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Tales of an Every day Guru

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Published: 3 years ago

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Most of us are walking asleep. We are barely able to keep up with what is in front of us let alone have an awareness of what is happening to us or around us. But it is this awareness we have to cultivate if we are to become everyday guru’s. How do we do this? We need to begin to recognize the why and how of our lives.The more aware of you are of your behaviour, words and life patterns the greater the chance you will be able to create change in your life.Every day Guru’s are simply every day people coming awake. Tales of the every day Guru is a story about people and about change. It is not designed to enlighten you or change you but to get you thinking about your world and how you fit in it. Every day Guru's are people who find a way to walk through life with grace,dignity and humour!


Robin J. Roberts

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