Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Infinite Banking


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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Infinite Banking

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John “Hutch” Hutchinson

We show entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and diligent savers how to create their own private family bank. Major banking institutions have trained us to think that the only way to keep our reserves safe and liquid is to leave our cash with them. ► Why should you do what banks say, when you can do what they do? ► Why let them pay you “point-nothing” while they reap exponential profits from your cash? ► Why let them funnel the velocity from your monthly cash flow onto their balance sheets, when you can redirect that momentum toward your own coffers instead? You actually have another option besides letting large amounts of cash sit on the sidelines as a dead asset. Not coincidentally, the same strategy we educate clients about is used by the big banks themselves as well other major corporations while protecting and growing their own liquid reserves. At BankingTruths.com we educate consumers as well as their advisors on how these major banks park your deposits for maximum growth while maintaining safety and liquidity and receiving a slew of other benefits. Since their balance sheets are public information, we analyze what they are doing and show you how to bring this big institutional thinking down to small businesses and fiscally responsible families. Like most entrepreneurs and real estate investors already know, the best rate of return you can get will always come from within your own business. These realms where you have more intimate knowledge and control will consistently yield the sweetest fruit. Therefore, maintaining sufficient liquidity is key to your financial success, but you no longer have to sacrifice safe-growth and other benefits while maintaining control.

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