Poetry to Make You Feel Good HTML version

Poetry to make you
feel good
When I am feeling down or even when I am feeling happy, I write a poem to
make me feel good. I hope that there is a poem here that makes you feel good,
And So I Run At Last
And so I run at last with the wind at my back
I shall falter and fall- I’m sure of that.
I’ve needed to jog and walk at times
To get over the wire and round the mines.
I’ve needed friends along the way
To give me fuel to see out the day
And I’ve stopped to collect and admire my prize
Only for it to cause my demise.
But now I run at last with the wind at my back.
Yes I run at last with hope in my heart
Yet humble, I had an unsteady start.
I’ve needed my peers to point the course
Being fair and considerate with appropriate force
I’ve needed novices to motivate me
When the terrain is scarce and my legs are shaky.
And I’ve stopped when my soul has shouted, “Enough!”
And plunged to the ground so rigid and rough.
But now I run at last with hope in my heart.
I run at last- a man at one with himself
Though I may return to the back of the shelf
I’ve needed Samaritans to heal my ails.
I’ve needed foes hounding my tail.
Those things that keep me sharp and strong
Stop me going too far wrong
And I’ve stopped after I’ve raced on ahead
To realise another needs me instead.
Now I run, yes I run