear.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

Once symptoms appear nothing can be done to save the body short of a liver transplant. Drugs, alcohol and numerous compounds in our environments, to which we are exposed on a daily basis, use up our supply of available glutathione.

On the same day that Laura took the six Tylenol she flew from California to Tampa on an airliner that had been sprayed inside that day with a pesticide. By the time Laura arrived in Florida, severe flu symptoms had appeared. By early evening her condition had deteriorated to the point that her family had to rush her to the emergency room.

It is so common today for people to overdose on Tylenol that one of the things commonly checked for in emergency rooms is Tylenol toxicity.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the emergency room people tested her blood for Tylenol. There it was. The doctors then gave her the antidote for Tylenol poisoning to no avail. Shortly after arriving in the emergency room, Laura went into a coma. The doctors then told her husband, Dan, that she had only hours to live. The doctor then said that there was one last thing that could be done to save her and that a liver transplant which could potentially save her life.

Laura, comatose, was transferred to Tampa General Hospital as a search was begun to find a liver within 24 hours. The doctors said that her liver was dead, that it had completely shut down and that without a new one, she would be dead within that time.

This story has a happy ending but not because a liver was found in time nor because of conventional medicine. Laura returned to health using alternative therapies. To access more information about them refer to the book by Sherry Rogers M.D. "Pain Free in 6 Weeks."


1. Start with bad habits in diet and daily life – Diet Pop, Lite Yogurt, and other products which use sugar substitutes such as Aspartame and Nutri-sweet which are, believe it or not, deadly silent killers.

2. Combine toxic lifestyles (see "How Toxic Are You" assessment) with exposure to chemical pollution of every kind.

3. Then when aches and pains come because we don’t detox and

instead mask the pain with Pain Killers you get …

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

1, 2, 3…. A Dangerous Combination with spiraling complications - and you don’t know where to begin or where you started in the first place.

BIO-PROTECT TIP: If the concept of changing your lifestyle seems like a rather daunting task, start in whatever way is comfortable for you but just get started and gradually expand from there in bite-size pieces. A great beginning goal is to stop drinking tap water in any way (even as ice cubes) and start drinking pure water, and more of it. The purest and best water is created by reverse osmosis. Most of the time your local supermarket will have a water station where you can fill up your own gallon containers (buy at least one and more if you can of those blue plastic bottles that they will have in the area) and be sure to push the reverse osmosis button for type of water. It is not enough to buy pre-bottled spring, distilled, or drinking water. If you absolutely don't have access to reverse osmosis water, then distilled would be the second choice.

Surprisingly enough the defeat of our health comes in such subtle ways that no one seems to be able to pinpoint its origin. Even with my 30 years of integrated holistic knowledge I got caught in the Dangerous Triangle Phenomenon fairly recently:

IT WAS A LAZY DAY IN SUMMER. The sun was hot, the cool water felt refreshing. It was good to be alive and have the simple joys of sitting by the pool, anticipating a round of golf with friends later.

What the heck, I seldom splurged with drinking pop, but I wanted to celebrate.

"A tall glass of Diet P_____, please," I said to the attendant at the club.

That 32 oz. glass kept me company throughout the anticipated golf game. I needed the refreshment! It was extremely hot that day on the course – triple digit heat, no wind and there was a golf tournament going on.

Strangely enough, we were in mosquito country and behold! No mosquitoes, well maybe one or two - so the game was even nicer thanks to the absence of pesky bugs. Life was good.

Half way through the golf game the dizziness, sore throat and extreme weakness was hard to ignore. I never get sore throats, nor do I experience dizziness. "I’m just getting overheated," I thought to myself (yet I knew that a

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

sore throat meant a severely compromised immune system). "We only have a couple of holes left so I’ll play to the end."

How I underestimated the subtle nuances of debilitation. I was sinking fast.

That night I crawled into bed and stayed there for an entire week too sick to even eat. One emergency room visit, almost two…and I only seek medical intervention when it feels like I’m on my deathbed! Pain pills, pain shots, cold medicine, Advil, anything to get rid of the tenacious migraine headache that got worse by the minute. Oh, and I never get headaches.

It was thought that it was heat exhaustion. Never did we expect the complexity.

An amazing discovery came when my sister sent me an email telling about the Laura Feeley story. We deducted that chemical exposure had to be involved because of the sore throat, coupled with the aspartame in the diet drink, the heat index of over 86 degrees and then masking symptoms with pain killers rather than detoxing. I had entered the realm of THE DANGEROUS TRIANGLE.

Oh and yes, and because of the golf tournament that weekend the club had sprayed chemical laden pesticides to keep away the mosquitoes—all for our enjoyment!

Think twice before your selection of beverage, especially the "diet" drinks. And do not let any beverage containing aspartame get warmer than 86 degrees!

When the temperature exceeds 86 degrees methanol toxicity occurs when Aspartame converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid. It is this Aspartame poisoning that changes brain chemistry which can lead to seizures and changes in neurological and behavioral symptoms.

I discovered the information about Aspartame toxicity when it warms to 86

degrees or more in an article that was actually talking about the "fattening"

qualities of Aspartame because it makes you crave carbohydrates and will make you FAT. Dr. H.J. Roberts, diabetic specialist, stated that when he got his patients off aspartame, their average weight loss was 19 pounds per person. He reported that the formaldehyde stores in the fat cells. Interestingly enough, toxins store in fat cells as well.

BIO-PROTECT TIP: Glutathione can be taken as a supplement. Sherry A Rogers M.D., in her book, Pain Free in 6 Weeks, recommends a daily detox cocktail of 1 tsp. Of vitamin C powder in eight oz. Of water, 800

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Mg. Of glutathione, and 600 Mg. of Alpha Lipoic acid before bed to assist the body to detoxify. Her book gives drug free remedies for pain and can be found at

To continue with my story, I was desperate and sent a messenger to the local health food store to purchase the necessary ingredients for the detox cocktail.

Before bed I took one low dose of 1/5th the recommended strength (mainly because I was chicken) and during the night my two week migraine marathon came to an end and I slept soundly for the first time.

I followed up taking two doses at one third the strength for two more days and found that my extreme weakness and the headache were replaced with bounding energy and a complete absence of pain anywhere.

Now, whenever I sense the slightest hint of toxic build up (sluggishness, aches, fuzzy thinking or even a small hint of an impending headache) I take a dose of the Detox Cocktail and I’m back to 100%!

I also avoid pop, any diet substitutes in any food item, and painkillers like the plague, and golf courses! In my research I found out that the cancer and leukemia rate for golf course caretakers is 7 times higher than the norm due to all the chemicals used to make the greens and concourses so lush.

My father died at a young age of 63. He had been the perfect picture of health.

He died after only a two-month struggle with a rare bone marrow cancer that even with treatment turned into leukemia, and he then died from complications.

The Doctors at M.D. Anderson Clinic said his cancer was contracted by exposure to the strong chemicals found in weed killers that are used for lawn care.

My father was the designer and builder of the local golf course. He loved golf. If you wanted to find him, you knew to go to the golf course. When he wasn’t working he was there. When he traveled he was at a golf course, always.

Chemicals, diet drinks, and painkillers are a dangerous combination, and yet it is a readily accepted way of life: Diet pop – any kind, for a pick me up and any acetaminophen formulas to medicate and keep going.

Why do we constantly need to be jump-started? Because we are so toxic we have no energy, no freedom from aches and pains except when we mask them, and an immune system that is so bound to deadly chains that it cannot come to your defense.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

See the scenario?

Excerpts from Sunshine Sharing, Vol. 12, No. 1:

The first and foremost function of the immune system is to identify what is supposed to be part of the body, i.e., what is part of ‘me,’ and distinguish it from what doesn’t belong, i.e., what is ‘not me.’ Once something has been identified as foreign, the defensive systems can be called into play to expel the unwanted material.

This applies both to nonliving factors (chemical toxins, poisons, and pollutants) that enter the body and living organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, and parasites).

It also applies to cells in the body that have been damaged or have become deviant (i.e., cancer cells).

Although these defenses are working all the time to protect us from disease, we seldom pay attention to them—AT LEAST NOT UNTIL THEY BECOME


Since none of us like being sick, it makes sense to keep ‘well-armed troops’ at work in our body so we won’t be taken down by some ‘marauding’

microorganism or compromised by some ‘terrorist’ chemical or ‘vandalizing’ free radical.

There are ways of enhancing our body’s defenses both before we come under attack and after defenses have been breached. Specifically, there are three aspects to keeping our immune "perimeter" alert and capable so our body is always secure from the threat of invaders:

1. Enhance the production of the body’s ‘troops’, white blood cells, which kill bacteria, cancer cells, viruses and other invaders. Supply and Maintain the Troops. BIO-PROTECT TIP: Mix a catalyst water, oxygen, and colloidal silver into a spray bottle to use on skin to disinfect. Use an Aloe Vera and colloidal silver preparation for cuts and scrapes. Take colloidal silver orally. Wash your hands thoroughly and often. Use a powerful natural germicidal product for housecleaning and laundry. For our recommendations, see Chapter 8.

2. Increase the body’s eliminative capacity so it can resist environmental poisons & chemical pollutants. BIO-PROTECT TIP: Use Bentonite & Liquid Chlorophyll orally, as a mouth rinse, douche, or enema solution.

Bentonite pulls many times its own weight in toxins out of the body.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

Use Beta glucan for empowering white blood cells. Use Ionic Minerals and Oxygen saturation with daily water intake to ensure cellular health.

Colloidal silver stays in your system for 5-7 days fighting on a cellular level. Live green food supplementation is a must for ultimate cellular protection.

3. Boost the level of antioxidants to scour up harmful free radicals. Get antioxidant protection. BIO-PROTECT TIP: Detox Cocktail helps to purify the blood and carry off toxins. Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan is the star immune defender/antioxidant. Maintain high mineral and oxygen content so that your body chemistry is balanced and you can therefore keep a high antibody count. Live green food, because it is almost identical to the blood molecule, specifically nourishes the blood.


• Tylenol, plain pain killers, aspartame, and chemicals are a very dangerous toxic risk.

• Your body requires a good supply of glutathione to detoxify and avoid serious complications.

• Drugs, pop, alcohol, environmental, household and food additive chemicals, stress etc. use up our supply of "on-board" glutathione that safeguards our bodies against toxic build-up.

• Seemingly harmless bad habits plus toxic buildup from day to day living, and masking the pain of toxic build up, is the Dangerous Triangle Phenomenon.

• It's vitally important to understand how a toxic lifestyle, no matter the extent, can work against your immune system and tear down the function of bio-defense.

• There are pain free and simple Detox formulas to regain balance and 100% output.

• We don't pay attention to our body's defenses to protect us from disease until they become overwhelmed and we become sick.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• Keep well armed troops, before and after defenses are breached, by faithfully using immune boosters to assist your body in resisting environmental poisons. Don't take them for granted.


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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Chapter 6 -

Are You Wired?

Are you wired? Wired for electricity? How did you do with the "How Toxic Are You?" Assessment? The majority of my clients who have taken the test find an absolute vulnerability in the area of Electromagnetic Field Interference. If this is the case with you, then you found that you too, are at risk. This form of

"toxicity" is rarely recognized or understood in our culture. This chapter will be devoted to this form of BioLiving in our toxic, high-tech world.

Electromagnetic Field Interference (EMF) is a subject mostly overlooked and in serious need of being addressed. I'm finding that experienced Preventative Medicine Practitioners in long time service to their clients have acquired a special wisdom. Their observations will tell you that the common denominator in recovery of illness, successful maintenance, developing vitality and total energy involves the crucial undertone of EMF involvement. The key is to detect and identify the specific culprit of electromagnetic interference which results in toxic exposure, and then removing or neutralizing it's effects by replacing it with healthy magnetic frequencies instead.

Does your Doctor know that you are wired and what is he/she doing about it?

This is possibly something that our grandparents rarely encountered in their lifetime but we are totally immersed in our day and age with wired or non-wired high tech gadgets of every conceivable model that we use to make our lives easier.

Just how important is this? The ease of living presented by technology has poisoned us to the point that it may be the one hindrance that