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Russia-Ukraine War:

Possible Endgame &

Opportunities for Life

Sciences Players

Impact of Conflict on the Pharma Industry, Response of Big Pharma Players, and Future Outlook for Pharma Companies

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What would this Report Cover?

Impact on the Pharma

Response of Big Pharma

Future Outlook for Pharma




Operational adjustments of

Gaining Full Visibility into the

Delay in Clinical Trials

big pharma

Supply Chain

Disruption in

Supply Chain

Vulnerable Health IT

Cost Management


Delayed Drug


Effective Risk Mitigation

and Building Resiliency

Impact of Sanctions

Levied on Healthcare

Impact on Global Pharma



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Impact of Conflict on the Pharma Industry

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increasingly challenged life sciences companies to navigate into complex geopolitical crisis

Delay in Clinical Trials

Disruption in Supply Chain

Vulnerable Health IT Systems

Delayed Drug Production


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Delay in Clinical Trials

Millions of people are affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and countries around the world as pharma companies had delays in their clinical

studies in Russia and Ukraine

Pharma Company

Impact on Clinical Trials

Karuna Therapeutics stopped its second phase 3 study in schizophrenia, dubbed EMERGENT-3, which were uncertain because 10 of the 19 trial sites are in Ukraine The war affected the 11 of 195 study locations for Merck's phase 3 trial of Keytruda in combination with Lenvima in patients with endometrial carcinoma

6 study locations of Regeneron in Ukraine were affected during the testing of Libtayo in combination with doublet chemotherapy in a phase 3 study in patients with non-small cell lung cancer GlaxoSmithKline’s 27 Ukrainian sites, out of 235 were affected in its phase 3 study of otilimab in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

AstraZeneca clinical trials were delayed as they established a special team that ensured continued supply of their medicines to patients which were affected in their 20 active trials in Ukraine Sanofi, which had at least two studies underway in Ukraine for the Regeneron-partnered med Dupixent was affected as all of their employees based in Ukraine were asked to stay home during the war 4

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Current Scenario of Clinical Trials (1/2) 28 foreign-sponsored, multinational studies affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict

▪ Focusing on the clinical trials landscape, 28 foreign-sponsored, multi-country studies were publicly acknowledged by sponsors as Cardiovascular

being impacted by the war, of these, almost half have sites in 1

both Ukraine and Russia

Genitourinary System and Sex



▪ Infectious disease, central nervous system, and oncology trials Metabolic Disorders


with Ukraine and/or Russia sites were most interrupted Musculoskeletal Disorders


▪ Currently there are 22 foreign-sponsored, multi-country clinical trials with a site in Ukraine that are disrupted or potentially Gastrointestinal


disrupted by the war

Hormonal Disorders


▪ Out of these studies, 19 are still listed as ongoing. For context, there are 678 ongoing foreign-sponsored, multi-country clinical Respiratory


trials listed with at least one site in Ukraine Oncology


▪ Of the 22 studies, 12 are in Phase III, eight are in Phase II, and two are in Phase II/III, six of these studies are in infectious Central Nervous System


disease, and there are three trials each in the central nervous system, oncology, and respiratory disease.

Infectious Disease



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Current Scenario of Clinical Trials (2/2) Top 10 companies with maximum ongoing trials in Ukraine Sanofi

















Novo Nordisk













Eli Lilly












Phase 0

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4


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Disruption in Supply Chain

Healthcare organizations is facing unprecedented challenges related to manufacturing, access, and supply chain

Much of the world’s supplies of raw materials to make hospital equipment come from Russia and Ukraine’s crude oil, natural gas, and certain metals As healthcare organizations depend on common raw materials, there is a rise in prices for medical supplies

Russia produces 12% of the world’s oil and 17% of its natural gas supply, disruptions to production are anticipated, which may directly strike the global supply chain and pricing of plastics


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Vulnerable Health IT

Ukraine is having difficulty delivering healthcare services, especially since cyberattacks have affected IT systems

The defense against cyber attacks is important for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors and government Health IT infrastructure since small organizations are particularly vulnerable to attack

The attacks include distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), malware, ransomware, and website defacements containing vital health information Consequently, these attacks had affected healthcare systems and suppliers 8

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Delayed Drug Production

Severe disruptions to global markets caused by Russia’s war on Ukraine have exposed vulnerabilities to the security of the supply of raw materials

critical for industrial production

Ports were seeing a large amount of congestion, meaning medical supplies were trapped and there was an increase in container backlogs As there was an anticipation of delays, worldwide factories had halted or delayed production, Drugs such as biseprolol, nystatin, acyclovir, and ambrobene are almost impossible to obtain due to delayed production

With other European countries dependent on medical supply imports, the conflicts reveal long-term structural issues


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Response of Big Pharma Players

As Ukraine holds the line against the Russian invasion, pharma majors are making a renewed push to adjust operations in the region and supply

the besieged country with critical meds and tools

▪ Eli Lilly suspended the exportation of “non-essential medicines” to Russia, leaving its local operations in the country focused solely on cancer and diabetes

▪ Lilly donated the profits from Russia to organizations dedicated to humanitarian relief and cut all investments, promotional activities, and new clinical trials in Russia

▪ Novo Nordisk suspended further marketing and clinical investments in Russia and focused on their efforts to help local employees ensure that more than 650,000 patients continue their treatment with their essential medication

▪ The company paused starting new clinical trials and halted active enrollment of new patients in Russia, where there are currently more than 3,000 patients enrolled in studies

▪ Bayer stopped all spending in Russia and Belarus not related to essential healthcare products

▪ It also suspended advertising, promotional activities, investment projects, and new-business development but continues to deliver essential products including contraceptives, hemophilia treatments, cancer drugs, and stroke prevention pills

▪ Pfizer now doesn’t own or operate any manufacturing sites in Russia and ceased all planned investments with local suppliers intended to build manufacturing capacity in the country

▪ However, Pfizer is maintaining the humanitarian supply of medicines to Russians and donating all proceeds to providing direct humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine 10

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Future Outlook for Pharma Companies

Pharma companies must anticipate, and prepare for, a possible rise in supply chain disruptions and price hikes

Gaining Full Visibility into the Supply Chain


One definite way for pharma companies to mitigate







Cost Management

disruptions is to transition to a digital supply chain, given their poor data visibility and With a unified supply chain platform, pharma disconnected processes

organizations can mitigate some of the impacts of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and Effective Risk Mitigation and Building raw material costs as well as price and Resiliency






capabilities, live market indices, and forecasts 03

to spot and leverage prices and cost-reduction This can be achieved by gaining access to key opportunities

production and supply chain data in a timely and precise manner and detailed visibility across supply relationships and across the product life cycle from order/forecast to final product delivery


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The Indirect Impact of Sanctions levied by Foreign Countries

Pharma companies are committed to ensuring that the citizens of Russia and Ukraine receive life-saving medication, but the supply of medicines is

indirectly affected by sanctions

Imported medical products,

But sanctions that had cut off

European Union supplied Russia

including equipment, as well as

Russian banks from the international

with USD 7.23 billion of

consumables from distributors have

financial system, as well as

pharmaceutical products in 2020,

increased in price by 20-70% since

decisions by major shipping

about 8.4% of the region's total

the start of a ‘special military

companies to suspend service to the

exports to Russia, but these

operation’ in Ukraine and the

country, hindered the delivery of the

numbers were greatly hampered

introduction of economic sanctions

raw materials for the drug production

due to the conflict

against Russia






Sanctions levied by Britain, Europe,

The production of many drugs

and Canada, against Russia, do not

prescribed in Russia have foreign

apply to medicine and medical

components or production, and this

equipment, and the industry has a

is preventing them from being

responsibility under international

supplied to Russian pharmacies,

humanitarian law to continue

also the cost of blood pressure

supplying these products

monitors, thermometers, and

inhalers had increased by 20%


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Impact of Conflict on the Global Pharma Industry

▪ India’s drug exports to Russia

▪ European companies such as

▪ In 2021, pharmaceuticals and

amount to 2.4% of total

Roche and Novartis earned

medical equipment represented

pharmaceutical exports, while

more than USD 732 million

about 8% of all US goods

exports to Ukraine have a

from Russian sales from March

exported to Russia

share of 0.74%

to June 2022

▪ It sent USD 355 million worth of

▪ The ongoing Russia-Ukraine

▪ Exports of medicines to Ukraine

medicines and USD 157 million

war has hit the India’s

have declined in the first half of

worth of medical equipment to

pharmaceutical industry, with

2022, over 40% fewer

Russia in 2021

trade at least declining by 50%

medicines were exported to the

as many manufacturers who

war zone compared with the

▪ 48 tons of medical aid is

export drugs to Russia are

same period in 2021

provided to Ukraine since the

claiming that they are yet to

start of the conflict

receive their payments

▪ Total export sales to Ukraine, at

around USD 93 million, were

also 20% lowered in 2022


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Methodology & Scope

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Research Methodology

Insights 10’s research methodology delves deeper into the market, covering the macro and micro aspects of the industry. We identify the key growth drivers, opportunities, and restraints that might promote or hinder the future industry growth along with an expansive overview of the competitive landscape to help our clients make informed strategic decisions

We implement a mix of primary and secondary research for our market estimate and forecast. The secondary research forms the initial phase of our study where we conduct extensive data mining, referring to verified data sources such as independent studies, government and regulatory published material, technical journals, trade magazines, and paid data sources

For forecasting, the following parameters are considered:

Market drivers and restraints along with their current and expected impacts

Technological scenario and expected developments

End use industry trends and dynamics

Trends in the consumer behavior

Regulatory scenario and expected developments

Current capacity and expected capacity additions up to 2030

We assign weights to these parameters and quantify their market impacts using the weighted average analysis to derive the expected market growth rate

We appoint data triangulation strategies to explore different areas of the market. Our qualitative and quantitative assessments are time-sensitive, reflecting the most recent value and volume of the market across regions

All our estimates and forecasts are verified through exhaustive primary research with the Key Industry Participants (KIPs)

Currency used in the report is the US dollar (USD), with the market size indicated in USD million/billion (Mn/Bn) 17

A Sample Report on Singapore Physiotherapy Market Analysis I Confidential

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Analysis Methodology

Our Analysis Methodology involves three critical stages: Market Data Analysis

Interpretation &

Data Collection

& Statistical Model


Analysis &

Market Trends




Market Sizing &





Data Triangulation &

Presentation &




A Sample Report on Singapore Physiotherapy Market Analysis I Confidential

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Data Triangulation & Data Validation Top Down Approach


Final Market size break up to


rest of segmentation


Validation from

Arriving at market size

Primary Interview

of each segment

Summarization of revenue

generated from companies

Validation from

to arrive at total market size

Primary Interview

Revenue generated by products &


services offered by companies


Bottom Up Approach


A Sample Report on Singapore Physiotherapy Market Analysis I Confidential

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Key Benefits for Stakeholders from this Report Study provides an in-depth analysis of the market with current trends and future estimations to elucidate the imminent investment pockets

Our tools provides stakeholders with a cohesive understanding of the industry outlook, considering the qualitative and quantitative industry variables

Comprehensive analysis of factors that drive and restrict the market growth is provided Comprehensive quantitative analysis of the industry from 2021 to 2030F is provided to enable the stakeholders to capitalize on the prevailing market opportunities

Extensive analysis of the key segments of the industry helps understand the applications and technologies used globally Our rigorous data collection, thorough statistical analysis and specialist assessments ensure that our clientele has a greater understanding of the industry space, supply chain, price fluctuations, competitive landscape, and other vital factors 20

A Sample Report on Singapore Physiotherapy Market Analysis I Confidential

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Time Frame

Report Attribute


Quantitative Units

Revenue in USD Million/Billion (Mn/Bn)

Base Year for



Market Overview, Revenue Forecast, Market Segmentation, Growth Factors and Trends, Report Coverage

Company Profiles, Competitive Landscape, Regulatory Landscape, Future Opportunities Report Customization (5 working days) with purchase. We will provide you with data that is Customized Report

currently not a part of our scope as a part of 2022-Forecast




Pricing and purchase

Avail customized purchase options to meet options

your exact research needs

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What kind of Data is Presented

in this Report?

This report presents data, which is:





Easy to read

The report is prepared

The data is prepared by

Allowing you to

Covers everything you

You do not have to be a

using a proven

a team of highly qualified

confidently make

would need to know

market expert to

methodology and

& experienced research

smarter business

about the market

understand what really is

insightful research

analysts & vetted by our

and strategic

including market size,

happening on the market

local associates


competitive analysis &

and how it works

much more

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Lifesciences Market

Research Reports you

can trust

A large database of over 30,000 syndicated market research reports in pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector at global, regional as well as country level. We also provide customized research reports tailor made to suit your needs

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Get Insights to take

informed Business


Insights10 is a healthcare focused market research firm founded with an aim of being an insights driven company in the data driven world and delivering actionable insights that can drive decision and strategy making process for businesses

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Market Research Reports

across various domains of healthcare







(Diseases & Drugs) Health





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Market Research Reports



Full-Time Engagement

Customized Reports



Conference Coverage


Primary Research




Competitive Intelligence

Strategic Research Projects



Regulatory Compliance

Database Services



Report Subscription Services

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Our Research Process






Identification of


Collection of


Verification &




of Data


Image 109

Statistical Databases

Company Websites/Annual Reports



Trade Publications

We have access to multiple highly

Online Databases

reliable free and subscription data

sources. We have many years of

experience to understand which

Published Research Reports

sources are more dependable for what

and which to prefer for the reliable and Whitepapers

latest information.

Press Releases of Key Market Players

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Over the years, we have developed an in-depth experience of executing market analysis at global, regional & country specific level in life sciences.

Our team has

conducted market

research across 62+

global markets in

America, Europe,

Middle East, Africa and

Asia Pacific regions

Research Projects Done

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Project Leadership Team

Dr. Purav Gandhi

Mukesh Nayak

Ritu Baliya

Atharva Bahad

Founder & CEO

Head - Marketing

Engagement Manager


Purav is a physician and an

Mukesh is an engineering graduate

Ritu has over 6 years of experience in

Atharva is a B.Tech (Biotechnology) and entrepreneur with 12+ years of

with an MBA in Marketing. He is a

strategy building, market assessments,

MBA in Hospital and Health Management

experience in Healthcare & Life

seasoned healthcare market

market sizing, and RWE for global MNC

with 2 years of experience working in

Sciences industry spanning across

research & marketing professional

healthcare & biopharma clients across consulting and project management in

strategy, market access, health

with a progressive experience of over

diff. markets (America, Europe, Africa, healthcare and Non-Government

informatics and RWE, digital health,

20 years in Life Sciences, Pharma

APAC and Middle East). Her areas of

organizations. Conducted

analytics and data science. Purav

and Medical Device sectors. With an

expertise include: Indentifying emerging comprehensive research and market

studied medicine from Gujarat

in-depth understanding of primary

trends in life sciences industry,

sizing exercise to understand the

University and also completed his MBA

research, he has conducted

Competitor landscape assessment,

business potential for modern digital

from IIM-Kozhikode. Purav started his

hundreds of interviews of various

Disease opportunity assessments etc.

trends. Conducted comprehensive

career with Deloitte working on strategy stakeholders in pharma & healthcare She is a pro in secondary and primary

secondary research for the subjects

consulting engagements and also co-

& completed several research

research with a deep domain expertise

including the UK Mobility Aids market,

founded ConvergeHealth by Deloitte.

projects across life sciences industry.

in healthcare sector.

Brazil’s Ophthalmology market, etc.

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7 years of experience working with leading organizations in pharma, MedTech and healthcare domain. Some of our recent clients are mentioned below

… and many more

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