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Taking the Mystery Out of Yoga

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Published: 5 years ago

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This FREE e-Book was created with one goal in mind: To demystify yoga for you, and to provide you with a clear and simple introduction to that form of exercise. Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, the notion seems to persist that yoga is a religious following, and that to experience its many health benefits somehow obliges one to renounce their faith or worse, to run away to some commune and eat tofu between chanting sessions. Yet that vision of yoga is by no means the overall picture. Yoga is really a very simple, accessible, and in many countries around the world, an ordinary thing to do. So this FREE e-Book explains what yoga is (a form of exercise), what it is not (a religion), and what it can do for you (greatly increase your flexibility and dramatically improve your overall health). Download it today!


Ben Carmichael

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