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 Amori face was unreadable, “What type of shape shifter? What do you shape shift into?”

 “I’m a werewolf.” He saw her face change, and then went back to the same emotionless expression that it had been before.

 Amori listened to the voice,

 “There’s nothing to fear,

I won’t let him harm you,

My child, ask the next question.”

 Amori calmed herself then asked, “So who was she?”

 “Who was who?”

 Amori expression turned from unreadable to one of anger and it stayed that way, “You know who I’m talking about or do I have to remind you? I’m talking about the woman who’s obviously living with you.”

 “Yea, I had a feeling you were talking about her, her names Anna, and well I’m engaged to her.”

 Her face was no longer the one of anger but rage, “If you were engaged why in the world did you invite me to your party, then to your pool? Why were you even having a party? You know what I don’t care. Find the book on your own.” She turned and left the room. Ryan stared at the door, and then turned around, he went over the whole room, three times just to make sure, looking under and over and inside everything he saw, till he was convinced the book was not here. Though he knew it had to be somewhere, he sat on the bed. The door opened Amori walked in closing the door behind her, “So did you find it?” She said it in a told-you-so kind of way.

 “No, you were right you didn’t have it, in your room, but I know you still have it. Listen to me Amori it is very important that you tell me where it is,” He stood, walking over to her staring in her eyes trying to catch something, “Please, you have to tell me where you have it.”

 “I’ve already told you I didn’t put it anywhere, I don’t even have it.”

 “Ok, if you don’t have it then does, Alexis or Anise, or whoever the other person that was with you?”

 She shook her head, “I told you I don’t know where it is!”

 Amori heard herself speak,

But she wasn’t the one talking,

It was like she was a puppet, in a bigger game,

She looked at her hand in it she held the book,

She wondered why Ryan didn’t see it,

Then she heard the voice say,

“I have hidden it between our worlds,

The book is not his but ours.”


Ryan looked at Amori; there was something different about her, something that he couldn’t put his finger on. When he went back home, he went to his bookshelf, picking up every book that he smelt their scent on. Sighing he turned away, other than the Book Amori had, they really didn’t touch anything of great importance, he was about to leave the room then paused, going back to the bookshelf he looked up, then noticed he smelt Amori’s scent on one of the books at the top of the shelf, reaching out he grabbed the book, “No, no!” He didn’t open the book but stared at the blank cover, speaking his thoughts aloud he said, “It couldn’t be, why would she be allowed to open the book,” He wished more than anything now that he had never invited her to the party, he knew that he couldn’t control whatever happened next, “Not only that, but the Dweller would use this as a opportunity to have her open the gate.” He took a deep breath, sitting on the floor he just stared at the book, speaking in the tongues of his fathers, “Amadis holy one, protect her.” He sighed resting his head against the shelf he fell into a deep sleep.






Chapter 6



 Amori sat on her bed, picking up her phone she dialed Cody’s number, waiting as she heard the phone ring over and over, finally he answered, “Hey Amori, are we still going over to Ryan’s house again?”

 “Um, no not anymore, I was wondering if you would like to just hangout today?”

 “Sure, where do you want to go?”

 “I don’t know, the mall maybe.”

 “Ok, what time?”

 “In about two hours, that’s like twenty minutes after it opens.”

 “Ok, nine thirty then, I’ll be there, talk to yah soon, bye.”

 “Yep talk to you soon.” Amori hung up the phone, then after calling both Anise and Alexis, she headed outside for a walk.


 It was an hour before Ryan woke up, when he did he saw Anna standing inside his room.

 “You really should keep your room cleaner.” She said looking at the desk in the corner then the books scattered around the room.

 “Huh, yea I really should.” Rubbing his eyes as he got to his feet, “So did you need something?”

 “Yes, I would like to go back to the mall; it seems to me that every thing I need to learn about Loam is there.”

 “Your pretty much right about that,” Ryan looked around his room, then at the clock, “I’ll take you when it opens in an hour.”

 “Great, sounds good to me.” She said then walking out of his room she stopped at the door, “Dryan, sorry Ryan, I want to know something.” Ryan looked at her; at least she was getting the hang of being normal, though he was a little surprised about how quick she was learning when she had only been in Loam for three days.

 “Yea what is that you need to know?”

 “Who was that girl you were talking to yesterday, she wasn’t just a human to you was she?”

 Ryan couldn’t think of anything to say at the moment.

 “I thought so.” Was all she said turning she left the room.

 Ryan sighed, great now he had two women mad at him, at least he knew what was with Anna, but Amori was different now that the dweller, lingered in her mind, who knew when he would come to show his true face, or if she would open the gate. All he knew was that his question would all be answered soon, sooner than he thought.


 “My little flower, remember eight tonight, soon we shall meet in more than just your thoughts.”

 Amori spoke, “But I had promised that I would never go back.” Instead if seeing her face in the mirror she saw his, “How can you still trust him, he did not tell you the whole truth about the woman.”

 “What do you mean? Their engaged what else is there to know?”

 “She’s also a vampire.”

 “WHAT!” Amori felt her stomach turn, “She’s a vampire is there more that I don’t know?”

 He reached out to her through the mirror but never touched her, “All in good time, more will be told to you, when I see you in the forest, I will see you?”


 “Do I have your word?”

 “You have my word.”


Amori and Cody met at the mall, “Um, I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to grab a bite to eat before we start walking around the mall.”

 “I don’t mind at all, I’m a wee bit puckish.” They laughed heading over to the Cafeteria.


Ryan pulled into the mall parking lot, getting out he turned, looking at the car next to him, then sighed, it was Amori’s car, if they ran into each other this would become rather interesting especially with their confrontation earlier that morning. Ryan and Anna decided to start on the left side near the Cafeteria and making their way around the whole mall.


 Seeing a book store Amori walked inside, “Um Amori you won’t mind if I take a quick look at the store over there?” He said pointing at a shoes store.

 “No, go ahead take your time. I don’t think I’ll be out any time soon.”

 “You sure, if you want me to stay here with you I’ll be fine with that.”

 “Na, I’m sure I’ll call your cell when I’m done over here.”

 Cody stood there for awhile, and then walked to the other store.

 Amori going over to the myth and fantasy section of the store started looking for something that would at least help her with what was going on.


 Ryan saw the book store, but Anna wanted to go inside a clothing store, so giving her three hundred dollars told her to go have fun, then headed into the book store.

 He saw the myth and fantasy section heading over he stopped when he saw Amori in the isle. Backing up he peeked around the corner, he took a deep breath standing up strait he walked into the isle, noticing that she held a book on mythical animals and hybrids.


 Noticing someone in the isle Amori looked up, when she saw that it was Ryan she closed the book placing it behind her, “So you’re following me now.”

 “No, I’m here with, well Anna.” Amori looked hard at him, “So her names Anna, other than the fact that the two of you are engaged is there anything else about her that you didn’t tell me?”

 “No not that I can think of.”

 “Oh really, so you thought that it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t know that she was a vampire?” He looked hard at her, He had told her, “Look Amori as I said before there’s more going on than what you know.”

 “Really cause I know quit a bit.”

 “You might know a lot but you don’t understand most of what you know.” Amori placed the book on the shelf, picking up the one next to it she began reading completely ignoring Ryan. Seeing the book he had come for he picked it up, “Amori,” She looked up at him then back down at the book, sighing he continued, “If you keep going down this road you won’t like what you find, you might not even,” He stopped taking a deep breath, “You might not come back alive.”

 She looked at him, “Why do you even care? Truthfully you set all this into motion, when you invited me to the Grad Party, and when you followed me while I was hiking, if not for you none of this would have ever happened.”

 He had thought that very thing, but at the same time, if she had never said she’d come to his party none of this would have happened, so it was in a way both of their faults. Ryan pulled something from his sack pack, “Did you open this?” Amori looked at the object in his hand, “Yes why?”

 “I knew it,” He said placing the same blank book back inside the pack, “After you touched it did you start hearing voices?”

 “What is this some kind of interrogation?”

 “No, I’m only asking you questions, so did you start hearing any voices what so ever?”

 “Yes, maybe, what does it matter?”

 Ryan looked around then back at Amori, “Huh, I’ll explain everything, I realize now that you’re to deep in, to be taken out anymore, I’ll come by your place at seven thirty.” He turned and headed to the cash register. Amori left the store walking over to the shoe store Cody was in.

 After awhile she spotted Cody, going over to where Cody was at she looked at the pair of shoes he was trying on, “Those really don’t look right on you.” He looked up, “Oh your back, you sure?”

 “Completely, just look at these,” she said picking up the shoes, “It looks like they once belonged to a clown, then a Goth.” She handed him the shoes.

 “Ok then, but I need your opinion on another pair; don’t worry after this will leave the store.”


 Ryan and Anna walked around the mall going in and out of stores. Ryan looked at his watch; it was only eleven thirty a.m., his hands were filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories, that Anna had saw and liked, she entered into another store he followed after her, “Anna are you sure you need all this stuff?” He looked down at what he was holding, “You’re only going to be here for a month.” She turned and looked at him, shaking her head she continued walking, without saying anything. He followed not saying anything else.


 Cody had three bags in his hands; he looked at Amori, “You know if you want to go home its fine with me.”

 Amori looked at him, “Sorry, I guess your enjoying this more than I am, huh, and I was the one who said we should go to the mall.” She forced a smile, Cody stopped walking, “What’s really going on, you’ve been acting out of it since we went to Ryan’s house.” He looked at her.

 Amori turned away, “You know you can trust me Amori.” They walked to the indoor skating rink, renting their skates they got on the ice, Cody started skating backward, “So what’s going on with you Amori, and don’t tell me nothings wrong.” They rounded the corner.

 “Ok, I think I’m hearing voices, I know it sounds ridiculous but I’m serious.”

 “When did it start?” She looked at him that was not what she expected him to say.

 “It started after I picked up one of the books.”

 “Is it the one with the symbols?”

 “No not that one, another, it was black, the front had no pictures no writing, but it started when I opened it, though the pages where blank.” She noticed Cody’s face changed, “Did you take anything from the house?”

 She skated ahead of him, rounding the corner, then picking up speed. Cody turned skating in the opposite direction. Amori looked behind her when she didn’t see Cody she smiled, but when she turned around he was right in front of her, she came to a stop.

 He looked at her, “You took something didn’t you.” It was more a statement than a question.

 “Yes, but I didn’t mean to, well I did because I brought it home, but I didn’t know I had the book.” He looked at her.

 “So you took one of his books?”

 “Yes the one with the symbols.”

 “Ok let me get this straight, you took the book but didn’t know you had it, though you brought it home, but you said you knew you had brought it home, or did you realize once you got home?”

 “No before.”

 “But I was in the car with you?”

 “Remember I walked out of the house before any of you, I saw that I still had it, I was about to return it then…” Her voice drifted off, she knew that Cody would think she was crazy if she had continued.

 “Then what, you were about to return it then what?”

 Amori took in a long breath; she looked around making sure that no one was listening in, “I heard a voice tell me to keep it.”

 “Wait you’re telling me that some creepy voice starts talking to you and you listened to it?” “No, well yes,” She sighed, though slightly surprised at Cody’s reaction she expected him to freak out call her crazy and end their friendship, “Truthfully I still hear the voice.”

 Cody looked concerned, “So what’s it telling you?”

 “Well he…it wants to meet at the forest, at eight tonight, the only problem is that now Ryan is picking me up at seven thirty…”

 “Wait, so you’re dating the guy whose house we just broke into?” He interrupted.

 “No nothing like that, he’s engaged, I want answers and Ryan said he tell me what I need to know so that’s that.” They were silent as they walked to the parking lot. It wasn’t till they got into the car and Cody was on the highway did they start talking again.

 “Ok, so Ryan can give you answers, and so can the voice, but you choose Ryan?”

 “Well yes, come on if you had a choice out of finding out something from some voice in your head or a person you can see which would you choose?” He looked at her from the corner of his eye.

 “Alright but do you trust the guy?”

 “Well I never thought about that, I do maybe.”

 “Well maybe you should have someone tag along with you, just incase.”

 “I don’t think it would be smart to have Anise and Alexis come along.”

 Cody laughed, “You know who I meant.”

 “Yea, I know what you meant, I guess it would be cool, instead of dropping me off and leaving, you could stay till he comes.” She turned looking out the window watching as cars passed by in a blur.

 “Sounds like a plan.”


 Lurid sat in a chair by the window reading, she had brought her book of spells, as not to loose track of her studies during this time. Standing and taking a deep breath, while placing the book in front of her she began, “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only

wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever, I pray ye show me the path of yon Dweller. Amen.She said this in her native tongue so that Morgan would not understand, and because they only worked when spoken in the native tongue. Her eyes turned deep blue, as she walked through the realms of space and time, till she came to a house, walking through the door and up the stairs, when she tried to walk through the first door something blocked her path, closing her eyes she recited these words, “One above give me eyes beyond.” This time when she touched the door her hand went through, walking in she saw the Dweller talking to a girl,

“I promise.” Lurid heard the girl say.

“I knew I could trust you, I’ll meet you in the forest, tonight, at eight.” The Dweller looked up, his eyes turned dark as the smile fell from his face Lurid did not turn her gaze from him.

“Leave us, you don’t belong here.” He looked back to the girl then smiled, “I shall wait for you.”

 He walked from the girl, then looked at Lurid, “Why are you here, you have no place in my realm.”

 “The realm Aeternus belongs to none.” He gave a laugh, “Leave while I let you’, and interfere no more.” He lifted his hand, and was gone.

 Lurid came to herself, placing the book down she rubbed her temples, who was the girl? All she knew was that she had to get back to the forest and figure out what was going on.








Chapter 7



 Cody wanted down stairs while Amori changed, he looked at the pictures hanging on the wall, when she came down stair she said, “Want to go for a walk? He won’t be here for a few hours.”


 As they walked they talked about what had been happening in their live for the past four years.

 “So are you still into journalism?”

 “Yea, one day I hope to start my own journalism company.”

 “Good idea then you’d be your own boss.” Cody kicked a rock as they turned the corner.

 “So are you still going into the Army?”

 “Um, yeah, I’m still planning on it.” He rubbed the back of his neck, “I’m hoping to become a Marine.”

 “Wow, first the Army now the Marines,” She smiled, “I think you’d be good at that.” She said shoving him playfully.

 They walked to the ice-cream shop, then to a few mile to the shopping center, after buying a mp3 player, Amori looked at the time, “Hey Cody we should head back it’s seven o’clock.”

 It was seven twenty-five by the time they got back to the house, after putting their stuff in the house they sat on the porch, while waiting.


 Ryan pulled around the corner in his car. He’d be at Amori’s house in about three or so minutes. He sighed, the best way to explain this was to take her to Goral, but it wasn’t the safest way. He decided on taking her to Eldon the realm of elves, since they are the only known realm that will accept a human. He came to a stop light. Laughing to him self, “They even allow humans to live among them if they wish to stay.” When the light turned green he turned in to the neighborhood, turned a few corner till he saw Amori’s house.


 Amori and Cody saw Ryan’s car before it had turned the corner; they stood walking to the side of the driveway.


 Ryan saw Amori and whoever was with her stand, as he pulled into the driveway he stared at the guy.


 Amori and Cody waited till Ryan got out of his car, “Ok, Ryan this is my friend Cody Elwyn, he’s a close friend.” The two men shook hands.

 Ryan was pleasantly surprised at the strength in Cody’s grip, “Nice to meet you Cody, hope you don’t mind but me and Amori have to get going.”

 “Nah, I don’t mind, though Amori did say I could tag along.”

 “She did?” He looked at Amori.

 “Yes I did, don’t worry he knows everything I know, so there’s no need to catch him up on anything.”

 “Oh, ok then, let’s get going then.” Ryan looked at Cody then into his eyes, something about then seemed to demand trust.

 Amori sat in the passenger seat while Cody sat in the back. “So Ryan I have quite a few questions I want to ask you.”

 “Don’t worry I’ll answer them for you but first I’m going to take the two of you somewhere, have you ever watched a movie and they were going into different worlds?”

 “Yeah I’ve seen that.” Cody answered from the back.

 “Well it’s real, though we call them realms.”

 “Realms, you mean like parallel world connected together.” Amori looked at Cody he was talking more than she was.

 “Yeah, well this realm is Loam, though you all call it Earth, my home or the realm I come from is Goral, then there’s Eldon, Avarice, Aeternus, Enos, Bela, Aiken, and the realm of Amadis.”

 “So Amadis is another realm?”

 “No, He is the Prince, the realm of Amadis is bigger than any other realm, though the name has been long forgotten, and he was the one that banished the Dweller.” He decided against telling her anything further about the Dweller for now.

 “So Amadis is a person?”

 “Yes and no, He was the one who set the rules in place.”

 “What rules?”

 “Goral is the closest to Loam next to Aeternus, but it’s more dangerous, so the rules were set in place, we are not allowed to invade Loam, though over the years, the rules have been changed by our Sages.”

 “So are the Sages supposed to be like your elders?”

 “In a way,” Ryan looked at Cody through the rearview mirror, “There are some younger Sages, which are specially chosen.”

 “So the new Sages changed the rules?”

 “I never really thought about that, I mean my closest friend is a Sage, but she seems to follow the rules quite closely.” Cody looked out the window, as the stopped at a red light, “I want your honest answer.”

 “Sure what do you need to know?” Cody was about to speak when he noticed that the person in the car next to them was staring strait at him, closing his eyes and turning away he sighed, “I just wanted to know where we are going.”

 “Well I’m taking you both to Eldon.” Amori turned in her chair facing Ryan, “Were going to on of the other realms?”

 “Yep, don’t worry Eldon is…”

 “Eldon the realm of elves,” Cody said without thinking, he looked out of the window thinking to him self, and it had been a long time since he had been in Eldon, now he only had vague memory of his time there. He hardly even remembered his dad. With his mother being human and father an elf.

 “Cody how did you know that?” Ryan took a quick glance to the back.

 “Huh, um well, I think I was there once.”

 “Well this is an interesting development, so were you there or was it just a lucky guess?”

 Cody just looked back out of the window, not answering Ryan’s last question, “So is Ryan your real name?” Amori asked.

 “Uh, actually no, my real name is Dryan.”

 “How exactly do you spell that?”

 “D-r-y-a-n Dryan,” Ryan looked back at Cody, “Hey bud, any of these landmarks familiar?”

 Cody looked at him then back out the window but still he said nothing, truthfully some of the places they passed did look familiar, but he thought it would be best to save his story till there was no getting out of telling it.


 Lurid decided it would be best not to tell Morgan she was leaving, walking outside and up the beach to she kept going till she saw woodlands, smiling she ran into the tree coverage. She breathed in the smell of pine, jumping into the air, landing on four paws, she took off. Her fur was red and gold, eyes complete white, her fangs were sharp and crystal white, ears tipped back as she ran in her true form.





 Would be the best words to describe it. From the woodlands you could get to Eldon from Eldon Goral and from Goral the Forest. Turning she sprinted even faster enjoying the wind through her fur. She stopped taking in a deep breath, then before she could control it she let out a long deep howl, it felt good, when the thrill left she continued on her way.


Ryan and the other were now entering the woodlands, they stopped when the heard a wolf howling, “I didn’t know wolves lived out here.” Amori looked at Ryan, he just smiled saying,

 “They don’t.” With that he lifted his head and let out a loud piercing howl.


 Lurid stopped, listened, then howled, when the reply came back she knew who it was and when the breeze shifted she smelled him as well.


 Amori and Cody both had to cover their ears, “Can you please stop doing that.” Ryan looked at them, “Sorry I was just telling a friend where were at.” Just as the words left his mouth something big jumped him from behind, Amori let out a scream, Ryan rolled around for awhile with whatever it was then stood, scratching the creature behind the ears he said, “This is my closest friend Lurid,” The wolf bowed to them, “Sorry if I scared you,” She smiled at least Amori thought it was a smile, “I would probably be easier for you if I was in my human form.” Both Cody and Amori watched in aw as they watched her changed from beast to beauty.

 “Well this is the Sage I was telling you about.”

 “Hi names Cody and this is Amori.” He said pointing to Amori who was standing behind him.

 “Hello my name is Lurid,” She briefly looked at Amori then turned to Ryan, “So where are you headed?”

 “I was taking them to Eldon. I think that would be a better place to start than Goral.”

 “I was just heading to Eldon as well.” They started walking Lurid and Ryan talking in the front and Cody and Amori in the back.


 Lurid looked at Ryan, “Why are you taking them to Eldon?”

 “Well they broke into my house.”

 “So that means you should take them to Eldon?”

 Ryan looked over his shoulder making sure that Amori and Cody weren’t listening in, “Huh, Amori opened the book.” Lurid looked at him questioningly.

 “You need to be a little more specific, there are quite a few books that mortals should not touch.”

 “Well there’s only two that I have, and one of them she still has, the other she opened but put back.”

 “Please tell me you’re not saying what I think your saying.”

 “Yes I am she opened it.” Lurid looked at Amori, “It was said that one will be tested, tried beyond measure, but would prove themselves worthy of bearing the mark.”

 “That’s impossible Amori can’t be the one, remember there are two that shall be tested how do we know that she’s the first?”

 “If you don’t trust her why are you taking her to Eldon?” Ryan sighed.

 “I don’t know…” Lurid didn’t hear the rest as realization dawned upon her; she turned “You’re the one that the Dweller was talking to.” Her eyes were unmoving as she focused in on Amori,

 Amori was taken back by Lurid’s sudden change, “What are you talking about? Who on earth is the Dweller?” Amori felt something like heat rising in her, she looked at her watch it was eight.


 Amori felt the heat rising, then a voice whispering in her ear,

“Where are you? You promised, I shall wait for you, you will come.” Suddenly he appeared in front of her it was more like

a shadow moving in the night, he looked around,

 “Where is he taking you?”

 “A place they called Eldon.” He menaced then smiled,

 “We shall have to meet another day, till next time my flower.”

 Just as it had before it all faded, into the deep recesses of her mind. Amori awoke in a bed; she rubbed her eyes, realizing that she was no longer in the woodlands. Sitting up she looked around, taking in her surroundings. She was in a cabin, she looked to her left there was a candle, the walls had different designs and symbols, getting out the bed she walked to the door, opening it she was surprised at what she saw. There were people walking around in long dresses, and robes that seemed to be made out of pearl, as it caught the light and shined.




Chapter 8

Prophecies & Dreams


 Cody was talking to Ryan, “So what are we going to do once Amori wakes?”

 “Will go to Sacrosanct, it’s the holy place.” He picked up a fruit biting into it he looked and saw Amori walking over to them. He waved at her, “Good to see your awake now.” Amori smiled at him, then turned to Cody, “How long was I out?”

 “About two days, how are you feeling?” He tossed her a fruit, biting into it her eyes lit up,

 “What type of fruit is this,” she took another bite, “It tastes great.”

 “Its elfin food, trust me it’s better than anything you’ll ever eat, well except food from the Tree of Verve…” Before he could continue Lurid walked up, she looked at Amori, “What did he say to you?” Amori looked quizzically at her, “What did who say?”

 “Don’t play game with me, what did the Dweller say?” One the elves walked to them Cody greeted him, “Hello Elderon.” He smiled and haled Cody, “Ardor it has been long since I last saw you.”

 “To long Elderon,” He turned to the others, “Elderon was an old friend of my fathers.”

 Elderon looked at Ryan, “Rarely do we have someone from Goral come to Eldon, especially royalty,” His eyes settled on Amori then went back to Ryan, “So what brings the son of Lord Dranga here?”

 “I was simply showing my friends around, though it seems one of them has already been here.” He looked at Cody, “Also we were passing by it’s a safer rout from here to Goral.” Elderon looked at Amori, “I see, since you have a human traveling with you.

 “Well though I know you all would wish to be on your way, I must tell you that the paths from Eldon are locked until the morn comes.”

 “That’s fine; I was planning on taking them to the Sacrosanct.” Ryan said finishing off the last of his fruit.

 Elderon was silent for a moment, looking at something of in the distance before he turned his attention back to them, “You should hurry if you want to take them to the Sacrosanct,” He looked at Amori then to Cody,

 “Watch this one, she is special.” Then turning Elderon walked off into the distance.


 Ryan looked at Cody, “What did he say?”

 Cody shrugged, “Nothing really, we should get going.”

 Shaking his head slightly Ryan turned with a grimace, whatever the elf said was much more than nothing, he studied Cody from the side of his eye, he was talking to Amori about their child hood days, and what she was up to now.

 Making it to the temple before the sun set they walked in, Lurid dawned a robe since she was a Priestess.


 Amori was amazed at the size and magnitude of the temple, her brain was liable to over load with everything she was seeing, the pillars seeming to be made out of a pure gold, the walls mother of pearl, silver lining the edges. The doors created from the finest jade, it was like every precious jewel and metal was used in creating the place.


 Standing at the altar Lurid turned to look at Dryan, “What is it that you need?”

 “I need answers.”

 Lurid nodded then turned back to the book, opening it she flipped through a few pages till she came to where she wanted then began the chant,

Oh King immortal, grant me now this plea, show what is to come, for the realms. Powerful one show me the way.

 The room shifted as Lurid walked to the mid-realm the realm between death and life, the realm were all must past before death, and some before life. Lurid walked to the pools edge, looking at the two paths one to Bela and the other the real of Amadis, instead she walks the path between, through the water. Stopping when one of the Heavenly appeared,

 “Tell me daughter of the Light why do you come?”

 “I come seeking answers; I come because I see the prophecy being fulfilled.”

 “You also come to know if she is the first.”


 “I can only reveal to you what I have been allowed to reveal.”

 “I know.”

 “Then come are journey must be swift.”

 Lurid followed keeping quit as they walked, if the girl Dryan brought was the first then this was only the beginning of what was to come…


 As soon as Lurid started her chanting Amori began to feel uncomfortable, breaking out into a cold sweat. Turning Amori saw a shadowed figure in the hallway they had entered from, it seemed to beacon to her calling her to it, like a moth to a lamp. As if she had no control of her body she began to walk to it…


 “She was chosen since before time began, to be the first…”


 Amori kept walking even though she willed herself to stop, to break contact with whatever was waiting for her…


 “To be test beyond compare…”


 She could see its eyes even though she couldn’t really see them…


 “To be tried with no mercy…”


 Amori tried to scream but nothing came out, her mouth wouldn’t even open…


 “To be given over to the Dweller for a specific time…”


 The room seemed to close in around her, sucking her very life, yet all she could do was keeping walking toward the imposing figure…


 “But blessed to withstand all that comes her way…”


 Amori fought with everything that was in her, somehow knowing that if she made it to the destination she would never return…


 “Given strength of will beyond that of mortals…”


 She had to stop now before it was too late, she began to fight it with every fiber of her being…


 “Given sight beyond that of many in the realms unknown…”


 Amori looked down realizing that she was in chains, looking up she saw that she was being pulled into the darkness…


 “She is the first,” The Heavenly turned to face Lurid eyes shining brighter than the sun, “She believes she is alone but she has more help than she knows…”


 As if something clicked in her Amori felt stronger than she ever had before…


 “She must decide…”


 Amori suddenly could feel her body…


 “Which road she will take…”


 “Come to me, and fight no more.” A boney hand reached out to her…


 “The path of Death…”


 Amori stopped fighting, looking at the hand stretched out to her…


 “Or the path of Life…”


 Amori looked from the hand to her bonds then back again, with all her strength she began to fight against them…


 “She is the first…”


 A blinding light appeared, though she couldn’t see anything she could hear someone was screeching…


 “But not the last…”


 When Amori opened her eyes she was standing beside Cody looking up just as Lurid was turning around…


 “The time has come daughter of Light,” Placing a hand on Lurid’s shoulder he said, “Time for the prophecies of old to be fulfilled.”

 “But what if she fails?”

 “It is her decision to make; we must let her decide of her own freewill.” Removing his hand the Heavenly turned from her, “Now you must go.”


 Lurid opened her eyes, turning around to face the others. Locking eyes with Amori, she noticed a gleam there that hadn’t been there before, and that beads of perspiration rolled down the sides of her face. Turning her head she looked at Dryan, “She is the first.”

The End…For Now



Feel free to tell me what you thought about the book, since this is my first I would like honest opinions. But no matter what thanks for at least giving it a try.

                                         ---Rebekah Bene Barton

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