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Book 2-The Movie – Dirty Millions the Clean Way

(By Kirk Tillery)

Les Brown once said, “Say yes to your life, by saying yes to the dreams that excites you the most. Make it a living reality as you release bits of greatness from within each day. This fuel keeps your excitement for life, burning.”

“Be careful who you share your dreams and weaknesses with. Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to take your dreams, and use your weakness against you.”


 The stories in my first non-fiction how to business book, Make Dirty Millions the Clean Way has changed many lives forever. This my second book/the movie, is very different and controversial as it will change millions of lives as well. One of my life’s goals is to stop world hunger and poverty. As we discussed one of the most devastating disease known to mankind, I hope to change the mindset of most individuals. This fully curable emotional disease that we all suffer from at times, is called prejudice. This disease has created more chaos and poverty than any other disease known to mankind. If not for prejudice mankind would be an advanced intelligent species, instead of this selfish primitive joke assuming we are a technically superior creature. If not for prejudice there would be no more illnesses, as we would have found a cure for all medical disease. Our political leaders would assure the even distribution of all the earth’s resources. Sciences would have come up with the mathematical equations to travel the universe, finding untold wealth and new discoveries to benefit all of mankind. How can anyone still be prejudice as God has provided everything needed for His wonderful creations, who dwell and survive together on this spaceship, we call earth? As this “spaceship” evolve around the sun each day, it provides an abundance of warmth, food, air and water, for all of mankind survival. With that being said, how can the human race allow, 30 to 40,000 babies around the world, starve and die each day from something as simple as, a lack of food. This books is designed to open our minds as it blows the dust off our untapped brain power. At the same time it will set a fire under each of us, that will inspire us to get busy enough to make a small change, or major difference. As you read some of my unorthodox statements with your head held high. You will become full of pride in your thoughts, with positive hopes for the future, as we at times will visit a past that should never be talked about again after this book. This same race of people that seems to be stuck, will be nudged just enough to wake up. They will remember they once built the wonders of the pyramids, rich diamond and gold mines, as well as a new country named America. They have done all of this work over the centuries, for kings, queens, and presidents, without ever receiving full compensation for their labors. This has made this particular race of people the poorest, most disrespected, trashed, used up, groups of people on the planet today. The above wonders of the world build many centuries ago are still standing today, showing submission, service, and sacrifice of oneself. The stories in this book are meant to open all nationalities blocked minds, when it comes to finding individual change or personal growth. As we have learned all types of things during our life time from, teachers, schools, religion, parents, televisions, and a host of others learning institutions, who taught us how to think without regards to your listing to our true feelings. So if you will please temporally lend me your mind, as I attempt to adjust your past, present, and future life learned restrictions. These restrictions has kept this particular race of people poor in mind, bodies and sprite for centuries. This book will give you the needed hope you have longed for, without changing your core individual values. This book will also remove the invisible self-made shackles that has kept their minds from being free to think for self, in order to see a purposeful future as self-planned from feeling and knowing the truth from within. If you start to read this book and you can’t finish it due to the strong contents. Be thankful to have learned you still have some growing to do for now, as you will finish reading it later. But if you live thru the full readings of this book and live to talk about it, your life will be changed forever. This information will enhance the readers of all race, background, and creeds, to understand future possibilities of being unlimited human beings, working as one human race to make all things better for all people.  This book was also self-inspired by listening to my favorite music, as I wrote each page moved by feelings and emotions. I like to suggest if I may, that you listen to your favorite music as you read each page bring my vibes as an author thru. As you continue to read, you will also find inspirational quotes, and pictures in no particular order, which also inspired me to continue write. At times some written words may clash or have no immediate interest to you. Please keep reading, for clarity is in future chapters for your understanding.  Now, as you put on your seat belt, turn on your favorite music, and adjust your body in your lazy boy chair. I hope you will enjoy this emotional, mind opening, life changing ride!  I know this book will touch you in some of the ways I have been touched by the divine sprit.  As mentioned in my first book, my SAT scores after graduating from a poor high school were on a third grade level, when it came to reading, spelling and basic math. I ask if you would please allow my creative freedom to shine thru, overlooking any minor spoken word mistakes. Again, I will repeat a few necessary strong statements, as my past teachers should have done, when I were in school.  I feel this helps us to remember what’s important!

“Love is the key that opens all hearts. The more people or living creators you love, will bring God closer to you. The more people that loves you in return, will bring you closer to God.


 Please note or keep in mind as this book is written for all to study, grow, and change, as you will see life from a different point of view in time. You may find some comments of this books nature to be a little sensitive or maybe even offensive when it comes to your feelings. These somewhat offensive comments are written words which are somewhat necessary to make the strong points effective, as they are overdue comments needed to be said if things are going to change for the better.  As I attempt to bend the rules that will affect these overdue needed changes in our present day society, stemming from an unrectified past. I will be respectful to the point of getting my written thoughts across. Being labeled over the centuries by society as another anger person, I strongly ask for your forgiveness if I offend anyone in advance if I am misunderstood. If you are offended in anyway by my good intentions, please forgive me now or as you continue to read.  I sincerely mean no harm, hate, discrimination, disrespect, threats, revenge, or ill will, on the behalf of anyone. As you continue to read, I hope the message in these words becomes clear to your understanding, showing you different ways of adjusting your old ways of thinking, when it comes to your fellow man. To see life through another’s eyes, or to walk in another man’s work boots, is a journey that I hope everyone will experience, as they read this book.  Now, let’s get to work, as we make the world a much better place from its humble beginnings to this present day, as we prosper and grow as one big human being of a family, being human. Let’s also enjoy life, the way it was meant to be enjoyed in Gods original plan. All the richness and gifts of God’s physical wealth cannot make you happy unless you shear it with others.  This wealth has been placed here on earth for all to enjoy thru equality, or given equal portions for all. God did not place this wealth on earth for just the so-called privilege to enjoy or guaranty their wealthy survival. Forty thousand babies around the world, starve each day due to the greed of others.  It only takes three things to survive, as God has guaranteed providing these three things as they are free. Food, air, and clean water is a given, as God lets the sun, rain, and air blow, on the rich as well as the poor each day, as He ask for no payments in return!  Will someone please explain the reasons for so much greed, and selfishness around the world today? Especially when it comes to feeding Gods helpless little babies!  The questions is, what’s wrongs with the human race?


Martin Luther King once said, “If a man haven’t found a true cause that’s worth dying for, he isn’t fit to live.”img2.jpg  img3.jpg

Over the years, the questions have been asked a many times, thru different studies or by many other race of people, here in America and abroad. “Why are black people, men and women so emotional? How can a group of people start shouting, screaming, and crying at any given time, during any given church service?” The short and simple answer is, we have served this country as no other servants will ever serve. Military personal, presidents, congressmen, politicians and senators, have never served this country, lying down life and limb the way we have since the beginning of the country. With only the benefits of welfare for our service, is an absolute disgrace when our service is compared to others, who served this country under the American flag. Our emotions comes from the truth learned over the years about our troubled past, that has never been fully put to rest. We somehow live to feel, the connections of happy/painful moments from the stories told about our past. Which are still being lived thru us some generations later.  O’ yes, it is still bitter with just a touch of sweetness at times, as we express our emotions thru song and worship, which may seem like emotional recklessness to most other people. That small piece of true that is part of our history, has been so unbelievable to hear live, and die for, has causes us to be a little emotional at times. Yes, these historic stories may causes us to lose control of our civilized emotions, as we resort to a so-called temporary primitive state of freedom.  At one time it was the only part of us black folk that was truly free. As these emotions came from within keeping us, as we lived without. With the understanding from each other that it’s ok during worship, as you are among family and friends who understand. Without saying, its ok, we got you, we understand your emotional pains of joy, as we can cry, shout, and scream without regrets. Yes, we black folks have learned to get our cry on, and let go for the moment, without judgment or feeling embarrassed during confessions, or the need to visit mental doctor. We will regroup and contain our emotions later during the service, but for now we are going to let the wonders of the Holy Spirit have its way with us, until it turns us loose!  Some folks are serious when they say, “You just had an emotional laxative”!  This always makes you feel much better about our past history, and helps us get thru the new work week, then and now.  This bittersweet pill that we swallow each day for the cured of the wrongs done to us, is O’ so bitter.  So we will continue to cry, shout, and scream, during worship and other gatherings, trying to remove some of the bitterness of our unjust history, which has been forced down our throats, over and over again throughout the centuries. As we try to move forward spitting this bitterness from our past that’s was placed on us from our grandparents whipped, beaten, scared, backs, with no-one seem to be concerned.  As a whole race of people still today, of which seventy five percent are in poverty or living below the middle class dream. They have been trying to bury this thing called black history, every time they put one of us in the grave, but it just won’t die. What they don’t understand is, our grandmothers will always tell the stories that will never let our history die.  Facing racism even today, without any real reason or recognition of our culture or blackness, has made us adapt in some ways and incorporate ourselves slowly into other cultures to fit in.  As America is trying to white wash our race of its identity and history as planned, we continue to feel the pain even more as we remember our ancestors stories, who lived our history so we could have a better life someday, never being satisfied until we reach their ultimate gold’s.  So again, we cry, shout, scream until this terrible injustice or wrong has been made, a right! We ask or challenge any race of people to visit a black church. Listen/hear some old fashion gospel, jazz, blues, R&B, music as you study and read this book. See if it move you!  You may be touch by the holy spirit as you read, listen, and learn, to understand some of our


historic ways of perseverance. We are not asking for any sympathy. We are asking for some understanding of our past and present journey of being black, as an individual or a race of misunderstood, mistreated, misplaced, people!   America, from sea to shining sea, God has shined his grace on thy.  Share His blessings!

 Maria Robison once said, “Nobody can go back in time to start a new beginning.  But anyone can take these precious moments of today, to change what’s already been started to a new ending”.

I don’t understand why some words of wisdom are written or placed into our holy books, such as the Bible, Quran, and or the Torah to name a few. One thing that history has showed is that controlling poor people has always had its perks, for the rich and powerful, as past and modern low wage slaves continue to serve them. The modern-day politicians, Wall Street Wealthy, and the Elites, has learned from early history as they continue to do the same types of harm to low income people in the inner cities, and small towns across America, even as we speak today. Could it be that some words were added or inserted into the most holy books (For example: See Bible quotes below) to get the masses of poor people to believe in and submit to the rich? If placing words about how to be a good servant, in our holy books only benefit the rich and powerful, then what other truths has been  deceiving?  I remember a statement from a holy book or two, from when I was a small child, as it read. “The Jews are God’s chosen people!”  I ask myself-why?  What’s the real purpose for saying something like this, as we look into a few more misunderstood statements!


Russell Simmons once said, “While happiness is the birthright of every human being, too many people move through life with a poverty mindset, or the belief that happiness is always just outside their reach.”


Bible: Ephesians Chapter 6 - Verse 5



Amplified Bible: “Servants (slaves) be obedient to those who are your physical masters, having respect for them and eager concern to please them, in singleness of motive and with all your heart, as (service) to Christ Himself”.  

King James Bible: “Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with “fear” and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ”.

Please do not take my word for this, check it out for yourself.  Hopefully, I miss understood this passages!


Thomas Jefferson once said, “Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, health, choice occupation, and freedom to pursuit equal opportunities to change.”


This book is being authored by a so-called angry black man, which may or may not be true, since I was born and partly raised in the inter city projects!  Before going any farther, and to be on the safe side and for the record. I like to do something a little different. I like to start off with a short joke.



Joke: Madea once said, “Jesus is a black man!”  Then she said, I want yawl to be patient with me for just a few seconds while I explain, scriptures to support and suggest that, Jesus was a black man!  First of all it is said, he may not come when you want him too, but he’s always right on black folk time. Jesus was on black time.  Jesus was a black man!  Jesus got to Lazareth’s sickbed four days too late. Mary and Martha said, “Surely Jesus if you had of been here, my brother wouldn’t have died”. He wasn’t an hour late, he was four days late. Jesus was a black man!


 When Jesus left his momma’s house from time to time, he was very vague when giving her answers.” Where are you going Jesus?”, “I’m going away”! “I’m go to a place!”.” When will you come back Jesus”?  “Soon!”  “How soon Jesus?” “Very soon!”  “How would I know when you are going to return?”  Be ye also ready!  Nobody knows the day or the hour! Jesus was a black man!  He went to jail for something he didn’t do. Jesus was a black man!  “What are you in jail for Jesus?” “I don’t know, I did nothing wrong. They just want to kill me for no good reason.” Jesus was a black man!  Then Madea said, “Another reason Jesus was a black man is, he lived in his momma’s house until he was 33 years old.”  Jesus was a black man! People would ask him, “Where you live Jesus?” “With my mama and them”. Jesus was a black man!  Madea said, “This is in the scriptures, I can back this up.” Another reason Jesus had to a black man was that, Joseph was not Jesus real daddy, No kidding Madea said, “He was not his real daddy.” Jesus was a black man! That’s true she said, because after Jesus was born they had to go to that there, Maury Povich show for a DNA test. Like most black men on the show Joseph fail that test when he heard Maury say, “Joseph, in the case of baby Jesus, YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!” Jesus was a black man!





Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind not merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand fights that will eventually concord his past defeats.”


 As you continue to read this book, try to feel or pay attention to your emotions and true feelings. Your good feelings will give you some of your desires overnight, as well as change your life for the good.  We have these good feelings feelings that we need to sometimes pay more attention to, in order to weed out the bad and replace with more of the good feelings. Feelings regulate throughout our bodies, helping us to take pacific actions based on what we feel before, during and after we create a particular result. During any given moment to receive a good a result we must first feel good, for the opposite of good is ---! These good emotions or feelings come from the soul, as they fulfill what we are experiencing, based on the soul’s agenda to accomplished our desires. The soul’s emotions or feelings help us see or look at life from the inside out.  The soul can only reveal your truth feelings, as it is our true connection or inner eye to God. As we are made in His likeness, we co-create through our feelings. When Jesus performed miracles He said, these things and more you can do, as you are created in my own image. For example, a group of people were in a room with all bad feelings one day. Before the clown comedian walked in the room feeling good and happy, these same people were on a self-destruct course. Within five minutes the clown, although the situations as it was his job to do so. He made everyone in the room feel good, so the meeting could move forward. The clown had self-created new feelings for this group of people, just by bringing his good feeling into the room.  The feeling, (good emotion), is a strong giver of what we are or will receive in life. The feelings of bad emotions will also be experience, but keep this feeling limited for just a short period of time as you are in control of your emotions. To experience bad feelings from time to time is ok as well. This will help keep us in balanced, as we learn to appreciate our own good feelings, even more.  How would you know what hot feels like, if you never experience cold? It’s the same with bad and good? It’s all up to you to make a choice to experience which feeling you desire at any given moment, as you move thru your day. When you are feeling bad, your soul is telling you, something is not true, wrong, sick, and your way of thinking needs to be adjusted. Check out or feel these bad emotion for a moment or two, and let them go as you go about finding the solution to this emotion. Return to feelings good as soon as you start to fix the problem, as you let yourself feel good once again. The bad feelings will dissipate its presence from the body as good emotions have to return. Master your good feelings by simply feeling good most of the time, if possible.  As good things return into your life in more ways than one, you will start to automatically feel good more and more each day. This will bring you a better, stronger, easier way of feeling good, as you continue to reach higher and becoming closer to Gods pure love, which is the ultimate reason for feeling good!  Your desires will come true more often when feeling good. Good bigots more good! Without judgment always remember, things like hate, anger, lies, greed, jealousy, and deceit to name a few, are the same as bad emotions. These things blocks or dams’ good feeling, keeping them from returning to the soul, which is our connection to God.

Mary Anne Radmacher once said, “Courage doesn’t always roar like a lion. Sometime courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day whispering. Today I made some tough decisions and failed. I will try again tomorrow”.



Please bear with me for a few more minutes on the above subject, as we discuss one of the blockers (lies) to the soul’s good feelings or good emotions. The average man tells about six lies a day. The average woman tells three or more lies a day. For men this is about 2,190 untruths or lies each year. Scientists and religionists has asked the old age questions for centuries, “Why do we lie?” Most lies are told to avoid human conflicts, tension, mistrust, to get what we desire, or to avoid punishment at any cost for what we have already done. Most adult lies are based around selfishness when it comes to hate, anger, and jealousy, sex, and money greed, just to name a few. “How do we stop lying?” That’s very easy to do! Just stop lying!  Make up in your mind starting today to never tell another lie!  Speak slower, think about what you’re going to say next before you say anything. The consequences of what happens to yourself and others, when you tell a lie or the truth can be life changing. What most people do not realize is, telling the truth will bring you closer to God, as this will enlighten you and your soul, which will direct or open your inner eye to see your spiritual and natural wealth, here on earth as well as in heaven.  When you lie it takes you from your desired path and gives your wealth to someone who is in poverty already, due to their past lies told themselves or indirectly by another.  So tell the truth about everything all the time! Try this for a few weeks. Write down your new lies on a small pocket calendar within a few hours of telling them to someone.  This will help you keep count and reduce your daily, yearly lies.  “Why should we stop lying?” Telling the truth and telling lies both have permit serious consequences, which will affect millions of innocent people around the world for many years to come.  A lie can go around the world and effect people that you will never meet. Because of your truths someone may be pushed into a situation of cashing their first million dollar check, all because you told the truth. Telling the truth will help all of Gods people in ways that are positive to mankind. Telling the truth will stop most of the unfair wars, sufferings, sickness, and hunger around the world.  Especially for those who are in third world countries where people are mistreated due to others lies. They are hoping we start telling the truth about everything, as this will stop their pain and daily suffering. Words are one of Gods and man’s most powerful creations. We are made in God’s image! God spoke the word with pure truth, and it was done!  A good professional speaker full of bad lies like Hitler, can use his powerful words or lies to negatively motivate the German people to kill millions of innocent Jews. Hitler spoke and it was done!  Can you imagine your words starting a world war, such as Hitler did?  If God could tell a lie, as we know he can’t, what kind of nightmare world would we be living in today? God used his truths to create the spoken word. As he spoke and it was done, as His words became alive and lived, to obeyed his every command of creation. His living obedient words created man and all there is. Based on His true imagine, how much damage would we do each if we had that kind of power in our spoken words. Due to the fact that God have given us his unconditional love and choice with free of will.  I am glad we have less power than, God’s spoken words. Can you imagine, if our spoken lies would become active actions, causing all types of chaos, havoc, and bad consequences to happen around the world. Where and what would happen to mankind? Long term research has shown as we lie each day, people around the world will continue to deal with bad consequences as seen on the nightly news.  If each of us learn to tell the truth, we would change the world overnight to its original greatness that was once in Gods master plan, when he spoke and created the Garden of Eden.  God had given us a touch of heaven, while we were to be here on earth. In this beautiful garden called Eden we could remember a small piece of heaven. Telling the truth is essential, if you and I want to change the world or have your desires manifest into reality.  “Just tell the TRUTH, it’s not hard”!

Winston Churchill once said, “Criticism may not be agreeable but it is necessary.  It agitates the same functions of pain to the body, only its pain is in the mind. It brings attention to unhealthy states of selfishness”.


Throughout recent history in America, most Caucasians or white people have shown or proven that they are very intelligent, as well as a smart race of people who seems to always be on top of their material gains, over the past few centuries. History has also showed at times, some of these same people are some of the biggest crocks that the world has ever seen. Some have shown to be lazy, ruthless, conniving, crooked, selfish, foolish, greedy, mean, jealous and hateful, with no compassion for any other race, but their own. The time has come and the change is here, with karma working its mojo or magic on them! Now, I know most people within their belief system do not believe in this but, if you will please indulge in me for a few minutes, I will try to explain. We have all heard the old saying, “What goes around comes around”. The Buddhist priests and their Hindu religious followers strongly believe in, “What goes around comes around”. They also believe until you get it right (life) and accept Gods unconditional love, mercy and goodness, you will not move forward, only to return. Until you find it in your heart to become pure love, as God is pure love, you will return to this earth again and again.” This is something that the Buddhists calls reincarnation, which according to them, is a good thing and a good place to be until you get it right. As it is not a punishment because God cannot and will not, ever punish his earthly children, it is another way of growth. They believe you will re-visit heaven briefly or until you are ready or have chosen to return and live another life on earth after your last passing. These things that we call life are God’s way of strengthening the soul, and his way of helping us to reach his pure levels of love, and unconditional goodness. As he is nothing but, pure love and unconditional goodness. Again this is a good thing. The Buddhist Priest also believes we may return as our own grandson or granddaughter from the previous life lived. Once you grow to reach adulthood, you will start over from where you left off as an adult from your past life. So get it right this time if you don’t won’t to return, as most Buddhist priest would say! “What goes around do come around”.  This reincarnation process according to the Buddhists Priest and Monks, will continue until you choose to become closer to God as you become a pure enlightened beam of love, within yourself. Again, this is not a bad thing or place to be, according to the Buddhist Priests. It is all good, it’s what we have chosen to do in order to reach our highest levels of love that reaches and touch God, who is on high! God will not force his will with fears or bad emotions, upon us to do his will,