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I never wanted to move here. I was content with the life I had, the friends I still have, and they way my life was. It is said that with death new opportunities arise, and new opportunities arose, albeit for other people to ruin my life. If there is one lesson I learned from my ordeal, it was to always expect the worse from people, no matter how caring they may seem or how inclined they appear to make you feel welcome. If you enter a door promising paradise, expect hell. In addition to that, never walk into unfamiliar territory and expect a warm reception, because more often than not, somebody does not want you there. Unintentionally, you may cause a ripple effect which hampers their plans for life. I learned two important things from my short stay in Branton: the first is to never forget. Second, naïveté can be the downfall of anyone. I was in the process of feeding my History Channel addiction when the phone rang.

Reluctantly, I pulled myself off the couch and answered the phone.
“Is this the Adams residence?”
“This is Michael Sullivan from Baer, Werner and Associates in Boston. I’m calling

regarding Mae Hickey. Is Sarah Adams in?”
“Sure, hold on. Mom! Telephone!”
The phone calls lately have been nonstop regarding Aunt Mae. She’s been in poor health