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Book 2-The Movie – Dirty Millions the Clean Way

(By Kirk Tillery)

Les Brown once said, “Say yes to your life, by saying yes to the dreams that excites you the most. Make it a living reality as you release bits of greatness from within each day. This fuel keeps your excitement for life, burning.”

“Be careful who you share your dreams and weaknesses with. Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to take your dreams, and use your weakness against you.”


 The stories in my first non-fiction how to business book, Make Dirty Millions the Clean Way has changed many lives forever. This my second book/the movie, is very different and controversial as it will change millions of lives as well. One of my life’s goals is to stop world hunger and poverty. As we discussed one of the most devastating disease known to mankind, I hope to change the mindset of most individuals. This fully curable emotional disease that we all suffer from at times, is called prejudice. This disease has created more chaos and poverty than any other disease known to mankind. If not for prejudice mankind would be an advanced intelligent species, instead of this selfish primitive joke assuming we are a technically superior creature. If not for prejudice there would be no more illnesses, as we would have found a cure for all medical disease. Our political leaders would assure the even distribution of all the earth’s resources. Sciences would have come up with the mathematical equations to travel the universe, finding untold wealth and new discoveries to benefit all of mankind. How can anyone still be prejudice as God has provided everything needed for His wonderful creations, who dwell and survive together on this spaceship, we call earth? As this “spaceship” evolve around the sun each day, it provides an abundance of warmth, food, air and water, for all of mankind survival. With that being said, how can the human race allow, 30 to 40,000 babies around the world, starve and die each day from something as simple as, a lack of food. This books is designed to open our minds as it blows the dust off our untapped brain power. At the same time it will set a fire under each of us, that will inspire us to get busy enough to make a small change, or major difference. As you read some of my unorthodox statements with your head held high. You will become full of pride in your thoughts, with positive hopes for the future, as we at times will visit a past that should never be talked about again after this book. This same race of people that seems to be stuck, will be nudged just enough to wake up. They will remember they once built the wonders of the pyramids, rich diamond and gold mines, as well as a new country named America. They have done all of this work over the centuries, for kings, queens, and presidents, without ever receiving full compensation for their labors. This has made this particular race of people the poorest, most disrespected, trashed, used up, groups of people on the planet today. The above wonders of the world build many centuries ago are still standing today, showing submission, service, and sacrifice of oneself. The stories in this book are meant to open all nationalities blocked minds, when it comes to finding individual change or personal growth. As we have learned all types of things during our life time from, teachers, schools, religion, parents, televisions, and a host of others learning institutions, who taught us how to think without regards to your listing to our true feelings. So if you will please temporally lend me your mind, as I attempt to adjust your past, present, and future life learned restrictions. These restrictions has kept this particular race of people poor in mind, bodies and sprite for centuries. This book will give you the needed hope you have longed for, without changing your core individual values. This book will also remove the invisible self-made shackles that has kept their minds from being free to think for self, in order to see a purposeful future as self-planned from feeling and knowing the truth from within. If you start to read this book and you can’t finish it due to the strong contents. Be thankful to have learned you still have some growing to do for now, as you will finish reading it later. But if you live thru the full readings of this book and live to talk about it, your life will be changed forever. This information will enhance the readers of all race, background, and creeds, to understand future possibilities of being unlimited human beings, working as one human race to make all things better for all people.  This book was also self-inspired by listening to my favorite music, as I wrote each page moved by feelings and emotions. I like to suggest if I may, that you listen to your favorite music as you read each page bring my vibes as an author thru. As you continue to read, you will also find inspirational quotes, and pictures in no particular order, which also inspired me to continue write. At times some written words may clash or have no immediate interest to you. Please keep reading, for clarity is in future chapters for your understanding.  Now, as you put on your seat belt, turn on your favorite music, and adjust your body in your lazy boy chair. I hope you will enjoy this emotional, mind opening, life changing ride!  I know this book will touch you in some of the ways I have been touched by the divine sprit.  As mentioned in my first book, my SAT scores after graduating from a poor high school were on a third grade level, when it came to reading, spelling and basic math. I ask if you would please allow my creative freedom to shine thru, overlooking any minor spoken word mistakes. Again, I will repeat a few necessary strong statements, as my past teachers should have done, when I were in school.  I feel this helps us to remember what’s important!

“Love is the key that opens all hearts. The more people or living creators you love, will bring God closer to you. The more people that loves you in return, will bring you closer to God.


 Please note or keep in mind as this book is written for all to study, grow, and change, as you will see life from a different point of view in time. You may find some comments of this books nature to be a little sensitive or maybe even offensive when it comes to your feelings. These somewhat offensive comments are written words which are somewhat necessary to make the strong points effective, as they are overdue comments needed to be said if things are going to change for the better.  As I attempt to bend the rules that will affect these overdue needed changes in our present day society, stemming from an unrectified past. I will be respectful to the point of getting my written thoughts across. Being labeled over the centuries by society as another anger person, I strongly ask for your forgiveness if I offend anyone in advance if I am misunderstood. If you are offended in anyway by my good intentions, please forgive me now or as you continue to read.  I sincerely mean no harm, hate, discrimination, disrespect, threats, revenge, or ill will, on the behalf of anyone. As you continue to read, I hope the message in these words becomes clear to your understanding, showing you different ways of adjusting your old ways of thinking, when it comes to your fellow man. To see life through another’s eyes, or to walk in another man’s work boots, is a journey that I hope everyone will experience, as they read this book.  Now, let’s get to work, as we make the world a much better place from its humble beginnings to this present day, as we prosper and grow as one big human being of a family, being human. Let’s also enjoy life, the way it was meant to be enjoyed in Gods original plan. All the richness and gifts of God’s physical wealth cannot make you happy unless you shear it with others.  This wealth has been placed here on earth for all to enjoy thru equality, or given equal portions for all. God did not place this wealth on earth for just the so-called privilege to enjoy or guaranty their wealthy survival. Forty thousand babies around the world, starve each day due to the greed of others.  It only takes three things to survive, as God has guaranteed providing these three things as they are free. Food, air, and clean water is a given, as God lets the sun, rain, and air blow, on the rich as well as the poor each day, as He ask for no payments in return!  Will someone please explain the reasons for so much greed, and selfishness around the world today? Especially when it comes to feeding Gods helpless little babies!  The questions is, what’s wrongs with the human race?


Martin Luther King once said, “If a man haven’t found a true cause that’s worth dying for, he isn’t fit to live.”img2.jpg  img3.jpg

Over the years, the questions have been asked a many times, thru different studies or by many other race of people, here in America and abroad. “Why are black people, men and women so emotional? How can a group of people start shouting, screaming, and crying at any given time, during any given church service?” The short and simple answer is, we have served this country as no other servants will ever serve. Military personal, presidents, congressmen, politicians and senators, have never served this country, lying down life and limb the way we have since the beginning of the country. With only the benefits of welfare for our service, is an absolute disgrace when our service is compared to others, who served this country under the American flag. Our emotions comes from the truth learned over the years about our troubled past, that has never been fully put to rest. We somehow live to feel, the connections of happy/painful moments from the stories told about our past. Which are still being lived thru us some generations later.  O’ yes, it is still bitter with just a touch of sweetness at times, as we express our emotions thru song and worship, which may seem like emotional recklessness to most other people. That small piece of true that is part of our history, has been so unbelievable to hear live, and die for, has causes us to be a little emotional at times. Yes, these historic stories may causes us to lose control of our civilized emotions, as we resort to a so-called temporary primitive state of freedom.  At one time it was the only part of us black folk that was truly free. As these emotions came from within keeping us, as we lived without. With the understanding from each other that it’s ok during worship, as you are among family and friends who understand. Without saying, its ok, we got you, we understand your emotional pains of joy, as we can cry, shout, and scream without regrets. Yes, we black folks have learned to get our cry on, and let go for the moment, without judgment or feeling embarrassed during confessions, or the need to visit mental doctor. We will regroup and contain our emotions later during the service, but for now we are going to let the wonders of the Holy Spirit have its way with us, until it turns us loose!  Some folks are serious when they say, “You just had an emotional laxative”!  This always makes you feel much better about our past history, and helps us get thru the new work week, then and now.  This bittersweet pill that we swallow each day for the cured of the wrongs done to us, is O’ so bitter.  So we will continue to cry, shout, and scream, during worship and other gatherings, trying to remove some of the bitterness of our unjust history, which has been forced down our throats, over and over again throughout the centuries. As we try to move forward spitting this bitterness from our past that’s was placed on us from our grandparents whipped, beaten, scared, backs, with no-one seem to be concerned.  As a whole race of people still today, of which seventy five percent are in poverty or living below the middle class dream. They have been trying to bury this thing called black history, every time they put one of us in the grave, but it just won’t die. What they don’t understand is, our grandmothers will always tell the stories that will never let our history die.  Facing racism even today, without any real reason or recognition of our culture or blackness, has made us adapt in some ways and incorporate ourselves slowly into other cultures to fit in.  As America is trying to white wash our race of its identity and history as planned, we continue to feel the pain even more as we remember our ancestors stories, who lived our history so we could have a better life someday, never being satisfied until we reach their ultimate gold’s.  So again, we cry, shout, scream until this terrible injustice or wrong has been made, a right! We ask or challenge any race of people to visit a black church. Listen/hear some old fashion gospel, jazz, blues, R&B, music as you study and read this book. See if it move you!  You may be touch by the holy spirit as you read, listen, and learn, to understand some of our


historic ways of perseverance. We are not asking for any sympathy. We are asking for some understanding of our past and present journey of being black, as an individual or a race of misunderstood, mistreated, misplaced, people!   America, from sea to shining sea, God has shined his grace on thy.  Share His blessings!

 Maria Robison once said, “Nobody can go back in time to start a new beginning.  But anyone can take these precious moments of today, to change what’s already been started to a new ending”.

I don’t understand why some words of wisdom are written or placed into our holy books, such as the Bible, Quran, and or the Torah to name a few. One thing that history has showed is that controlling poor people has always had its perks, for the rich and powerful, as past and modern low wage slaves continue to serve them. The modern-day politicians, Wall Street Wealthy, and the Elites, has learned from early history as they continue to do the same types of harm to low income people in the inner cities, and small towns across America, even as we speak today. Could it be that some words were added or inserted into the most holy books (For example: See Bible quotes below) to get the masses of poor people to believe in and submit to the rich? If placing words about how to be a good servant, in our holy books only benefit the rich and powerful, then what other truths has been  deceiving?  I remember a statement from a holy book or two, from when I was a small child, as it read. “The Jews are God’s chosen people!”  I ask myself-why?  What’s the real purpose for saying something like this, as we look into a few more misunderstood statements!


Russell Simmons once said, “While happiness is the birthright of every human being, too many people move through life with a poverty mindset, or the belief that happiness is always just outside their reach.”


Bible: Ephesians Chapter 6 - Verse 5



Amplified Bible: “Servants (slaves) be obedient to those who are your physical masters, having respect for them and eager concern to please them, in singleness of motive and with all your heart, as (service) to Christ Himself”.  

King James Bible: “Servants, be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh, with “fear” and trembling, in singleness of your heart, as unto Christ”.

Please do not take my word for this, check it out for yourself.  Hopefully, I miss understood this passages!


Thomas Jefferson once said, “Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, health, choice occupation, and freedom to pursuit equal opportunities to change.”


This book is being authored by a so-called angry black man, which may or may not be true, since I was born and partly raised in the inter city projects!  Before going any farther, and to be on the safe side and for the record. I like to do something a little different. I like to start off with a short joke.



Joke: Madea once said, “Jesus is a black man!”  Then she said, I want yawl to be patient with me for just a few seconds while I explain, scriptures to support and suggest that, Jesus was a black man!  First of all it is said, he may not come when you want him too, but he’s always right on black folk time. Jesus was on black time.  Jesus was a black man!  Jesus got to Lazareth’s sickbed four days too late. Mary and Martha said, “Surely Jesus if you had of been here, my brother wouldn’t have died”. He wasn’t an hour late, he was four days late. Jesus was a black man!


 When Jesus left his momma’s house from time to time, he was very vague when giving her answers.” Where are you going Jesus?”, “I’m going away”! “I’m go to a place!”.” When will you come back Jesus”?  “Soon!”  “How soon Jesus?” “Very soon!”  “How would I know when you are going to return?”  Be ye also ready!  Nobody knows the day or the hour! Jesus was a black man!  He went to jail for something he didn’t do. Jesus was a black man!  “What are you in jail for Jesus?” “I don’t know, I did nothing wrong. They just want to kill me for no good reason.” Jesus was a black man!  Then Madea said, “Another reason Jesus was a black man is, he lived in his momma’s house until he was 33 years old.”  Jesus was a black man! People would ask him, “Where you live Jesus?” “With my mama and them”. Jesus was a black man!  Madea said, “This is in the scriptures, I can back this up.” Another reason Jesus had to a black man was that, Joseph was not Jesus real daddy, No kidding Madea said, “He was not his real daddy.” Jesus was a black man! That’s true she said, because after Jesus was born they had to go to that there, Maury Povich show for a DNA test. Like most black men on the show Joseph fail that test when he heard Maury say, “Joseph, in the case of baby Jesus, YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!” Jesus was a black man!





Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind not merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand fights that will eventually concord his past defeats.”


 As you continue to read this book, try to feel or pay attention to your emotions and true feelings. Your good feelings will give you some of your desires overnight, as well as change your life for the good.  We have these good feelings feelings that we need to sometimes pay more attention to, in order to weed out the bad and replace with more of the good feelings. Feelings regulate throughout our bodies, helping us to take pacific actions based on what we feel before, during and after we create a particular result. During any given moment to receive a good a result we must first feel good, for the opposite of good is ---! These good emotions or feelings come from the soul, as they fulfill what we are experiencing, based on the soul’s agenda to accomplished our desires. The soul’s emotions or feelings help us see or look at life from the inside out.  The soul can only reveal your truth feelings, as it is our true connection or inner eye to God. As we are made in His likeness, we co-create through our feelings. When Jesus performed miracles He said, these things and more you can do, as you are created in my own image. For example, a group of people were in a room with all bad feelings one day. Before the clown comedian walked in the room feeling good and happy, these same people were on a self-destruct course. Within five minutes the clown, although the situations as it was his job to do so. He made everyone in the room feel good, so the meeting could move forward. The clown had self-created new feelings for this group of people, just by bringing his good feeling into the room.  The feeling, (good emotion), is a strong giver of what we are or will receive in life. The feelings of bad emotions will also be experience, but keep this feeling limited for just a short period of time as you are in control of your emotions. To experience bad feelings from time to time is ok as well. This will help keep us in balanced, as we learn to appreciate our own good feelings, even more.  How would you know what hot feels like, if you never experience cold? It’s the same with bad and good? It’s all up to you to make a choice to experience which feeling you desire at any given moment, as you move thru your day. When you are feeling bad, your soul is telling you, something is not true, wrong, sick, and your way of thinking needs to be adjusted. Check out or feel these bad emotion for a moment or two, and let them go as you go about finding the solution to this emotion. Return to feelings good as soon as you start to fix the problem, as you let yourself feel good once again. The bad feelings will dissipate its presence from the body as good emotions have to return. Master your good feelings by simply feeling good most of the time, if possible.  As good things return into your life in more ways than one, you will start to automatically feel good more and more each day. This will bring you a better, stronger, easier way of feeling good, as you continue to reach higher and becoming closer to Gods pure love, which is the ultimate reason for feeling good!  Your desires will come true more often when feeling good. Good bigots more good! Without judgment always remember, things like hate, anger, lies, greed, jealousy, and deceit to name a few, are the same as bad emotions. These things blocks or dams’ good feeling, keeping them from returning to the soul, which is our connection to God.

Mary Anne Radmacher once said, “Courage doesn’t always roar like a lion. Sometime courage is a quiet voice at the end of the day whispering. Today I made some tough decisions and failed. I will try again tomorrow”.



Please bear with me for a few more minutes on the above subject, as we discuss one of the blockers (lies) to the soul’s good feelings or good emotions. The average man tells about six lies a day. The average woman tells three or more lies a day. For men this is about 2,190 untruths or lies each year. Scientists and religionists has asked the old age questions for centuries, “Why do we lie?” Most lies are told to avoid human conflicts, tension, mistrust, to get what we desire, or to avoid punishment at any cost for what we have already done. Most adult lies are based around selfishness when it comes to hate, anger, and jealousy, sex, and money greed, just to name a few. “How do we stop lying?” That’s very easy to do! Just stop lying!  Make up in your mind starting today to never tell another lie!  Speak slower, think about what you’re going to say next before you say anything. The consequences of what happens to yourself and others, when you tell a lie or the truth can be life changing. What most people do not realize is, telling the truth will bring you closer to God, as this will enlighten you and your soul, which will direct or open your inner eye to see your spiritual and natural wealth, here on earth as well as in heaven.  When you lie it takes you from your desired path and gives your wealth to someone who is in poverty already, due to their past lies told themselves or indirectly by another.  So tell the truth about everything all the time! Try this for a few weeks. Write down your new lies on a small pocket calendar within a few hours of telling them to someone.  This will help you keep count and reduce your daily, yearly lies.  “Why should we stop lying?” Telling the truth and telling lies both have permit serious consequences, which will affect millions of innocent people around the world for many years to come.  A lie can go around the world and effect people that you will never meet. Because of your truths someone may be pushed into a situation of cashing their first million dollar check, all because you told the truth. Telling the truth will help all of Gods people in ways that are positive to mankind. Telling the truth will stop most of the unfair wars, sufferings, sickness, and hunger around the world.  Especially for those who are in third world countries where people are mistreated due to others lies. They are hoping we start telling the truth about everything, as this will stop their pain and daily suffering. Words are one of Gods and man’s most powerful creations. We are made in God’s image! God spoke the word with pure truth, and it was done!  A good professional speaker full of bad lies like Hitler, can use his powerful words or lies to negatively motivate the German people to kill millions of innocent Jews. Hitler spoke and it was done!  Can you imagine your words starting a world war, such as Hitler did?  If God could tell a lie, as we know he can’t, what kind of nightmare world would we be living in today? God used his truths to create the spoken word. As he spoke and it was done, as His words became alive and lived, to obeyed his every command of creation. His living obedient words created man and all there is. Based on His true imagine, how much damage would we do each if we had that kind of power in our spoken words. Due to the fact that God have given us his unconditional love and choice with free of will.  I am glad we have less power than, God’s spoken words. Can you imagine, if our spoken lies would become active actions, causing all types of chaos, havoc, and bad consequences to happen around the world. Where and what would happen to mankind? Long term research has shown as we lie each day, people around the world will continue to deal with bad consequences as seen on the nightly news.  If each of us learn to tell the truth, we would change the world overnight to its original greatness that was once in Gods master plan, when he spoke and created the Garden of Eden.  God had given us a touch of heaven, while we were to be here on earth. In this beautiful garden called Eden we could remember a small piece of heaven. Telling the truth is essential, if you and I want to change the world or have your desires manifest into reality.  “Just tell the TRUTH, it’s not hard”!

Winston Churchill once said, “Criticism may not be agreeable but it is necessary.  It agitates the same functions of pain to the body, only its pain is in the mind. It brings attention to unhealthy states of selfishness”.


Throughout recent history in America, most Caucasians or white people have shown or proven that they are very intelligent, as well as a smart race of people who seems to always be on top of their material gains, over the past few centuries. History has also showed at times, some of these same people are some of the biggest crocks that the world has ever seen. Some have shown to be lazy, ruthless, conniving, crooked, selfish, foolish, greedy, mean, jealous and hateful, with no compassion for any other race, but their own. The time has come and the change is here, with karma working its mojo or magic on them! Now, I know most people within their belief system do not believe in this but, if you will please indulge in me for a few minutes, I will try to explain. We have all heard the old saying, “What goes around comes around”. The Buddhist priests and their Hindu religious followers strongly believe in, “What goes around comes around”. They also believe until you get it right (life) and accept Gods unconditional love, mercy and goodness, you will not move forward, only to return. Until you find it in your heart to become pure love, as God is pure love, you will return to this earth again and again.” This is something that the Buddhists calls reincarnation, which according to them, is a good thing and a good place to be until you get it right. As it is not a punishment because God cannot and will not, ever punish his earthly children, it is another way of growth. They believe you will re-visit heaven briefly or until you are ready or have chosen to return and live another life on earth after your last passing. These things that we call life are God’s way of strengthening the soul, and his way of helping us to reach his pure levels of love, and unconditional goodness. As he is nothing but, pure love and unconditional goodness. Again this is a good thing. The Buddhist Priest also believes we may return as our own grandson or granddaughter from the previous life lived. Once you grow to reach adulthood, you will start over from where you left off as an adult from your past life. So get it right this time if you don’t won’t to return, as most Buddhist priest would say! “What goes around do come around”.  This reincarnation process according to the Buddhists Priest and Monks, will continue until you choose to become closer to God as you become a pure enlightened beam of love, within yourself. Again, this is not a bad thing or place to be, according to the Buddhist Priests. It is all good, it’s what we have chosen to do in order to reach our highest levels of love that reaches and touch God, who is on high! God will not force his will with fears or bad emotions, upon us to do his will, or anything we so desire not to do.  We will someday self-accept this and become pure love, as one in connection with God’s love. The Buddhists say some of us have lived many lives here on earth before. Due to fear, selfishness, and self-attachments to earthly things that gets in our way, is the reason most of us have only gotten this far, after many lives lived. Again according to the priest, this is still a good thing and a good place to be in our lives. We are allowed to take our time, as there is no time in Gods heaven. When it comes to reaching full enlightenment, God is eager to give all of his wonderful children this gift.  Life is eternal, as we will never die, we just change out of our sick, old, tired physical bodies for new ones. As we change to whatsoever we desire, man, women, or just stay in heaven for as long as we like, basting in Gods perfect goodness and love until we are ready to return, if necessary. We can take our precious time to move forward, whenever, however we so desire to do so. Some of us are on our last and final few trips to this old earth, due to the fact that we have almost finished and are too close to God’s pure love to return.  Other than to return sometimes to help others live their lives, in the ways to get closer to God’s pure love, they are forever done with this process, according to the Buddhist priest!


Gondi a Buddhist Priest once said, “This is my final visit to this earth, which has nothing more to offer me. I have been enlightened by Gods wisdom.  I have become forever close to God’s unconditional love and goodness. I need or desire nothing else.”



When Gondi passed away, (Martin L. King studied Gondi) he owned one plate, one spoon, one cup, four dress cloths, a pair of sandals, a toothbrush, and a rolled up prayer bed.  His total net worth was, $197.  His intellect and wisdom, worth billions!  The late great Tina Marie, singer and artist, once recorded a beautiful song back in the early 80s.  One of the lines or lyrics in this song was, “I feel like I’ve been here before, I don’t want to come back here anymore, I’ve seen rainbow colored people” loving and living as one, I don’t want to come back here anymore………….   Have you ever felt you’ve, been here, done that, before?  We are responsible for each other’s lives, as we reach for the highest ways to love. The injustice that is done to any one human effects or stalls all humans from reaching Gods unconditional, clean, purest of pure touch of love of his love. Buda said, “Listen to your heart from time to time, not just what your teachers and preachers have taught you. You must understand or feel what’s is truly, the truth!  Believe in God’s goodness, as His goodness has always will believed in you”.  Trust it to be truth, as it is real!


Top of Form



Aristotle once said, “Choice followed by some type of action, not chance, determines your destiny.”

Today’s historians, teacher, and some religious preachers are telling black America, to forget about a certain part of the American history and move on. They say it was not our generation who did those terrible things of racism and wrongdoings to you and your ancestors. It was our parents and grandparents who benefited from your grandparent’s misfortunes, not us!  So, why don’t you just move on and forget it?  We have forgotten already!  When we asked these highly paid historian after historian, to give up their comfortable homes and life styles, to live in the intercity poorest, gun violent, cold ghettos, for one year, the answer was always the same.  I’m so sorry but, I just can’t do that to myself or my family!

Attempting to tell a very small part of an ongoing historic story that continues to unfold and change even as I speak in this moment and time is a challenge.  This story about a hold race of trashed, throw away people, is almost too unbearable or impossible to finish in my life time. This one race of people had never done anything “wrong” to anyone on God’s green earth. Before, this unforgivable events took place, because a race of people had become too lazy to do their own labor. To work and clear the land that’s been stolen from the Indian race of people, spilling hundreds of gallons of Indian blood, was the lease these Caucasian thieves could have done. This strong misused black race of people have never been publicly or formally called to Washington D.C., to be apologized too by its wrongdoers living ancestors. They have never been apologized too in written form, by a history symbolic hand shack, or an amendments to the constitution, or thru a bill of rights, admitting fault or gilt of America’s horrible actions as a whole. America has never given any type of monetary restitution for all of the free labors place upon this race of people, as they did with Germany, Japan, and even some Indians. Full compensation for what was forced upon. Things like misery, pain, suffering, destruction, rape, hate, disappointment, wrongful imprisonment, missed opportunities, lost history, and the misplacement of our families and babies, being sold off and split up like farm cattle. We were removed from our home land never again knowing the families left behind, as most immigrants do. Throughout the history of America, this particular race of people has suffered and continues to suffer, when compared to all other American races advancing. We have never had full equality, equal shares, and a workable racial advancement system put in place for real lasting opportunities.  We wear this permanent black skin outfit with pride.  We can never change our skin color due to mistreat of others, while living in this unjust system. By design from the powers that be, over the years has purposefully set up this system of destruction. They have destroyed our true history as well as the black man’s economy as a whole, to succeed.  Now that this race of people has prevailed from the dens of human hell. Although this is one of the most unpopular things to say in these days and time. I must say it anyway, as a poor black man with a poor history.  No matter what anyone says? The Caucasian male race is the primary reason for all misfortunes, placed on the showers of poor black men. This misfortune is still effecting us in ways that has continued to be showed on the nightly news, daily. The “changes” are in full effect, as we act on untold sources.



Bryant H. McGill once said, “There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. One of the hardest task for a man who has been wronged, is to pray for blessing, love, and wellbeing for his unjust enemy. In the same way he prays for blessings, love, and wellbeing for himself.”

Now, you are going to encounter a few labor instanced words that are somewhat offensive, raw, and unspoken by some in today’s highly educated vocabulary gatherings. These words are, slavery, janitor and nigger! Sorry but I had to re-dig these three words up once again.  Due to the same old poorness and poverty that still exist in over ninety percent of all black communities, these words can you rest, as of yet. I had to breathe new life into these words, because they cannot/will not, ever rest in peace until they are truthfully, dead and properly laid to rest for good! Now, you may put this book down without reading it in its entirety, because of these words. Please don’t do it!  Please don’t be ashamed of any of our past, present, and future truths, if you are to grow.  Do not be temporary confused when it comes to your emotions, when hearing these and other harsh words, that somewhat represent black folk, even still today. Remember thru these three words, we have given a lot to humanity.  We have given mathematics, science, medicine, and all types of life changing inventions. We were once kings and queens of greatness, which has never been repeated, until now. The list of black heroes throughout history, can never be fully documented as the truth was buried with them.  So, when these three words are spoken, do not cringe, accept them as part of our history. As we embrace and empower them, using them to our advantage, as you will soon learn how.


“If there holding on to their pride, excuses, and ego instead your friendship, it’s time to let them go.”



Even if it affects you, your kids or future grandkids still to come, we are going to tune these words around. They are opposite words on the vocabulary spectrum that represent a past that supposed to be, that was then, this is now. The present day ignorance’s or lack of education about these words is ironic within itself. Almost 100% of our history has been a big part of these few words. These few words have helped bring us to some of the advancements that we are benefiting from today. Through affirmative action and hard labor work, we sometimes forget that our grandparents, had to suffer or indoor through the true meanings of these words every day of their lives, in order to get us to this point. Through our history, living a life hearing and being called these three words daily, has been a hard thing to swallow in the past. I hope to soften the blow of these three words and maybe even show you how these words can help you make lots of money, maybe even millions. After reading both of my books, I hope you will become a change person as well as a wealthy person.  For Example: The hip hop (rap) music community, who needs to give more to the black communities instead of flashing their wealth at the poor. They have turn the word “nigger” into a billion dollar industry. At the same time, they dare anyone outside our race to use this word. My job is to show you how to tune these and other such words into wealth, as well. 





Maya Angelou once said, “A Destructive history despite its wrenching pain cannot be unlived, but if faced with carriage, need not be live again.  Learn from it, taking steps so it don’t repeat itself in anyway.”


Facing these words face to face as a must do, will help change your life. You will soon find, that these simple conflicting words if studied correctly are beneficial. You will soon start to change the damage that have been passed down from generation to generation, when it comes to the slave mentality, ways of thinking. I also hope to show you how everyone in America has benefited from these same three harsh hateful words. These words are still being spoken throughout our society thru personal codes, or at times even straight forward, even today of the year. I hope you will see these words differently after reading my books which I hope will change your way of thinking. These harsh words I speak of are no longer supposed to be spoken of. But, in today’s upper cursed power society circles, these words continue to be on everyone’s mind and angry tongs. According to the frequency of them popping up each week on the nightly news, there is a lot of profit to be made. The words slavery, janitor, and nigger are still some of confusing, powerful words. Words that have traveled around the world many times over without diluting it harshness.  No one have ever said, I want to grow up and be a janitor, nigger or slave. Nor do they want their kids to grow up to be janitors, niggers or slaves.  The people who has been labeled these words in the past has always profit the least, until recently! Let’s take the word janitor (maid/butler) and break it down for a minute or two. This word has been part of most black success stories today and in the past. Because of its long term history and somewhat limited results we have prevailed. At one time, being a janitor was one of the only ways out of a desperate situation, for our black grandparent’s. Even today, some poorly educated parents and grandparents show their love as they make shameless sacrifice for their families, to become janitors. In order for their kids and grandkids to someday have a better life then themselves, they have no choice but to become highly qualified professional janitors.  To be able to send or have your first or second kid, grandson or daughter, go off to a well know

College just because you were a janitor, has made many of our black fathers and grandmothers proud, as this keep the next generation remembering from once they have come.  This task was done each day with no hesitation, as it made being a janitor worth getting up early each morning. Making this sacrifice to clean other people toilets, floors, and walls, was done with pride and dignity. To be janitors after President Lincoln freed the slaves, was at one time a privileged job to have, low wages and all. I say this because, we must remember and teach our great grandparents history, to our kids of today.  I remember a short story of a young lady crying on my shoulder, as she had just quit her job as a janitor.  I asked her to calm down and tell me what happened. She said, “Mr. Franklin just call me a stupid janitor, because I forgot to empty his trash cans during my rounds last night”. “I am not a stupid janitor, I am a custodian”, she said. Then she said, “He might as well have called me a stupid nigger, it means the same thing.” I took a step back for a second and paused wordless. All I could say to her was”WOW!  I’ll have a word with Mr. Franklin on your behalf as soon as I get the chance!” Now, if you interview any University on race research studies, The Tea Party or any similar group, you will find the above statements to be true. Almost seventy five percent of non-black people will tell you off the record, that black people are still the most hated race of people on earth. Why, only God knows?  These three words are being used every day behind closed doors with angry passion behind them.  Sorry, but we cannot ever own this type of hate for having done not wrong as one race to another. To be penalized for being strong willed, having black skin, and determination, is no longer our concerns. Ready or not, here we come from the rear to the front, once again!  We have endured, survived, and adapted for centuries, to every wrong condition, perverted mental illness, and mistreatments, ever placed on a race of people, and yet we continue to rise. To find ourselves still unloved or hated by so many others, is not our problem anymore! We will not beg, ask, or cry for your acceptance, as we have seen the promise land from within.


Harriet Tubman once said, “If you hear the dogs barking, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods behind you, keep going. If they are shooting at you, keep going. Don’t ever stop, you must keep going. If you want to taste freedom, keep going!”



Based on history, it was around December 1860 in the small town of Lynchburg, Virginia during the civil war of which over six hundred thousand men died, trying to free the slaves among other things. This is when my great granddaddy “Earl” (Gibson) was ordered to drown his first newborn twin sons, by his slave owner and master of the Josephs Angelo Gibson plantation. Master Joe was under a lot of stress due to the war and the harsh cold winter, that froze and killed off most of his food crops and farm animals. During the early months of this particular cold winter, master Joe had given the order to the male slave hands. He said, kill all non-essential newborn animals such as dogs, cats, black babies born into slavery, pets, etc. Due to low farm or field rations for these type of new animals.  Master Joe knew he could hardly feed any extra sloop to the living slave animals or take care of them, until next season. Due to the fact that his plantation had fallen on hard times, with exceptions to the big house, he couldn’t risk feeding slaves his non-sloop, over stocked food that’s kept in the big house. Now, I don’t know everything about old master Joe, great grandpa Earl whispered to another slave hand using broken English. These here are the coldest words I had ever heard, he told me to kill my twin babies. How can anyone demand a new father to drown his only offspring’s, no matter what the circumstances are at the time? After Master Joe heard that my great grandmother Lucy/May had just given birth to the boys, he came to the shack, took one look at the babies and said with an angry bitter voice, “Kill those black bastards and bury them out back near the others, now Earl”!  Black babies were called bastards back then because the white religious slave owners believed black people had no souls.  The jumping the broom ceremonies as a way of a black couple uniting as one in marriage, didn’t count for nothing in the eyes of all southern slave owners.  It had no legal tender whatsoever, as the women last name never changed, it continued to be, the plantation owners name, such as Gibson. That was all that mattered in the eyes of the slave owners.  As great granddaddy begged “Master Joe” to let his little new born baby’s live, master turn his back to all the black folk who had just witnessed this miracle of twins and walked away. As he walked away he yelled, “You heard me nigger Earl, I said kill those little black bastards now!” Earl being a little distort disobeyed Master and hide his sons for a few days in the woods. He drowned two puppies that were a few weeks old that the plantation kids played with and kept hidden from old Master. Earl, dipped them in lime and lye and buried them out back near the fence.  After rumors spread from uppity house nigger to uppity house Niger, who worked in and around the big house, that the babies were still alive. Soon, Master Joe got wind of this news! Early the next day, Master Joe asked Earl to see the grave sites of the newborns. As Earl walked with Master to the sites, about half way there Master grabbed a large shovel from the toolshed and gave it to Earl. As he took the shovel from Master’s hand, he knows this may be his last day on earth.  As they approach the grave site Master told Earl to point to the babies resting place, then told him in a deep angry voice, “dig” Nigger.  As Earl uncovered the puppies in the shallow grave, Master turned red as a half rotten apple that sat in the sun all day. He gave Earl a look of, you black uneducated piece dog bowl. Then Master yelled, “You tried to fool old Master, do you know what this means, where are those nigger babies, do you know what this means?” Earl got on his hands and needs and cried out, “Yes Saa Massa, please have mercy on me, please have mercy on me”, Earl repeated over and over as many times as he could in just a few seconds. “My love for my babies got the better of me saa, I’m sorry”.  Then Master Joe kicked Earl in the mouth with all his might. He said, “You love those little black bastard babies more than you love me, your Master?”  Earl said wiping blood from his mouth, “No saa Massa, I love you more.  Ya see Massa, I aint never had no baby boys of my own before, and after cracking that there ice, in that there water barrel of cold water I just couldn’t drown them babies. I tried to put them two babies in that there cold water the same time to drown them like you said. (Earl crying) Those their babies started to scream like I never heard babies scream before so I just couldn’t do it.  I just, I couldn’t control myself Massa, and I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry Massa!  So, I ran deep into the woods as I dried them their babies off, I made a small fire, and I just had to hide them after holding, caring, and crying for them all night. I’m sorry Massa, I’m sorry!”  Master yelled again, “Look at me “boy” you know what this mean don’t you? Earl looking at Massa and the ground at the same time, because it was to unbearable by law and the lack of self-confidence for any black man to look a white man in the eye longer then a split second. Earl said, “Yes saa Massa, yes saa, I know what this means”.  As Earl and Master walked back to the big house, Earl still had the big shovel in his hand. He know when he arrived that Master was going to have him whipped un-mercifully until he dies or live the rest of his beaten life, wishing he would of died at the hands of the white field boss. Dyeing while still being stripped to the wiping pole had been seen by grandpa Earl a many times over the years. Earl was in a dilemma, he said to himself, if I hit master hard and fast with this here shovel, maybe I’ll kill him and run off with my wife and two newborn sons. Earl gripped the large shovel with all his might as he walked behind old master. As he started to swing it at Master’s head, he looked up and notice that he was already standing near the big house gate.  I have seen what a whipping by the hands of a nigger as well, can do to a good healthy black man, once the whipping is done. The one’s who lived after the whipping, always wished they had died every day after for years, or the rest of their lives! I have also seen what a whipping in the hands of a house nigger, done to one of the field niggers, as he truly loves Massa more then he loves himself, with some degree respects the field nigger. You see when the white boss man whips you, Master would order him to only give you twenty or so lashes, because he knows it come from the soul of a hateful white man that hates all niggers, and it is twice as bad as the house nigger, who gives you forty lashes. Don’t get it wrong, the house nigger hates the field niggers to a point as well. The house nigger, is a very jealous angry black man, who always has to stay on top of his game, exhausted and nervous, and never well rested, because he thinks the field niggers are always trying to get his job and the extra slop that comes from the big house table or trash after each meal. He has to work twice as hard for Master with a smile knowing Master and the field niggers both hate him and are watching him, with hope’s that he slips up. This makes the house nigger forever angry, tired and full of worries as he tries to keep up with the Gibson’s or as they say today, The Jones.  Now, this particular cold winter day, Earl was somewhat lucky so he though when he heard, the head plantation field boss had fallen off a bucked horse two days earlier and was still recovering from his injuries. So that’s when Master Joe called on his dependable house nigger Tyrone, “Gibson” to do the whipping to Earl.  As Tyrone ran across the front yard of the big house to meet Master Joe, he would yell over and over again, “Yes saa, Massa, Yes saa Massa, I’m a coming. I’s a hear you SA, I’s a coming! What can old Tyrone do for you saa?” Master said to Tyrone, “Get the cutting whip out of the shed and give Earl forty plus hard lashes”. Tyrone and Earl weren’t close friends or nothing, but they had an understanding for each other as black men. Every now and then they would do something to make each other slave life just a little less painful, or hopeful as they helped one another on many occasions over the years.  As a house nigger that worked sometimes in the kitchen and a field nigger, over the years they had to do for each other to balance things out. After Master Joe, his wife, and five children were finished eating when times were still good, there was a lot of food leftover from Master’s table from the five kids that left it on their plates.  One of Tyrone’s jobs as a house nigger was to take the leftover food after each meal like lunch, and dinner and scrape it into the dog’s food bowl. By the end of the day the dog’s bowls would be running over with leftovers, which sometimes fell on the floor beside the bowl after the dogs had their fill for the day. A few times each month after Master and his family had retired or went to bed for the night, old Tyrone would scope the dog’s leftover food off the floor and scrape the dogs bowl clean. He would wrap it up in some old paper and put it near the gate for Earl to take home late nights, to his hungry wife and extended family members whom were all field niggers.  In return these particular field niggers would tell the other groups of field niggers not to be so hard on old Tyrone; he feed us once again from the big house table.  They would tell the other field niggers all day over and over again how good the food was last night, coming from the big house. Now, Master for a long time knew that there was some type of connection with Earl and Tyrone, but he just let it be.  So Master when looked Tyrone straight in his wondering eyes and told him. If you don’t whip Earl to my satisfaction, or if you hold back your strength, when “Boss” or Billy, the plantation field boss returns from his injuries in a few days, I will have him to give you a fresh forty lashes, and you know he will be well rested and ready to do so. Old Tyrone said, “Yes Saa Massa, Yes Saa”, as he walked over to the whipping pole to strap or tie Earl to it, Tyrone’s heart was a little broken. With forty self-due fresh lashes from the cutting whip given by field boss Billy, in the back of old Tyrone’s mind, he was terrified. He swung the cutting whip like no other black man or as Master would say nigger, had ever swung a whip on that plantation before. After about thirty lashes from that cutting wipe laced with glass, Earl’s body and mind just couldn’t take it anymore. He stopped yelling and passed out into a deep coma as his body was held on the whipping pole, by the straps that old Tyrone had tied to him. Old Tyrone stopped whipping Earl for a few seconds and said to Master Joe,” Massa please Saa, if I continue to whip Earl he’s gonna die.”


Master dropped his jar of lemonade, jumped up out of his porch chair, and looked at old Tyrone as if to say, I find two of you niggers disobeying me on the same day, I’ll kill the both of you myself.  As he walked over to Tyrone, pulled his dagger or pistol from his belt and shot at old Tyrone’s head grazing him, breaking Tyrone’s skin as he started to bleed. Then Master said, to Tyrone, “Nigger if you disobey me one more time or stop whipping Earl again, both you and that worthless piece of nigger, will die today. You understand me boy!?”  Earl died that day before the whipping stopped.  He had left his twin boys in the woods hidden, with nothing but a prayer to take care of them. My grandmother cried a sickening, ill cry that day and for many months after grate grandpa’s death, people though she would lose her right mind set. She had not only lost her husband Earl, but she had lost her twin boys that she had only held and seen the one time, the day they were born. She also know that she would someday see her babies again, in heaven or earth. My great grandfather Earl, kept my grandmother from being too involved those first few days of caring for the boys in the woods. Knowing full details of the boy’s location in case they were found out, could get her into some serious trouble, such as a whipping or hanging. By only telling the truth and what little she knew, Earl knew she would be safe.  For years Lucy May my great grandmother, would walk to the edge of the back part of the plantation, where the farm ends, and the woods began, visualizing grandpa Earl and the twins. People spoke of her doing this, early in the morning and sometimes even late into the night. Hoping through some miracle the boys would one day crawl out of those woods to hug her with a hug, which only babies can give to their mother, after a long absences of their mothers love. Grandmother named the boys Mark and Slim. She would talk about them to other slaves, as if she knew them well. She said she remember seeing a birthmark under the navel of her first born twin son, so she gave him the name Mark. Slim was her second born son by just a few minutes, as he seem long and thin in stature like his daddy Earl.  Whose nickname was slim also!  After the war was over and many years had past Master Joe was biten by one of his dogs who was sick from mad dog rabies disease. At that time with no cure or penicillin for this disease, Master Joe became sick or touched as people would say (crazy) with some of this same dog illness that eventually took his life.  After a long angry, cursing, screaming, painful, fight and talking out of his head, using words like nigger this and nigger that, he finally past on. With full anger and hate still in his heart and soul, till the day he died he was very angry at everything black. He was like that sick bull dog barking and growling at a litter box of kittens for no reason. Because of the bull dog or Masters Joes sick ways and nature he would kill and destroy the kittens or the niggers in Master Joes case, in a heartbeat if not for the changes around his and the bull dogs necks, which kept both of them steadfast to that big tree trunk.

Rosa Parks once said, “I’ve learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up this diminish fear. Doing what must be done anyway, does away with injustice.”


I remember hearing the stories of how my strong great grandmother had learned and taught her kids and grandkids, how to deal with life, fear, and other emotions that comes from injustice. She would say all types of eloquent things as she talked to her granddaughters mostly, when it came to dealing with men, life and relationships. She would say “Gal, you better learn how to deal with them their fears, life, and that their man you’ll seeing, along with your failures, and out of control emotions.  Stop all that their crying and stressing about a man before you get sick. Face your fears head on it is only an emotion the can be flipped. Emotions are Gods way of telling you to get out of his way, and let him do his job by helping you through this. Fear and love are the strongest two emotions that we have, so embrace them or let go.  Love and fear yaw see, them their two emotions work as one when it comes to strength, they can work for you or against you.” They can feel so good at times, and will give you the motivation you need or they can paralyze you in your tracks, if you don’t get control of them, by not having out of controlled troughs. I said, stop all that there crying, gal. I know that their man hurt you, but you got to feel the fear for a moment as it will burn itself out, as you will love again. Then do what you have to do to make things right. Grandmamma said, I remember when I was a little gal, I was so afraid of heights it was unbelievable.  If I had to pick fruit from a tree and my feet left a few inches off the ground, I would get dizzy and pass out. One day Massa field boss saw this. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me up the bark of a tall tree. He tied both of my hands to a branch and told me I was the stay there until I got over my fears. I passed out over and over again, as I started to notice that each time I woke up, I was becoming less afraid and would stay awake much longer after the third episode. Then finally, I just sat there looking around wondering what I was so afraid of. After about two or so hours had passed, I was cured of my fear of heights. The fear had completely burned itself out, as I was never afraid of heights again. I learned that day I love myself more then I loved some stupid fear that was trying to stop me from living my life to its fullest. Fear can never win over love, as you learn to control your out of controlled fearful thoughts.  Face them, face to face for however long it takes, even if you have to lose you self-control for an hour or two. Yes Grandma said, I know it’s not comfortable to face those fears, but if you love yourself as I know you do, you will do what it takes to become stronger. Grandma said, you must always make your life work first for you and them children. Your kids are depending on you to be strong, so forget about that man for now, and move on. You will not die from fear or a bad love relationship, you will just become stronger each time you face this kind of hurt and fear in life, believe me gal, I know.  Don’t mentally beat up on yourself gal, when you fail at a task of love, learn as much as you can from the experience and move on. Do you hear me gal? When you fail or become afraid, pick yourself up and reach deep down inside yourself, pass this emotion, and start a new challenge in this here life right away. You hear me gal? Look at me gal, I’m talking to you, hold your head up and listen, you young and still got a lots to learn. I want you to start early tomorrow morning by moving faster and faster in everything you do all day long tomorrow. Move fast over the next few days, and you will get over that man, that you think you love. When you walk, pick cotton, get dressed, cook for Massa, pull yourself up and get back on track, now stop all that crying and listen to old grandma, I knows what I am talking about. Remember this, you are a strong women, who comes from a long line of strong black women, and don’t you ever forget that baby girl, don’t you ever forget that. As grandma wiped the tears from her own face and her granddaughters face with that old cleaning rag that had seen more tear in its day then water. As grandma starts to get a little emotional herself. You see, we have to teach our young daughters to believe and feel Gods built in inner strengths when you do fail at love or are afraid. We have nothing else to hold on too as black strong women, in times like these.  Even when you see that old angry Massa walking in your direction remember, those emotion that you are feeling are Gods way of saying move gal, get out of my way, I am going to deal with old Massa for you soon, how soon grandma, very soon as they somehow smiled!  If you do what I tell you gal, you will notice in a few days that your task that used to take you a week to do since your heavy heart break, are done in two or three days, as you will forget him and the fears, because you are too busy to think about it anymore. Then she said, now you listen up hear child you stop all that there worrying before it turns your good heart into hate and your black hair gray. I’ve seen so many black women become hateful when it comes to black men, who are confused about their manhood after being beat down for so long by the white man, in ways most black women just could never understand what they go thru as well.  You see, 90% of your life is going to be beautiful and sweet, when it comes to your needs for survival as you receive the necessities of life from God each day that which is food, air, and water. It’s that their 10% that’s the hardest part of life that you will need to work on from time to time, that will shake you to your core.  If you let things like want, greed, and I have to have it now get to you, this controls your life, it will kick you in the pants over and over again, if you don’t let go.  You see, God will bless you every day with food to eat, (that’s 30%) although it may not come from Massa big table or the big house, it will come every day if its Gods will. God gives you cool water to drink every day. (That’s another 30%) and then he gives you lots of cool breezes of fresh air to breathe (The final 30%).  So you see gal, that there is 90% of your worries that you need not ever worry about to survive each day, as life’s several gold’s are already taken care of.  God almighty has already taken care of this for us. Now, when it comes to that bear of a 10%, you may have to be a little concerned from time to time and work in advance to avoid its wrath. Even then, if you work a little harder, smarter, faster, with love in your heart the blow may be softened a bit. God will bless you if you work hard, to have the strength when that 10% shows it ugly head of destructions and knock you down, as he strengthens you to get back up on your feet. Though your past hard work comes strength for now and the future, it will pay off making things just a little easier to deal with when the pains and setbacks, come in and out of that hard 10% of life. If you have to worry, never worry about the things you need to survive, take one day at time! Then great grand mom broke out into another one of those old fashion gospel songs, as she started to sing the song. “One day at a time King Jesus, that’s all I’m asking of you. Give me the strength, to do all the things you have me to do, One day at a time!” In time, when you reach my ripe old age child, you will have learned to “love” the fears, and all of your emotions, for they make you feel alive. They give old folks like me a reason to keep right on living. You have to learn to turn yourself into what Massa calls a winner, no matter what happens, baby girl.  I’ve been told, in those days the old great grand moms, had no psychiatrist to send their grandkids too. They were the psychiatrist, with no PHD’s under their belts, only lives lived lessons were reused for fixing any confusing mental issues. She and all of those old black folks live amongst the young, teaching them old knowledge and wisdom. Telling passed down stories, and teaching old crafts and trades, of past generations, until the day they died.


Abraham Lincoln once said, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. You cannot truly help another succeed unless you are successful yourself.”


It was around 1910 and a lot had changed. Some years before this President Lincoln had paid the ultimate price for freeing the slaves. Over the years, my great grandmother would tell the story to my grandmother and others over and over again, of how much this president murder had affected black folks. She said, I remember it like it was yesterday. Many black women and men became sick to their stomachs as if it was a plague. When we heard the news that Lincoln had been killed, thousands of us drop to our knees as if it was a close friend or relative who had been murdered.  Then great grand mom said, this ugly hate for black people had come full circle this time.  A white man had killed another white man. I reckon, he tapped into that deep uncontrollable hate they have stored up for black folks. Without seeing Lincolns color, he killed one of his own. One of Americas greatest Presidents!  img31.jpgimg32.jpg

Great grand mom had seen her better days as she was now approaching her ninety eighth birthday.  My great grandmother was considered a beautiful women in her younger days, when it came to the white man’s views, and standards, of the descriptions or comparison of what a white women should look like, as she was born with a few of those white women features. You see, her mother was born of part Indian decent; with my great grandfather as her white rapist, who fathered my grandmother, of who I know little about. Some Indian women were kidnapped from there Indian reservations and forced to travel as they service the sexual needs of the southern military men, brigades of men or used as negations chips, until they were about seven or eight month pregnant.  At this stage, she would be given to any southern plantation owner to do chores or whatever, some hundreds of miles from her original reservation home. Just like so many other Indian women who were relocated all over the southern plains of America for this and other reasons, during this time the gave birth to thousands of mixed race babies. My grandmother had daughter and lots of self-adopted kids and grandkids that she spent part of her life’s work, telling them this and other black history stories of how we came to be where we were then, and where we are in the future.  My great grandmother helped raise these kids, after so many black fathers walked off leaving wife and kids to fend for themselves. As they looked for work up north and never returned, so many black men left because they were so heartbroken from the harsh treatments by the white man in the south and other parts of the country. You see, during the slave era and for many years to come, it was common place for a white man to have his way sexually with any colored women, whatever he wanted. Any black or mixed race woman he so desired on any particular day or night, was his by law to do as he will. The white man would rape our women in the cotton field or in his home, whenever he had an erg to do so. There was basally nothing a black man or the woman could do about it. These same perverted actions were approved by the red neck lawmakers, who were rapist of our young black daughters, wives, and other dark race women. Let’s think or elaborate on this for a moment.  If Master or any white man desired your wife or any black man’s young teenage daughter sexually, it was his “God” given right to have her anytime or place, if he so desires. If you were in bed sleeping with you wife and Master, with a few of his drunken buddies from the surrounding plantations came to your shack door and said Lucy May, (my great grandmothers name) come with me right now nigger gal we are having a party over yonder and you are invited. Again as a black man, there’s absolutely nothing you could say or do as your wife got up, and got dressed for the short cold walk to the big plantation house party. You as a man slave would open the shack door as fast as you could to keep Massa from getting angry as you answer him back by saying. Yes Saa Massa, yes saa, she’ll be right there, she’s a coming for you, saa.  Knowing farewell what was about to happen to your wife. It’s Saturday night and Massa has a few of his buddies over from some of the local connecting plantations getting drunk. You try hard not to listen after he takes your beautiful wife from your arms but can’t help yourself.  As you hear late into the night, this rapist and his plantation owning buddies, gang raping your wife over and over again.  As you can’t help but imagine, these rapist having all type of oral, vaginal, and forced animalistic anal sex with her. As this is the women you love, the mother of your children, you can’t help but want to kill every one of those sick sons of a bitches. When your wife returns, sometimes she had been beaten and visibly bruised. No, matter what had happens, the next day your strong wife would get up on Sunday morning, fix briefest for everyone, get dressed and go off to the plantation shack of a church to give God his due praise, with a forced smile on her face. For years, with all your heart and soul you try to deal with this craziness weekend after weekend.  As it keeps getting worst as time passed starting with your oldest daughters, this would eat you alive. As a proud black man with pride that soon turns to a sickening uncontrollable anger that’s filled with hate, which will last for generations to come. This type of sickening actions repeated done over and over again to our women and young kids, has created the so-called angry black man, that still exist today. Not only from this one injustice, but for all the other injustice forced upon us as well. Like a cancer that smells of dead flesh, as it has mercy on you for years so it could eat you alive, before it finally kills you dead. This anger still lives deeply within the poor black man some generations later, because of the uneven justice system, and a need for a leveled playing field of opportunities for the poor black man, wanting to take care of their wife’s and families. As a black man our history have been demoralized, as we live a life of less than a man in and out of the system trying to find our way. With egg on our face for generations. Do our black women still look at us as poor black men, who are a bunch of failures? When compared to all other race of men, the answer is yes! The terms angry black males/men comes from this and a lot of other harsh experiences or treatments that these the same men of other race, have placed upon us on purpose. As we still consider ourselves somewhat strong black “men” who will prevail one day soon, to up wright all of these easy, should have been fixed a long time ago, wrongs! Generation after generation we have looked at light/skinned, mixed race of children (his-kids not ours) that we knew were not truly ours, and have made the best of it. They even tried to convinced us that light was right and dark was wrong, as they impregnated our women for us. Massa, would never admitted to his blood line in nigger kids, due to the legal rape systems that never condoned them, as shown by the lack of actions taken by those who supposed to uphold the laws of God and man.

Yes, we already know the answer to, the question that has been ask again and again, by other races. “Why do so many black men leave their families to fend for themselves?” Once again, that’s easy to explain!  Today, the strongest reasons most black men walk away are because of, lack of education, economics, or the lack of a good steady job with and a decent salary to raise or take care of a family. Even still today, our past history and race plays a major part in these poor black men departures for the family unit. As a man who is powerlessness combined with pride who lives in the poor slums and ghettos with a family to support, it’s just too much to handle at times.  These are a few of the many reasons why so many black men in our past and present time has walked away from the black family of which they love with all their heart and God given soul!  Some of these same rapist off springs who are in power today, have taken pride and power from the poor black man, by their continued to set back programs as they take unfair                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              actions to affect generations to still come. Some young black men still think, it was ok for my father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and so forth, to leave the black family unit, as they are supposed to be my youthful role models. Then it’s ok for me, the next generation to do the same, as we continue to repeat this runaway cycle.  We have always loved our wife’s and kids, as it is in our nature to do so. These unreal circumstances made us hate our self-poorness and the circumstances that come with them. Not being able to do anything about the injustice that was bestowed upon himself, his wife, daughters, mother, aunts, and black women in general has been a huge set back. This among other things, has seriously help destroyed the black family unit. As a man looking at the black family from the eyes of a poor lesser man, it’s hard to stomach this.  Seeing every other race of men taking care of their families with ease, is a strong overwhelming blow to the black physique!

As of today the only thing most black men know about their, “great” “great “granddaddy’s is that they were a bunch of rapist, who dumped and left black offspring all across America. When the black man do the same thing, it becomes a crime worthy of going to go to jail for in most states if child support payment are not made on time. Massa, the rapist never paid a dime for legal child support, that’s well over due or needed to bring poor people out of poverty. Most of us are here due to this violent, hateful, and angry act, which took place without consenting adult permission. Thinking about this alone, gives us the right to be a bunch of angry black men, as we are so offended called.


Yes, without any shame, my great grandmother was raped by this rapist in the fields of Virginia, starting at the age of fourteen. From this rape my half white grandmother was born. To keep from being mistreated, hated, or even killed, my great grand mom with persist moves, would always hide my young light skinned grandmother every day of her young life in her beginning years. She kept her out of the eyes of most white men for most of her young childhood. One day as great grand mom was sitting on the porch telling these powerful stories to the kids on the farm that she was born and lived on all her life; she saw a dark man and a tall thin light skinned man approaching her. Before these two strong, well groomed, black men in their mid-fifties  reached her or could say a word, great grand mom Lucy May said, in a soft calm voice Mark, Slim there goes my baby boys. Then she screamed as she said it again, there goes my baby boys.  The older kids, which was sitting on her porch knew of the stories of Mark and Slim, being hidden in the woods by my great granddad Earl so many years ago! But what they didn’t know was, how great grand mom knew this was them. Did she finally lose you sharp mind? As she stood to her feet, tears flowed down her face like two rivers over running their banks. Praise God there’s my babies, she said again, my babies, she just kept saying praise God, my babies. The older kids that were on the porch saw how emotional great grand mom was getting as they tried to make her sit back down, but she just wasn’t having no such thing.  As the boys stepped in the yard and walked up on the porch, she opened her arms and gave them a tender hug that only a mothers old loving set of arms can give. Without another word, great grand mom hugs each of them for about two minutes each. Finally as she released Slim, with tears of joy still flowing down her face she said shacking, what, how, where, when, who? The kids on the porch ran to find their older aunts, uncles, brother, and sister as great grand mom became too weak to stand, as the word spread throughout the plantation of what had just happened. When Aunt Sondra Fay, who is a large dark middle age, gray haired lady arrived first as she saw how emotional great grand mom was, and forced her to sit down. That’s when great grand mom told Aunt Sondra Fay, “You see, I told you my boys weren’t dead there they go right there”. I knew it all the time she kept saying.  After about thirty minutes or so, Aunt Sondra Fay finally calmed great grand mom down and slowly sat her back down in her favorite chair on the porch for the umpteenth time. As people gathered around the porch to see what all the fuss was about, great grand mom reach out for the boy’s hands and started praying like no one had ever heard her pray before. You see, what most young folks didn’t know was that all black grand moms, and great grand moms  had a lots of practice throughout their long life’s, when it came to praying for their family members, to be safe, healthy and stay alive. At





times great grandmamma, would also pray asking God to rest great granddaddy Earl soul with peace, knowing he and his soul had, had a very hard life as a slave and had done the best that he could, as a strong man. Dear God as she prayed once again, ruler of all men, king of all kings, lord of lords, she said.  I thank you, as you thank my boy’s guardian angles for me, O’ God of mercy.  You had them put their protective arms and wings around my boys for all these years. They were just little babies when they were taken from their earthly mother and father arms and placed in your care. For you to protect them from harm, danger, and the seen and unseen hate, that’s always in the white man’s hearts. I Thank You O’ Lord!  O’ Lord she continued to pray, I have been ask a many times by the privilege white women of this here farm plantation, the question of why?  Why old nigger gal, why do you continue to live in this here harsh life of hate that’s bestowed upon you by our men, even still at your ripe old age.  Why you don’t just lie down and die, nigger gal, what are you holding on for?  O’ God she prayed, I would sometimes respond and say, one day I’m going to see my twin boys again, until then I am gone live on, knowing God answers prayers. Then she busted out and said, He may not come when we want him, but today He’s always right on time. O’ God, she cried out as she continued to pray. I know it won’t be long now, I’m coming on home now, she said. I is coming to be with you soon, O’ Lord have Mercy, I’m coming home!   As she continued to pray she said, O’ Lord my God!  I remember my mother, her mother, and before her, who would tell us the wonderful stories of your glorious heavens, of which we slaves call our home, Amen!  And then out of the blue, great grand mom just started singing one of those old gospel songs, which has been passed down throughout our black history. As it went something like this!   O’ they tell me of a home, and a city, made of gold, and they tell me when I arrive, I’ll be home, I’ll be home. O’ they tell me of far-away home and a city made of gold! O’ they tell me of a home. Then great grand mom said, today I feel like I’m in heaven although my feet are still planted here on this earthly plantation soil, I feel as though I am in heaven. Then great grand momma said everyone, please sing along with me as you imagine these wonderful words in your heart and mind, of the beautiful homes that awakes us, in heaven!  In this old black spiritual that my mother taught me. She start to sing/talk, these words as she talked through them with the song being sung simultaneously, in such a sweet voice you would of thought she was an angel of God during those rear happy moments. She was having such a good time looking at her son’s and singing, that we wouldn’t dare stop her, even if she wanted to sing this song all night long, we would of sung it right along with her till day break. She would say over and over again, come on y’all, and imagine these lovely, wonderful worlds with me!  I’m old now, it won’t be long, as she went back and forth at the end of the song, to the first verse again and again. O’ they tell me of a home and a city made of gold and they tell me when I arrive I’ll be home, I’ll be home.  Then she said as she started to cry once again, imagine with me the many waterfalls of heaven that looks like millions of clear cut blue diamond’s, as they are falling over the fall. The streets are paved with gold as it is, soft and warm to the touch of your bear feet. As you take a walk from your heavenly mansion to your neighbor’s heavenly home filling this soft warmth on your feet.  Then you open your neighbors Pearly Gate, as you hear off in a distance, some of heavens angels and the rainbow colored people, having all types of fun at the homecoming parties all over heaven, for the newly returned souls just returning home.  O’ they tell me of a home and a city made of gold and they tell me when I arrive I’ll be home, I’ll be home!   She finally stopped singing, she opened her tear filled eyes and looked at her boys once again and said, talk to me now son, now I am ready to listen, I can hear you clearly, and I am ready to listen now. That’s when Slim said in his naturally deep southern accent of a voice.  My dearest birth Momma, we just didn’t know, we never knew until just recently, right before our mother, that is our adopted mother was deathly ill. She calls us to her sick bed as she tried to explain to us what had happen some fifty plus years ago. She said my precious son’s, it’s time I tell you a story of importance, which was told to me by a young military private black military boy, who was in a northern style up north uniform. I think his name was Private Charles, something. Our adopted mother said, shortly after you boys were born a group of northern war solders found you in the woods of Lynchburg Virginia, as they were marching through the south on a cold night in December.  They found you boys she said, about some fifty miles from the plantation where I was living at the time as a young slave women. Then she said, I was told by these brave solders, if they were not twins as they cried together, we may not have heard just one baby crying in those woods.  The sounds were so weak the solder that found you boys almost missed you both, our adopted mother said. A few brave solder scouts followed the weak cries and found you both wrapped in a few old potato sack bags with the name Gibson stamped on them, lying on some brown damp paper, shacking and discolored from the cold.  These solders were young as some of them had a wife and a few babies of their own back home before the war. They ran back to the white platoon leader who was also a family man himself. He was a hard core military man, who would never deviate from the rules of leadership duties and military discipline. As the finding solders she said, stood in formation at attention with you two babies in hand, they were trying to control their smiles.  I was told that, old hard ass Major Wilson took one look at you boys and said, they almost sound like my grand babies back home. Now I’m not saying that’s the Majors name, as she smiled.  I think the private’s just nick named the Major that. They told me that the Major choked up for the first time since the war began, as he turned and walks away to his tent.  For months these same soldiers took you boys from battle field to battle field traveling many miles across the southern from where they found you.  She said, I was told that the solders would protect you as each of them took turns taking care of you, as if they were your birth fathers themselves. During the war there were several letters and telegrams sent by President Lincoln, to this particular platoon congratulating theses young soldiers of a job well done. When I would hear of this, I would often wonder if President Lincoln knew the full story, and if he knew anything about the solders that saved you boy’s lives. Our adopted mother continue to say, I was told after a few weeks and spending lots of time with you boys, these same hard core soldiers decided that these babies were worth dying for, and they were going to do everything in their powers to find you boys a good home. I was told she said, how they would dig a deep hole in the ground and cover you up with extra uniforms and a thin layer of  thin dirt to help keep you warm, about a half mile from each battle field line. Before each battle they would say over and over again, “kill or be killed, these two babies and our babies back home, will be free even if we have to die. You see, you boys were heroes she said, before you could walk, as you gave motivation strength, and a reason for these solders to live, fight, and return safely, to recover you boys from the holes dug in the ground.  They knew if they didn’t return you boys would have surely died. After a few months these soldiers finally reach the Davis plantation when late into the night private Charles, tired and looking much older than his last birthdate, knocked on my shack door very early one morning before the sun came up.  I opened the door as he stood there with a strong, tired, stressed out look on his face.  As he began to speak with that New York northern accent of the likes of which I had never heard, I felt somewhat sorry for him. Mam he said, these two babies have no home or family, they were found in the woods some far away distance from here in a small town named Lynchburg Virginia.  My military buddies and I have taken care of these babies all this way for months, and now that we are going into heavy battle in the Deep South in a few days, we can no longer take care of them, you understand? Then our adopted mother said, she asked him if he would bring the boys in as he continues to tell her the stories of how you boys came to be with me that night and forever more. Then he said, with no emotion in his face. You see mam; you have no choice we have to move on and leave these babies here today, or let them die with some of us solders.  At the time during a long hard cold winter there were so many new born babies and toddlers on this particular plantation I knew Master would not notice or even care about two more black babies, running around this big plantation farm. Then Mark spoke to his birth mother and said, our adopted mother raised us with love and to respect everyone, she meant no harm, and she had nothing but pure love for us and you. You see, she was also an uneducated lady with lots of wisdom when it came to doing the right thing day in and day out. She told us on her sick bed that there were two things that put fear in her heart, for all those years.  She said she never wanted to see no parts of Lynchburg, Virginia as number one. Then she said, I never wanted Master Davis to find out about us boys not being part of his original owned Davis property. With no deeds or records to prove we were his property, and we had not been stolen from the plantation of which we come, all of us could be in trouble. This could bring lots of trouble for me and old Master Davis, as he would be branded as a horse thief, not a nigger thief of which is a lesser crime.  Our adopted mother said, she had heard stories of some lazy thieves of white men, who were punished for stealing black slaves from one plantation to another. Soon branding letters on slaves like a horse, became a practice that soon caught on, helping the masters keep their slaves the same as his other property. Our adopted mother knew, if she would ever be found out of where her two boys came from. She with her two boys, would be sent to Lynchburg Virginia, to be lynched.  She believed this with all her heart and feared this, more than anything or anybody on or off the plantation.  One day she overheard her Master talking to the black boy who would from time to time, deliver supplies to her Masters plantation. He said Master Davis, these here young sheep come from the north of here, I hear they come from a town up north called, Lynchburg, Virginia the delivery boy said. Mark said, when our adopted mother heard these two words, she wet herself as she passed out into a deep coma for a few minutes lying there in animal don. You see, birth mother Mark said, us boys lived a life full of her motherly love, which she gave freely to me and Slim. We hope to start a new life of loving you and our extended family, if you’ve have us too, Mark said with tears in his eyes. You are our birth mother, and we are going to love you as much as we loved our late adopted mother, if not more. For the remaining years of my great grandmother’s life, she was showered with Mark and Slims unconditional love, as they took care of her the way sons who cherish and love their mothers do.  Great grand mom lived a few years more and when she finally passed people came from miles around to pay their last respects, and to see the lady who told those wonderful stories of black folks, that went from plantation to plantation all across the south. Her going home celebration service was a one of a kind celebration. As the church clerk read the different notes, homemade sympathy cards, and salutations, there was one that stood out from among the others. And it read something like this! You’ve picked a many bales of cotton, and outlived all the cows you’ve ever milked. You’ve scrub Massa’s dirty floor on hand and knee, you’ve been whipped a many of times, just because. You’ve done untold things for Massa and your family that only you’re grave, can free you from. You’ve helped nurse and raise a many of chill-INS, (babies) black and white without anger, knowing you may never see your first two babies, ever again. The questions is how many days did it take for you to change this old world and fill it with your love. You’ve made a difference! Then the church clerk read, Dear Momma, as she continued to read.  You’ve lived your long hard life as a slaved black women, to the ripe old age of 98 years, 1,176 months, 5,096 weeks, 35,770 days, 858,480 hours, 51,508,801 minutes. Your work is done now, as you have worked your strong fingers to the bone. So rest in peace now, Yes, you’re goanna be missed, for a job well done. So rest in peace.

We love you momma, your twin sons, Mark and Slim.  After hearing these words for the first time, there img37.jpgimg38.jpg


wasn’t a dry eye in the church?  That’s when that old church pianist that knew how to take advantage of a spiritual moment, as she also knew great grandmother all of her life, as they attended the same church together whenever the Masters, allowed it. As she sat down on that piano bench once again, she had no mercy on those people who were broken hearted, crying and still in morning, for grate grandmamma.  Sitting on those pews from the front to back was like sitting on hot coals, when hearing the first few notes of great grand mom’s favorite old song being played again.  When that old fashion worn out piano sounding music came from that anent, once throne in the trash piano, as that church piano playing sister started to play those keys up and down that key board from one end to the other. She played, like none other this day for her friend, my great grand mom’s favorite song. As they had CHURCH up in there! That full, over packed church of black folk, started to take the walls down and the roof off the place, shouting, screaming, and out of control holy dancing, that could be here from some miles away!  Her favorite song was sung and played, over and over again, by the church congregation of mourners, as they wept and snag, in tears of sorrow for what seemed like hours!  

Song: “O’ they tell me of a home and a city made of gold, and they tell me when I arrive, I’ll be home, I’ll be home.  There’s no more crying there!  I’ll be home”!

A few weeks later great grand mom’s favorite story telling porch chairs were reinforced, cleaned and painted by Uncle Clarence.  He gave one of the chairs that heard so many of great grand moms stories to her one only daughter, hoping that she would pick up where great grand mom left off, as the other chair went to Aunt Soda Fay. Uncle Clarence was known for his special carpentry skills that everyone would admire. When Uncle Clarence was a small boy he would fix things for everyone on the plantation, most of the folks on the plantation would call him, “Jesus little carpenter helper”.  Not long after great grandma had passed, Uncle Clarence took a piece of strong wood and craftily engraved some of great grandma’s words or favorite sayings on to it. When he finish he hung it on the back gate. Some of her favorite sayings was, “One day things, it will change for the better, it alright now, you are stronger than that, O’ they tell me of a home”. At the bottom of these favorite sayings Uncle Clarence wrote. Who knows, maybe one day, instead of having a white president like President Lincoln she would sometime say, we will have a black president. After grate grandma would say this, that’s when all of the other field slaves would have a good laugh with grandma, saying you must be crazy, that will never happen, never!  What they didn’t know or realize was, at the time great grandmother was indeed very serious, as she made those statements. As if she had a clue or insights into the future, of what unthinkable dangerous steps and actions, her strong great, grate, grandsons would take, some many years later, to make this a real possibility.


Frederick Douglass once said, “The soul within me no man can destroy or degrade, I will never give up or quite. Even after I’m gone I will live on thru others.”


Before most of our past black leaders and representatives were killed, became economically comfortable as they gave up on the true cause, or just got old and semiretired the subject of racism and unfairness to poor black people. It needs to still a daily topic that is discussed in its entirety and broken down detail by detail until we get some real results. Today racism is still alive and well, when it comes to dealing with poor black folks.  Most people today wouldn’t deal or dear discuss it, they just sweep it under a rug and hopes everyone else continue to do the same thing.  Racism has been defined in many ways over the years, by scholars, professors, dictionaries, dictators, and encyclopedias and more. Other races who have defined racism to the poor black race, don’t have a clue of what the hell racism really is or what poor black folks are going thru. They have written all of these so-called non-fiction books and definitions on a subject that they have never lived through or experienced, a day of in their lives. Most black men will not admit it today when they say that racism doesn’t bother them anymore because it is the popular thing to do or say. Also it supposed to make us look weak to use this as an excuse in today’s world. Still blaming the white man because you as a black man cannot feed you family legally, is just not popular any more anymore, even if it true. No matter how uneven the current high unemployment rates are for poor black men. You are suppose to suck it up and do whatever it takes, as you are told each day without bitching. As a poor black man you hear things like do something, legal or illegal, it’s a doggy dog world, or the ones that hurts the most is, kill or be killed and get out there and do whatever you have to do. Even if you have to spend a little jail time away from you family they will respect you for trying. I know this sound crazy, but it’s a realty in the poor black community. It’s a cover up, it’s a big to conspiracy to truly help poor black men deal. Facing this mess face to face is confusing for uneducated poor black men. The hurt, disappoints, struggles, pain, emotional damage, setbacks, missed opportunities never truly given in the first place is just too much. Starting as a poor kid, with poor housing and school systems and so-on, are devastating things to have to deal with all of your life.  To have the same ability to be free and functional as all other race of men in America is, impossible to do if you are starting off poor and to far behind the game to ever catch up as a full race of men. Unless somehow you were born and already connected to affluence or millions of dollars like the 10% of our rich black brothers of today who have somehow earned the rights to flash their wealth at us and then turn their backs on the same decedents, of once slaved black brothers. You don’t have a real chance to succeed. I don’t care what anybody say even today, many centuries later after Lincoln freed the slaves, racism is strongly alive and well all across America, especially when it comes to jail time, money, and  better education for poor black men. So what do racism really feel like? I cannot describe it because I was born with this label slapped on my back when the doctor slapped my ass, as a baby.  It’s something that you live with every day of your life, until you just become numb to the fact that it is still happening to you. You soon just learn go along to get along, to a point. Maybe racism is a little like that old gold fish that was born in a fish bowl of water, who wanted to be free to swim in the lake. It occur to his fish master that he was already swimming in life providing waters as it was natural and the way things had always been, when it came to gold fish, and he didn’t deserved anything more than that. Then one day that little old gold fish decides to leaped out of the fish bowl. As he lands on the carpet, he quickly realized that he was going to pay the ultimate price for his freedom, if he stop flapping his tail on that carpet, which leads to the lake. Martin Luther King and others have already leaped that ultimate leap for this cause to continue until we have reached the overrun lake of equality for all poor black men.  Most of the time when black men take that leap to freedom, they end up on the carpets of racism. You see, today’s racism is somewhat hidden and made to look eased over to other people, but it’s always there when it comes to poor black men. Every black man knows the unwritten law of, if two or three drunk/sober white women say, that you said some choice words to offend them or did something to offend them when visiting their community, its jail time for you. Your word verse theirs, is pointless. No matter what you say to the cops, you are going to jail that night for sure. Now, let’s reverse that same scenario, of three black poor women saying, this well-dressed expensive car driving white man, said/did something to offend them. Nine out of ten times, this white man, would go home that night. Even in today’s world, he will be questioned for just a few minutes, and let to go about his marry way. How can you ever have any peace of mind, knowing the race cards are always stacked against you when it comes to the legal system, jobs, and equal opportunities?  Every day you walk out of the doors to your house, especially if you are poor you are presumed guilty because of your poorness’ and dark skin. No matter what you do or say as a poor black man your words means nothing, when it comes to balancing the laws of racism in this, the real world. For example the American jails today, although we are only 35% of the American population, we are over 50% when it comes to filling jail cells. 


Emma Goldman once said, “If love does not know how to give and take without conditions, it is not true love. It’s a daily transaction that’s costing the one who’s is truly in love”


Racism can cut like a sharp knife at times. Late one Saturday night, I stumbled into a room of a grand opening party goers of a new office building to be open soon.  I stopped by those fifty million dollar construction job site thinking no one would be there with key in hand, I opened the side doors to review the work situation of the newly just finished, office building.  The general contractor and owner had hired our cleaning company to do the, post construction cleaning work starting early next Monday morning. As I went upstairs, I walked into a large conference room by mistake where the party was taking place. I was somewhat shocked to see all of these well-dressed people on a construction site on the weekend. Every person in the room slowed their party fun down almost to a stop, as they looked at me, standing there in my dark blue work uniform, with a hand full of keys, a clip board, and an ink pen in my hands. The party function almost came to a complete standstill for a few minutes when I walk into that room filled with rich millionaires, their wives, and friends. The thing that got to me the most was, rich wife, after rich wife, ask their husbands, to go over and ask me that same old question when white folks don’t want us in there mist. Can I help you? This made me fill like acting like a fool, up in there as I keep my cool for business sake. I haven’t begun to scratch the surface when I tell you. I could have chocked the racial hell, out of each and every one of those old rich white men. Jumped out of the third floor window of that building, got up and waked away without a scratch. I was just that mad. There is such an uneven balanced or decisiveness to this out of site out of mind situation when it comes to wealth. To compare the white men vs., poor black men, is still an embarrassing shame, in this day in time. Today they put these l0% token black rich man and women up for show constantly on a revaluing Pedi stool day in and day out. These rich black folk that refuse to visit the poor hood, is being used on T.V., as to say. Look world, all black folk have made it and are rich, they are paid in full. They make me poor folk sick, as we look at very little T.V. anymore! These attention distraction from the real poor black folk, are fake as a wooden nickel.  They have taken the true attention away from today’s racism and the black struggle that is still alive, with suffering for many.  Then as the white man’s always say over and over again. You see, look what we did for all you people, thru these few rich black folk. We have helped all of you using these 10% black folk, who we know are to selfish to do the right thing for the whole black race. Now, Mr. Poor black man, we have and American image to keep up and this is working so far. You understand! In most cases these same black folk, move as soon as they can, and never look back, at the same poor ghettos that they once came from, or any other ghetto if they can avoid them.  You later see, these same rich “few” black folks on TV, acting like, and saying, they still represent the hood/ghetto poorest of poor people, as they are driving from the TV studios, with well dress black drivers, riding in limousines, back to their million dollar mansion  and homes.  We as poor black people are sick and tired of seeing our rich black folk, refusing to help poor black folk, as one race of people should. We hope to take positive actions against this soon. And that’s just part of the hard truth of the racist, coming from both side of the haves and the have not’s. Until we get our youth to stop being afraid of picking up a college application, and become afraid of picking up a gun. We the poor will continue to have a big problem with the rich ignoring the poor.



“Acceptance is not submission, it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you going to do about it.”


It was around 1940, big momma was great grand mommas only daughter, who had meet and married a handsome man, by the name of Perry. He was a hardworking stocky built man who believed in sticking by his family and taking care of business. You see, his father walk off like so many other black men during those times, and Perry just wasn’t having that, for his family. Beside he felt like he had won the lottery when he married big momma, who was a slim built pretty women. You see, all of the signal white and black young men were trying to wow or date big momma in her younger days. Big momma was one of those fine black women who was highly light skinned, and could pass for a white women, when she wanted to.  Her birth daddy was just another white man who never intended to marry my great grandmother, after he finished rapping her. By any means, did this ever cross his sick mind, or the consequents to come some years later, for his unlawful actions, in the eyes of God’s almighty!  I’m sure big momma wondered a many of times, if she had any other half white brothers and sisters on her rapist father side. As she would see these types of mixed kids all of her young life almost every day during her child hood. As I know she wondered with a broken heart, if they were related. Perry was a woman’s man in his younger days before getting married to big momma. He would work all day and at times, go out some nights if there was nothing needed to be done around the house for a few drinks. He would also party with his new wife, and sometimes just hung out with the boys, when the wife was too busy with the local church and other actives. Late one Friday night, as Perry and big momma drove home from a holiday party in his new slightly used Ford, he was pulled over by the Virginia County Police department, around 2 A.M.  Perry, a very stocky strong brown skinned, clean cut man who knew the drill when it came to dealing with southern cops. Put both of his hands on the steering wheel as the cops, one on the right, and the other on the left, of the well-kept Ford, walked up to him slowly from the rear. The cop on the left in his own mind, saw a nigger in a stolen new car.  The cop on the right saw a nigger, with what he thought was a white woman, in a stolen new car. The cop on the left knocked on the window, with his hand on his grip of the gun, and gave Perry the roll down your window motions sign.  Perry knew his situation was very sensitive.  He also knew the ease of getting his head shot completely off, just by making the wrong move or saying the wrong thing. Perry knew that anything could trigger these southern cops off to pulling, the tickers of their guns and blowing him away, that night. When dealing with a nigger, as the referred word was used when talking to Perry, over and over again that night, it could go bad fast. With both hands still on the steering wheel, Perry gestured with his head to the officer that he was going to take one hand off the wheel, and slowly roll the window down.  The officer gave a quick ok head nod back as to say, that’s right you nigger, you know the drill.  I am in charge and you better act like you know it with ever move you make. Perry whispered to big mom as he rolled down the window, please keep quiet, I hate this kind of crap but, for now we got to deal with it. As he acted like a stupid, blue collar working nigger, grinning, smiling showing all fifty two teeth, with no class or education showing thru, the way a nigger suppose too act in this situation. To get out of this bull crap, he had to do, what a black man had to do.  After having such a good time that night, at the black masons holiday party, now this. Before the window was half way down the red neck cop on the right yelled, boy put your hand back on that wheel. “Yes Sea” Perry yelled back to the officer.  Now nigger boy, I’m going to ask you this one time, and you better be answer me straight. “Yes sir boss”, Perry said.  Did you steal this car from this pretty white gal?  Perry said “No Sea; officer sir.  This here is my car boss!” Your car the cop yelled back. Now how a nigger like you gets a car like this? Perry knew if he said too much it could set the officers off, so he delayed his answer for a few seconds.  The officer shined his flash light on Perry and big mom and said, you hear me talking to you boy. As other officer looked in and around the car, and at the tags on the car. Let me see your ID’s and registration boy. Perry said, saa my papers are in the glove box, can I get them out. The cop said, I said let me see you ID didn’t I, you stupid nigger. He snatched the paper work from Perry’s hand and look to see if the name on the car registration matched the driver’s license.  He also checked the matching serial numbers on the owner’s card that Perry given him for any little imperfection. When the cop saw that everything match, and the dispatched call came back clean on Perry’s, he was even more irritated. He said to the cop on the right, “How can a nigger boy like this, buy such a car like this”. Then both of the cops started to harass Perry about big momma for not good reason. “Hay nigger boy, what’s your relationship with this here white women, in ya car”.  Perry said with a soft deep voice, “This here is no white women Saa; this here is my wife, a black woman who sometimes, is mistaken as white. This here is my wife.” Perry said again slowly to the cops, so there would be no understanding, if one of them touched her. Big Perry would have done anything, to defend big mammas honor that night, even if he had to die. He would have in a matter of seconds pulled his crow bar and registered, Master of Arms, black mason pistol, from under the seat, and went to work on those cops if they touch her in anyway. He made sure, the cop on the right who had opened big momma’s door heard him again, as he said. This here is my wife saa. He, looked big mom up and down, looked big Perry in the eye as he must have seen his own death, he closed her door. When the cop heard this a second time felt something cold, he said to the cop on the left with anger and fear in his voice.  “I think, what we have here Officer Jake, is a half white, black nigger bastard women, who don’t know who her real daddy is, trying to act like a upstanding white women, with a nigger for a husband”. They laughed for a few seconds, gave Perry his papers and told Perry with a warning, “Now you be careful nigger boy, you stay out of trouble round these here parts, you understand boy!”  Perry said, with a half grin on his face this time, with all his mental strength to keep his cool, “Yes saa boss, and yes saa.  Perry rolled up the window, started the Ford and drove off, feeling like he had survived another racial encounter with the law. He was glad he learned how to deal with all types of white trashy cops, by watching his uncles, older brothers, friends and even the church pastor, go through this when he went from place to place with them as a young teenage kid. Big Momma however who had gotten less racial encounters force on her due to her light skin tone felt bad. She said to Perry, if fills like those to cops just took a dump on me, and my new white party dress, as they wipe themselves after the dump.  From the time Perry drove off, she started to cry like a two or three year baby that was pulled from mother’s arms, and sold off as a slave. Before big momma could say another word, Perry grab her by the hand and said,” I love you, I know you know what just happen was wrong as I also know, what you are thinking.  I know how you feel as a black women, my mother was a black women”.  Then Perry took a deep breath and said, I know things are going to change for our kids and grand kid one day soon, I guarantee you this with the last drop of my sweet and blood. As hard as Perry tried to be the strong one and comfort big momma, who is always strong mentally.  He kind of lost it himself for the first time as he chocked a little, seeing his beautiful wife, in so much pain.  Big momma kept saying, I am not a half white bastard women, and I know of my black daddy in sprit thru the stories told to me as a kid.  His name was Earl!  He was a strong man who would have done anything for me and my half-brothers. The only daddy I’ve ever know through the stories my mother and others, told me of him, is all the daddy I ever want to know of, which give me the strength to live each day.  He died for me and my twin half-brothers as a hero, I was told many time over.  I am not a half white bastard women she cried, I’m not, as she cried and cried the rest of the ride home, and off and on the next day. Perry said he kept hearing her say, I am not a half white bastard, I’m a strong black women.  A few months later after a visit to the doctor’s big momma learned she was pregnant with her first child. She and Perry were so happy they would throw Friday and Saturday night fish fries or parties almost every weekend until the baby was born. In September of the next year a baby girl was born and they named here after Perry’s grandmother Marline. When baby Marline was born the first thing big momma did was to look at baby Marline’s skin tone some times for hours on. Marline’s was a light skinned baby, but she could not pass for a white baby, and this made big momma very happy. A few years later, big mommas had another baby girl, she named her Andrei.  Altogether big momma had three kids; two girls and a son named, Sammy!  Year’s later big mom’s three kids grew up and had families of their own. Uncle Sammy joined the Army and became a lifer.  Aunt Andrei got married and had two kids, when back to school and became a legal sectary. Perry passed away in his late fifties, from uncontrolled high blood pressure disorders. Big mom passed away in her early sixties from cancer.  I can still see her face today, she had such a presence about her that, I will always remember!




Mohammed Ali once said, “I am an American, I am the part of you that you don’t want to recognize. I’m black, I’m confident, I am cocky. This name I’ve chosen is my name not yours, my religion, my goals, my life belongs to me. Get use to me I am black America”


My mother Marline the oldest of big momma’s three kids got married at an early age of eighteen. She married a dark skinned black man by the name of Eugene, my father who was nineteen years old at the time. Shortly after they were married they moved from Virginia to up North near the big city, where most black folks move in those days to find a job or to be near their families who had already moved. You see, another reason they moved was because my granddad on my daddy’s side, was told by the local county sheriff in North Carolina to leave the State and never return, or else.  The sheriff said to my granddaddy that he would regret the day if he ever saw him again.  Now, back then when a sheriff told you something like that you listened, knowing what had happened to the many black men who didn’t listen.  Please understand, my granddaddy on my dad’s side was not a bad man by heart or nature, nor was he afraid of this sheriff, man to man.  My granddad was a good man who had done a few bad things, trying to keep food on the table for his family.  To make extra money, during those times he would run an illegal bootleggers whiskey and gin from one state to the other, until he got caught doing so, for the third time. In those days you didn’t get a third chance, the first time you went to jail for a few months. The second time they found you some week’s later with blood hound dogs, sniffing the scent of your stinking rotting body way back up in the woods hanging from a tree.  I was told that my grand dad did not leave for a few days after the sheriff had told him to, he went into hiding buying time. He had to raise the money to pack his family up and arranged a way to travel up North as time slipped him by. My granddad knowing he was in serious trouble, sat on the back floor of the old Chevy to be safe when riding across the state of North Carolina.  My uncle and my dad drove him hard and fast for about twelve hours, until they reached the big city where he knew he was safe around his other brothers who had move up north some years before for similar reasons. So Eugene and Marline eventually ended up in the big city where they raised a family of eight kids, three girls and five boys. They tried to teach their kids respect for others, the fear of God, and to have honest hard working work ethics.  Marline worked each day doing cleaning work, at a local college campus and a department store. Eugene worked for years at the local ship building yard, cleaning ships behind all of the other workers, who had been to school and learned a shipbuilding trade. Making a little more than the standard minimum wage for that time, they kept a roof over our heads in the projects and food on the table.  Around 1965 Eugene started going to night school to learn the trade of welding ships, due to his growing family he had to start making more money.  After he finished welding school he got a job that increased his pay more than the salary of cleaning those ships.  I was about twelve years old when Marline said she, they had to do something to move the family out of the ghetto and away from the projects soon, not later. Marline would always say she have to get her kids out of this place before something bad happens to one of her babies.  I remember one Saturday night as we were always allowed to sit up and look at the television much later then a school night. For some reason this particular Saturday night Marline felt nervous for no reason. Most of the time we called her by her first. She told everyone to go to bed early on this one particular Saturday night.  As the kids protest with all due respect they said, “Marline why, what’s wrong, what did we do, it’s Saturday night, we always look at TV late on Saturday nights”.  We protest under our breath as my youngest brother started to cry a little, as we all went to bed early that night. You see, this may sound a little strange but Marline, sometimes knew some things in advance, before they happened. Some grownups said, she had a very strong women’s intuition, which became normal to us, because she always had this gift as it would come and go.  She had a strong since of what we would tease her or make fun of, having this spooky sense of knowing when something good or bad was about to happen. For some reason this thing was working on Marline this night to the point she was not going to take no for an answer, as she sent us off to bed early.  A few minutes or less than a half hour after we went to bed as the project apartment became somewhat quite. A stray bullet came through our front living room window where the TV was at the time, with full speed and force.  I remember how it shattered a picture in a glass frame of my oldest brother that sat on that television for years, as part of the living room decorations. As the bullet continued to travel it put a deep chip impression in the projects cement center block wall, of the living room where we were just sitting a few minutes earlier. You see, Marline had several heavenly gifts’ such as playing the church piano without ever taking one piano lessen in her life, starting at the age of four years old. All of her talents were used for the good of mankind helping who ever she could, when she could.  At the early age of thirteen, she was considered one of the best church piano playing kids in the black communities of Virginia. Although she still had never taken one piano lesson in her early childhood days.  She could out play the average pianist her age that had studied accomplishments of music for year at the best of schools in the black community. She could hear a song for a few minutes or listen to it one time and could play it in a southern gospel way, like no other piano player could.  We would often try to get her (Marline) to take her music talents on the road, but she was old fashion and refused to do so, as she was a little shy when it came to her old fashion ways of playing music.  She would say to me at times when I pushed her hard to go on the road and play. Kirby, (as an excuses) I can’t play up against those educated musical folks out there. No one would pay to hear me play once they find out I didn’t graduate from high school until I was in my fifties with just a GED. You see Marline had dropped out of school in the twelfth grade when she got married and started having babies, one after the other. My dad had to drop out of school in eighth grade to work and help take care of his mother, sisters, and brothers being the oldest, until he got married with a family of his own.  We lived in this same project unit until I was in the six grade. Way before this, my mother was determined to move us out of these projects as she saved every penny that she could save.  A few years before we moved my dad took on an extra part time job cleaning office buildings at night and on the weekends. He cleaned four buildings during the weeknights with me and my brothers and another four buildings added to the workload on the weekends. It seemed as if we were cleaning a building for each kid. At times my brothers and I hated cleaning these buildings with a passion, because it took us away from sports, homework, and other activities that normal boys like to do. We would complain to each other, but never to my dad because they knew he wasn’t having that kind of weak attitude within the family when it came to hard work ethics. When Pop told you to do something it was law unless school, church, or Marline said, it was to be different. Being the middle boy, two brothers older than me and two brothers younger than me, was a difficult challenge or situation to be in. At times it seemed just a little unfair for nature to play this curl trick on me. But today as a man, I know I am stronger for it as this prepared me to do the unthinkable job of changing America politics and so much more. One day around seventh grade, I remembered saying to myself like it was yesterday.  I’m going to try to do everything I could to help make it a little easier on mom and dad, as well as most black folk, every chance I get. Yes, as a young boy and the son in the middle, I got into my shear of trouble. Like the time I gave my younger brother the hot end of a fork that I had just took off the stove. Dad whipped my but off and on for about a week so it seemed. He was so mad, not knowing the things my brothers would do to me being in the middle. You see, when you are a middle child you are fair game. Your older brothers couldn’t let you show them up because they were older. Worst then that, your younger brothers had something to prove always trying to show you up, because you are older them. Thru it all, I wouldn’t change a thing, as this made me a strong man. It was hell at times as they say, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. Which I am a true believer of this inspiration. With this new found determination to help mom, dad, and the black community even at this young age, I learned a lot about life as well as myself. After I discovered a new source of information, I started going with dad every chance I got to clean those dirty nasty buildings. At times I would get yelled at for taking so long to clean a few offices on the second floor, as I was up there reading all types of business trash. What my dad nor anyone knew was that, I was up stairs teaching myself how to read better as I tried to read everything on the in the trash, on desk of every lawyer, doctor, or businessman who had gone home for the night as we cleaned. There were mountains of information that I could have never learned in a ghetto school, like the one I attend most of my childhood. My dad would always tell people and my mother. That my son Kirby sticks by me and he don’t try to get out of going to work each night when it comes to cleaning these office buildings.  I appreciate him for doing so very much. What my dad didn’t know or understand about me was, I was hungry, fascinated, and impressed when it came to reading and studying all types of business trash, in these successful business men and women trash can. They were making millions of dollars, sitting on their butts.  There, were times when I was told by my dad to take the large trash bags to the dumpster, as I would reach inside of each bag and take a little trash or business papers out and stash them in the back of our family car until we got home that night. When everyone went to sleep, I would get the keys off the table late night, and bring these business papers in to read, with the little reading skills that I had. By the time I reach the eleventh grade, my school guidance counselor wanted to put me into a domestic trade class like auto repairs, welding, painting, carpentry, or plumbing due to my low school grade scores. I was not having it, my eyes were wide the hell open, I had seen the light from years of digging in trash cans and reading everything I could in these office buildings, as we cleaned them.  I was also addicted and amazed of the money that these fat cats were making, sitting on their lazy butts, all day in a warm clean office, of which we had cleaned the night before. I would see my dad after a full day’s work, take about twenty minutes to pull off layers after layers of clothes he had to wear, just to keep warm. Working outside all day on those ships at the shipyard, in that cold nasty weather up north was a bare, and I wanted not parts of that cold trade work when I grow up. I made up my mind once again one day, as I cleaned a very plush office of a lawyer by the name of Attorney MacAfee, that someday I was going to own my own business.  Knowing that I couldn’t read, right, spell, or do basic math much better than a third or fourth grader.  I wanted to prove, that you could still make it big, even after spending twelve years in a poorly educated school system. In one of the poorest ghetto city’s in America! 


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”


After graduating from high school a year late due to the fact, I was kept back in the seventh grade. I started tinkering around with starting my own business. That’s when I realize that time is one of the most precious resources that God has given, to each and every one of us. As we only get about 35,770 days to reach the ripe old age of 98 years old, as my great grand mother lived to see. It seems to me that we have no time to waste, if we are going to change the world or leave our mark on it. I starting reaching deep down inside to find ways to use my time each day wisely.  One of the first things I did was to limit myself from wasting self-changing hours, on TV watching, knowing everyone (black & white) on the TV screen is already a millionaire. Living their dreams as poor people entertainers, who just don’t care or know what to do with their time or lives. To understand time and the urgency that’s related to earthly values, is like having infinity times infinity in micro split seconds at your disposable, which if used wisely can seem like an eternity. Instead of trying to find more time, we have chosen to waste the time we have trying to find a leper cons pot of gold, as we live our pipe dreams instead of living the reality, of each moment. There is nothing wrong with this, either way you look at it. It is our God given freedom of choice to choose our desires at any given time. You can work, play, learn, love, write, have fun, invent new inventions, create new ideas, or do absolutely nothing for now, with your time.  Someone once said as I quote once again! “God’s gift to man is the present. (This time-now) Your gift back to God is what you do, with that present”. So I said to myself, it’s time to change the world, if not the world, I’ll change my own little world, at this point in time. A few years later, my mother started working part time at a large department store as a uniformed cleaning lady/maid. She later got me a job in the warehouse as a stock boy/janitor. One night I was scheduled to work late at this particular department store after a big all day super sale. As I was stocking shelves helping to get the store ready for the next day’s early opening.  I saw the night cleaning crew arrive in uniforms with all types of cleaning equipment that sparked my interest. What took me back a little after asking the right questions, to my co-workers and others?  I found out that the cleaning crew was being supervised by a young to middle age black gentlemen, who actually owned this cleaning service. This black owned business, went by the professional name of “Jones & Jones Building Cleaning Service Inc.”  WOW, I said to myself! Right then and there I was hooked!  I realized, why I had been cleaning all those buildings with Pops all those years as a kid.  Now, I finally knew how my time allowed by God, was going to be spent on this earth.  I knew right then what I was going to do with most of my life from this point forward.  Now, I understood without a doubt why I have to keep getting up each day, from this day forward. You see, I had never seen a black owned successful business of any kind up close and in person before this.  Not only was it a black owned business, it was a business that I knew a little something about, who was doing cleaning contract work for one of the biggest department store changes in the area.  The first night I watch these guys in their “Jones & Jones” cleaning service uniforms, work together with precision like a well-oiled machine, I was very impressed.  Not knowing at the time that this particular cleaning service was making a long drive of about one hour and a half each night to service this new account in the beginning stage of their signed contract. Roomers at the time was that, Mr. Jones was looking for a local cleaning supervisor to run this and a few other accounts in my tri-state area.  Before my shift was over at the end of the work week, I got to know Mr. Jones and a few of his cleaning crew members.  I told Mr. Jones a few things about myself and my knowledge of the cleaning business.  Needless to say, about a month later I got a call from Mr. Jones letting me know that I had got the job as head supervisor. I would be starting the following week as the third and at time first shift cleaning supervision. As this large department store was open long hours, seven days a week.  After a few days of training with Mr. Jones, I got the keys and alarm codes to the private offices upstairs, as I had complete control of the building. Now all cleaning duties each night thereafter were all my responsibility to complete each night.  Within a few weeks I started hiring my own local cleaning crew, guys that I knew from the old street gang that had a little knowledge about the cleaning business. They also knew from experience, how to clean a commercial building. Most of them were like me at the time. Young black men, with little to no education or having a challenging opportunities to awaiting the giant that was already within them. My cleaning crew exists of, Zeek, Larry-fat cat, Anton, Erock, Abnormal, Tyrant, Gee, Jerry-retall, Perm, Hart, Banker, and myself Kirby-knees. As you can imagine, growing up in the hood if you wanted it or not, you got stuck with a nickname that stuck, as each and every one of us did as kids.  If I knew what I know today I would have never put this particular cleaning crew together or somehow kept them together for so many years to come, for as you will soon see how we became exhausted. This group of young black men, as I learned some years later, was hungry and full of life, ready to do anything to succeed! They were willing to do almost anything, to change their lives for the better as well as to make a mark for themselves. At times this was powerful, dangerous, and sometimes hard to control.


John Wayne the late actor once said, “Sometimes in life, a man has to do, what a man have to do.”


 In just a few months, I had learned almost everything about how this store and “Jones & Jones Cleaning Service” operated.  How much money they were taking in each quarter. How often store bills and payrolls were met or paid out each month.  How often they ordered supplies, stock, and equipment to run these businesses. How many banks they use to make regular or large deposits, and so on. I learned of the salary amounts of all the employees, management and staff. Personal habits, like who was having an affair on the job, and schedules of each and every employee on file before they knew anything about them. I even knew my own mothers profile, who still worked for the department store on first the shift.  At the time I still did not know why I was so interested in this department store day to day business and operations. I had this same interest in the businesses of those office buildings I cleaned as a kid with my dad. I was feeling powerful, I had the keys to everything including the big wheels offices upstairs. This was different and not like it was when I was working as a kid when my dad kept his eye on me and my brothers.  One night I said to myself, I have eight hours per night, forty plus hours per week to read and study everything about this business. To learn all points of this billion dollar corporation, right down to the most personal of detail, had become my mission for the year. I was hunger, with full excess key power in my control. I knew when the shipping department would expect new deliveries coming to the warehouse that I still worked sometimes part time on the weekends. I remember seeing the details of a sting operation by detectives investigating two of the stores top executives making money on the side.  These two guys, had set up a few store tractor trailer high jacking’s re-routes that went somewhat wrong on paper. As they tried to crunch the numbers over and over again, they could not get them to match up with the store accounting department and the warehouse receivables yearend to end totals. I would see these same two executives from time to time on the weekends during a big sale minding the store. For about six or seven weeks, whenever I saw these guys I would say to myself, it’s just a matter of time, these two crooks are going to jail.  I wasn’t there the day the police raided the store office area with two arrest warrants in hand, but I heard it was not pretty.  Seeing these two over six foot tall men, looking linebackers crying, with wheezing baby noises coming form them as they were hauled off to jail, had to be a sad disappointing site to see. I knew when the store would send excess merchandise to other local department stores downtown or to the malls hundreds of miles away. I know the dates, time, and routes of all tractor trailer deliveries, and the cost value in the millions on each truck load. During this time computers and filing systems did not have as much security as they do today, when it came to keeping the lid on money and its records.  Around eleven P.M., each night we were locked in the store by a security guard. The exit doors to the street or rear parking lot where we parked our cars each night were locked, as we spent the night in the store. We were not to open any outer doors for any reason unless it was a life and death emergency. Like clockwork, around seven A.M. every morning a fresh well rested guard would open the rear door, un-lock it behind him as he turned off the outer door alarms.  He would look us up and down for stolen store items, as we stood in the back hallway near the back door exit waiting to be released like a bunch of night prisoners. Now, I’m not saying the guys stole from the store or not. Think about this for moment. If the big executives making six figures couldn’t resist temptation.  What the hell do you think these low wage, uneducated, poverty written for life janitors were thinking about being around all of those expensive goods? If the opportunity presents itself, will they, who knows?  Sometimes during the ride home in the early morning’s hours, I would hear the guys say to each other, how they disliked the first shift door opening guards. They would say things like, if I wanted to steal anything from the store with my hood skills it would be easy. I know we could run circles/game around those fat slow guards. Then everyone would start laughing, as they started talking about a game plan just for the fun of it, on how to get stolen goods out of the store. It’s easy one of the guys said, all you have to do is stash some items all over the store, and go back later to retrieve them. For instance, before the shift ends some nights, all you have to do is to get a new store shopping bag from under any register counter. Get an old store receipt from any of the registers trash cans. Put you stolen items in the bag, staple it closed with the receipt showing on the outside of the bag. Take the bag and hide it up in the drop ceiling tiles over the last stall in the men’s room until the store re-opens and is full say around 10:00am.  Park your car around the front of the store, walk in the front doors like you own the place.  Do a little light shopping for a legal receipt and a bag of paid for goods. Step into the men’s room last stall with bag in hand, sit there until the men’s room is empty. Remove tile reach quickly into the dropped ceiling, grab your stolen bag of goods and walk out a different front door exit to your car. Then the guys would start laughing once again. After a few seconds, one of the guy said, but check this out! You know that one inch gap at the bottom of the small entrance door on the receiving loading docks, next to the big roll down gate? All we have to do is call one of our homeboys around 2:00/3:00 am. Tell him to meet us at the locked small dock back door. Then he said, do you know what kinds of items we could slide under the door to home boy, through that one inch gap. He said, don’t give a poor brother an inch, because he damn sure will take a mile, and run with it all the way to the bank. As we all started laughing again! This is when one of the guys that was sitting behind me said, I got an easy one for you guys if someone decided to go crocked.  At the bottom of the escalator on the lower level parking lot are two trash cans and a set of exit doors. Put your stolen stash in some new trash can liners of both cans. Put a new trash can liner on top of your stash, for security and to replace the remove bags that have your stolen goods. Later when the store opens, walk into the lower escalator door still wearing your work uniform. Take the old liners out of the cans as if you forgot to empty these cans the night before that are full of your stash. Replace the liners with the new empty ones, as it will look like you are just doing your job as a janitor. Put the two bags behind the trash dumpsters if the cost is not clear, (if the cost is clear walk to your car with the bags) where no one would see them all day. The next night, show up for work five minutes early after all of the day employees has gone home for the night. That’s brilliant, one of the guys said, as we all started laughing at each other’s funny ways of getting over on the rich mans, so called full proof security systems. Most rich people and their rich friends, abuse this systems that only works for them not the poor all the time.  Most of the times, these rich fat cats bend and re-adjust the rule in the middle of the game, to only work for themselves and their buddies. Every now and then, that thing called natural justice or karma steps in their path, and takes over the situation. When this happens, the rich and greedy get caught, by the same rules and regulations, which seems to be in place only for the middle class and poor.  Too much is given, much is required. This is something most rich people just don’t seem to understand until God takes it away from them!  If God almighty blessed you with hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions, or even billions of dollars. You must bless others in return, who are in need.  Karma will not hesitate to interrupt your blessings or happiness if you are greedy and selfish, when it comes to the poor. As long as there are poop people, curable diseases, and people in need out there, for God’s sake Mr. Rich man do something to help cure the little sick babies, feed the hungry, and help the poor or homeless.  Cloth the naked during the winter months. You have been blessed, to do so. If not, your God sent blessings “will” continue to be interrupted, removed, as your happiness when it comes to money, will turn to sadness.  Understand this if you will! It’s no way you or any one man could have made all of those millions in just one life time, without being touch by the blessed hand of God. You have been purposely chosen and blessed to be in control of this wealth blessing, thru God’s mercy, as he desires you to be merciful to others in return. To do the right thing for others is part of your destiny, as you are a rich man in Gods good grace. Don’t pat yourself on the back of self-righteousness or self-gratitude, as you lie to yourself and others saying, look at me world, I did this all by myself!

Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious, as curiosity keeps leading us down wonderful, new paths to conquer.”





I went home each morning after a full night of hard work and studying the stores business information, as well as “Jones & Jones Cleaning Service” cleaning contract, that were on file in the main office in all its details. After a few more months had passed of cleaning and studying, I had both business systems down to a science. I knew all the procedures and store policies for each of the department stores in our areas. I understood but kept to myself, little things like why the guards had to check our empty lunch boxes as they looked us down each morning, as we left the store to go home. This made the guys angry and somewhat humiliated that this type of practice was still going on in today’s world.  Knowing what I knew about the store and its operating systems, I wrote a strong letter to the President of the company, protesting these actions still in the late 70’s. After re-sending this same letter over and over again for about three months.  I finally got a response from the company’s Vice President. I was as proud of myself as this gave me a stronger business boost, to push my person business forward. I felt just a little more in control of my destiny, when the Vice President said in his letter, he would personally look into the matter when he return from his overseas business trip.  One Friday a few weeks later, we were all scheduled to be off on Saturday and Sunday for a weekend break, when Mr. Jones of Jones Cleaning service gave me a call before our shift ended. He said, Kirby I need a serious favor from you and some of the guys. I am having a few problems with the cleaning crew at the department store, in Atlantic City New Jersey. I need you to take your cleaning crew and go fix the problems this weekend, for me please. Then he said, I will pay you and the guys extra overtime and a weekend bonus pay, if you do this favor and fix the problems at this store. I told Mr. Jones, to give me a few minutes to talk to my cleaning crew, and I will call him back. Before I could hang up the phone, a few of the guys standing near me over heard my conversation with Mr. Jones.  They instantly volunteered to work for the extra overtime pay/bonus, even before I ask them to. At the time, most of these guys had new young families and the money we were making during this time in our lives, was downright sickening for a family man, to say the worst.  If these guys were not family men, who knows what they would be doing, during these hard times to make a buck. Late Saturday night around nine P.M., we were in the work van making the long drive, to Atlantic City. We arrived on time to find that they had almost the same systems in place used by the guards at our store, as they locked us in the store around eleven pm until early the next morning.  That night we worked harder than I had ever worked since being employed with Jones Cleaning Service. The store and the main public used areas needed lots of hard fast work.  The restrooms, stairways, escalators, center aisles, were very dirty.  That night I keep saying to myself, why or how, did this store get so dam dirty, with a daily cleaning crew cleaning it every night. They have the same size store and number of crew members that we have, as well as the same type of cleaning equipment and supplies.  When we finally took a short lunch break, as the crew I sat down to eat our lunch on one side of the store, as the original white cleaning crew that works there each night, ate upfront near the in-store restaurant.  Before we started work that night I had pared one of my experienced guys with one of the stores cleaning crew members.  I sent them to different areas of the store to get the job done, as I ask my guys to work and teach these guys how to do the job right.  Before I could take a second bite out of my sandwich, Zeek said, Kirby this damn store is very dirty, if I knew this I would have kept my black butt home. How are they getting away with this week in and week out? He said, these white boys don’t know crap about commercial cleaning, and on top of that they get paid two dollars more per hour then we get, because as they say they lived in Atlantic City area. Zeek said, could it be the obvious reason that we all know about, I wonder. As Zeek told me and the guys this to their face, they got angry. As the crew stopped eating, almost in harmony all together they said, what the hell did you say Zeek? Zeek a six-foot two three hundred plus pound young man said, you heard what the hell I said Nigga. They make two dollars an hour more than we do. Now, I am glad we took a late lunch, because most of the hard work was already done, as it was a little difficult trying to talk these guys to work hard and fast like they were working before lunch. You see, Mr. Jones had sold us out, his weekend extra pay that he had promise us, would only match their everyday pay, as we knew we had been played for fools, once again. Needless to say, the guys were mad, cussing, and fussing up a storm about what they had just heard and learned about Mr. Jones, the so called black businessman who we kind of made our businessman hero, who is kissing the white man’s butt thru his check book. Not only was our store cleaned to perfection each night, we were doing it for less money and rarely ever getting a request or complaint from the store manager or Mr. Jones himself, week in and week out.  I was just as mad as the next guy, but I had to keep my head on straight to finish the job at hand, or until I had time to think things through. After about a half hour, I finally got the guys to cool off a little and go back to work. Needless to say, we successfully pull off the job as we fixed all of the major cleaning problems of that particular department store, in Atlantic City. A few hours later it was time for us to go home, as we stood at the back door and following the white boys lead when it came to checking out at the end of the shift. We watched their routine, and to say the least we were a little confused to see three security guards show up to let us out of the back door. One on the front left, right, and the rear of the line. As the guards came in they turned off the alarm but they did not lock the doors behind themselves right away, as they always do at our department store.  We figured they just did things a little different here.  So as we started walking up with our lunch boxes opened, the white boys and the guards, looked at us like we were crazy. He asked my brother Erock, as the white crew in front of us just walked out the rear doors in front of us with closed lunch boxes, do you have any store items in your lunch box, as we looked at him to say what the hell. That’s when the guard on the right said, O’ we have a note and orders to check the cleaning crew today, like they do in the mornings, at the store in you guys work for. What the hell did he say that for, Erock about five eight, two hundred ponds and most of the time is an easy going guy said, as he snapped!  What the hell did you just say, he repeated? Erock, Zeek yelled, cool out man, cool it. I looked at Erocks hand and I saw how he had a tight grip on his lunch box, with his left hand and his right hand balled into a fist. I stepped in front of him and between the security guards with ease, as I told Erock again to calm down.  I said to the guard, do yourself a favor buddy and step back into that guard booth, and keep quiet about that so called order of yours, until we leave. Before he could take that step backward Tyrant started yelling from the back of the line, you know this is some bull Kirby. You know this is bull!  Tyrant a short dark skinned body builder around five foot six, had a blue belt at the time, and a karate kick that was quick and powerful the few times I seen him use it to defend himself. As he started to walk toward the two guards, Abnormal grab him by the arm, and in a calm brotherly voice, chill out man, chill, Kirby got this.  Adnominal is a full three hundred pound man dry mind you, about six feet even, young man who’s always had a problems with eating too much and keeping his weight down to a normal size for his height. He also suffered from a very bad temper at times, as his doctor had to put him on high blood pressure med’s, until he learned to control himself.  Finally after the guards seen that these guys were not kidding around and were real to the point of going to jail if need be. They said you guys have a nice day, everything checks out you can leave, as them made notes on their clip boards.  They unlocked the doors once again to the rear back doors fast, and gladly let us walk to the van across the parking lot unsearched.  You see what most people don’t realize is that, there is a lot of spiteful actions taken against janitors and poor black fork just for the hell of it. These janitors are doing one of the dirtiest, nastiest, smelliest jobs anyone can do with no realist pay each week to show for it. Another reason these and other janitors are so hardcore, is because they are tired of being blamed for everything that is stolen, misplaced, trashed by mistake, lost, or stolen by others, by building managers and staff, no matter what. I’ve seen items found or returned to its proper owners, with no one ever apologizing for blaming the janitors in the first place. These things among others, always are blamed on the janitors, with no regards of being seen as an equal employee or co-worker. When it comes to working in the same building all year round. Now, on the long ride home, I don’t think we spoke fifty words among us.  As I turned the key and started the van, I repeated myself once again. I have a plan my brothers, I have a plan to change this crap!  Not only did we find out that our boss Mr. Jones had sold us out for less money per hour, but he was and modern day house nigger who would lie for his own sack, and was many times worst then that old Tyron,  house nigger that whipped my great granddad to death. You see every one of the guys, all of their lives, had heard a bitter slave story or two from grand mom, that was told or passed down to them whether they wanted to hear it or not. When we finally got home as I dropped the guys off to their house door steps, Antione a single six foot one light skinned young man whose grandfather is still living today and just happens to be a white man, said to me.  Hey Kirby, I will not be coming back to work on Monday, I quit. As Antione stood there with the van door open talking back and forth with me, I tried to talk him as I asked him reconsider. He closed the door and said, I’m sorry my brother, I just can’t do this crap anymore.

The Dalai Lama once said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be truly happy, be compassionate.”




It was around late 1977 and during this time most black folks, were doing bad when it came to supporting a black family with comfort.  My situation went from bad to worse as I continue to work for Jones cleaning service at night and the department store warehouse on the weekends. I could barely make ends meet from month to month, as I became one of the working poor. I was making too much money just a little above minimum wage, to get any government support, and too little money to support myself.  I had to do something to turn my life and things around soon.  One night about six months after the Atlantic City job episode, as I was upstairs in the executive office areas doing my cleaning routine.  I glance over to see some papers on a desk that said, Bids Due: Cleaning service renewal contracts for the Tri-state department stores. Bids due January 1978. I took another quick look at the date on the upper right hand corner of these papers and said Wow, this is it. Then I looked over at the meeting room calendar on the wall, and I said to myself again, this is it, this is the break I’ve been looking for. This is what I have to do, and do it now or else!  I got to get one if not all three of these cleaning contracts for myself and the guys. I had never bid on a large cleaning contract before in my life.  I knew I could do it; I had to do it, if I wanted my life, my family lives, and the guy’s lives to change.  At that moment in time I had more hope than ever that our lives would change for the best if I pull this off. I knew my life would change some way, and this is it.  I felt all of my emotions kick in at once as I felt more alive than any other moment in my life. I remember jumping up and down whispering to myself. This is it, this is it! I took those papers to the copy machine in the meeting room and ran off a copy to read later.  I was carious to put them back, exactly where I found them, as I learned to do as a kid. For days, I looked high and low for the new bid price to come in from Jones Cleaning, and the other vendors trying to win the jobs away from Mr. Jones, whom still had the current active cleaning contracts. I needed to know what his competition was bidding as well as, what would be his new bid price. At the same time I was learning more and more about how to place a bids for a big contracts. I went to the library, all of the local office supply stores, learning everything I could about bid forms and the rules of bidding. More time had gone by and I still hadn’t seen or heard anything about the new cleaning bids, or who had bided on these department stores. I was getting a little nervous looking high and low with all of my extra free cleaning time, searching every executive’s desk, files, draw and office fax in trays looking for these new bids. I even search in the dirty trash cans that sometimes office workers would toast half unfinished cups of coffee in, or even spit in, when they were too lazy to get up and go to the rest room. These where before mandatory trash can liners and the use of disposable rubber gloves were the norm.  Some time when you were in a rush to clean a room or office, you would just stick your hands in the can, pull out a wet and dry piece of paper that was soaked in some type of wetness, and wash your hand at the end of the shift with not concerns about your health.  I was desperate and just didn’t care anymore, I saw my dad and other janitors do this for years, and I never had a second thought until years later when the laws changed.  Time was running out and I had searched the building high and low with no luck, with only about ten business days to go.  You see, this is a crazy world we live in. They give the keys and alarm codes to a bunch of uneducated poor janitors who they think are too stupid to read or have any billion dollar ideas or potential of their own. Then they tell us janitors to clean these building, not ever considering the compiled information that’s at our disposal every night. This information is already designed, organized and user friendly, that been set up by their PHD’s, or business degree personnel.  Most janitor and slaves have learn how to play the white man’s game by listening and learning when they wasn’t looking or think we heard them talking. You see, we janitors get paid to get this non-formal education for free, in return for use of our professional clearing skills at low wages. The education that most janitors receives from, The Night School of Janitorial University, is as real as it can be. As we like to joke, and say this is priceless, and one of the well-kept secrets of most poor janitors, if they slow down during their cleaning shift and study. As we get educated for free each night, some rich saps are spending thousands each year for a formal education at some high class private, Prestigious College.  We see how you rich fat cats are living every day of your rich lives.  On Television’s, Wall Street, luxury corporate business board rooms, the wealth channels, and so on, you show off, and now we want a piece of the action as we have studied you and learned well. You see, one day some descendants of slaves are going to reach out and touch you, sooner than you think. Starting with these hidden codes, for taking charge of the White House that slaves once built. This touch will be done in settle ways that will make you think about your past, the wrongs and continued ills that you keep us in fending for ourselves, as a broken race, which has never been lifted or removed from our tired shoulders.  As you still refuse to engage real actions, accept faces, repair or fully discuss the reversal terms of these damages, that’s being done to a whole race of people then, and still today.

Finally I seen a note from one of the big wheels placed on one of the receptionist ladies desk. “Roberta it said, please call all of the cleaning services that we sent an invitations to bid too, before the day is out. Call just the ones that are on our cleaning service bidders list for an updated. The bids are due next Tuesday, or about a week from now and I have not seen any of the new bids yet. Now, I know these cleaning service owners get a little busy at times working nights, but what I don’t understand is why they are not as excited as I am, when it comes to placing the new bids in early or on time”.  The words invitation to bid made me just a little nervous once again. I knew I was not on the department store bidders list and I didn’t know how to get on it, or for that matter, what the hell a bidders list was.  Three days before the bids were due, I saw the first bid on Roberta’s desk, and it just happens to be from my boss, Mr. Jones.  When I saw his bid and the numbers I became more determined than ever, seeing how much he was getting paid each month versus our pay checks. This house nigger, had pissed me off again! Who does he think he is sending his bid in late like this, as if he doesn’t give crap about me and the cleaning crew getting rehired by his company, if the bid was dropped or lost? Then I started to have a few strange crazy thoughts, saying to myself, he did this crap on purpose. He knew I needed this information to place my bid, as I laugh at myself for thinking this way.  Based on Jones building cleaning service, I finically sent in a bid that was a few hundred dollars per month lower then Jones. I had a friend who worked at the local print shop to make me a few letter heads, got a bid form from the office supply store, and used my old P.O. Box number from the post office. None of this business information of mind was on file at the department store or Mr. Jones office, as I sent my first big contract bid in.  As I didn’t use my real name and phone number on the bid or letter head, just in case I was found out before I knew if I had the cleaning contract or not. About a week later the bids were opened and I got a letter in my P.O. Box saying, that the new cleaning contractor had been award to another cleaning service that was preapproved and qualified to fulfill their cleaning needs. As I continued to read it list, Jones & Jones Cleaning at the end of the page as, the successful bidder, once again.  Boy did this give me a wakeup call.  I told myself all types of self-pity bull like, what a frailer I am. I knew I shouldn’t have used the P.O. Box in one of the poorest cities in America, they must have checked it out.  I should have bided lower. That’s when it hit me I did bid lower then Jones and the others, and I still didn’t get the contracts. I finally said to myself, Hey you tried!

Bob Marley once said, “Emancipate and free yourself from mental slavery. No one but yourself can free your mind from judging the skin tone from which you live.”




Many years had passed as it was about the year 2001, and we were still working going from cleaning contractor to cleaning contractor, as supervisor once a contract came to an end. We were being passed around and used up like a well-trained group of pimped out cleaning hookers. We only knew how to clean buildings for a living, at low wages. One day I looked at myself good in a mirror that I was cleaning. Standing there in my blue cleaning uniform doing the same thing over and over again, since high school, is when I had enough! I decided to have a meeting with the crew one Friday night, after we had planned to go out for a few drinks at our favorite local bar. Not knowing this first meeting would change our lives permanently as well as change America forever. I asked the guys one by one to follow me home, as they were getting into their trucks to go their separate ways.  When they arrived, I grabbed a six pack of beer from the refrigerator, sat it on the table, and I started talking.  I said, I have something very important to tell you guys, as they looked at my face and knew I was serious.  I told the guys that I was sick and tired of working day in and day out for these low wages making others rich, in a business that no one respects, or give a crap about our honest family valued and hard work ethics. People look at us as though we were dirty old rags, or trash on the side of the road. They have looked at our mothers, fathers, grandparents, and everyone that we know that are still janitors, the same way. We are considered as a bunch of worthless losers, as I was feeling a little self-pity. It’s time gentlemen I said, it’s time to take control of our lives as we take control of others’ who refuse to help us. We can change this, I know we can change this, I know how to change this, I said. We can make lots of money and earn our self-respect as janitors at the same time. I have an idea or two of how we can do this and change the world at the same time. You know how we always joke about our dreams once we get a few to many beers in us. Then I said, I talk to Banker last week and I told him what I am about to tell you, as they sat up straight ready to listen.  Most of the guys had meet and knew Banker from back in the day, when he was a young black millionaire, some years after we had worked for Mr. Jones.  He said, he will come on board to help us with whatever we need, to move things forward hard and fast. Banker is a little older and wiser than most of the guys. You see back in the early to mid-90s he was a cool low key black millionaire, that we all knew who happen to own a cleaning business at the time, and had hired some of us guys to work for him starting out as temporally workers. He also had a beautiful wife who just happened to be white, who seemed to love Banker very much, even after he lost everything some years later. As of today I still don’t know what happened to Banker or his million dollar corporations. When I saw him a few years later after all of the guys were laid off from his firm without warning, he didn’t say anything about business. He was completely broke, working at the same college campus my mother use to work for. He was on third shift, as a janitor’s supervisor, making few dollars more than minimum wage.  I was totally shocked! I hinted around to Banker, to try to find out what happened to his business and his life. Every time I asked or dropped a hint to him, he would give me a story without any of the details making scene.  After a few try’s I finally just stop hinting around, as I got his hint that he didn’t wish to talk about it at this time. Banker had all types of large government contracts that he and his dad acquired over the years. You see, his dad retired from the military after thirty years of service.  Banker was in the Air Force for about four years of his life, so they knew a little about the government and how it functioned, as him and his dad made a killing, in the government cleaning service contracting business. Back in the early 80’s, him and his dad had a few complete full Army base cleaning contracts. Air Force bases contracts, and Navy bases contracts, as well as lots of government office buildings to clean each month all over the country. At one time I heard the rumors that he had a top-secret clearance, to clean high classified areas of the Pentagon and other top secret buildings. At one time these guys were rolled in the doe making millions each month, driving the best of cars, living in the best of homes as they owned boat/yachts with helicopter landing pads. I told the guys, I explained to Banker a little about what we are about to do, as far as taking over the cleaning business and changing the world as we know it. When it comes to black men having dignity, and the type of power to do some good, Banker and these guys were the best, only they didn’t know it yet. I told them that when I finished talking, Banker looked at me with a glare in his eye that and a look on his face that I hadn’t seen in years or since he closed down one of the biggest black government cleaning businesses, on the coast. He said, Kirby please count me in, you know I’m on-board 100%, as I am at your disposal with all my knowledge, and what I have been through over the years, I have basally nothing else to lose, at my age. When Banker told me this, I knew we had a chance, this guy was smart, he had been there, and done that. I told the guys you know we have tried our hands and minds at a lot of different pipe dream businesses, inventions and other crazy ideas, trying to make life just a little better for our families and friends.  I would always hear Perm say, “Kirby stick with what you know and you will go far, you are what you already know”. So from now on, I am going to take Perms advice, and do just that, as we make the moves to sink or swim! Then I told them what I had been doing year in and year out, whenever I had the opportunity or access to an office or building that needed to be cleaned. I told them I had seen things that were very unreal, but at the same time educational that I have kept to myself.  To the average man out there on the same job year in and year out making a living, what we do is different. The average man does not have the same opportunities or job freedom that we have had, going from job to job, all over America cleaning buildings during their careers. Most people are assigned to one area of a building or department and stay there for years. The first week on the job, most janitors see more of this and other buildings on the property, then the average man see after ten or more years on the same job. I told them that we are in a unique position as building cleaners, and we are going to start take advantage of this, now! I said listen up fellows!  After watching an old movie (Distinguished Gentlemen) a must see movie that was supposed to be a comedy, got me thinking. This movie inspired me among other things in my life, to bring all of us together to force a change in the American system and make it work to our advantage.  You see, Hollywood and the powers to be has always worked together, letting us know what’s going on without admitting if it is true or not. As they always say, the best way to hide something is to put it right out there in the open. Later, when something go’s wrong in the political or business world, these types of movies keeps us from being shocked, as they continue to slip things by us. These types of movies also keep us numb from taking action, as they help to keep us from protesting these wrongs which are right up in our face, and out in the open all the time. Later the powers to be will say, we told you this was happening years ago, you didn’t listen again. Didn’t you see the movie or hear it on the news.

Then I just came out and said, I know how we can, Make Dirty Millions the Clean Way! What Gee said?  Gee is a quiet man, but when he do talk, it’s like listing to a modern day MLK Jr., and Malcolm X combined.  I said, you heard me right Gee. I know how we can make Dirty Millions the Clean Way, for us and every black men across America, if we play our cards weights.

Henry Ford once said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an air plane takes off against the wind, not with it. Once up, flying with the wind is almost effortless, as it is a joy that keeps giving.”img57.jpgimg58.jpg

The room got quiet, and I had everyone’s full attention.  Then I said, I have a serious question or two to ask.  “When you’re cleaning an office or building, have you ever paused for a moment or two, to read the papers on top of an executive desk?  Glance at a computer monitor that’s been left on?  Is it just me doing this or not?”  They all started laughing saying, “O’ hell yes we do it all the time. I thought it was just me being nosey is said”.  Zeek said, “No man it’s not just you”.
It’s all of us, we look at these fat cats information with curiosity, as we wonder why me Lord, why am I a janitor? Why can’t I give my family a small piece of the American dream? Why do they have so much as a working man, as me and my family have so little? Perm said, they look and talk around us janitors as if we don’t exist, or are invisible, so we get to know them thru their paper work.  We’ve heard them talking about us many times as we cleaned there stinky toilets and offices. Than Larry & Hart both said at about the same time, “you’re right” my man. These two very smart brothers who went to the same poor public schools as we all did, somehow always had good grades and a higher (S.A.T) test score for ghetto kids.  Then they said, again at the same time, “I know exactly what you mean. This happened to me on the job again, just the other day, as a few people were working late before the weekend.” Larry said, I looked over at Hart and he looked at me with that look, don’t they see us.  Sometimes I could choke all of these uppity people for being so inconsiderate. After what they have done to us throughout our history, making us a bunch of second class citizens out of us, as if it is natural to do so. After a few minutes I told them in the near future, I wanted them in a planned, almost invisible, strategized way, to start getting as much information as they could from every business that we have keys/alarms to as they clean each night. Make copies, downloads, and search trash cans for all types of business information that we are going to learn from and talk about in more detail, soon. We are going to read and study this information, file the important stuff in our computer systems, and destroy the rest. I told them the game plan without too many details, will happen and come together sooner than later. This is not a game and it is not going to be easy I told them. Everything will not happen or come together overnight, as it may take a few years before we make our first big moves on the business world, and the systems that has healed us back for centuries, purposely with no merits for doing so what so ever. I said, I can guarantee you this, if you stick it out, it will be o’ so sweet in the end. Every week after the first meeting we would have two or three meetings for the first few years. We knew we were on to something, as I gave the crew more details of our master plan during each meeting. This made this thing, bigger and more powerful, than all of us put together. It gave most of us a sense of spiritual strength that only real men experience, as they feel deep down inside. I will die for this cause, if need be. Now we knew, there was no room for that thing call fear, mistakes, or selfishness what so ever. We understood these terms well as Gee would repeat this during prayer asking for guidance, at the end of each meeting. When it came to this new cause that we were committed to it was, “to do what have to be done, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, was well understood with no deviations to be horned!”

Mohammad Ali once said, “I am black America. I am the part you won’t fully recognize. Get use to me and my blackness, confident, cockiness, with my own name not yours, my own religion, not yours, my own goals not yours. Get use to me America, I am not afraid!”

 One night about a year ago I asked brother Gee to speak during the next few weeks meetings to remind the


brothers of their strong history. You see, when I told the guys at our first meeting I knew how we and all black men in America could get paid, I had been studying our black history by myself and listening to brother Gee, who is a fully committed Muslim, who knows the Bible and the Quran (Muslim Bible) inside and out, who was always ready to teach black men of their history and more. Although most of the crew were raised as Christians, under one denomination or the other. They had an open mind when it came to our black history of which they always herd stories from older folks as a kid. Gee would drop jewels or the same thing as using strong words, as he could speak better than any ghetto minister we knew. We kind of understood that we were in for a good lesson once Gee got up and started to talk. I had never seen Gee like this before tonight, as he was much focused and quiet as usual. He also had a mysterious gangster thug-like presents, and a sound to his voice that was a mesmerizing form from his past younger street days, when he was in out of prison life. What we didn’t know was that Gee had done his homework over the past few years and this time he was prepared to bring it, like none other.  He blew us completely away from his first few words to his last words. Using one or two large words and terms, then flipping them in ways that only an old

Buddha once said, “no one can saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path with or without fear alone.


fashion devoted Muslim brother could do.  He just stood up and started talking, moving his Quran/Bible and a few blank forms, from one hand to the other as he continued to speak. Like most black men who could speak well when they finally started talking, they talked with a lot of good scene. They did not talk to show off, or because they liked to hear themselves talk, so they could seem smarter than other black men. They talked a lot because they had a message to bring, as they were trying to reach so many hopeless poor brothers and sisters. Trying to give them hope in a hopeless situation. They also talked because they were trying to open closed minds, to the possibilities of new ideas. They talked because they knew true knowledge would always replace paralyzing fears. No matter how scary the new message sounded to a fearful mind the first time, it would eventually be free of fear, once the message sinks in through the truth of the sub-conscious way of thinking. As Gee continued to talk he said, as of today we are no longer seekers of fun and pleasure, due to the cause at hand. From now on we will leave the fun to the women and kids, as we are full grown men, with a mission like none before.  



Epictetus once said, if thy brother wrongs thee, remember not so much his wrong-doings but more than ever that he is thy brother.




With a much serious job ahead of us, to be done by us, there is not time for fun and games. We will be focused and succeed as black men who have changed the world forever, as we implement Kirby’s plans down to the letter. Although we are not asking for this, historians will write and study our creative successful actions, for centuries to come. As they have also studied our once captive slave masters dominating actions for centuries in the past.  Gee said our leaders, Martin Luther, Malcolm X, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and so many others are getting tired, old, dead, or sick.  It is up to us to carry the torch and risk life and limb as they have done many times for us.  It’s up to us now as we are mentally stronger as well as fearless to move the case forward. They’ve brought us this far by faith and we can’t turn around.


We must be ready to die if need be as we make them and God almighty proud! These great leaders of our past and present history are in need of help to preserve and carry on their great legacies, to change the black man’s poor predicaments here in America. Gee said, “Did you know not so long ago, we were auctioned off as slaves in changes, necked, dirty, wet, cold and hungry, as if we were the lowest of all the animals on God green earth? Did you also know, there is still many types of modern day slave trafficking happing around the world, even still today. Young people are being kidnapped and beaten to the point of doing all types of ill crap. When I hear that the powers to be are looking the other way this makes me sick to my stomach, knowing a little about our history and what we have been thru, seem to be unreal. As the hip hop artist Flavor Flav would sing! “You’ve got to fight the powers, fight the powers that be!” Then Gee said you know, we earn over eight hundred billion dollars a year as one black race. We only keep about three percent of this money to change our poor situations thru-out the course of this same year. Yes, we are being robbed over and over again by not owning our own, so we can re-spend this money with our own black producers, over and over again. We have a master plan to change this and so much more soon, Gee said. For years we have been like a ship without a steering ore, drifting from port to port with no real destination. That’s when Gee took a deep breathe, paused for a few seconds, as he said these next words in ways that could only come from an inner-city Muslim brother, as it seemed like he just kept talking from here without taking another breath!  Again, I say to you my brothers! This systems has implemented through high their IQ think tank studies, done by design, with meticulous actions, has placed all types of black ill racisms as a concept of social control and domination, as they have hateful destroyed us as a race. Included in our history of poverty and the gathering of social welfare programs implemented by each state for social control to protect America against black revolutions in trade for food stamps, small amounts of monthly cash, and low wages.  Also to maintain a living


standard of those in poverty, in order to make a permanent dependent low wage labor forces out of us. Leaving little to no opportunities for us to choose from in return, has been devastating on our race of people. Subsequently the north-south conflict that followed which implemented a new form of slavery which used us for profit criminalization for the prison system, the use of labor in relationship between poverty, labor for corporations, large foundations that’s managing and controlling the black population of the United States, establishing low budget poor educational system, weak social welfare provisions, for federal poverty use or abuse of the black population. Then Gee said, they have used different subsequent social welfare programs only implemented for the purpose of our social and physical control, as well as the implications for poor and separate race relations which at the same time this help the controlled development of poor ghettos in the United States. These were ordered into process to stop the progress of the black communities who were recently set free to endure other types of suppression. This was done in order to manage the migration and movement of all black Americans, for low paying labor industries to set up shop near these black communities, whether living in these ghettos or not, we are continuously monitored by big brother and the boys in blue. Urban areas are used for general development through the organized civil rights movement, in excess of democracy and the innovative methods of managing the expansion of private and non-prison systems. The small amounts of black crimes are used through the legal discrimination criminal systems, which are used by the courts to move more and more blacks through the jail system in heavy herd like populations each year. At one time this was designed for all intended purposes to have all type of free labor completed by black men, that no white man or women would ever degrade themselves to doing before high paying union jobs were organized. As they privatize the jail systems today for all intended purposes are still to make a profit off of each black man that’s locked up. Gee said, please try to understand my brothers, there are a large uneven number of black people in jail today as we are only a third of the American full population. “Do you know how much contract profit that is to the prison owners of each state?” Gee said, if you are not living large and, are not connected to white America, you can go to jail for any trumped up charge and there is nothing we as black men can do to help you get out!  On the other hand, there are millions of white people in college doing another type of time, as fee people preparing for a piece of the American pie. Then Tyrant interrupted and said, “Hey Gee, we are trying to understand you my brother, but you have to break this down a little for us and speak the ghetto king’s Ebonics language. We all started laughing for a few seconds. Then Gee said, Seriously my brothers, our grandmothers told us story after story over many generations as they, believed and somehow knew that we, us as a black men or people would someday prevail and overtake our oppressors, not to do them harm, some many centuries later.  They knew hundreds of years ago somehow we would be having this and other meetings like this one, to change the future for our grand kids. Having this inner insight gave them the strength that held them together, as it kept them standing upright to raise the men that we are today. We are ready and able to change America forever, using her systems and abiding by her laws to win as we fix the ills of our present and past. Then he said, my humble black brothers, this is it, the time has come to change the wrongs that has been done to us, and the black man throughout the history of this country. As he started passed out the standard reparations petition form that has been circulating in our communities for years. He said, I am going to take a few minutes more to ramble on about how the white man has kept us down with his foot on our necks throughout history. Yes, I know you have heard these hard luck stories over and over again all of your lives. If you would just indulge or listen to me for a few minutes during the next few meetings I hope to clear a few things up.  First, I would like to re-read the reparations partition that I just passed out once again for you to re-sign and re-send to the NAACP and all other black organization that represent us.  Now, I’m going to also remind you of a few of the items just to refresh your mind, to make my point stick by the end of this week’s meetings. You know our black history and how we got here to this nightmare of which we hope to wake up from soon. Gee said, before I refresh your memory and read this bill that we have tried to get past the Senate and Congress over and over again, I ask that you listen up. I just want you to know where we stand economically here in the richest country in the world. We’ve done our part when it comes to labor work among other things. We have done more than any other race, far as physically building this country to where or what it is today. According to CNN sources or other organizations that supposed to represent us like the NAACP. We are still getting paid less than any other race, as a group percentage wise thou out America. The average man in America makes three times more than the average poor black man in America. The average poor black man working 40 hour work weeks is paid around $12,000 a year, compared to the average man grossing around 36,000 plus per year. Gee said, I don’t quite understand what have been done over the past forty plus years when it comes to the NAACP advancing the lives of our so-called colored black folks pay and living class. I think the NAACP, needs to be overhauled and held accountable when it comes to black folks still making less money than every other race in America. We have been here longer than most newly arrived immigrants and we make less than them as well.  Why are we advancing at such a slow almost standstill pace, instead of moving forward?  I do wonder at times, what the top salaries are of those who are supposed to be helping us.  Gee paused, and then he started to re-read that same old standard partition of reparations for black men, as follows. This petition represents poor black people, having never had access to resources to succeed in America, due to no faults of their own. Registered Monetary Reparation/Bill #727A453-2.  This bill is consistent or is the same contents of previous inquires for monetary reparations, for America’s wrongs committed upon all African Americans in the past and present. We are still your legally adopted slave family by registered ownership said you, and the laws of each state recordings of these adoption records.


Tony Robbins once said, “Using the power of decision gives you capacity to get past any self-excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant”.



 Your late great grandfathers, our slave masters certified this legal family bond to be undone with his last name as ours. According to last name deeds, and our inheritance that is said due within our legal rights for legal monies, properties or full reparations in current tender amounts, plus interest. In the amounts of five hundred thousand dollars, per black man/male over the age of twenty five, to be reinforced or adjusted when due. This one time allotment is to be paid to one present generation based on original birth certificates being stamped and paid according to date, time, and all certificates fully executed as paid in full. We the unpaid black men, are once again requesting full payment for our fair monetary amounts that are seriously, past due. As partners and adopted great grandsons with due rights to all legal tender of our adoptive grandfathers, we are demanding what is rightfully ours by law. We are also requesting payment for all free labors completed by our black great granddads and the non-payment for joint ventures such as building plantations, property due, and interest acquired, amount other projects jointly developed. All over America our inherited rights have been written in stone. For we are the surviving arise of these signee’s, of owner’s whose signatures represent these conformation legally.  According to the freedom of information act we own these documents, titles, government archives, historic records, non-reversible adoption laws, last names, courthouse records, and so forth. We own a substantial amount of America, stocks, wealth, properties, oil, land, buildings, homes, corporations, bank accounts, as well as some established companies that once owned slaves. Then Gee read, according to old bank accounts that still have our black grandfather’s mark or signature, as he was un-aware of his self-value. As our slave owners used black families as bank and other types of collateral, with no interest in return paid to slaves. As he continued Gee said, once again my brothers we are still paying for being slaves. As they earn and use our reparations monies by filling jails for corporate profits, we are being disrespected once again. Digging ditches, and cleaning dirty buildings for low wages based on the percentage of past free labor is worthless money spent to fix this poor situation. No matter how much you pay a token black man in today’s wages or salary, it will never pay the full reparation bill, until you right this divesting wrong the correct and only way as mentioned above.  Yes, we the black man knows we own millions in wealth all across America and in some investments made around the world. Gee said, ok my brothers that’s it when it comes to this reparations partition. Make sure you give me your completed signed copy of this petition once again, before you go home tonight. If not please fill it out at home and re-mail it to the address below. As Gee finished his comments, Perm a hard core thuggish ex-gangster type said, “You know I have been given this form by a many Muslim brothers, many times over the years, but I never took the time to read it in full or fill it out”.  Hey Gee this petition is deep, as he cleared his throat; Perm seemed for the first time ever just a little emotional and visibly shaken up by what he had just seen and heard. Gee waited a few seconds, walked over to Perm and shook his hand saying, it’s better late than never my brother, as he stood there a few extra seconds until Perm got himself together. Gee asked the crew, “Are there any questions?” that’s when Antione stood up and yes. Gee, you used a lot of big words in such elegant way once again, that we poor un-educated folk understand the cause a lot better. You see Gee, Antione continued to speak, it’s like Tyrant said earlier you broke it down for us.  Antione said believe me when I say, all of us have learned over the years how to speak and listen to Ebonics/slang and the proper Kings language as one if needed, to make a point of whatever level anyone is on at the time. Now, if you want to get paid, or move forward in this life, your uneducated brain will filter out the non-scene so you can hear the realty to get to get what you want. Antione said, O’ we do know how to mix it up, as everyone in the room knew exactly what Antione was saying!  So then Antione said, it’s my turn to use a big word, as everybody in the room laughs. Gee can you please “and my big word for the day is elaborate” on some of the earlier subjects as well as some of the things that you just read in the petition, as it seems we are still being ignored by our government and the powers to be as serious poor black men. I just don’t quite understand how this could be true after a partitions like this.  Gee said again it’s up to us my brothers, because it’s all true as we are millionaires and maybe even billionaires once removed from this wealth, that’s rightfully ours. Due to the tremendous, overwhelming illegal positions that we find ourselves in today, there is no legal by law, opposing contest to what is rightfully ours.  Listen up my brothers at one time we were used like animals, to make million-dollar deals back in the 1700/1800s, to buy land, equipment, horse’s, plantations, and so forth. If Massa fell behind for any reason on his monthly payments to the big banks of those days. He would sale a few of us black folk off (babies) for a profit to make his monthly payments. If not the bank would foreclose on the plantation, selling us and other collateral at auction, for a profit.  Now, Massa has use us to make million deals back then. I wonder what we are truly worth now as collateral with interest today.  We are off the charts and are worth trillions in today’s market, if we were still sold as slaves on the Wall Streets of today. As a stock option like pork bellies, we would be priceless commodes showing up all over the ticker tapes.  If we were never freed as slaves, you could bet your last dollar that the words “stock and slaves world be up almost all the time. It would be running across the Wall Street ticker tapes not five days a week, but 24/7. We would be worth more than gold or any other precious commodity on the market. Can you see white folks chasing us around in their BMW’s like crazy, every time their bills or quarterly bonuses were due?  When old Massa gave us his slave plantation names, he gave us the rights to everything he owned past, present, and future in accordance to certain laws and the Constitution of the United States, stating that all men shell be free.  For example, if you were married to your lovely wife who had a few kids or babies when you met her, and you decided to adopt those kids, these kids would become your airs as well as your responsibilities throughout the remanding days of your life. Although there is no bloodline connected to you and these adopted kids, they are a part of your family by law. They have more rights to your inheritance then the rights of the dependents of slave owners. This is based on accordance to past actions taken thus far, when it comes to our reparations and inheritance. These slaver owners are your late relatives, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and so on by law. Gee continued by saying, let’s go back a little once again, because I think this is important enough to repeat!  If for some reason you and this wife/woman got a divorce, for any reason as long as you are on American soil, you are still responsible for these kids legally with not exception. You would have to continue to pay for your responsibilities in full legally terms. No matter what you and your ex-wife may or may not do within your personal lives, you are legally bound to these kids. Now that the togetherness is no longer as husband and wife or a part of your joint venture, you are still bound by every adoption law there is, when it comes to all legal adoption responsibilities.  Now, on a very somewhat serious note. If you got sick and the doctors needed someone related to you to sign forms before they could operate or do a procedure to make you well. Your adopted kid would become legal or can become temporally power attorneys of all such owned, by signing for your health and wellbeing. Your ex-wife is powerless in this situation, but your adopted kids could sign the health forms and save your life, legally. It’s the same thing when Massa adopted us as his legal slaves, servants or live property.  He could not UN-adopt us, as he gave us his last name as a legal commitment as his family member as we are controllers of his family future. Even more so if we were sold to more than one slave master during black grate granddaddy’s life time. If owned by multiple slave owners, this will increase your wealth or net worth today. With the legal powers of today and then some, our rights to millions of dollars, deed, property, plantation, oil, corporations, promise notes for free labor, and share cropping, to say the lease, makes us rich black men. There’s no such thing as a Davis, Johnson, Jones, Miller, Wilson, Carter, Smith and so forth, types of name in the African language, or vocabulary. So my brothers, because of its importance I repeat myself once again. Throughout history as family members of those old slave masters, we are the legal owners of all they once processed, that’s been handed down to Caucasian offspring’s who has never worked for free or minimum wages, a day in their lives. Plantations, land, old bank accounts, stocks in large corporations, and so forth as mentioned in the petition and previous statements are there for the legal takings. The records and deeds are still in the active archive signed and sealed, stating that the facts are true waiting for us to use our God-given rights to the government’s freedom of information act, to open study and take action upon these riches. As I’ve said this again and again, we are millionaires and even billionaires living like poor paupers, the sons of African and American once kings. No matter how you look at this was wasn’t meant to be this way. Yes, we were robbed a many times over.  Just because we are sleeping on the above facts, our lives have not changed because we have not took our rightful place as born again kings and queens. Gee said yes my brothers it gets deep, I have not begun to scratch the service yet.  I can go on for hours explaining, how we as a people have been physically, mentally, fearfully raped and robbed, in more ways than one. God bless our great grandmothers and fathers, as Gee choked up for a split second.

Dr. Cornell West once said, “There is often only a small amount of difference in time worked between the top wealthiest, and those who are merely getting by”.


Can we talk just a little more on the petition, Tyrant said?  You say some things in the petition that most of us have heard before, but what we don’t quite understand is, what the hell does this mean in today’s reality when it comes to helping our poor black brothers in the here and now?  Then Gee said to the crew, what I am about to say and do next, will separate the men from the boys.  I have to ask a very serious question before we move forward, Gee said. Raise your hands if you are ready to die or go to jail if need be, for the cause that we are about to undertake to the next phase?  The petition and the NAACP, has been around for almost a half century with little to no real results for the poor black family man.  Before we could get our hands up, Gee pulled his big loud short noise (357) magnum gun from his back holster and while aiming high shot it into the thick covered up foam bullet stopper, which he had set up in the room before the meeting started. Now this wasn’t the first time any of us had ever heard a gunshot, but it pissed a few of the fellas off for a few seconds, with total shock and anger. Before I knew it everyone stood to their feet ready to do what we always have done when a gun is fired. We were ready to take some serious action as we always make the situation good or bad, go away quick. No one ran or act like a little wimp, as this was the reaction Gee was looking for from a bunch of ghetto raised solders, ready for battle 24/7. I stood up and said, Gee what the hell man!  Gee said, Kirby you know me, and now you and I know everyone in this room knows, they can trust me with their lives, and I hope vice versa, because of the seriousness of the cause. After everyone calmed down, Gee said, what I came here to say tonight is as real as me shooting my gun a few seconds ago. Now you are ready to listen, and take more action than ever. By whatever means necessary, to get the job done!  My un-real desire is a wishful hope, that this gunshot could be our first and only gun shot, for what we are about to do, or must do, starting now brothers! Gee said, with absolutely no expression on his face or in the sound of his voice, I only wish this could somehow be true.  As we will soon live by the sword once again, as some of us may die by the sword, for us to succeed. By any means necessary, he whispered. For what we are about to do, and once we get started we go all the way for the future of our kids, grand kids, and every black man whose ever lived. Its swim or sink time, as we may die in mid-stream changing this horrible condition, we just happen to fine ourselves in at this point and time. The systems that we have in place, and the actions that we are taking, will last forever more.  Once we jump into the waters of removing wealth and power from the greedy, lazy, decedents of our slave masters grandsons, it’s all in. We must swim to the other side or drown in mid-stream for the cause to succeed. We can never go back home again, if we fail. So failure is not an option, but self-sacrifice for the bigger cause is. Gee repeated, we will never be able to return to the shores of which we’ve come, if we don’t succeeded. Are you with me my brothers, he said?  Everyone paused for a split second, then Jerry-tall one of the oldest of the crew in the room said, I think I can speak for all of us. Yes, we’re in with you and Kirby, all the way. We have worked too hard to turn back now and we are in too deep to walk out, as we are not afraid to move forward, from this day on. Gee said, for the next few meetings, Kirby asked me to continue to make short speeches to the crew and keep everyone up to speed on the situation and our American black history pertaining to the cause, of which most of you are very familiar with all its past and present pains. We have done a lot of research over the recent years that just may be legal or illegal, studying information from buildings that we can clean each night has change our future. That’s why Kirby has written a book that compiles some of it to show us the way to take over the cleaning business and make billions of dollars, of which everyone will receive copies to study soon.  That’s when Hart said, I am here to help you understand that it’s ok for us to get rich and make millions or billions of dollars. Then he said, but that’s not good enough, when it comes to changing our future from slave ship to white house and beyond as one race of people.  Erock still mad about the gun shot said angrily! “What the hell you mean making billions is not good enough, what more could we ask for financially as well as helping others?” Gee said, please be patient my brother, as I try to explain in detail our dilemma.  You see, this is not just about the money, it’s even things out for the poor man time.  Before or around 2008 America, if God almighty the magnificent permits he stated. America will start to slowly give forced respect, for all that it has done to poor black men. Throughout its greedy, short, pathetic, occupied history, and his existence on this land called America, no suffering or atrocities have ever been place on one poor race of people for such a great length of time. Most historians have known in advance of America’s temporary future and self-destruction, just by studying past failed empires such as Egypt. In the near future around 2008 to around 2016 we will have a black president somehow and we are going to bring America to its selfish knees. Zeek said, “What did you say we are going to do?” Gee just look at us and smiled a fearless smile. Then he said you see my brothers, in an eloquent voice of confidents.  We are going to hit these lazy people who need slaves to do their hard labor, exactly where it hurts.  Everyone race of color has always done their hard labor and heavy lifting, and they have become soft, due to this know truth. They tried to make the Indian men slaves; the Chinese men slaves, and the black men labor slaves.  They are working on our poor Hispanic brothers, trying to make them low wage labor slaves as we speak.  When old master tried to keep black men from learning to read, he knew what he was doing, as kept ignorant poor people in high demand, for labor. He knew this day would come according to great grandma’s stories. As the old slave masters died off and President Lincoln freed the black slaves, we the poor learned to read and write on a low scale, hoping to celebrate our own independence day, one day in the nearby future.  My brothers Gee said, understand this if you will, every animal knows not to take a bowl crap where he eats or sleeps. If he do crap where he eat, he know he has to labor, to clean or remove that craps before he eats or  sleep again, or pay a big price for his health for doing so. But not that lazy slave master has refuse to wipe his own babies’ ass, as he made our black women do this task for him. He has not only hired us to clean behind his lazy ass one too many times over the years, but now we got him by the balls and, he won’t know it until we yank the hell out of its shack, politically.  Yes, over the years we have cleaned, took, and removed his crap, but it was all worth it, as this is over. Studying his hateful nasty ass all these years, has made us smarter than ever. As of now we have complete control over the systems for generations to come, and they don’t know anything about it, as of yet. As we move in slow for the permeate changes being made. Once they find out what we are doing, it will be much too late to stop us.  By studying his trash among other things, and his every move as we clean his nasty billion dollar corporate buildings each night, we know how he thinks, and his next moves even before he makes them.  Now Gee said, over the next year we are going to be studying Kirby’s first book together, as we give copies to the poor black community, after we perfect the knowledge within it ourselves first. His book will not give up any of our secrets, or what we have done and are about to do. It will also shows anyone how to turn any idea into a profitable business, even more so if you work around any type of building each day. So others do not have to work for companies like that house nigger Jones Building cleaning service ever again. As we learn and move forward, we will put a black man in the white house by the end of the next election. This will help us to have much more access to all types of political businesses as we gain a valuable in sites, to finish the job that we have already successfully started.  We as poor black people have to get more of these contracts in large billion dollar amounts from corporations, government agencies, Wall Street, Pentagon, military bases, high rise office buildings  and so on.  Kirby had picked up a few hundred copies for now, of his book from his publishers office and we started studying it urgently, day in and day out as we increased our weekly meetings from one or two meetings, to four and five meetings per week. We learned things like how to bid on cleaning bid proposals sent to us, as we were formally pre-qualified and placed on most bidders list automatically, around the country. Without ever seeing these buildings or projects, one hundred miles or more away. We were successfully completing bid proposal after bid proposal, and mailing them in with a turnaround for winning new contracts.  We learned from Kirby’s book, how to take the total square footage of a building and place an accepted bid package. This was saving us traveling time and money, bidding from our local home office that we developed.  For Example: If a building total square footage was 400,000 sq. ft.  We learned how to take that number and multiply it by .98 cents. This would give us a total bid price for the whole year, in the amounts of $392,000.  Now, in order for us to turn in a formal bid, we had to break this amount down to what our cost would be for each month. After coming up with the yearly cost, we would simply divide that yearly number by twelve months. The number that we would place on your cleaning bid proposal would is, $33,665 per month. This price is for cleaning the above size building five days a week after hours, from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, Monday thru Friday. Most of these contracts would be signed for a five to ten year contract, or until the re-bids came due. This cleaning project is small compared to most full cleaning contract dollar amount. At the time we knew of the cause that we were working on as one group, so we took these small contracts to help raise capital, so we could succeed with our future mission.  We were hungry and excited to learn this new information that Kirby had constructed in this book. Soon we started bidding everything with all caution to the wind. We went for contract after contract that were worth millions each month, as the checks came in the mail started piling on deposit week. We even started bidding on new construction cleaning for the new buildings being built all across the America. As we finish these projects we hoped to later get the yearly cleaning contracts added to our list. In most cases once the owner had seen the quality of cleaning that was put into the final construction cleaning before him and his staff moved in, he would give us the year-round cleaning contract as well. An example bid for new construction cleaning was done for a one-time cleaning of this project. This cleaning was completed as we were hired by the General Building Contractor who had just finished building this new building for the owner. The construction cleaning bid when something like this. Say if the total building size was the same as the above sample building which is 400,000 sq. ft. We could clean about 10,000 sq. ft. of per 8 hour day, for about 35 to -days or when all cleaning is completed. For this one time construction cleaning we would charge about .15 cents per sq. ft. Which gave us a total bid price of $60,000 for this one time cleaning service, taking about forty days to complete. This gave us about $41,000 in profits. Again, this was a small job, but every dollar was directed toward our new cause. Any dollar amount that we could reinvest into the cause to make our dreams come true, was worth pursuing.

We knew that Kirby’s first book about today’s business world, was on point. It was the real deal that changed all of our lives forever in ways that we could have never imagine. His nonfictional book of which we desperately needed to read, study, and learn from came through for us, in ways we could have never imagined. As we tried to find words to express our thanks to Kirby, it was a waste of time, as he wasn’t haven that. His straight forward ways and modesty, would not let us thank him even if we tried. He would just say, “It’s all good my brothers, it’s all good, it just part of the cause!”  It was as if this book gave us a sense of having a Doctoral Degree in the business world, as we started making lots of money for the cause at hand, and for our future.

Michael Eric Dyson once said, “Every single man woman and child on the face of the earth were born with the same unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If world leaders can’t respect this then a change is necessary”.



 Now, it’s around 2007 and we knew we were getting close to the D’ day of 2008.  We were winning even more building cleaning contracts, just the way we had planned.  This made it hard for some of the guys because we were still living on a somewhat low to middle class wage incomes trying to stay low keyed. The rules were, show no outrageous material richness, or drastically change any of our life styles until after the 2016 election. We made it clear over and over again, that we were not going to spend a dime that was not necessary, and the money was all to be reinvested back into our master plan. We got contracts in all of the right buildings as planned to abstract information, as needed. Government contracts, Wall Street, large corporations, military and more.  With access to all these type of buildings and the freedom to mover around at will. Sometimes we would study, e-mailing information back and forth, all night long, night after night which was a blessing for the future of the cause. You see, by having building cleaning contracts, alarm codes, keys, and freedom to go and come as we pleased. We had access to areas and sections of which employed professionals with doctorate degrees could not access, when it came to some of our cleaning contracts. In the meantime they would give us janitors full authority to clean these same off limit secured areas, each night. How ironic is that? As we took complete advantage of the situation, and ran with the new knowledge learned.  From New York to Hollywood California and then some. We had complete access to more information then we could ever use, and this made us feel invincible. The anger and confusion that was still in us at the time, based on our black history and the stories told by great grand mom, was making us creative, as we constantly came up with new political ideas for the cause.  We didn’t care anymore about who we had to hurt in the business world, as long as it wasn’t one of our poor black brothers, or if could interrupt the cause moving forward. Again, it had become our intense reality to mentally kill or be killed, as we were going to get ours or die trying.  We started using copy machines, printers, e-mails, flash drives, fax machines, and cell phones like there was no tomorrow, We also started downloading all types of illegal, secret scandalous crazy stuff, which was being done behind closed doors all over America, by the rich and powerful. They were doing all types of things to the middle class and the poor, as if it were just the natural way for the rich and powerful to do business. By keeping the rest of us poor folk fighting little race wars among each other, has always been a part of their business plan. According to most rich folk ways of thinking, they just cannot stay successfully rich and powerful unless, the middle class and poor pay the ultimate cost, of never becoming rich and powerful.

Walter Elliott once said, “Perseverance is not a long race, it is many short races one after the other, that we run one day at a time”.