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Chap. 1: Cheater Types


Chap. 2: Signs of Cheating 8

Chap. 3: Excuses Cheaters 19


Chap. 4: Why Men Cheat 26

Chap.5: How to Catch him 33


Chap. 6: Can the


Relationship be saved?

Bonus Chap.: Women



Chronicles of a Cheater


Do you think your partner is cheating? Cheating and infidelity are never found out in many situations.

Men are more likely than women to cheat. This is the must have guide for women who are married, in a relationship, or about to get into a relationship. There are about 30% to 60% of marriages that have had some type of extramarital affair during their marriage. About 3% of children born are a result of an affair. Cheating and affairs are more common with people who are under the age of 30.

You will learn the different cheating types, signs of cheating, excuses men give, why men cheat, and how you can catch him cheating. You discover different ways in which your cheating partner will lie to you. Many people are cheated on for years before finding out, don't let this happen to you. This book is meant to empower women to stay steps ahead of the typical cheater with or without physical evidence.

I wrote this book because I wanted those of you who are being cheated on to regain your power and control in your current relationships and future relationships.

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Chronicles of a Cheater