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Hi, and thanks for deciding to take a chance on downloading and reading this report. In the next pages, there will be distnctons that will be made, new and uncommon concepts to be discussed and new ideas to be uncovered.

My name is Daniel Toh, and I'm an Internet Marketer, a blogger and a niche marketer who loves to experiment and try out new strategies that can increase my online income. I'm not a mega marketer but I'm willing to share my strategies, mindsets and tactcs that I have learnt, and that are working in the market today according to my experiences.

The NetMarketngStrategy Manifesto is about uncovering powerful strategies that are not frequently used in Internet Marketng, however is becoming increasingly more important to embrace especially with the changes in the Internet Marketng landscape, with decreasing atenton span of customers and the heightened and ever increasing competton in the marketplace.

By learning each of the Net Marketng Strategies presented in this report, it is my hope that you will move from having a big picture idea of the key components of Internet Marketng, towards building each of these strategies into your business, towards mastering and integratng each strategy seamlessly into your Internet Marketng business, step by step untl you have built a truly rock solid business.

If you are an experienced marketer, read through and tell me what you think stll...

That is my goal towards creatng this report, to share the community knowledge on this manifesto, and to accelerate the knowledge base of the Internet Marketng community. The knowledge here are not my own as I have learnt them from many diferent masters from numerous specialites and skill-sets, but it is my pleasure to present these ideas in this report to you in a simple to read and understand format.

To your Net Marketng Success!


Daniel Toh