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Who is An Ideal Girl?


An ideal girl is somebody who doesn’t fall short of maintaining a perfect work/life  balance. She keeps respecting and honoring her parents despite their innumerable flaws. She has dreams to achieve and she lives the dream despite life’s challenges. She is always fun to be around and people are drawn to her enigma. She doesn’t fail to impress her boss in her career life, and her husband in her family life. Summing up, she is a graceful and gorgeous girl with decency, humbleness and modesty being her real virtues.


One such ideal girl is Lippy Adnan. She has been on her career job for years and has been abroad for higher studies. She returned to her old job again and again because it felt right to be in that job. She felt secure and happy until one day disaster struck her and she gradually called it quits.


Leaving her job, she got into modes of depression. She had to see a psychiatrist every month. She found back the spirit of life by writing fiction eBooks and getting them published. She had already made money out of money from her old job but she could do more. But her current hobby of writing became a burning passion for her. She had dreams of working again, along with other dreams, which is what this  eBook is about. Let us jump right away to all her dreams.