My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In HTML version

This soap box rhetoric is but one small flicker of a much bigger flame, sometimes called
the silent majority, all together saying that America is the greatest country in the world
and the American people hold dearly to that belief.
We offer up ourselves to the world everyday to all who will listen. We do so with
happiness and joy in our hearts and our hope would be that all the peoples of the world
could enjoy the same freedom.
It is the people and not the government who share the goodness, wisdom, caring, and
teaching that matters most. Without fanfare, time and time again Americans have been
the shining light for all to see. Throughout the generations it has been our citizens who
are asked first, to help whenever and wherever help is needed. History has taught those
who are victimized, that Americans will positively respond to their needs. They know
that we will be there for them! We are the Citizen responders and the angels of mercy for
the world.
The United States is, and always will be, open to those who would search out for a fresh
start. We are a country of immigrants! New citizens have and will continue to refill our
vessel. They offer fresh energy, strength and enthusiasm to their newly founded home.
They bring with them the passion for freedom!
America is a statement, not a question. We are proud, strong and commited. Our citizens
speak of our country like they would proudly speak of their children and of their family.
Always with a smile and a rise in their voices, they acknowledge with pride and for all to
hear, I am an American!
Yes, we sometimes go over the top with our enthusiasm, but please excuse our sometimes
high and mighty attitude. There are those who may come off that way, but deep down
they are usually very genuine and perhaps need just a bit of “humble pie.” Please accept
our apologies as we offer the world our hand. We hope you will join us in our joy.
American citizens are not greater or lesser individually than those from outside our
borders. However, we are uniquely different because of a government designed to be “of
the people and for the people.”
Our forefathers, from their experience and foresight, committed their reputations and
their lives for the values framed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
This powerful committment given to and for the American people, has allowed us to
expand and grow and yet remain loyal to the bond for over 200 years. This difference in
governance allows common ordinary men and women to achieve extraordinary feats. Our
history books are full of great and notable men and women who have excelled. They are
the heroes who gave of themselves for others.
The results of this experiment (the American dream) are of the greatness to which we are.
Generations of dreamers, scientists, teachers, craftsman, doctors, historians, philosophers,
artists, builders, thinkers and achievers and last but not least, the great American family,
the moms and dads and their children, who love God and country and bind us together
with a rock-like steadfastness.
Time in a Box.
My story.