We Were Humans


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This is a collection of Mysteries which speak loudly about the reality of life and humans. The predicament of the ordinary man on the street and his perspective of life's reality. It's educating, intriguing and thought filled. Please read and be inspired. My name is ETIDO, I am a writer, songwriter and the obsessed lover of good music and movies. I started writing and singing when I was (11) eleven. I wrote 3 short stories and over 10 songs within that year, which was a really big deal considering my age and where I came from. Family and friends were happy, but the stories never made it to print and being that they were all hard copies, I lost them all.


Etido David Umoh

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    Before I was born, my people lived with peace of mind? No, But with each other. For we lived in fear of the Limdolés, God Soldiers from the Silv Realm, reduci...

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