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Chapter 1
I was in the process of feeding my History Channel addiction when the phone rang.
Reluctantly, I pulled myself off the couch and answered the phone.
“Is this the Adams residence?”
“This is Michael Sullivan from Baer, Werner and Associates in Boston. I’m calling
regarding Mae Hickey. Is Sarah Adams in?”
“Sure, hold on. Mom! Telephone!”
The phone calls lately have been nonstop regarding Aunt Mae. She’s been in poor health
for a number of years now, and since my mom was the only niece who cared about Aunt Mae’s
health, she became the de facto caretaker. She’d been driving down to Aunt Mae’s house in
Branton every other day for the past year to cart her around to appointments and such. I assumed
it was the doctor’s office to confirm another appointment. I went back to watching my
documentary. Five minutes later, my mom came in and asked me to turn off the television.
Teary eyed, my mom said, “Daniel, Aunt Mae is gone.”
“What? How?”
“Natural causes, last night. One of her friends came to pick her up for bingo, and when
there was no answer at the door, they called the police. They found her in bed. We have to go to
the law office tomorrow and discuss her will.”
She looked like she was about to speak again, but couldn’t find the right words.
“I’m sorry, Mom.”
“I know, Daniel. I’m sorry too.”
“Let me know if there is anything I can to help in any way, Mom.”
“Thank you, Daniel.”