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The poems in Orb and Orb II are my very earliest writings. They were written between


1967 and 1970 when I was 15 to 18 years old.


Originally, I was going to pick out the best 10-15 poems and put them into a book. I


think it would have made a fairly descent book of poetry. But as I began reading through


the work, after these many, many years, I saw that the poems presented a natural


progression in my writing abilities, and so I decided to keep them all together in the order


in which they were written.


Many of these poems reflect the influences of the times. The Viet Nam war and the


assassination of Robert Kennedy are two events that stand out. I also see the influence of


the Beatles, especially the Sgt. Pepper’s album, along with Simon and Garfunkle. It’s


obvious that some of these poems were meant to be songs, although I cannot remember


having ever written any music to go with the lyrics, like I did with the Long Road series.


Most of the poems simply reflect the thoughts of a young boy entering adulthood. Some


are good and some are bad. A couple of them represent the biggest bunch of drivel I


think I have ever read. They make me wonder, “what was I thinking at the time?” Of course, poems should be timeless. And many of these are. The ones that are stuck in


time are interesting in their own way, but the poems that transcend time constitute the


best poetry.


I hope you take the time to read through both these books, Orb and Orb II. The poems get


better as you go along. And if only one of them touches your soul, it would not be


considered a waste of time. ORB


A Book of Poetry


1 Ascent unto Providence…..September 1967


2 The Heritage…..October 1967


3 The Illusion…..October 1967


4 The Way of Society…..November 1967


5 To Outshine the Sun…..February 1968


6 Resplendence…..February 1968


7 The Snowfall…..March 1968


8 Like Death…..January 1968


9 The Love Dream…..February 1968


10 Crecian Dames…..March 1968


11 The Prophet (a fantasy)…..April 1968 12 To Be All Alone…..April 1968


13 Photograph…..May 1968


14 To Nancy…..May 1968


15 Castle…..June 1968


16 Robert…..June 1968


17 Earth as a Background…..July 1968


18 Fawn…..September 1968


19 Skunk…..September 1968


20 Conquests (over Simple Sanderson and the Wretched Establishment)…..Sept. 1968


21 Speak of Love…..October 1968


22 But for Dreadful Time…..December 1968


23 Dream of the Scot…..January 1969


24 Juggernaut…..January 1969


25 Laurie…..February 1969


26 Orb…..March 1969 Ascent unto Providence


I go into the valley


Through the tall grass so indifferent


That leads unto the cypresses


Where grow the lilies and the mint


And the brook so gently bubbling


In the sweet scent so like wine


Solitude I find


Peace that now is mine


So I stretch out with my laziness


On the moss so soft and fine


And I think of things that matter


And love that once was mine


And I doze off in a while


My heart conceives a smile


And soon will come revival


The daytime will surcease


Yet the minted breeze will linger on


And I’ll follow into the doorway And outside death can only portray


The inevitable decay


God’s dismay; the devil’s display


And I’ll dwell in the house of the Lord forever The Heritage


I stood beneath the lamplight


My shadow washed into the dark night


I washed into the dark night


And there stood the Rev. Mr. Brown


There stood the Rev. Mr. Brown


The snow fell down through the trees


Covered up the cold, dead leaves


I was the cold, dead leaves


And there stood the Rev. Mr. Brown


There stood the Rev. Mr. Brown


The church was somber, and aware


There was no one there without a prayer


I was there without a prayer


And there stood the Rev. Mr. Brown


There stood the Rev. Mr. Brown


Everyone lies down to sleep


There is no one here left to weep I am here but not to weep


For the Rev. Mr. Brown


And the congregation within the ground


And the congregation within the ground The Illusion


It was a time of plenty


The grass grew, the flowers bloomed


For in 301,574 A.D.


There was love


A bride and a groom


About the hill


Sage scented the still air


And the man


Looked over the lush countryside


To the Thames. He cared


He had blown his mind


He ran down one peasant and more


Which he left in the street


And the rats came out to eat


He was from the House of Lords The Way of Society


People in the street


Like statues stood


For their life


No one dared move


Lest they die


This is society


Not to be disturbed


No one can revolt


Lest they be turned away


Lest they die


The air becomes stagnant


Will no one dare breath?


For his life?


But ‘tis not for them to innovate


Lest they be turned away


And they die To Outshine the Sun


A tree


From a seedling


Grew quickly,




Majestically spread its branches,


Reached the sun.


And to strip the bark


Or cut the trunk,


Is to wash into the sea


The sands of eternity.


A woman


From a babe


Grew splendidly,








Her radiant smile


Outshone the sun


Her beauty Shaded the tree.


And to strip her of her love


Is to wash into the sea


Eternity. Resplendence


A tanned body


Of a girl that I know


Dances in the setting sun


Opens her mind


As the night comes


Sheds her smile


As the night comes


Lying under


The gumdrop tree


Is a girl that I know


She makes the gumdrops


Melt to snow


Sweet gumdrops


Melt to snow


Sitting in


An apple tree blossom


Is the girl that I know


The bee mistakes her For the sweet nectar


I love her


She’s sweet as nectar


Her tanned body


Soft as the pussywillow


Her voice


Sweet as a nightingale


See my heart swell


She knows I love her


See her heart swell The Snowfall


A jungle wonderland


And against the background


Of a setting sun


With horizontal bars


Of royal purple


And streaming scarlet


Falls a white fleece of snow


Farther apart


Drop the flakes


Until they cease




The reflection of the sun




Long and distant


Illuminating red upon the droplets


Of melting frost


That lie throbbing


Upon the vanishing wonderland


And die alone Upon the barren wasteland


Much like the soldiers Like Death


I stumble down the alleyway


Past the garbage and decay


And death


But I find death stands out from all the rest


As I kneel beside one who is dead


To catch my breath


She is so still and satisfied


It brings a question to my mind


I am mystified


For she remembers to me


Two, who in life, are as she now lies


Peaceful, without strife


Happy, without care


Me and my lover


Like death


Calm, not obsessed


And as I gaze into the dead woman’s face


An enigma has been answered


And I no longer fear death The Love Dream


Over the rainbow


In a far off galaxy


Where the soft rains fall in a kaleidoscope of color


But never touch the ground


And the gentle breeze clutches up the worries


And carries them far out over the endless sea


And buries them deep in the ocean blue


When you want—there is


An island.


An eternal realm of quietude and beauty


Of golden sands that glisten in the never-ending starlight


And giant palm trees that flourish and tower over all else.


The moss covered trails, surrounded by fields of flowers,


Lead from the wall of palms to the Fountain of Burgundy


And then away into the darkness which is The Nothingness.


The beauteous Fountain of Burgundy is a fall of red wine


From a small precipice that juts out of the darkness


And also disappears into the Nothingness.


Wild grapes grow up the side of the precipice


On the sides of the falling wine And orange trees, tangled in lianas, coupled with


The mosses and ferns, surround the superficial Crimson Pool,


While the magical blue-red light


That illuminates the area in a shower of shadow and haze


Comes from the mystic rock that forms the bottom of the pool.


And the love and tenderness that is found


On the golden sands, and by the Crimson Pool,


In the fields of flowers, and in the Nothingness,


Is what makes The Love Dream. Crecian Dames


A stroll through the orchard


Of banana groves and orange


Green, lush


Dark sky spotted yellow


Full moon speckled orange


A babe at his side


This the sporty Crecian Dames


His Spanish-American plantation


Olympic pool at the side


Area speckled tan


With fifteen bikinied babes


Lying on the cemented sand


And all are in the favor


Of the sporty Crecian Dames


Upon the shores of Peru


Beat the tattered waves


Some of thirty foot size Atop them he would strive


And fallen upon the coral


Bravely he would die


With no babes by his side


This the sporty Crecian Dames The Prophet (a fantasy)


Within a dark café


The jangled rhythm


Of a folk guitar


And the oriental whine


Of a bearded man’s sitar


A prayer for those who pray


A smile for those who play


And the Lord beckons


To those on the road to Mecca


A step into the night


And down a crowded sidewalk


There is no one there


With whom to talk


And so


A turn down


A Bleeker Street


Where suddenly he is beaten


And pounded upon By a bearded man


With a white virgin robe on


A prophet in his own mind


The beaten man was one


Who took the road to Palestine


He drank of the Lord’s wine


And death he never feared


And Jesus Christ wore a beard


And as he says so


The crowd looks on horrified


And he dies


Alone To Be All Alone




And a remorseful awakening


Of memories


Of a life now past




The seeds have been shaking


From stories


Whose morals had been cast


Have you come to know her?


A strikingly beautiful lady


As she lies all alone


At Weymouth & Malcombe Regis


Reading the poems


Of Percy Bysshe Shelley


Collecting seashells


And enjoying the sun And the saltwater smell


Once an easy pick-up


She was never stuck-up


Never alone at night


Never in the right


Many have come to know her


She sits


In the end


With her loneliness


With the cool north wind


As her only friend


Eddystone Rocks


And sea gulls


A rose bush


And pretense: fire


For the stem


Is the world


Is the bush’s briar Photograph


A spectrum painting


Of entangled silhouette


Enshrouded by lilac flowers and


Orange trees in blossom white


And the rays of an auburn sun were


Photographed stabbing the


Grandeur of the marigolds


Through fields of incense ran we


Hand in hand, knowing only


One another, and not seeing


The stately eagle forever flying


We came to stop by a fountain and


The wines flowed on and on


And the clouds overhead never stopped


But raced towards the horizon


And we, having already reached


The regal destination of our dreams We came to know each other, for


We had captured the exquisite stillness as


A Michelangelo sculpture and


Life lasted forever, like the photograph To Nancy


A woman, far lovelier than the


Glorious reception of the rising sun


Created in her sphere—a vision


That vanquished the night itself


Always shall it be—his love will flow


In an everlasting stream


To shatter the image


And conquer the woman called Nancy


A reigning queen


Bathed in the golden rays


Of God himself


May it be that she accept his love forever Castle




That green banks on Rhone waters


Would hold visions of royalty


In the Godliness of the church’s spire


And that the mind of a man


Would build a castle in the sand


Knowing the ebb tide would rise




That in the dreams of the man


The mighty castle still stands


Although submerged in the depths of the Rhone


And in the presence of the church’s spire


The man is not alone


His god is with him now Robert


A rose of majestic qualities


Lived among its’ rosary


By life was it filled


Outside, the trees and flowers blossomed and


Created a perfume that enhanced the senses


But entangled within the web of beauty


That signaled victory—


A decaying weed


Which came to mean the end of life


Within the majestic rose


Accordingly the tide flowed by


And attempted to write the rose a eulogy


Explaining its lost supremacy


The withered rose itself would have said


“Condemn not our ‘forest’, for had I Been within the ‘jungle’, where


Seedlings are sent by us to die, I (too)


Might have died long ago” Earth as a Background


It masquerades as life


In an obsolete orbit


With a lull in the music


For the wind was misplaced


The animals erased


A man now sits


Beneath a naked tree


Contemplating the debris


Perhaps a trip to a museum


But no, he need not see them


The people have gone


The artist’s misconception


The colors would not blend


So the man has now learned


The Scorpion should have never returned The moon shines with life


Understanding, the man sadly smiles


Recalling memories, knowing the new life


Will soon be mere remnants


Statues remaining in the distance Fawn


Is there any reason?


Oh, no! I doubt it


The rain comes forth exploding


In bewildered shadows


Taking the form of a baby brown fawn


The Fawn of Camelot


Taking time to read the section


Only to find that the tale is unknown


Of the raging fire


In the love warmed sapphire eyes


In which I walk alone


Is there any reason?


No, no! I doubt it


Alone in the seaside cottage


Deep in wandering thought No lapping waters, nor cooling breeze


But the sunlight playing games


Beneath the trees


And to be damned by love’s eternal hope


Now hoping it will leave Skunk


Always saying something


You’re telling me nothing


I have seen in my eyes


The face of a silver star


Showing me the way


It is quite all right


I am here to stay


All the pearls in the sea


Have been washed upon me


While I laugh at the fool


Who stands in the rain


Love never came


Exciting is the universe


Demanding is the world


And to have seen the sun dying Caught your loved one lying


You cry, only to find


That dead is the chosen one


Who collaborates and reasons


Then gloriously hides away Conquests (over Simple Sanderson and the Wretched Establishment)




I’ve turned around


Always facing towards the East


And am soon flooded by darkness


And hidden by illusions


And shadows that are not there


Mellow green fish


Seem to kiss my unawareness


As I climb through the webbery


The robbery of not being there


Only to sleep and spin…


…Awake in a meandering stream


My joyous exuberance of life


Swims farther out to sea


(While within the feeling of not being I’m safe within the fact of all knowing)




The color crinalaryan


Is born exultingly with the new


While “they” fatedly suckle the Psalm


And ultimately perish


“They?” cannot understand


Why the crinalaryan Spring leaves


Reach out and capture me


And give birth to a world


That is painted with love Speak of Love


Speak of love


Then tear my heart apart


As the rain of a thousand centuries


Comes pouring down on me


And I never get a start


For I must go


Far, far away


To join the storm of virgin snow


Where I, too, will change to red


Beneath the sunset’s icy glow


Without you


My world would be to die


But, you know, I’d still miss you so!


I’ve got to stay and be with you


I’m never going to go


So, hey, Cindy! Let’s go down to Tiffany’s


Pick out a diamond ring


See how it feels!


Oh, how my love for you is real! But for Dreadful Time


Through Aegean blue and fields of green


The children dance and sing


And laugh and shout and make believe


And gather flowers for the King


Through the gates of the emerald court


A festival second to none


Such a joyous sight to feast upon


When dukes and clowns both act as one


And so on through the gentle night


The revelry marches on


With all the courtiers joining in


And the good King smiling down upon


But with all the happiness in the court


There are some that still must work


Serfs and vassals are the living dead


And are treated like the dirt For under noon-high sun of brilliant glow


The old ones work and sweat


And pay dear homage to a king


That they have never even met


They scrape and dig to plow the land


That is washed with drought or flood


And live with pigs and human waste


And eat anything that has red blood


Now with splendid gifts of rhythm and rhyme


The royal Queen kneels down


And tells of tales of Norwegian myth


To all the children gathered ‘round


She tells how solemn Asgard was


How it lived with impending doom


How it was grief and fate, time and space


But how freedom always loomed


Because of the fury of the peerless gods


Odin, Thor, and the warrior Tyr


Righteousness came close to victory


For freedom was all they ever held dear So upon the sight of the living dead


The children’s eyes present a tear


And now in their minds obsessed with joy


Revolution seems very near


So with grand illusions of Odin and Thor


And joyous freedom as their dream


From all over that dreadful land


The children gather and gaily scheme


And pay their tribute to undaunted youth


To silently overthrow the King


And pledge their sincere loyalty


To all the happy songs they sing


Through Aegean blue and fields of green


More children dance and sing


The other ones have all grown old


And wait to see what death will bring


Through Aegean blue and fields of green


The children dance and sing


And laugh and shout and make believe And gather flowers for the King Dream of the Scot


The young Scot was in the bedroom


Dressing in his best blue jeans


Caught up in his dreams


Wearing the smile he wears


When greeting people on the street


He goes into the kitchen


Takes out a bag of tangerines


Leaves his cup of butter cream


And then he goes to do


All the things he wants to


Bye, bye, baby


He’s leaving you today


You always knew he would


You took his dreams away


The young wife is at the window


Watching her husband walk away She doesn’t try to make him stay


But a tear runs down her cheek


And she clutches her baby and weeps


The lonesome young Scot turns lightly


Delaying at a Liverpool hotel


And calls softly in his sleep


“Don’t you worry little Thor


I now love your mother much more”


Bye, bye, baby


He has left you today


You always knew he would


You took his dreams away Juggernaut


For me, the sun refuses to rise


Yet it rises


The crowned tulips and fresh green leaves


Of a spring day


That cherish the earth with splendor and majesty


Are foreign to me


The tortoise that lives and lives and lives


Then all too soon perishes


Is something that wallows in forgotten memories


The juggernaut that is life has pushed on


I have tasted the fruit of life


A silver green lemon


The sad part is to have loved


Then to have watched that loved one die


The sad part is to have had a flower for joy


And then to have watched that flower die


I yet wait to taste a ripened sweet fruit


Meanwhile, the juggernaut that is life


Has passed me by Laurie


She is dead


And now I feel I can’t go on


She was the love that


Comes in the Spring


Riding in on the gentle breeze


She floated down from heaven


And made her home in the meadow


She wore the smile of one who loves


And made all who gazed upon that smile


Laugh and dance and flood the world with happiness


She was the universe


The beauty of an exploding nova


Filling the dauntless cosmos with warmth


And tenderness


She was all that is beautiful


Without the magic of her blazing fire-filled eyes


The nectar sweet flowers


Would have bent with the weight Of a never ending rain


She was the goddess supreme


The one that vanquished Venus


And sent her hurtling to the netherworld


Sprawling with shame, for Venus was not


The most beautiful being in existence


But now she’s dead


And I feel I can’t go on Orb


Sweet caresses from heaven, Blessed


and sacred, seemingly filled with love,


Lead the life of those who drink


the wine and out do their mind,


And strive to reach the status.


But comes a Man Who stands


For all fiery Hell on the status


quo. And written words backed by


the masses, That shape all classes


because They were accepted by those


before, Is beyond the Man’s comprehension.


A borealis of fire and freedom on the


Fourth, And yet now when He strives


for A new way of life He is put


down By the orb of authority. It


flashes across a message of


bungle-jyme and faded rhyme. Have


to go some place else to find the answer.


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