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NetMarketingStrategy Manifesto © By Daniel Toh
Net Marketng Strategy #1: Niche Selecton
Strategy (What markets to go into)
Before you start your online ventures, it’s rather important that you select a niche
that has the potental to pay you the dividends and rewards that you are afer.
Without the right selecton strategy, your great plans for Internet marketng success
may well be doomed from the start.
In this chapter we will go through the steps and criteria that I think is important that
you consider in your selecton of your niche and target market.
I have heard so much about choosing a hungry, starving crowd that the real
importance of this point is almost taken for granted.
Your market really has to have a starving crowd, that is not a fad, is evergreen and
one that has multple associated marketng doors so that you could market to them
over and over.
They would have to be hungry and passionate about the niche, and they would be
proven spenders that don’t mind investng more and more into that niche, as they
are so hungry for more resources to help fulfll their needs on the topic.
In every niche there are varying degrees of interest and levels of commitment, and
what I’m going to show you today is how you can exactly evaluate your niche or