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Goral Howl of the Moon

Pt. 1

Rebekah Bene Barton

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Chapter 1:  What Happens at a Party, 5pg-18pg


Chapter 2: To the Woods We Go, 19pg-28pg


Chapter 3: The Brides, 29pg-47g


Chapter 4: Secrets, 48pg-64pg


Chapter 5: The Book, 65pg-79pg


Chapter 6: Visions, 80pg-99pg


Chapter 7: Eldon, 100pg-115pg




Chapter 8: Prophecies & Dreams, 116pg-128pg













Chapter 1

What Happens at a Party



mori Wilson was your average high school graduate, talented, smart, and head strong, a go out and change the world type of person. At the age of seventeen with her birthday three months away and college four months out, Amori had decided that she was going to live it up while she could; besides there would always be time to buckle down when college came around. Amori and her two best friends Alexis, and Anise were heading over to a graduation pool party that was being held at Ryan’s house. When they arrived the three of them headed to the front door, Amori looked at her friends,

 “I can’t believe that Ryan Morris would invite us to his grad party, when we were all in school it didn’t seem like he even knew we existed.”

 Anise shook her head in agreement as they walked into the house,

“I know what you mean, I guess things do change.” Though glad to be there the three of them could not help but feel out of place. Heading outside their mouths dropped when they saw the size of Ryan’s pool, they had expected him to have a big house, but they never dreamed anyone could have such a big pool. While they stood there in shock they didn’t notice someone had walked up behind them, whispering in Amori’s ear, “That’s the smaller of my pools would you like to see the indoor pool?” Turning around Amori was stunned to see that it was Ryan, the coolest guy in like all of high school was actually talking to her, and she was mute from shock. Alexis had overheard the question and answered for Amori, “she would love to go.” Alexis gave Amori a light shove towards Ryan, snapping her out of her trance.

 “Um, of course, I’d love to see it.” Ryan smiled taking her hand and guided her through the mass of teens, down a hallway then through two huge twin doors, when Amori walked in her mouth dropped; Ryan closed the doors behind them. When Ryan had said that the other pool was the smaller that was an understatement, it was way smaller than this pool, like the later didn’t even compare to the massiveness of this pool. Amori looked at Ryan there was no one else inside the room, “So are you going to let the others in?” Ryan smiled at her as he removed his shirt revealing rock hard abs, Amori began to blush. This was the first time she had ever been alone in a room with a boy, “No I wasn’t planning on that, only people I know that I can trust I let in.” Ryan began walking to the water. Then stopped turning around he looked at Amori, she was still contemplating whether to remove her swim cover or to leave the room. “I can understand if you would like to change into your swim suit in private, there’s a room over in that corner where you can change.”

 Amori turned around; at least he knew she didn’t want to remove her cover in front of him. After she was done changing Amori walked out of the room, after seeing her exit the room Ryan beckoned her to join him. Ryan smiled at her, “So Amori now that you’ve finished high school what are you going to be doing now?”

 “Uh, well I’m still trying to figure out which college I want to go to, since a lot of them have given me scholarships, but I know that whatever I do its going to be about journalism.”

 “I can see you being a good journalist, your articles in the school paper were always interesting.” Amori couldn’t believe her ears, “You read my articles?”

 “Well yeah, I mean weren’t they there to be read?”

 “Well of course, but I never thought that you of all people would, well, read it.” Ryan looked at her eye to eye, he was now only a few inches from her face, “Trust me, you were the best writer we had in the newspaper, I mean the only one next to the comic strip that I would read.”

 They were moving closer to each other with each word, “But why didn’t you ever tell me?”

 Ryan stopped for a moment, “I mean if you liked my articles so much, why didn’t you ever tell me? Or was it because you were to cool to be caught talking to me?” Ryan knew where the conversation was headed off to now, he thought hard, he knew that she was right, he had wanted to talk to her ever since he read her first article, but if he did it might have ruined his rep. “I guess your right the popularity was more important to me tha…”

 “Than being the only person next to my friends and the teachers, to tell me I actually did a good job, you know if back then you wanted to stay in the "in" circle then, why are you talking to me now? I mean even now you don’t want your friends to know you’re talking to me.”

 “Amori I didn’t bring you in here to hide the fact that I’m talking to you, I did it so that we could talk without being interrupted.” Amori not knowing why in the world she was having a hard time believing that, she began to back away, towards the edge of the pool, how foolish she had been to ever believe that someone like him could actually like someone like her. Getting out of the pool Amori headed over to the room that she had changed in earlier.

 But Ryan was hard on her heels, for him it was one moment it seemed like they understood each other and the next they were two totally different people. “Amori wait, Amori!” turning around Amori looked up at Ryan, she felt sick in the gut, Ryan stopped only inches away from her, “What do you want from me Ryan?! One moment I don’t exist, the next you’re acting like we’ve known each other forever? For all four years of us going to the same high school you never once at least said hi, and now you invite me to your pool party, take me to some secret place in your house, and then you act as if were BFF’s. Ryan right now I’m still trying to figure you out!” Amori looked long and hard into his eyes, this was the first time she had ever looked at his eyes this close before, now she noticed that they were ruby red, and seemed to glint and shine in the light, just as a real ruby would.

 “Look Amori I’m sorry if I’m confusing you, the truth is I don’t even know why I fee… am doing this, I know I’ve been wanting a chance to talk to you, but, well,” Ryan thought for a moment, “your right I’m sorry, good luck with you journalism.”

 “Thanks and you with what you’re going to be doing.” Ryan felt like he had been hit with a sledge hammer, as he watched the door close behind her, Ryan felt like part of his heart was closing to. There was something about being rejected by Amori that didn’t make him feel so great, putting his shirt back on Ryan walked out of the indoor pool area, and headed back to the main living space, the party didn’t seem that great any more, and somehow Amori had gotten him in the love at first sight. Though he doubted she felt the same way.

 Amori stood inside of the room she had just finished changing in for quite some time, did she really just reject Ryan, and it felt so unreal. After leaving the pool area Amori went to find her friends, she saw Anise talking to Jillian, “Yeah Anise do you know were Alexis is, we really should be going now.” Anise looked at her watch then bolted out of her chair, “Last I saw her she was over by the pool.” The two of them hurried to find Alexis when they saw her she was on the dance floor, pulling her off Amori pointed to her watch, “We have to get home now we promised are parents that we’d be back by eleven it’s a quarter ‘till and it’s a twenty minute drive.” Realizing the time Alexis took the lead as they weaved their way through the crowd.

 Turning around Ryan saw them leaving, it was like another blow, he thought that at least she would stay and enjoy the party. As they left Ryan watched them, this was not supposed to end like this, he thought to himself, I mean I wasn’t trying to insult her or anything, suddenly something caught his eye, focusing on the figure Ryan growled below his breath. Walking over, he followed the figure into a room, “Morgan what are you doing here?”

 “Come now don’t get so hostile, I’m only here because I’ve been sent to get you. Are fathers are about to come to a peace agreement and they want their sons to be there for it.”

 “Are kingdoms will never be able to strike up a real peace treaty, and you know it, why do they waste their time?”

 “Don’t worry yourself this time they really did come up with a peace treaty, one that will work, and benefit all are people, but the human race well they get the brunt of the heat.”

 “What do you mean the brunt, to them are kind is only fairytales and myths, we can’t punish them when they don’t even know we exist.”

 “Never knew you were such a fan of humans, the son of Lord Dranga? When did you start caring what happens to them?” Ryan looked away; it wasn’t humans in particular that he cared about just one of them, “They tend to grow on you; do tell what’s the agreement?”

 “Intermarriage, the two of us must choose and marry someone form the other kingdom.”

 “WHAT! So tell me what this has to do with the humans?”

 “Everything, the moment the two kingdoms unite there will be no more arguing and fighting over Loam, and who would get the most land, and we’d be even stronger with are kingdoms united.”

 “We can’t just take their land, humans are living beings, we can’t just wipe them out because were the stronger.”

 “You have gone soft, well no matter what you say our fathers have made up their minds, and you will return by dawn tomorrow or your bride shall be chosen for you.” After giving Ryan one last glance Morgan left the room. Picking up the closest thing to him, a glass cup, Ryan threw it at the wall, letting his anger subside before leaving the room.












Chapter 2

To the Woods We Go


 Saying good bye to Anise and Alexis, Amori closed the car door watching them drove away. Heading up to her room she closed the door then threw herself across her bed. Facedown she screamed into her pillow, lifting herself up she went to the bathroom, after taking a shower she checked her phone, seeing that there were two messages one from Alexis the other from Anis, Amori placed it on a conference call.

 Hearing her phone ring Alexis picking it up she answered, “Hello.”

 “Hey Lexis, you call… hold on Anise just picked up, Hey, yea, I have Lexis on the other end, I have my phone on conference, ok, Lexis you still there?”

 “Yea, I’m here.”

 “Ok I have Anise on the other end, she says she can hear you can you hear her?”

 “Hello, Lexis can you hear me?”

 “Yep load and clear.”

 “Ok, you two called me earlier did you need something?”

 “Well I want to know what happened between you and Ryan, I mean this is like the first time a guy has ever ever ever, asked to talk with you, not to mention invite you to his party.”

 “I totally agree with Anise, come on girl spill the beans.”

 “Nothing special happened all we did was talk.”

 “That’s it you just talked?”

 “Yea, he asked me what I wanted to do I told him I want to be a journalist and guess what he liked my articles, the ones that were in the school paper.”

 “Wait he actually read your articles, and liked them? Wow seems to me he’s wanted to talk to you for awhile.”

 “Anise really, if he wanted to talk to me all this time he should have while we were in school, I mean really, even now he didn’t want his friends to know he was talking to me.”


 After the party Ryan began packing his stuff, it had been over five years since he had come to the realm Loam, and he wasn’t ready to leave yet, but it was he either he left, or his father would send someone to take him back. One way or the other he was going back.

 After packing he turned the lights out in the house, went to his garage locking his backpack in he cranked his motorcycle. As he drove he thought back to his conversation with Amori, it had started off good, well at least he thought it had, “Might have went better if I had let her start the conversation.” Sighing he turned the corner, now his main concern was that he had to choose a bride from the kingdom of Mordran, for him there was no appeal in those women, they had pail skin, sharp fangs, and sunken eyes, the person that got the better end of the deal was really Morgan. Not only that, but it was going to seem really strange to everyone that he had left right after throwing the party. Ryan looked at the time, after pulling up next to the forest, he had twenty minutes left. Hearing a sound he turned to see a car pull up, why a car was here at six in the morning before the sun was up he didn’t know.


 Amori saw the motorcycle and pulled up next to it, she always came here before dawn to hike, and clear her mind. Waving at the person on the motorcycle, she got her backpack out of the trunk, and then headed over to the path she always took and started hiking.

 Ryan watched not saying a word, he didn’t want Amori to know it was him, but his curiosity got the better of him, getting off his motorcycle and taking his backpack, he jogged to catch up with Amori. When he was only a few feet from her he slowed down, touching her arm lightly.

 She turned around backing away, realizing it was Ryan she smiled, and continued her hike.

 “Um, so Amori do you always come here this early?” Ryan was trying to start up a conversation, he had no need to turn the other way, and since this path would cross with the one he was going to take shortly.

 “Yea, when ever I get the chance.”

 “Cool, so you like hiking, that’s good. Um, about last night,” Amori suddenly stopped turning around she looked at him, “What about last night?”

 “Well, I’m sorry if it was my fault you left so early, I swear I wasn’t trying to make you mad.”

 “It has nothing to do with that, I had told my mom that I’d be home by eleven.”

 “Oh, so you’re not mad at me?” Amori turned around and continued her hike, not answering his question she said, “So why are you out here, that’s not exactly a hiking bag your holding.”

 Ryan noticed she had avoided answering his question, but went along, “Um, that’s well, its not.”

A light breeze moved through the trees, Ryan stopped abruptly sniffing the air, turning around he growled at the figure behind him, “So this is why you’ve gone soft on the humans, amusing.”

 Ryan felt Amori grab his arm, “Ryan what is he talking about?”

 “Its nothing just stay behind me.” Ryan felt her grip tighten, as she pressed her body harder against him.

 “So tell me were you planning on bringing her? I must say I don’t blame you for wanting her, she is most appealing.”

 “Ryan what is he talking about? Were you taking me somewhere?”

 “Amori don’t listen to him.”

 “So that’s her name, Amori, Dryan you really know how to pick them.” Morgan moved forward, he looked it to her eyes; there was something more alluring about this human than any other he had ever seen.

 Ryan noticed the way Morgan looked at Amori, if she had not held his arm he would have jumped Morgan.

 “Leave her out of this.”

 “I’m not the one that brought her in it, it was you. But don’t you worry she’ll be safe,” Morgan walked around them then paused, “for now.” Walking into the trees he vanished.