No Man has the Right


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No Man Has The Right - to touch any woman without her permission. What can a woman do to defend successfully, how to do it without training. Any woman from 7 - 70 can defend herself using the information in this book. Only 7 things to read about, not the hundreds as in normal self defense books This book is now on general release.

Christopher Price

Sound advice from a true expert. A lot of the material is just as relevant to general self-defence. Simple, straight forward ( but effective ) techniques, discribed in simple language, illustrated by Ross and his wife. Thanks Ross ( Sensei )


Useful practical information that I hope I never have to put into practice, but which I am glad to have. The grammar isn't very good, but if you can ignore that you'll be happy you read this.

Jordan (Dalgarven)

I would say that this has alot of detailed information, will be good to see anything else you write.

Nicole (girl from the bus)

This is an amazing, helpful book. I'm going to show it to my school nurses and guidance teachers. It would benefit so many girls at my school. It's far more helpful that the videos and talks my school do and even then it's no help at all. This actually tells girls / women what they can do in certain situations and it's really really good :-) Thank you for showing me it.


Ross Jackson

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