Terror on Telderan HTML version

SYNOPSIS: In 1990, after breaking away from the Planetary Alliance, the planet Otar finds itself
on the brink of ruin. In a desperate move their leader Rotart makes a foolish attempt to terra-form the
planet Telderan so that he may claim it and relocate the Otarian race. Ancient oracles have been warning
Alliance leaders for years that such an attempt would be made and that it would have catastrophic results
for planet Earth.
Written in Escape 2 Earth Universe
By Lawrence Johnson Sr.
01-JAN-1990, 09:00 AM
Thousands of space ships hovered above the ocean in the powdery pink morning skies over the
planet Lazon. This was the beginning of the final day of the week long ancient annual ritual known as the
Festival of Lights. In keeping with tradition thousands of ships have been converging over the Sagatall
Ocean since dawn. Each ship‟s captain lowers family members inside large wooden boats down into the
crystal clear waters where they spend the day preparing for the occasion. Not far away deep inside the
enchanted Whistling forest a clandestine meeting was about to take place between Rayna, the High Ruler
of the Southern Quadrant of Lazon and J‟lore Chief Council of The Planetary Alliance. J‟lore knew that
this would be the perfect place to meet his friend and ally because everyone would be heading to the
festival and with the exception of the occasional unicorn the two leaders would have the entire forest to
J‟lore was an average looking Lazonian; his dark green outfit helped him to blend in with the
foliage of the forest. J‟lore leaned back to rest on a large gray boulder, he listened to the whistling leaves
as the gentle winds brushed by. It reminded him of his childhood days when he would come here to play
with Rayna and their friends in the forest. J‟lore was lost in thought until a voice from the trail behind
him caused him to jump.
“I am sorry to have kept you waiting J‟lore.” Rayna stood before him; her long blue hooded robe