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BioLiving in a High-Tech World

Copyright 2002 Allie Dawson

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BioLiving in a High Tech World

By Allie Dawson

All rights reserved. No part of this e-book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book the publisher and author assume no responsibility for errors or omissions.


Technical data presented here, as well as preventive procedures, medical treatments and other emergency actions inevitably reflect the author's individual beliefs. The information in this guide should therefore be used for general guidance and informational purposes only, and approached with contemplative discernment. Neither the author nor the publisher advocates any violation of current medical or other laws, nor recommends the breaking of future laws. Furthermore, the contents of this resource guide are not intended as a substitute for professional, legal or medical guidance. No attempt to provide medical advice or the practice of medicine is being made, nor should any be construed. You should always make all health care decisions, even in emergency conditions, under the guidance of a legitimate, knowledgeable and experienced health care practitioner. The author and publisher of this e-book disclaims responsibility or liability for any loss or hardship that may be incurred as a result of the use, application or misuse of any information included in BioLiving in a High-Tech World. Information printed in this report is from sources believed to be exceedingly reliable, but no guarantee, express or implied, can be made regarding absolute accuracy of same. Therefore, you should double-check all facts, figures, and formulas until you have satisfactorily determined for yourself their accuracy and reliability.


Meet the Author

Allie Dawson worked for many years as a registered nurse where she held various hospital management positions. Some of her most interesting work, however, involved alternative treatment modalities with end stage cancer patients.

Later, Allie owned and operated a health food store for several years while working concurrently as a nutritional consultant to Chiropractors across the U.S. She was also a Sports Therapist and trainer for TEAM USANational Martial Arts Team.

Allie's journey as a health practitioner has been enhanced not only by ongoing training -- she has also experienced a number of one-on-one apprenticeships with renowned doctors in cancer and sports massage therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.

Currently Allie is the owner of a health clinic, which offers Touch for Health Meridian Balancing, Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Acupressure, Active Release Techniques, Deep Tissue Sports Therapy, and Reiki. In her spare time Allie teaches Women's Self-Defense, Kickboxing, and Tai Chi.

"Complementary medicine" is the emerging health model for the 21st century --

it recognizes that physical, biochemical, psychological, spiritual and environmental

factors all play a role in governing the state of our health. Allie's integrated knowledge

of both traditional and alternative medicine provides strong guidance for those who

realize that excellent health is the result of balance between traditional and alternative

medicine and that one is incomplete without the other.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d


A Message from the Author –Disease or Health? It's Your Choice ..................2

- Introduction -.................................................................................................13

- Chapter 1 –Bio-Living: Going Where No American has Gone Before ..........18

- Chapter 2 –What’s Hippocrates Got to Do with Anything? ...........................22

- Chapter 3 -The Silver Lining: Putting it all into perspective ..........................28

- Chapter 4 -How Toxic Are You? ...................................................................39

- Chapter 5 -THE DANGEROUS TRIANGLE PHENOMENON ......................45

- Chapter 6 -Are You Wired? ..........................................................................53

- Chapter 7 – THE SURVIVAL 5 .....................................................................60

- Chapter 8 –Your Safety Net..........................................................................80

- Chapter 9 -Conclusion ..................................................................................85

Appendix A: Using BioLiving in a High-Tech World ........................................87

Appendix B: Beyond the Trauma ....................................................................91

Appendix C: Internet Links for Further Study..................................................95

Appendix D: Recommended Reading.............................................................97

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve



B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- A Message from the Author -

Disease or Health ? It's Your Choice

Prevention does not cure, but it is the better way!

PREVENTION AS DEFINED: keep from occurring, defend against, counteract, fend off, hold back, stave off, ward off; block, bar, deter, thwart, anticipate, nip in the bud, forestall, avoid, preclude, avert, veto, prohibit, rule out, intercept, sidetrack, turn aside, deflect, turn away.

CURE AS DEFINED: restore to health, make well, heal, eradicate sickness from, rid of an illness, remedy, corrective, curative treatment, means of healing, antidote.

By definition there is a distinct difference between prevention and cure.

Which would you rather experience? There is no ill treatment or harm in prevention, in keeping with that wise old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

In BioLiving in a High-Tech World I refer to a paradigm shift taking place between Alternative Medicine and Western Orthodox Medicine. Alternative Medicine holds an entirely different premise on health with it's focus being on wellness and the healing power of nature as well as the intrinsic total restorative powers of the body (which is why the name "Holistic" is used to mean the same thing as "Alternative"). In contrast, the orientation of Western Orthodox Medicine has been the arena of disease with its focus being on treatments with prescription drugs, surgery or chemotherapy.

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

In this book I do not talk about cures, I do not talk about diagnostic techniques, and I do not talk about treatment of illnesses. I cannot offer you any of those things. The information I give you cannot take the place of doctors, hospitals, emergency rooms, expensive diagnostics, miracle drugs or highly skilled surgeons that save lives. If you are sick, go to your family doctor. That is to be expected. I do talk, however, about prevention, with the hope that one day you will go to the doctor for your regular checkup with the joyous outcome of a clean bill of health. Don't expect this outcome, however, unless you focus on prevention rather than cure, vitality rather than illness, a higher standard of health rather than symptoms, and the low cost of prevention rather than the high price of a cure or lengthy hospitalization. When you make this choice you may live a long healthy robust life in your own right rather than masking fatigue, debilitation, depression or prolonged misery with drugs.

Prevention entails education and personal responsibility to lifestyle, diet and exercise. My perpetual routine is to teach and encourage my clients every time I see them and to work my way out of a job! As my clients begin to take on more responsibility for their own mental and physiological health there is no need to come back. They are living the bountiful life, full of health, and are no longer in the dark as to how they live and what brings about sickness or what they can do about it when it does happen. And they certainly get an education! Without exception I have them start reading. It's usually after the third or fourth visit that my clients exclaim, "I never knew these things! I'm learning so much and it all makes sense now. I can't believe what a difference it makes!"

What is something we live with every day? How about pain, to a lesser or greater degree? As a modern society we embrace the only thing we know: Western Orthodox Medicine and TV commercials that tell us when we have pain we should reach for _____ . As a rule, we are not at all aware of the complex web that it unknowingly weaves for us that leaves us not knowing the way out.

I recommend two books for your empowerment and for your good health: Lessons from the Miracle Doctors by Jon Barron and Pain Free in 6 Weeks by Dr.

Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. (Resources for finding these books are in Appendices E & F). If read, heeded, and applied they will change your life. Below I have included some excerpts from these two books so that you can begin to have a bigger picture now.

Pain Free in 6 Weeks, Sherry A. Rogers, M.D

(By permission, Excerpts from Chapter One)

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

"What is pain trying to tell you? Regardless of how your pain started, the body is designed to heal. Let's learn what is retarding your natural healing. There are many types of pain from degenerative discs to arthritis to metastatic cancer to fibromyalgia. Did you ever wonder why we have pain? It is to warn and protect us. Pain is designed to facilitate healing by keeping us from using the area. But healing is a limited process. It should not be chronic. Why should we suffer with pain for the rest of our lives because of one injury? The answer is we should not. There is no teleological or protective mechanism or reason for having chronic suffering after one particular injury. Therefore, it is up to us to find out why the body is still having pain and what it is trying to tell us.

Pain means inflammation: Inflammation means reaction to or rejection of something. If there is continual pain in an area, that signifies there is an irritation, an inflammatory response. What is the body reacting to that forces it to continually release chemical mediators from cells, sending signals to bring in inflammatory repair cells and allergic cells? What offender or invader is the body chemistry trying to reject or gobble up?

Wherever there is pain, there must also be inflammation, with varying degrees of swelling, redness, or tenderness. It is through inflammation that the body defends and heals itself. It is these extra cells that in the process of trying to clean up and protect us also put out chemicals or mediators that produce the chemistry of pain. Whatever it is that we are reacting to, the reaction will persist as long as the body has not conquered the stimulus or trigger. Real healing, as with cuts and fractures, occurs over a finite period of time.

Never lose sight of the fact that only when there is a persistent trigger (that the body is reacting to and cannot conquer) does it continue to produce inflammation and pain. Inflammation and resultant pain should never be chronic. And when you choose to cover up or mask pain with medications, it allows you to ignore finding the true underlying causes. The chronic inflammation inevitably progresses too much more serious damage and tissue destruction, while the drugs used cause their own damage as well as create new diseases.

If everything heals, why should pain be chronic? When you cut your finger, it doesn't bleed and stay open forever unless there is something else wrong. If there is a non-healing infection from a sliver in a diabetic, the persistence of inflammation alerts us to remove the sliver and regulate the diabetes before healing can be completed. When you break your wrist, you don't have pain forever. So why should a back or any other source of chronic pain be an

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

exception? Every chronic condition has an underlying cause that can be remedied. It is these causes you are going to learn to identify and correct.

Pain has a way of wearing you down to a point where you'll beg a surgeon to operate. When you have pain, do you reach for Aleve? This and its over-the-counter cousins like Motrin (ibuprofen), Advil, Naproxyn, Orudis and prescription drugs like Indocin, Tolectin, Lodine, Feldene, Clinoril, Anaprox, Toradol, Nalfon, Voltaren, Celebrex, and Vioxx fall into a category of drugs called NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) with some of the most dangerous side effects known.

Since side effects of drugs constitute the 3rd cause of death in the U.S., it should come as no surprise that over 6,000 people die from NSAIDs a year. Why don't you hear about it? Because the symptoms slowly come on over the years, masquerading as labels like congestive heart failure, kidney disease with fluid retention, suicidal depression, or idiopathic liver disease. The ones who don't die have the misery of cataracts, ulcers, macular degeneration, hearing loss, ringing of the ears, memory loss, headaches, heartburn, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and much more.

For example, one out of four people get ulcers or other intestinal problems from NSAIDs, but are labeled irritable bowel or heartburn and treated with additional drugs which produce further side effects. No wonder statistics show that once you start taking a gut drug you increase your chances of cancer 43 times! For once you start with a drug, you are propelled into the vortex of more drugs either for the side effects of the first or the progression of underlying causes that were ignored in the first place.

But worse is that these pain-relievers actually cause bone deterioration, which is ironic because they are taken for relief of bone pain. That's right, they actually cause the condition for which they are being taken to get much worse, often requiring surgery. No wonder we have been hurled into an epidemic of hip and knee replacements! And if that were not enough reason to find the real cause of pain, common pain relievers cause the leaky gut syndrome. The leaky gut can then go on to cause food and chemical allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies that accelerate aging, and auto-immune diseases where the body destroys its own tissues. These include diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease), thyroiditis, colitis, and more.

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

Common pain medications not only fail to cure, but cause bone

deterioration with osteoporosis plus eye, kidney, liver and heart disease. Medications guarantee that the sick will get sicker.

NSAIDs not only increase your risk of being hospitalized by 4-fold, but are implicated in contributing to at least one in five cases of heart failure, for which one treatment is now cutting out part of the heart! But that pales when you consider the side effects of steroids used to mask pain. They can cause death of the tiny femoral artery in the neck of the long thigh bone (femur), leading to attempts to artificially replace the ball and socket bone, which carries, at best, a poor prognosis.

Methotrexate, a drug commonly used for arthritis and other recalcitrant pain conditions, as a form of chemotherapy, can actually cause cancer on down the road. No wonder the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association teaches us that prescription drugs kill well over 100,000 people each year in hospitals alone. And this does not count those who die at home, in accidents, with non-prescription drugs, or whose deaths were not recognized as being connected to drugs and their myriad insidious side effects.

Drugs are designed to merely shut down a chemical pathway that is malfunctioning. For example, the malfunction of the cell membrane's inflammatory chemistry results in a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs, but this allows the underlying condition to accelerate and worsen: the sick get sicker, quicker. Better to find the true underlying cause and fix what is broken and get on with the joy of life. That is what this e-book is all about.

Dr. Rogers' goal is to help you discover what the cause of pain is and get rid of it once and for all and to experience true healing. She unveils important research studies revealing that 74%-90% of the people who ache and hurt, regardless of their diagnostic label or type of arthritis, have a sensitivity to deadly nightshades, the Solonaceae family of plants. She states that it doesn't matter if you have arthritis from old age or degenerative back discs with sciatica, heel spurs, a "bad shoulder", bum knees, or lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Further, Dr. Rogers maintains that "it doesn't matter if you have fibromyalgia or tendonitis or joint or muscle pain that is not able to be diagnosed. The label given to your type of pain is of no consequence. If by some chance it is not due to this cause it is most likely an unsuspected food allergy.

You owe it to yourself to rule out a cause over which you have 100% control."

(To obtain a copy of Pain Free in Six Weeks, by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. refer to

Appendix D

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

Dr. Sherry Rogers is someone with whom I can relate, as she sees both sides of Orthodox and Alternative Medicine. Having worked as a Registered Nurse in many medical institutions and witnessing the scenarios Dr. Rogers describes, along with its debilitating consequences, I finally chose to leave the Medical establishment to follow Holistic Healing. I have just as equally profound stories of my own personal health, having nearly died with kidney and renal failure, to testify as to the ineffectiveness of Western Medicine and the success of other methods.

Personally, I would choose prevention any day over getting sick or succumbing to cancer, or contracting a virus or a cold. Good health is not just an absence of disease. You are healthy when you feel great and not when your doctor can’t find a diagnosis to give you. Prevention is pro-active. Postponing the little healthy habits, or skipping responsible learning to enhance your health will therefore cause your vitality to fall headlong into this miserable state of affairs.

It used to be that eating sensibly, taking vitamins, and checking in with the doctor once in awhile was enough. In this day and age, this is no longer true.

The soil we grow our food in is mineral depleted, our water is poisoned, and our air is at its highest levels of pollution. We live a fast paced lifestyle that even good health can't catch up with. We are surrounded by Electro-Magnetic Field interference and contamination that was not present twenty years ago. We are a people of quick fixes: drugs, fast food, pain relievers, sleeping pills, and so forth.

You may be shocked to find out what our 'bill of health' is here in America: Lessons From The Miracle Doctors by Jon Barron

(By permission, Excerpts from Chapter One)


Thirty years ago, diseases such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, and diverticular disease were virtually unknown. Today, they are almost a certainty if you live long enough. Consider: 1

What We Pay For Health Care

Never in the history of the world has any other country come close to having as many doctors as we do in the United States: approximately 700,000 according to the US Census.

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

And never in the entire history of the world has any other country come close to spending as much as we do on health care: a conservative 1 trillion dollars a year. That means that what we spend on health care is more than the entire Gross National Product of all but six countries in the world today. 2

What Value Have We Received...

We lead the developed world in deaths from

• Heart disease.

• Prostrate cancer.

• Breast cancer.

• Colorectal cancer.

• Diabetes.

The American Cancer Society now says that one in every 2.5 individuals will develop some form of invasive cancer during their lifetime -- and half of them will die from it.

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 10.

And even though we spend $100 billion dollars a year on cancer treatment and research, the overall survival rate for cancer patients is NO BETTER than it was 50 or 100 years ago.

And It's Getting Worse.

The incidence of diabetes in the United States has DOUBLED in just the LAST 5


50 years ago, diverticular disease (herniations of the colon) were virtually unknown (afflicting less than 10% of the American population). Today, according to the Merck Manual, 100% of all Americans will have many -- if they live long enough.

30 years ago, colorectal cancer was virtually unknown. Today, it is the single most prevalent cancer among men and women combined.

The number of Americans who suffer from Asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control, has risen by an astounding 75% in just the last 20 years.

Breast cancer rates are up 30% in just the last 15 years.

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

And on...and on...and on

And now it's official. In the Feb. 9, 1994 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the "War on Cancer" was declared a failure. "In all age groups, cancer incidence is increasing." "Few new, effective treatments have been devised for the most common cancers."

And The Most Shocking Fact Of All

April 15, 1998 Journal of the American Medical Association reported that there are more than 2,000,000 drug "reactions" annually in the US, and that more than 100,000 of those reactions are fatal. This makes prescription drugs the 4th leading cause of death in America.

• These numbers only count drugs that are prescribed correctly and at the right dose.

• NOT INCLUDED are patients who are given the wrong drugs, or who are given those drugs at the wrong dosage or in the wrong combination.

• And these numbers do not include the patients who have fatal reactions to the drugs, but whose death is mistakenly attributed to other causes.

• Nor do these numbers include the patients whose cause of death is deliberately obscured to protect the physicians and hospitals involved.

Add in these numbers and you find that deaths from adverse reactions to drugs may number as high as 700,000 a year. (Actually, the FDA estimates that only 1% of all adverse reactions are reported 3 -- which, if true, would make 700,000

an incredibly conservative estimate.) And finally, combine that 700,000 with the numbers of people who die from misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment or secondary infections received in hospitals, or just plain physician error 4, and the startling fact you're left with is: modern medicine, despite all the great things it may have accomplished, is arguably the single leading cause of death in the United States.

Understand, this is not an attack on medical doctors -- the vast majority of whom are extremely competent, highly dedicated, and often even heroic.

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that when it comes to the major diseases of our time, the modern medical paradigm of searching for "magic bullets" and managing symptoms with drugs has failed miserably.

There Has To Be An Alternative!

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

There is a network of elite herbalists, holistic healers, and renegade medical doctors throughout the world, performing miracles on a daily basis. The network is not only elite, it is also extremely difficult to penetrate because it is technically illegal to diagnose or treat people for major diseases unless you use the FDA approved modalities such as Cutting, Burning, and Poisoning (surgery, radiation, and chemo).

Thousands of people throughout the world have come to these Miracle Doctors terminally ill, and thousands have left perfectly healthy. "

For the rest of the story obtain a free copy of Lessons From The Miracle Doctors by Jon Barron. Refer to Appendix C or Appendix D to get your copy.


health is earned, and as such, is a conscious, informed choice.

We are a product of our culture. What is your mindset? Prevention or treatment? Healing, or masking pain? Prevention, simply put, means boosting your body's defense mechanisms and removing any obstacles to health before illness occurs by working within the realm of what you can control. This realm includes environmental factors, daily routines, mental, emotional, physiological stress, diet, exercise (or lack thereof), the water you drink, the air you breathe, your sleep patterns, whether you use a microwave, cell phone, computer, and I might add, the medicating substances you do or don't take, and the extent to which you educate yourself.

Again I will reiterate the important distinction that prevention necessitates increasing body/mind awareness to detect early signs of disease (dis-ease) before symptoms appear so that you can restore balance within your system and prevent disease. Prevention encourages individual responsibility and learning, and therefore encompasses the use of simple, powerful and natural (as close to nature as God intended) methods that are harmonious with intrinsic balance and inherent replenishing of vitality. The alternative is resorting to drugs for temporary relief of compartmentalized symptoms, which really point to an underlying cause that is never addressed. Therefore, Alternative Medicine cannot diagnose and treat or cure primarily for two reasons; we do not compartmentalize or deal with symptoms, and we cannot take personal responsibility for your health.

Prevention is your part. Your doctor’s part is diagnosing, treating and curing illness when indeed symptoms arise and illness ensues. If you did not do your part, the doctor will have to step in and do his.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

The very success of medicine in a material way

may now threaten the soul of medicine. Medicine

is something more than the cold mechanical

application of science to human disease. Medicine

is a healing art. It must deal with individuals, their

fears, their hopes and their sorrows. It must reach

back further than a disease that the patient may

have to those physical and emotional

environmental factors which condition the

individual for the reception of disease. Dr. Walter

Martin, former AMA president


BioLiving in a High-Tech World, so keep reading!


• Prevention does not cure but it is the better way.

• Prevention as defined means to keep from

occurring, to anticipate, to nip in the bud.

• Cure as defined means to make well, eradicate

sickness from or to rid of an illness.

• By definition there is a distinct difference between

prevention and cure.

• An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

• Alternative Medicine is prevention oriented and

focuses on balance in nature to initiate healing

from within.

• Western Medicine is illness oriented and focuses

on symptoms and treatment of separate body

parts through unnatural means, i.e. drugs,

surgery, chemotherapy, etc.

• Prevention entails education and personal

responsibility to lifestyle, diet and exercise.

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• With Alternative Medicine even pain becomes part

of the healing process and facilitates the process,

rather than the current way of masking symptoms

with drugs causing a vicious cycle of more pain

and complications.

• Thirty years ago the common diseases of today

were virtually unknown.

• Never in the history of the world has more money

been spent on research and treatment than in the

United States, but what do we have to show for it?

Americans are simply not healthy.

• Documentation shows prescription drugs to be the

4th leading cause of death in the U.S.

• Good health is earned, and as such it is a

conscious and informed choice.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Introduction -

We live in a world much different from that of our grandparents, and in many ways, a much more dangerous world. Technology has brought us many new and undeniably exciting advancements, but it has a dark side that must be brought to the light if we are to physically survive, much less thrive.


BioLiving is a term I coined to describe solutions to the current plight Americans, and people of other modern nations are facing today. We are living in an environment that includes increased threats of bio-pathogens, toxic water, air and food. Technological advances have brought us the microwave that millions use, totally unaware of the price they are paying to use this simple tool of convenience. All of our electronic gadgetry creates a slow erosion of our energy and immune capabilities by surrounding us with Electro-Magnetic Field Interference. The medical establishment has become a huge machine that is self-serving even at the expense of the health and well-being of those it was designed to serve. The worst part is, people are largely unaware of the many causes that individually and combined are dragging us down into an abyss of ill health, mental and emotional deterioration, and in many cases, premature death.

BioLiving in a High-Tech World describes the basic parameters of BioLiving -- a new way to live in our toxic and often dangerous world. The path to good health in this day and age is filled with challenges that extend beyond environmental issues, however. The most alarming aspect of living in today's world is the way we have been subtly indoctrinated to believe all the disinformation distributed by the government, the AMA, and the corporate giants who all have a singular and shared goal: to inflate their own profits and power.

Often we find that the so-called cures we have today are worse than the problems. We are indeed living longer, but the quality of our lives starts going downhill after the age of 40. My use of the term BioLiving is a call to all people to wake up - to start living in a way that is life-enhancing instead of life-depleting.

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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

With BioLiving in a High-Tech World you'll be able to:

• Take the "How Toxic Are You?" personal questionnaire to determine your environmental and health situation -- and more importantly help you decide what to do about it.

• Uncover the shocking, subtle patterns in your life that are sabotaging your health and your ability to fight disease. (It may not be what you start doing but rather what you STOP doing that makes the difference.)

• Boost your energy levels and keep yourself well in spite of everything

• Thrive with the Survival 5 - the most powerful, life-giving substances on Earth.

• Discover a substance (and where to get it) that has been shown to kill inhaled Anthrax spores and bacteria, with scientific documentation to prove it.

Don Kazmaier writes:

It's funny how things impact our lives. Events of this

past year have profoundly touched all of us to some

degree. Thinking we were insulated in the mid-west, we

would never dream how much it could affect our

lives. As a printer I often have the opportunity to see

not only the work and talent of local people, but to be

privy to their inspiration. That said, we recently had a

local author in the shop converting her 'e-book' to hard

(printed) copy. I noticed the title and it drew my

attention. Having had open heart surgery and

continuing problems with my heart, health, nutrition and

medical issues command my attention with a renewed

interest. With no finished copies at hand, I dug a 'pre-

production trial' version from the trash and began to

read. WOW!! In the body of this copy lay answers to

questions no cardiologist or M.D. had ever provided and

yet I sought to no avail, for over 25 years! My irregular

heartbeat was tracked down by the author to toxic

chemicals and solvents I work with. Not that that was a

surprise, but there were remedies to resolve these

problems within a guidebook about bio-warfare. 'WOW

AGAIN!!' Thanks, Allie. Your caring, knowledge and

determination to help have made a big difference in my


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© Copyright 2001 by BioLiving Today All Rights Reserve

B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d



BioLiving in a High-Tech World will guide you chapter by chapter, step-by-step to your desired outcome of improved health and vitality. It cannot be a manual of how-to's and quick indexed solutions because we are dealing with some very complex subjects. I have attempted to make the learning and implementation process as simple and expeditious as possible.

By obtaining this book you have embarked on a path of discovery that is perhaps new for you. It will bring much enlightenment, encouragement, confidence and empowerment if you will take an hour to read and internalize what is presented as it is presented. The person with many options in their day is in possession of true wealth. You are about to multiply the number of options available to you now that you are in possession of this book. I bring to you thirty years of hard-learned insights and acquired wisdom for your peace of mind and total health.

I caution you not to rush through the material just to get to the answers. It's always best to read the instruction manual first. You are dealing with your health, a high priority item if ever there was one. "If at first you don't succeed, then go read the directions" may not be an option.

Years ago Laetrile was the hottest alternative cure for Cancer, and people sought it worldwide for their dying loved ones. I was privileged to work with the inventor of this substance, Dr. Ernest T Krebs, Jr. Dr. Krebs and his father made a wonderful contribution to science by discovering the Krebs cycle.*

Laetrile received quite a bit of notoriety, to the point that most people who sought the "cure" believed that once obtained, there was nothing else to do but just take it and presto, a miracle would happen. To the uninformed it was truly a miracle tonic.

Let’s relate this misperception of the way in which Laetrile was thought to work to our current situation. Some of the disinformation we have to deal with include antibiotics and bio-warfare vaccines that are being reported as Anthrax cures when, in fact, they are not necessarily the answer. Likewise there is a danger in reading the material contained in this e-book and then taking it out of context and thinking that no other lifestyle changes are needed. Dr. Krebs told me that Laetrile’s ability to reduce tumors was completely dependent on a patient first following a strict diet of limited protein and a close adherence to enzyme

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

supplementation. Otherwise Laetrile simply was not effective. It was not enough to just take the pill and expect a cure.

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you

are. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, 1825

The key factor was not the Laetrile but the enzymes that digested the protein sheath coating around the cancer cells, which then allowed the laetrile to isolate and destroy these cancer cells. I saw some patients die in spite of the hundreds of dollars they spent on Laetrile. They wanted a quick and easy fix and had totally disregarded the essential steps to a successful Laetrile cure. In fact, I was amazed when one particular patient didn't make it. We were working hand in hand with an Internal Medicine Doctor who had documented the shrinking of his adrenal tumor with x-rays, and yet just as he was almost cancer free, he died. What surfaced later was that he had an insatiable hunger for hot dogs, the worst of processed and chemically laden meats. Sometimes he would eat two or three packages a day, causing his system to become so toxic that his kidneys were fatally overtaxed. It was just a bad little habit, right? It shouldn't have made a difference, but it did. What are your "bad little habits?"

We are living in serious times and we cannot take our health or our way of life for granted. I believe there is new interest in how to create vibrant health instead of focusing on how to deal with disease. Whether you’re new to the world of preventative health or whether you’ve been around the block a few times, absorb the information contained in this book to comprehend, for life, each truth, chapter by chapter, step by step. Get the whole picture because it contains answers for the problems we all face every single day.

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic

too busy to take care of his tools. Spanish Proverb

* The Krebs Cycle involves the utilization of carbohydrates and the chemical reactions which if taken further from the splitting of glucose into two molecules of pyruvic acid (glycolysis) then the two pyruvic acid molecules converted to two molecules of acetyl coenzyme A (acetyl CoA) enters the Krebs cycle, also referred to as the tricarboxylic acid cycle or the citric acid cycle.


• One hour of reading will bring to you enlightenment, encouragement, confidence, and empowerment with which to face your future.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• Do your best to keep from taking information out of context or altering the steps.

• Chapter by Chapter we will work together to reach our desired outcome of vibrant health.

Comfort Zone Tip:

If time is of the utmost essence for you to align yourself with these preventative measures before you’re able to read the strategy behind them then you may go to Appendix A, "Step-by-Step" to implement this plan in conjunction with

Chapter 6 "The Survival Five." But please return to Chapter 1 Initiating a new health plan requires a certain amount of self-discipline. If you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing you may fall by the wayside and leave yourself at risk.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Chapter 1-

Bio-Living: Going Where No American has Gone Before

Here’s the Million Dollar Question:

How Do You Fight Something You Cannot See….Before You

Even Know it’s There?

Where current events and our "new world" since 9/11/01, BioLiving in a High-Tech World is a few steps ahead of everybody else giving you cutting edge information which could save your life. We give you the big picture to provide understanding, rid the confusion, and we give you solutions to these problems:

If Hospitals are our First Line of Defense - it is too late for anthrax to be treated, which should be within the first 24 hours before symptoms arise.

Anthrax has the same symptoms as the flu. As a safeguard,

millions will have to go on antibiotics, counterproductive to a strong immune system. This large influx of antibiotics will mutate super resilient germs precipitating a pandemic year of an influenza flu epidemic that defies all odds. The CDC, FDA, NIH are preparing for any year now, a pandemic influenza year where untold deaths could result.

Antibiotic resistant infectious diseases already 3rd leading cause of death in U.S. "Inducing antimicrobial resistance on a mass scale (w/ antibiotics) would be an even greater triumph for whomever is behind the anthrax scares in the U.S." British Medical Journal

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

For extra bio-safeguards against food fears - the FDA is

considering irradiation of our food. Research shows that to eat irradiated food would cause a total collapse of your immune

system. Without a strong immune system how can you fight off

the flu, anthrax, a common cold, cancer?

With our present health care system, prevention is not an option.

Western Medicine waits for symptoms to appear, to then isolate, diagnose and treat. These scenario's can be averted if the focus is on prevention rather than the cure. An ounce of prevention is

worth a pound of cure. Could the cures be worse than the problem?

Is there a better way? We unlock wisdom hidden to the last generation to show you how. YOU WILL GET ANSWERS BEFORE THE FLU SEASON, BEFORE




Some Facts About Antibiotics and Our Current Situation

• Antibiotics don’t work on flu viruses.

• Americans possessing CIPRO have put themselves in a position of self-diagnosis and treatment. Is it the flu? Or is it Anthrax? Should they take the antibiotics, and if so, for how long?

• A 60 day supply of Cipro is needed to treat Anthrax after infection but only if treatment begins during the first 24-36 hours of exposure.

• There is no test that tells you that you have Anthrax until it’s too late, so we are going on suspicions. Dr. Bob Arnot, NY News

• Do you take Cipro for just a few days or do you complete the 60 day treatment dose? Taking it for just a few days, for prevention, could initiate an allergic reaction or create resistance for the next time when you really need it.

• Antibiotics aren’t for everybody. Some people are allergic to the penicillin family of antibiotics and/or to Cipro & its cousins. Cipro is contraindicated for pregnant women, all children and teens under 18 and pets.

• Every time you introduce a large volume of antibiotics you pose the danger of creating new strains of resistance. A CNN Medical Expert stated on 10/31/01 that millions of Americans will contract the flu this year and will have to go on antibiotics even though it will not help the flu...but they cannot take the chance that it could indeed be Anthrax.

You cannot use antibiotics for prevention.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• The Anthrax vaccination program takes 18 months to complete, even if the vaccine were available to the public. We need quicker protection.

• Smallpox vaccinations have been known to have precarious side-effects that can include swelling of the brain, mental retardation, and death.

• The U.S. government is asking for funding to be able to stockpile enough antibiotics to treat 12 million Americans for 60 days. This is six times the amount of current supplies. Yet there are approximately 290 million people in the U.S., which leaves 287 million people without treatment should there be a catastrophic attack. Thus, the increase in funding would provide treatment for only .09% of the American population.

• Dependency on antibiotics weakens resistance and our own immune systems. Antibiotics are immunosuppressive drugs.

• If inhaled Anthrax is not treated within the first 24 hours (first phase) after exposure there is a 90% to 100% mortality rate. Symptoms (2nd phase) do not show up for 4-7 days.

• Doctors, unless trained, will not differentiate Anthrax from a severe incident of the flu. This happened in Florida with the first documented case of Anthrax in 25 years. In Washington D.C. a postal worker was sent home from the emergency room with nausea and gastric cramps. He died five days later of Anthrax.

• Even the military may be out of Anthrax vaccine. The only lab that makes it is on hold waiting for a new license. It could be six months before production resumes.

• "In fact, antibiotics are effective only against approximately a dozen forms of bacteria and fungi, but never viruses." Robert O. Becker, M.D.

There is an important and obvious factor that hasn’t been discussed by the media, however. This factor is prevention.




• The "cure" can bring about more complications than the problem, a dilemma that creates for us a particularly precarious situation.

• Experts say using antibiotics for prevention or un-discretionary use will only create problems. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

has never been so true!

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• Prevention is the missing link that can keep us from living on the edge, thus allowing us to lead a more normal life.

• Prevention is our greatest weapon in dealing with the threat of exposure to unknown pathogens as well as every single degenerative disease, including aging!

BioLiving in a High-Tech World will alert you to many sources of silent danger. Our goal is to stimulate you to think of new ways of living, and being, in our modern world, a world that now includes the potential for bio-warfare in addition to air, water, and food pollution, energy toxicity, and mental/emotional problems stimulated by environmental factors. We are dealing with issues daily that were certainly not the norm 30 years ago. The good news is that with the help of BioLiving in a High-Tech World you can adapt and thrive in spite of everything, and it may even be simpler than you keep reading and learning!

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

- Chapter 2 -

What’s Hippocrates Got to Do with Anything?

There is a positive paradigm shift in the area of Western medicine to acknowledge alternative, non-conventional medicine to arrive at a complementary system which will help alleviate human suffering in more efficient ways. A paradigm shift in medicine means an entirely new way of looking at medical and psychiatric problems. Joel A. Barker, in his book Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future said it is the explanation of why human beings, especially in groups, organization or societies, are often unable to change their thinking in a timely fashion when new circumstances, discoveries and factors would appear to mandate that their thinking change. Basically, humans are creatures of habit and do not change those habits or that mind-set until a stimulus large enough to dislodge the outdated thinking occurs for each individual - or for a 'critical mass' of individuals- in that group or culture.

Thomas Edison, in a different century and a different paradigm, remarked that

"the physician of the future would not employ medicines, surgery or other artificial procedures or mediums to cure illness but would guide the patient in the best way to structure his natural diet and lifestyle in such a way as to achieve maximum health."

When you think about commercial antibiotics and vaccines you look to orthodox (Western) medicine, which has evolved from the technical revolution and pharmaceutical cartels, and has not been with us for very long. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, has its roots as far back as we can remember and it is defined as the original medicine.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

With all aspects of the two systems, which I have

been practicing for over 35 years, I have come to

the conclusion that while a very sophisticated

medicine can be of help, a very simple, long

forgotten herb or nutrient can sometimes do the

job even better. Jan de Vries D. Ho. Med., D.O.,

M.R.O., H.D., M.R.N.,, M.B.Ac

A natural medicine exists that has been used effectively for thousands of years that covers a panorama of illnesses. It has been shown to destroy over 650

different bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Ancient Greeks lined their eating and drinking vessels with it (as did many other cultures), and pioneers of the American West put some in a jug of milk to keep it fresh without refrigeration.

What is this mysterious substance?

Have you ever wondered why silverware was originally made from silver? An important property of silver is that it kills bacteria on contact within six minutes.

It may be that gold and silver were first used as valued currency because of their medical properties.

Alfred Searle, founder of the pharmaceutical conglomerate of the same name, wrote in 1919 that "applying colloidal silver to human subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results.

Colloidal Silver is a substance where tiny silver particles have been suspended in water. You can make it yourself at home for pennies a gallon. It is safe not only for humans but for pets as well.

To understand how something so valuable as silver got lost in the shuffle over time you need to see how medicine has metamorphosed through the ages.

Let’s go way back to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. He referred to a highly beneficial healing energy that flowed through all living things as the vis medicatrix naturae…the "healing power of nature." This is the foundation upon which the majority of therapies that are considered "alternative" or

"complementary" are based.

After Hippocrates came Galen, and then Plato. They all taught that nature is man’s best healer. The Indian, Japanese, and Chinese cultures all hold the same belief in this origin of medicine. They all realize this basic tenet, which became increasingly ignored with the evolution of science.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

In the 17th century the Hippocratic doctrine was superseded by a new approach that would ultimately embody the philosophy of modern medicine as we know it today. Because this was so radically different, ultimately the principles underlying modern medicine came to be referred to as "Cartesian" because they were based on the analytical model introduced by Rene Descartes. This Cartesian approach separated the mind from the body and consequently the work of natural physicians went into decline. Chemistry and analysis dominated thinking and medicine began its retreat away from nature.

What does this have to do with colloidal silver or any other natural remedy, for that matter? The new philosophy embodied the principle that if plants contained simple, effective compounds then why not make a synthetic version of the active ingredients and bypass nature altogether?

The emphasis of medicine changed from supporting the body’s power to heal itself by restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit to one where the body was reduced to structural parts such as organs, tissues, and cells.

The physician in his new role separated the whole into individual parts in an attempt to discern the function of each component; the offending "diseased"

part could therefore be isolated and removed by surgical intervention or treated with medication. Over time, as a result of this focus on disease, the goal of medicine became the eradication of disease rather than the enhancement of health. However, this restricted outlook limited the scope and effectiveness of medicine because it has served to equate the cure of disease with the control of symptoms.

The cure of any part should not be attempted

without the treatment of the whole. No attempt

should be made to cure the body without the soul

and if the head and body are to be healthy you

must begin by curing the mind, for this is the great

error of our day in the treatment of the human

body that physicians first separate the soul from

the body. Plato, the Greek Philosopher

Dr. Bruce West, one of America’s most well-known and respected natural health experts who has personally helped over 100,000 patients since 1973 declares that

"We as Americans are on a medical merry-go-round of taking pills for one problem, yet those pills cause another problem. To top it off, the original problem isn’t even being solved!"

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

Our entire generation has known nothing but Western medicine. In China, believe it or not, the doctor is paid to keep his patient well. The minute the patient gets sick, reimbursement for the doctor’s services stops! From that point he must pay out of his pocket to restore his patient to health.

What a unique concept! In China the people enjoy exceptional freedom from disease, which is contrary to the health of Westerners. This phenomenon is due largely to preventative doctoring.

In the West, our medical professionals are illness oriented in their schooling and practice. The school curriculum only includes one credit hour of nutrition and yet we look to our doctors for nutritional, dietary advice. They are the best trained when it comes to emergencies and skillful surgical procedures and technological diagnostics, so when the need for this type of medicine arises their skills save many lives.

In dealing with bio-terrorism, however, the current disease-oriented mindset of Western medicine does not give us the edge when it comes to our state of health because it does not consider the toxic threats we face daily. Prevention is being overlooked as an approach to dealing with this toxicity to the point that people know no other line of defense than doctors, hospitals, and government agencies. Preventative medicine means taking personal responsibility to become educated and then implementing the appropriate measures to insure our overall health.

A doctor who treats a disease after it has

happened is a mediocre doctor. A doctor who

treats a disease before it happens is a superior

doctor. Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal

Medicine (ca.2nd Century B.C.

Today the good news is that we are experiencing a resurgence in the popularity of natural methods and holistic techniques where the aim is to restore the

"whole" person.

Until relatively recently allopathic medicine (another name for orthodox medicine) was incompatible with alternative therapies. However, we are swiftly moving towards finding a place where both sides can work together in a fully integrated system of healthcare. Many M.D.’s are now practicing what is often referred to as "complementary" medicine because they are knowledgeable in both areas and can choose the mode of treatment or prevention called upon by each individual’s health needs.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

The World Health Organization’s goal is "health for all by the year 2000."

Perhaps in the twenty-first century we will create a system which recognizes that physical, bio-chemical, psychological, spiritual and environmental factors all play a part in determining the state of our health:

A system which respects and accepts the diversity,

individuality and potential of each human and

where the ultimate aim is to restore equilibrium to

all levels of our being and sustain it. Jennifer

Harper N.D., Ph.D from Nine Ways to Body Wisdom

By reading BioLiving in a High-Tech World you have embarked on a path of learning from many, many years of wisdom and forgotten remedies that are now coming of age. You are to be congratulated for caring enough to carve out your own system of bio-defense for BioLiving in these uncertain times instead of relying only on the advice publicized by the media.


• A paradigm shift in medicine means an entirely new way of looking at medicine and psychiatric problems.

• Colloidal silver is the long forgotten substance. It is a powerful, natural preventative and antibiotic that has been used for thousands of years.

• With the evolution of science came a departure from healing the whole person to compartmentalization, which limited the scope and effectiveness of medicine and equated the cure of disease with the control of


• We are on a merry-go-round of taking pills for one problem while causing another.

• Traditional Chinese Medicine is centered on prevention. The doctor gets paid to keep his patients well. Western medicine is illness oriented, waiting for symptoms to appear then isolating, diagnosing, and treating them resulting in a focus on treating symptoms instead of preventing disease.

• Synthetic drugs have replaced powerful substances found in nature.

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B i o L i v i n g i n a H i g h - T e c h W o r l d

• We are coming full circle as we see a resurgence in the popularity and appreciation of natural methods which are more commonly being used along side Western medicine to create "complementary" alliance where both sides work together in a fully integrated system of healthcare.

People who enjoy good health should

think of the doctor's bill as an

amusement tax. Anonymous

This e-book is intended to take you on an enlightening path of learning and healthy accomplishment. We invite you to use your mind and do your due diligence rather than just take our word for it, which is why we have included many resources, references, recommended reading, and internet links.

You are not called upon in this e-book to replace orthodox cures with holistic proposals. Western orthodox medicine can claim cures but holistic medicine is based upon a totally different premise, that the true purpose of medicine is to facilitate healing; the aim should be unblocking the body's powerful healing system to allow it to do its work. Please keep in mind, then, the following distinction between healing, which falls into the realm of alternative medicine through a whole body approach of self-healing, and treatment via orthodox medicine; treatment originates from the outside, whereas healing comes from within. There is really no reason why orthodox medicine and alternative therapies can't work together quite compatibly.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is poverty.

Ignorance is devastation. Ignorance is tragedy.

Ignorance is illness. It all stems from ignorance.

Learning on the other hand is the beginning of

wealth. Learning is the beginning of health.

Learning is the beginning of spirituality and

learning is where the miracle process all begins.

Jim Rohn

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