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Remembering once when Erock worked overnight in an office building in Washington D.C.  He had to catch a late night red eye flight from Washington to New York City, for a get ready for an 11:00 A.M meeting. He arrived in New York around 6:00am when he got a call from Larry and Hart who had been up working all night, as most of  us have always done out of habit due schedules. These two smart master minds of the crew, seems to never sleep. Taking a nap at the office or when traveling from place to place, seem to be the norm for both of these guys. They asked Erock for his flash drives with the information they needed him to get for one of the takeover projects they were working on over the past few weeks.  Erock hit the ceiling, when he realized he had only one of the flash drives they needed in his brief case, but he forgot the one that was still downloading from the main computer, when he signed out for the night. Now, one of our number one rules to keep any of us from getting caught was to always check and double check three times, everything that was duplicated each night, as we were removing sensitive confidential information. We must always undo, replace, and re-organize everything the way it was, before walking out of any building.  Now, Erock was in a dilemma, he grabbed his brief case and the keys to the office building that we clean in Washington, dropped his overnight bags in his hotel room in New York, took the elevator back down to the lobby, yelling and screaming at the hotel door man with large tip in hand, get him a cab to the airport right away. While riding in the cab, back to the airport Hart called Erock back again on his cell phone. Hart is a type of smart guy who hates being wrong when he knows he is in the right when it came to business dealings. He gave Erock one of his ex-marine type drillings, about the code and steps that all of us must take before walking out of any building each night. He said I know your assistant supervisor locked the building down, but that has nothing to do with the abstraction of information you left behind. You are putting the cause and everyone in involved in japery, at this stage of the game.  Leaving that building without the flash drive he said, you know better Erock!  What were you thinking? All Erock could say is, I know my brother I am sorry, I am on my way back to the airport now. I am going to catch an early flight back to Washington, I will fix this.  What Erock didn’t know was, the first flight back to Washington wasn’t until 9:15am and the morning office staff would be in around 9:00 am.  After Erock got the flight schedule from the ticket counter at the airport he told us later that week, he ran like he was O.J., when O.J. was much younger some years ago running through the airport in those old TV car rental commercials. He ran across four lanes of traffic to the parking lot car rental agencies, and rented a powerful V-8 sports car. He said then he, drove to the local 24 hour Wal-Mart and purchased a high quality radar detector. Knowing he had to drive like a bat out of hell to beat the clock to Washington, he couldn’t waste any time dealing with police or state troopers pulling him over for speeding. Erock jumped back into the sports car, and drove that car hard and fast down the New Jersey Turn Pike, until he reached I-95 south corridor to Washington, still having about forty five minutes of fast driving to go. At times Erock said he was driving 95mph plus, on route 95 south to Washington, adjusting the radio every now and then, trying to find some good traveling music.  Erock arrived in the lobby around 8:40am as he felt some hope and just a little better about making this huge mistake. He said to himself!  Now, I have about 20 minutes before everyone shows up. On his way to the elevator he glance over to the front desk and saw that the black night watchman that is always there overnight had changed shifts or had gone home. Erock had heard about the head of the building security manager but he had never met him.  As Erock pushed the elevator button, the head security guard, a tall want to be a cop type yelled, “Hey you, what you think you are doing.  Where the hell are you going without signing in or stopping by the front desk first?” Erock told him his full name and said he is the district manager for the night building cleaning service and he was going to do a quick check on the cleaning performed last night in a few key areas. Mr. Head of security wasn’t hearing it. He got on the phone and called the building manager, who had just arrived to start her day shift. He asked the building manager if she knew Erock and is it ok to let him in the building. The building manager said “Yes it’s ok”, but by this time it was after 9:00am and the office staff was coming and going at a full pace all over the lobby as they got on and off the elevators. Erock was doing everything he could to keep his cool. Even after Erock was approved by the black building manager, this red neck guard still would not let Erock on the elevator. So finally E-rock said to himself I’ve had enough, I’m not going to take this crap from this minimum wage want to be a cop anymore. He thought to himself I understand and I fill his pain, but I can’t let him take it out on me for another second. This is too important, we are almost running a billion dollar business and a cause that will soon change the world. I don’t have the time for this bull anymore. Just then the wannabe cop said to Erock, as he opened the file drawers behind the front desk, I need to see you’re ID. Erock took one look at him with blood in his eyes and said, I have dealt with your kind before in my old thug life days, you piece of red neck trash, who hates his life, and since became a tea party member. I know you hate black people, because the world is out on how you treat them on day shift.  You can’t stop us anymore as you will find out later. You are treating me like this is the 1920’s, those days are over, you sick racist. As Erock walked away!  He yelled, “We don’t have time for your racial crap anymore” and walked out the front door.  He pulled his cell phone out, called Larry asking him for the alarm system codes to one of the side door fire exit of the building. You see, some of the top executives from time to time would use the side doors as well to keep from having to speak to the everyday common folks in the lobby, each and every morning to save time. Now, when these doors open from time to time in the mornings most security guards pays the door is open beep, at the front desk panel noise no attention.  Erock knew this from years of experience of working around building after building over the years. He got the alarm codes to the side doors from Larry and instead of taking a chance of running up just one flight of the fire exit stairs, open the inside hall door on the next floor and get on the elevator. He ran up all five flights of steps to the office where the flash drive was without missing a beat. When Erock walked to the computer the flash drive was not there. He look to his right then his left and there it was on top of the copy machine next to the paper shredder with a note attached saying. “Donna, please find out whose flash drive this is and send them to my office A.S.A.P”. Today of all days Donna was running a little late. There was an understanding with her and the boss, when she came to work late, she always stayed and worked until her days work was done. After Erock read this note he put the note and the flash drive in his pocket and took off running down the back stairs, out the side door to the sidewalk, jumped in his rental car and drove again, fast and hard to the Washington International Airport, for a return flight to New York. He returned the rental car with the franchise car rental agency in Washington. Caught the next plane back to New York, and still had time to eat a late breakfast before his 11:00am business meeting.  When Erock returned to New York, he called Larry and Hart to let them know that everything was just fine.  He had retrieved the flash drive as well as kept his eleven o’clock meeting appointment. You see, this flash drive was a very important part of the tasks at hand that had to be completed in order to pull off some of the main events of the cause. By now we had gathered enough information plus overkill from all 50 states on people who controlled, the political and business dollars around the world, when it came to the dirty money deals that happens every day.  Part of the problem when it comes to equality and backdoor deals done by the rich, they are costing us millions and even billions of corrupt dollars to be spent each year, leaving the poor and middle class to strain and fix their recklessness, over and over again. We are constantly told that they are out of money when it comes to government programs or big business charities. To always say they are out of money has become a way of practice and well learned by the rich and powerful, as just part of their job.   They are on top of their game taking more and more in cash money away from the poor and middle class, each and every year. So we decided we had enough, as we had to do something big to stop this mess that is being dumped on us every time we try to get paid, they change the money game and laws to fit themselves ever few years or so. Now, If we could remove cash and set up a system to where everyone have to use credits and only credits, we could change the world once again. We do not want to know what your net worth in credits are or your person or business details are.  We just need to know what each individual or company spends on a daily basis to stop the corruption, which comes from using daily untraceable cash money.  On our flash drives and other types of technology representing each state, we have compiled data with people’s names, phone records, secret meetings, emails, fax’s, personal digressions and so forth, as they were doing all types of deals with cash on a regular basis. We will expose them if they do not cooperate with our plans and goals to remove all cash transactions in the near future, and help us put this black man in the White House until 2016. Once we force our honest credit system on everyone in America and around the world. The back door money or cash corruption deals would stop, one hundred percent in less than a year.  When everyone from the richest to the poorest start using this credit system that we designed instead of the old dirty cash money system, everything will be out in open each day, as this would level the playing field for the middle class and poor. Understand the poor and middle class people have nothing to hide, so most of them will not resist against this new credit system. On the other hand, the rich are going to fight us with tooth and nails, to keep us from developing this credit system so they can continue to do dirty business deals, as usual. Hart and Larry were developing this credit and other systems that needs all types of information that Erock and the crew has retrieved from some of the top computer systems around the country. This new knowledge will not be used to hurt anyone, not even the rich fat cats.  If needed it will be used to slightly persuade them to see things our way come hell or high water. We will succeed as we bring these rich folk to their selfish greedy, knees. Slightly pushing them to shear the world’s wealth. For example of the credit systems being developed.  If you remove all cash money and everyone shows what they use or spent at the end of each day week, everyone would start to become somewhat wealthy over a short period of time. To make more money/credits would become a happy thing to do, as people start living a happier life. No more doing the work you hate to do to make a living, but what you love to do. Just like the rich folk of today are doing. This within itself would stop the money corruption that is in our present systems today. With no cash in the system or anyone’s pockets, credit spending and our new systems will add or subtract your credits at the end of each week. This information will be made public for 24 hours at the beginning of the next business week on the internet, for everyone to see as an honest jester. This would stop corrupt people all around the world in their tracks overnight, since the inventions of cash money was put into use. In just a short time the constipation of the world’s wealth, would start to flow evenly for everyone’s fair uses, in a matter of weeks.


“Success begets more success, remembering successful moments of your past, will bring new success within the presents”.


At Erocks 11:00 am meeting which had to place sooner than later, after many phone calls and letters trying to discuss this credit and other issues with the “Bankers Of The America Association Group”, who is headquartered in New York City.  Erock tried to explain to the executive bankers that, if you gentlemen don’t change your foolish selfish ways soon and start helping the poor and middle class the bottom is going to fall out. The poor and middle class whose money is supporting these big banks, will force a change to take place over and over again between now and 2016, slowing cash flow down to a crawl. Erock said, your big banks will soon start to fail one by one based on my inside connections and updated knowledge. Please note, you and I both know as well as understand that your banks are too big for Joe average America to bail you out if and when you financially fail. A few of these rich fat cats looked at Erock as to say, this guy is a little crazy, he don’t know what the hell he is talking about. Don’t he know we are in control of all the worlds’ wealth? What they didn’t understand was that, when Hart & Larry set this the first of two meetings up with the big bankers for Erock to try and advise them about their future.  Hart & Larry had explained a few details to Erock, of how and when we were going to set the big bankers up with our own system in place, fully suggesting or making it look like the housing bank loan market among other things, were the blame for bank corruption as they begin to fail overnight. Larry said, as we slowly pull the plug on them one by one as part of our plan for black poor male reparations and representation, which will force a change on the whole financial system, over time. We are going to make it look like it was there fault, around early 2008, as we will continue make a few other devastating adjustments before 2016. They will never know what hit them until it’s too late, if don’t heed Erocks warnings. To keep the spot light off of us, we have to pull back from the big banks for a few years, until after the second election of our black president for a second term has started. This is when we will put our full plan into action once we meet for a vote on a new date to cripple these big banks once again. If they don’t adjust their greedy selfish ways after the first warnings implemented on their banking system, or listen to Erock, we will shut them down.  We will make a permanent move on the financial system that will be somewhat controlled by us, “The Black (Janitors) Of America Bankers Association Group”.  If we so desire to do so, we may bail out some of the small American banks for a second time with a black president still in a leadership role with our agenda and staff, fully in place as solid  gold. Larry said, we have asked for our reparation on hands and knee for too dam long now.  We are in a position to take it all for our grand kids, as they will uplift and live thru great grand mom’s dreams. Thru education and wealth they will take this thing over, providing for the poor and middle class of all God’s children, that are behind them.  Larry said, I have no problem with my own early death if need be, as long as I know my grand and grate grand’s will live to justify life for all. The next day after Erocks first meeting with the bankers in New York, he called the office and said just a few words to Larry. “Forget those selfish greedy basters! Pull the damn plug on all of these bankers, they don’t give a crap about nothing, but themselves, what’s theirs, and more money”. Larry said, hay Erock cool out, this was just the first meeting, to which Erock said and my last meeting. Larry replied, remember the cause my brother and your commitment to it. You have to go to the second meeting as well, this time with a small different group of banker’s associates, who I’m sure have heard by now about your first meeting with the bank big dogs. A few weeks had passed and after the second meeting, Erock called Larry and Hart and told them all of the details the transpired. He said, I talked to them again bringing it hard and clear, about the haves and have-nots, the class warfare that they have created to divide and concord us the little poor man.  I explained to them that we know, how Wall Street executives received millions in bonuses each year, as they cut American jobs and send them overseas to pay workers almost slave wages @ 90 cents or less per man hour. Erock said, I tried to explain in detail without pulling any punches that they were a bunch of greedy men, and they must share God’s wealth if they don’t want to feel His raft. I asked them to do a few small things when it comes to large amounts of waste. I asked them to have their buddies cut military cost, cut out of control spending, stop all world starvation and hunger, and most of all to shear the wealth, as they continued to chuckled at me, with that stupid don’t you know I’m invincible, grin on their faces. I asked them, to take a good slow look in the mirror and then take walk down Main Street. Then Erock said I told them to, take a good look at the homeless men, women, and babies eye to eye, as you forget your executive shirt and tie. I told them how the system works and protect them, the rich and powerful. I asked them, would this same system work for you, once you became poor or middle class? I said, maybe sometime in the future, as I grinned this time, with the same stupid invincible smile, knowing what I knew. I said, you just may become poor one day sooner, then you think. I told them you and I both know that this earth and God’s wealth is here for all to share and enjoy. It’s not just for the 1% errs who are millionaires and billionaires, to enjoy every single day of their livers, off the hard working backs of the poor and middle class.  Erock said, I explained to them how the average American has become sick and tired of all of them. Starting with the special interest groups, millionaire politicians, Wall Street executives, bankers like yourselves, who are living too large as the rest of us barely make ends meet, from paycheck to paycheck. We are tired of laboring for the rich and powerful as some of you and your staff members start off making as much as $932 plus per hour. At the same time, you stop any minimum wage raise hikes, at any cost. I told them how they get on TV angry at us, if we ask for this minimum wage rate increase every few years, saying with a fear in their voice. This will create layoffs as small businesses will have to close their doors. To go from seven to nine dollars per hour, you claim will put a lot of businessmen out of business. Erock said, I told them the story of how we are paying more for everything and getting less. I said, I remember when I was a kid, we would go to the gas station to fill the family car with my dad. He paid, .25 cents per gallon of gas, as five or six attendants would come to the car to do a quick service check for free. They would full the tank, check the air in all four tires, check the engine oil, check the Trans fluid wash the windshield, and more all for this same, .25 cents per gallon of gas. Now we have to pump our own gas, paying as much as $.4.00 per gallon of gas. It’s not just this one example, as the politicians and Wall Street boarded members are coming up with new ways to cut back and hurt the poor and middle class without any concern, that these are people too. He told them, every day you feed your sick selfish habits of wanting more, without ever seeking any kind help, for your greedy additions. Wall Street and Washington has failed the American people and how natural repercussions, consequences, and karma, of what goes around, will soon come around, to them and theirs, very soon, if they don’t change their selfish greedy ways. Erock told the bankers, at times we the poor look at the American financial system with tears in our eyes. It seems we are always at war within an American system that pride itself, by keeping poor Americans poor. Some poor people think’s  it’s Democrats against the Republicans, rich against the middle class and poor, as we the poor are used as pawns, for entertaining the rich and powerful, who gets boarded with having little to nothing to do.  I told them Erock said, as I started banging on the polished conference table that was cleaned by some janitor the night before.  Mr. & Miss Banker, you have brilliant minds based on where your position in life is today.  You need to use your brilliance for the good of all mankind. You have done this crazy stuff to the poor throughout history, on purpose and by creative design. Now Erock pushed back in his chair and said with confidence, we are asking you to fix this crooked system and share the wealth now, or else!  One of the lady bankers stood up and looked Erock in the eye and said. “You just sound like you made a serious threat to the banking industry, sir”.  Erock stood up and said, “Ladies and gentlemen you dam right. I did! You have no idea of what we are capable of as we are trying to ask you before taking action. You see, what you don’t understand is, we are not afraid of you anymore, which makes us politically dangerous. What’s about to come your way by nature and manmade, will soon bring you to your knees, if you don’t heed our warnings. With an angry serious look on his face he said. Now yawl have a nice day, and walked out of the conference room without looking back. When Erock returned to his car one of the first things he did was get his cell phone out of the center counsel, to call Larry and Hart with the end results of this the final meeting with the bankers. He was still steaming again, when Hart said calm down my brother, no doubt I understand, but you have to calm down a little and check your emotions, this thing is bigger than all of us now. Not to cut you off my brother Hart said, you know we all understand this racist system and how it works. Don’t worry, we got this! Then Larry said, are you ok, don’t get your blood pressure up again, chill!  Erock yelled, I’m cool!





“When nervousness or fearful of life’s turmoil’s become busy. Do something that has purpose or positive end results. Fear cannot live within a busy mind & body.”


Larry said guess what Erock, believe it or not you have another meeting, this time in Washington D.C., at the end of the week around lunchtime Friday. The word is out already even though those greedy bankers didn’t say anything about it publicly. The effects of our carefully placed systems are beginning to take effect and showing panic and drastic movements, all over Wall Street behind closed doors. According to our brothers cleaning buildings in New York and their research.  Larry said Erock, to keep our poker face strong, you have to meet with the head of the, Small Business Administration. We are going to keep these bank financial hard heads, from sticking their hands in the pockets of the little guy once again. During our financial interruptions of the big banks that’s already in place. The bankers are going to try and find ways to recover billions of their corrupted lost dollars, off the backs of the small businessman first. As we temporally bring down the big banks, they are going to become desperate if the American government don’t bail them out fast. Erock, we’ve already pulled that old letter that was sent many times, over the years explaining and asking for small business help ourselves. Although we never got any help from the SBA, our letter was used by them as their sample letter of a hard working group of people.  They might have helped us one day, if we were not a bunch poor black men, knocking on their doors over the years.  The letter is now incorporated with an up-to-date letter to our current President and the head of the Small Business Administration explaining our past dilemmas, as well as asking them not to bail out the big banks if and when they fail. We also explained that we have heard some of the rumors floating around the business community that the big banks are in some kind of trouble.  We asked them to please live up to their name as the Small Business Administration and help small businesses, not these big banker billionaires. Overnight we learned, thru our inside sources and connections, with other calculated information, that the U.S. Government and our current president has leaked their intentions to bail out the big bankers, even before they go completely under or take votes from the American people.  They have already started the procedure of undercover back door dealings to bail out of these, millionaire buddies of theirs. As they once again kick the little guy who pays his monthly bills and small salaries, to the financial curb once again. Hart said to Erock, please study this letter also that we just faxed over to your hotel room, so you will be sharp and know what you are talking about at Friday’s meeting. When Erock returned to his hotel room after eating dinner in the lobby restaurant, he started reading, memorizing, and keeping key points of the letter that Hart had faxed to his room.  As we continued taking action just like the rest of us, to put all of our kings on the playing board of life, in play. He knew this letter was somewhat worthless now, but you never know what may pop up in a meeting conversation such as this. When it came to helping the small black businessman only about 10% of us ever get SBA financial help. Still we had to take this action just like we did with the rich bankers, who did not heed our warnings. We sent the SBA another one of our pathetic letters, begging and pleading for their help just for the record, for something that should have already been ours years ago. This final letter to the SBA, went something like this!


 Dear Mr. Sonny Bartram, Executive Director and Administrator, Small Business Administration, 409 3rd St. Southwest Washington, DC 20416 – 0005

Over the past 20 years plus, we have tried like so many other small businessmen and women in America to start, operate, and own a small successful businesses. We have applied for certification into the S.B.A., 8a program as well as the many other programs offered by your organization. We have applied a many times and has made efforts to get SBA business loans, and or grants. We have worked with SCORE members and many other various government and private organizations of which was recommended to us in our efforts to grow our small business. We have participated in a variety of SBA workshops, seminars, classes and so forth, trying to get just a small break through the Small Business Administration and related programs set up to help small businesses.  With no success, and no positive actions from the SBA, or a good track record to report to other small businesses on your behalf. We continue to try with little hope of ever getting government help.  To this date, we have absolutely no good SBA success stories to tell our upcoming young black businessmen and women. It’s kind of sad that we have no strong stories to tell our black youth, about the SBA helping us on a large scale. When it comes to telling the truth active stories about the S.B.A., and black businesses, there is nothing to say based on our past experience?  Sonny, some of us saw you on television a few days ago talking to the small business owners of America, informing us not to give up on our business dreams. You said you and your staff can still help us in these hardest of times for small businesses.  Even with this being one of the toughest economies in the past eight years, for families, and the head of most households, you said you can and will help us to stay afloat. Mr. Bartram, over the years most of us had completely given up on the Small Business Administration, after so many years of trying to get help until last week, when we saw you appealing to the American small business owner, telling us to hang in there, help is on the way.  Mr. Bartram, what a lot of people still don’t understand about the black businessman is that we refuse to quit, with or without SBA help.  At the same time we like to thank you for your support, efforts, and kind encouraging words as you spoke with educated business experience and class.  Now Mr. Bartram, you need to deal with, a to the point realistic realty. So far most of us have received, absolutely no serious or major help from the Small Business Administration or any of its related government appointed agencies. Are these agencies put in place to help small businesses succeed, or are they there for red tape traps. Now some weeks later, more and more details becomes clear about how the government and the small business administration are in the process of bailing out the big bankers and big corporations. Almost 75% of all black Americans became as some are still, angry to see our government hand over $700 billion plus dollars to the big Wall Street bankers, their friends and other big selfish businessmen. We The People have spent our monies carefully as we saved our hard earned dollars in these hard times trying to survive.  As these same big businesses over the years, have wasted their money, our money, and borrowed money. Spending at low interest rates, and charging us high interest rates on home, car, and other loans. For example, as they lend us our monies back and forth from the banks which we deposit, we reinvest and bail ourselves out if needed. We re-use our same monies back over and over again until it grows, as we have learned to stay out of financial trouble as small businessmen.  These same big bankers’ and banks each month, waste millions of dollars giving each other so called, justified big bonuses over and over again throughout the years, for not working as they meet and sit on boring boards a few times each year. Now here it is late 2007 and they need us to bail them out once again, for being foolish. We know that things will return to business as usual, once these poor bankers get their greedy hands on, we the people-700 billion dollars. I can guarantee we will be ignored once again as they laugh all the way back to the bank. As we the small business person, keep our money and personal affairs in order with no bailouts ever in our lifetimes, it’s a shame to see America bailing out millionaires.  We the people, also are tired of being used each month by the big businessmen, in every which way. Knowing that these big businessmen will never do the right thing, or what it takes to help the small businessmen and Joe Main Street American. We like to know why you are still bailing them out. Th